But let me tell you something: it works extremely well, today, i’m going to be giving you my thoughts and a little flight test for you guys watching today make sure to subscribe below, because i will be doing an unboxing and review of the propel maximum. So with that said out of the way let’s get straight into the video, so this right here is the propel maximum it’s, a very small draw. As you can see, that’s a droid. I meant drone it’s, a very, very small drone. I don’t have an adult hand and it just about fits it, so it is very small, but also is very lightweight and in the box is included, four extra propellers just in case something happens to it. Here is the controller to the propel maximum um. I wouldn’t give this controller a 10 out of 10, but it actually is a relatively decent controller. So, first of all, you have some controls for the propel or the maximum and uh you see up here. I believe these are like speakers or something so it does make noise. I do believe when you pop it on when i power it on showing it’s connected, and then you got ta flip up this right here. You got ta put this down and up and that like calibrates it so then uh it is officially connected to the drone and you can fly it successfully. Let me just give you a short control test here.

So basically, this right here is your speed. So basically, this controls how fast the drone goes, and it has three um stages per se of that, so it can go pretty fast, but it does drain the battery next up is the stunt button. So if you are going forward here and you press the stun button, this little drone here will i’ll show you a little bit, but the drone actually does a flip like a front flip like a really quick like and then it continues on so it’s really neat. Um, that is the stunt button. If you do that to the left. Obviously, it’ll go like zero or, like you know so, yeah that’s, what that does? If you press the stun button and then these are pretty straightforward. This is the power button here. The power switch the two joysticks um: this is for elevation up and down, and then, if you go right or left that turns the drone, so it’ll turn it like this way or this way or whatever way, um depending on right or left, which way you pressed It or pulled it or whatever um. This is just the main control stick. This is just you know, forward back right left, you know they’re just typical controls, and that is pretty much the drone actually not insane amount of stuff included. As i mentioned, it does come with four propellers included. After all that i forgot to mention there is this button right here in the middle, this is a smart land and smart take off button.

So, basically, if you press this, it’ll start up. It’Ll start spinning. It’Ll automatically, if you press this button, it’ll automatically go up and then from there it’ll hover in the air by itself has like self hovering, which i think was really cool. I think a lot of drums have that, but um yeah. So if you press this button, it automatically goes up and if you press it again, it’ll like it’ll still spin but it’ll just be it’ll spin, a little bit lower and then lower and then lower and then once it hits the ground. It’Ll stop. So it’s really cool it doesn’t just like stop and then fault the ground. That is all i have to say. Let’S get started with the flight test. All right, let’s go ahead and pop it pop the switch and you’ve heard that beep. That means it is connected to the drone which is on currently, and all you have to do – is press this. Two beeps wait for two beeps and then the drone will stop flashing. You can’t see right now, but the drone was flashing and then once you calibrate it, it stops flashing. So let’s get started with the drone test. Let’S, go ahead and press the smart smart, take off button, smart, lamb button, and here we go let’s, go ahead before this dies and give a little uh yeah it’s, coming pretty close. You guys can see that there there it is and there we have it guys.

The drone has successfully smart landed and you can see the battery under there. I’Ll go ahead and show you once i go ahead and unplug this that’s how you connect. It is just a small little connector there into there. There is a included charger that plugs in right to here to it is a usb, so you do need like a usb block or something to put the usb in and that’s how it charges here’s how it plugs in it just plugs in like so such a Small drone my hand, man there we go and now it’s plugged in it’s flashing because it’s about to die but um yeah. It basically just plugs in like that. This battery is detachable. You can go ahead and take it right on out and the connector just comes straight out of the battery, and that is pretty much all for this video thanks for watching everybody. Don’T forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell.