I got this drawn here for christmas from my mom shout out to moms love. You mom thank you for sending this over or thank you for getting this for me for christmas. This is a propel maximum x11 plus wi fi, all right so wi fi drone it’s a wi fi quadcopter has a 720p camera on board. You can adjust the pitch manually i’m. Just leave it adjusted straight forward. Has a sd card slot, underneath they do not give you sd card slot. I mean they. They do it. Excuse me: they do not give you an sd card for this guy, but they do give you sd card reader, so you have to have your own sd card. I put a 16 gigabyte sd card in there for the flight today for the review, so we’re gon na see what this camera looks like it’s supposed to be they’re rating it at 720p, 30 frames per second, so we’re going to see what this guy does is To propel maximum x11 plus wi fi guys bang, as you notice, it has a prop guards on there and i don’t typically fly with prop guards. But since they came already pre installed – and i know a lot of you guys that get this guy, if you’re beginner you’re going to probably fly them with the prop guards already on there so i’m going to do this first review with the prop guards on there. Just for you guys just you can check it out and see how it flies with it, but i’m.

Definitely taking them got my prop guards off of this, but i like how it looks. It looks like a like a red egg, with, like some arms coming off of it looks like a it looks very futuristic, looking like a spaceship or something and another thing, i like. I really like this tx, this transmitter for for toy grade. This transmitter looks really nice has the these gimbals on there and they look really nice. They i like how they spring back into place. Almost almost hobby, gradish heat off saying the way these gimbals kind of look and they feel really good. Has a nice lcd screen right here that lights up when you turn the tx on um? Has some label buttons up top camera stunt button, auto lan speed? You know so we’re, just gon na take this guy for a quick slide, i’m kind of excited to fly. This guy, oh it came with a proprietary battery it’s a 3.7 volt 800 milliamp hour battery. I believe here it is check it on out check it on out check it on out 3.7 volt 800 milliamp hour battery proprietary and you just pop it in the side of this guy. Let me put my hat cam on because i’m holding my hat camp, see underneath there’s a battery slot. You just pop this guy. You line it up and you just pop this guy in there and it lines up like so, and bang it’s in there the lights on the drone come on let’s turn the transmitter on let’s.

Do a up down lights, go solid! That binds the drone to the transmitter. Okay. Now we are synced with the drone to the transmitter. I get a lot of questions for people like how do you bind? How do you connect the remote that’s? How you do it? You turn the drone on. You turn the tx on or the remote and you go up and down and that binds us to the remote that’s, the common sequence for most drones, 90 of the drones, not all drones, but 90 of them do that: okay, guys all right! So with that being said, let’s go ahead and look for the wi fi of this guy. So this is a wi fi bird, even though the recording that i incorporate with today’s flight is gon na be the sd card. If it as long as it records the sd card, i’m gon na incorporate the sd card footage and it’s propelled hd video drone, you see that for the wi fi propel hd video drone that’s the wi fi, you want so that’s, where we’re gon na connect to And we connected to it and i’m using the ultra x, plus wi fi, for this guy. Okay, you want to go in and make sure your settings are 720 feet. 720P preview. Excuse me, let me start this go ahead and start all right. I got fpv signal. Let’S see if i can uh let’s see if i can start the recording from the remote oh yeah started, recording look at that.

Timer calm down got a timer calm down, let’s see if i could take off now. Hopefully, the recording is saving directly to the sd card that i got in there all right so i’m, not touching the altitude at all right now. This is our first rate or our lowest rate right now, so check it out now nice for the altitude. The wind is blowing it’s blowing to the left, so it’s kind of blowing it that way, trying to trying to blow it that way to the left, i’m, just kind of letting the hover do. Its thing check it out altitude is the altitude hold. Is pretty nice? Look at that i’m kind of impressed check that out i’m kind of impressed Music. So this is our first rate let’s check out the y’all that’s kind of a quick yeah for first rate. Look at that that’s first rate: y’all wow let’s check out the fourth flight. In the first rate, it’s not too bad for a first rate, nice all right go up to second rate to beat so this is our second rate or our medium rate. Let’S check out the y’all wow. This thing has a nice fast jaw on it, let’s check out the fourth flight in the second rate or medium rate. I like this. This thing is nice that’s for a flight, all right, three beeps now we’re in the third speed, which should be our highest speed. Setting the third rate let’s check out the yaw, okay, all right, quick y’all on it, let’s check out the fourth flight nice.

This is third speed right here. This guy can’t get moving check that out. I prepare. I see you man, you guys never fail! You guys! Never cease to impress me, you know what i’m saying you propel make some nice drones. I think this might be going into the category of another one now keep in mind guys. This is a toy, so i don’t expect the camera footage to be. Like you know, cinematic or nothing like that, this is a toy so check it out, though, check it out now so we’re in the third speed setting. Oh, it does have flips let’s check out the flips by pressing the stunt button, holding press press and hold when it does a flip check that out now i do hear that, like the blades hitting the prop guards, when i flip it, let me be quiet, see If you can hear it, did you hear that i think that was the blades hitting something was hitting the prop guard, but it does do flips all directional flips, with this guy check that out man all righty let’s see if we can stop that recording by pressing The button pressing it hold all right that stopped, recording, let’s, see we can uh take a photo photo successfully. Take this thing is awesome, so you can you can record and take photos from the remote guys from the heart. Remote let’s go up and i’m going to take a photo from up high up this way, get it up there a little bit, so i took a photo.

Let me bring it down and face myself and see if i could take a photo, took a photo. All right let’s go ahead and start the recording again after i took a couple photos recorded and started so let’s just fly this guy see we get some nice smooth recording. I do notice a little bit of jello in a recording from the app. I can see. The jello from the app so there is going to be some jello, but for what this is toy grade, this thing is performing awesome. The app looks really good, though i’ll give it that the app looks really nice and it hasn’t lagged out on me yet so. That’S a bonus i’m blinded by the sun, i can’t see ah yeah the app hasn’t lagged out on me yet so that’s a bonus i’m digging that it’s very responsive nice, just gon na fly around get some good filming done with the maximum x11 plus wi fi. So i’m, guessing since they saying plus wi fi that maybe they have a non wi fi edition, which is probably just a line of sight flyer with the camera on it, probably one of the ones you just slap an sd card in there. You just fly a line of sight without the phone, but the app on this guy is pretty nice i’m. Digging that look at that check out that hover on that boy way up there check out that hover that’s, pretty good that’s, pretty good thanks mom.

I appreciate it appreciate me, ate it i’m digging this i’m digging, this recording the cars going past on the road up there i’m impressed with this wow. It actually exceeded my expectations. I’M. Going to be honest, it did that i can’t believe how responsive the app is. That’S pretty good for toy grade there. We go coming this way, bring that one here, we’re gon na hold in stop that recording. So we should have two decent recordings saved to have two decent recordings saved we’re. Just gon na fly this guy until that battery dies. We’Re gon na get it all up in your finance, real, quick, all up in your grizzle. There is a real led in the back. I don’t know if you cannotice it because it’s in the daytime, but there is a red led in the back check that out and then let’s see if we got any in the front, we do got some type of like leds. I believe in the front it’s hard to tell, though during the day, but look at it, though man look at this thing, flying the x11 doing let’s check out the funnels on let’s, see let’s let’s check out the performance on it. Now that we got the camera turned off let’s just see how this guy flies decent flight time on the guy that’s, the funnels on it right. There let’s try the opposite direction. Funnels nice let’s check out the leds, see if we got lvc one.

Yet this thing flies like a dream: man, yep flashlights, i don’t know if you guys can see it, but the lights are flashing. Let’S go ahead and land this guy, because i only have one proprietary battery. I don’t want to kill it nice, smooth landing. This is the propel maximum x11 plus wi fi guys play. I enjoyed it man. This is my christmas drone. I want to thank my mom for buying this, for me, i’m very happy with it. Thank you, mom glad that i got it and i’m excited to see the footage back from it. Like i said, i did notice a little bit of jello from the app but, like i said, this is a toy grade, toyish quadcopter, but for what it is, i enjoyed it happy to add it to my collection to propel maximum x11 guys. Your boy drone, the dogs, appreciate you guys for watching i’ll catch.