This is the propel x07 maximum drone guys i’m really excited to be making this video for you. I got this from a store called micro center uh. This is in the united states. I don’t know how global the company is. I don’t think they are very global but i’m pretty hyped to be making this video here here’s a close up of the product here, um yeah, so let’s open this bad boy up and let’s see exactly what we got here, guys let’s fire it up. I’M. Definitely hyped to be making this video uh this drawing’s, not too expensive. Maybe i was like 30 bucks. Last time i checked, you know i’ve always been fascinated with drones. You know really have been, and you know what i saw one at a really good price. It was really competitive pricing there’s only about 25, and i thought it looked like a pretty good deal i’m, not typically one to buy impulse of purchases like this um. Definitely not, i think part of it is because you know i have this new camera for youtube here and i do want to make some content with it. I do want to see whether or not this thing is worth the money. You know this is an expensive camera by the way which i will review at some point for you, but in the meantime i want to provide you guys with excellent content on a regular basis, if possible. So i got this product here, i’m doing the unboxing right now and we’ll find out soon enough, guys what’s going on here so uh.

Here we got some instructions for you just in case you need them there’s a convenient instruction manual for you, we’ve got uh. We have a charger here. We have a little screwdriver. I don’t know exactly why we need this yet, hopefully, at some point, it’ll become apparent, hopefully whatever that’s for hopefully that’s, not mandatory. That would be nice, but if it is, it is you know, uh. You have some uh stickers here kind of it’s, not stickers, it’s, more of like a join our club kind of field spiel. You know you guys know what i’m talking about. We have some more instruction manuals here, all that stuff, nothing too crazy, and you have some extra propellers here, just in case yours break, which is a common thing on drones, uh propellers, break it’s, it’s unfortunate. You know that’s just kind of what happened with drones, so let’s go all right guys. The product is out. I apologize to the box. The box is officially uh totaled like a car totaled, so i can’t use that ever again. Let’S say i had to return the product. Well, i’m kind of screwed it’s, probably been 30 days anyways. I don’t think that would have mattered to be honest, but without further ado. Let’S get this thing out. Here is the little remote control which you’re going to use to control the the uh drone. Here it looks pretty cool. You have a variety of different buttons here, the power button, the menu button.

You got the. What is that? I think that’s like targeting mode, and that is something else i can’t tell to be honest: that’s just a logo and that’s the joystick uh. There is a screw in the back here, so i’m, guessing that’s, where it’s gon na have to be unscrewed. Here this is exactly where it’s gon na be so there might be some assembly required here, although i don’t think it’s very significant uh stuff, so there are some wires on the back here guys i do want to. I do want to kind of pull these things out, just to kind of make my life a little bit easier, so here’s a drone here’s a close up here of the drone itself. It looks pretty cool. I like it, uh here’s, the back. If you’re wondering that’s the back, it looks pretty nice so i’m, assuming this is not gon na, come with the battery installed, but we don’t know for sure until we uh until we open this thing up guys so i’m gon na pull out the screwdriver that came With the packaging here and we’re gon na we’re gon na unscrew it, i hope so i hope it comes with it. It makes my life a lot easier, but i do wonder how comprehensive this controller can really be it’s so cheap. You know so. Let’S see i’m unscrewing, it right now it’s almost off and it is empty, but the battery just fell out guys.

I faked you out, but it does come with the battery, which is nice. It felt so white. I had a hard time believing it what’s interesting guys, is there’s a spring up here, so there’s no way to actually secure the uh battery in here. You really have to kind of hold it down and then close it again. So, unfortunately, there’s no real way to secure it. I think that’s a you, know it’s kind of that’s kind of what what you should expect from a product like this uh things like that are just taking for granted things that you’re supposed to deal with when you’re getting a cheap product like this, so um screw. That in so, i want to turn this thing on i’m guessing, i can guess which one it is or. However, i don’t know for sure which one it is the syncing button right here: that’s the syncing button, you’re supposed to hold that down for two seconds and you’re supposed to aim it at this thing here and if you guys, i don’t know, if you guys could See this because it’s around the edge of your screen, but now it’s a solid color before it was flashing now it’s solid. It should be good to go we’re going to try flying this let’s see there we go there. We go it’s flying holy holy crap. I mean hold up wow, you guys, can’t see this. Let me bring it back for you.

I don’t, i don’t even know what just happened here to be honest, holy crap. This thing took off. I need this thing to kind of stay over here, so we can kind of get a good video here. What’S going on let’s see let’s, try this that didn’t do anything. Let me try this here. We go it’s flying oh boy: oh boy, Music! Man. This thing keeps flying away from me, guys, i’m sorry you’re not able to see what i’m doing i’m, not a pro with this thing at all i’m, not a pro – and i apologize for that. This is not the highest quality content. You guys have come to expect another cool thing here. Is you can actually pull the safeguards off here fun fact they come off like this. They come off very easily, so let me take them off. I want you guys to see what this looks like without that. However, i would strongly suggest never taking it off, but for the sake of this video, i do want you to see that it is possible without breaking you just like that guys. The drone is now cut off from this thing. You don’t actually need it um, as you guys can see. I kind of messed up flight, so i’m kind of concerned, as you guys can see when it starts flashing. That means it’s no longer in sync, so you have to make sure when you, when you hold down this button right here for two seconds, hold it down and just like that it’s solid.

Now you need it to be solid, guys otherwise, it’s not gon na work. Here it goes so: oh boy holy crap guys. Oh this thing is going crazy. Oh oh boy! I just oh my god. This thing is: got a direct hit on the wall. Oh boy! Oh my god. I need to master the flight of this thing guys. I really need to figure out how to masturbate this, but my camera battery is very low at the moment. So i’m gon na have to cut the video here. I think this product is awesome. I’M gon na train with this thing try to figure out how to master this thing, but for now overall, i think this is a really cool drone. I really do there’s a lot you can do with this thing. I think for 25 bucks it’s hard to get a deal better than this there’s a lot to learn, though, on my part, i will figure it out, but overall guys, if you do want to buy this amazon link will be down below make sure you guys. Like comment, subscribe, favorite put on notification bell turn off ad block to all that great stuff uh become a paid member of the channel for more content. This thing is really cool. I’M. Sorry, i’m, not the best. I really am, but i’ll figure.