I cannot believe that we were actually able to do this project. Thank you to everybody for helping make this possible over all these years and we finally get to rebuild a fan. Favorite, I got some surprises for you today, but apart from that, I also want to say thank you for all the birthday wishes. Everybody left me on the 25th across my social media. That was really amazing on my Instagram, my facebook and here on YouTube thumbs up. Thank you. I got to celebrate it with eating some boiled vegetables. Everybody always asked me about health updates. Today I got out of the hospital for a small procedure. Nothing big, nothing crazy, but they wanted to have a look down in my stomach and they wanted to plug me back into the matrix. We could say – and I have had a heck of a day so a little bit of a rough, throw it I'm. Sorry. But I still want to do this, video for you because I'm excited about the build, and I hope you guys are too so let's get started now. The number one thing people will be wondering about today from the thumbnail dun dun duh. Here it is a lot of you are immediately going to hate this, because I did not make an Ironhide, even though I have a bumble beast as well as a Optimus overkill. You will remember if your longtime viewers of the show that my overkill originally started off as a GMC Topkick with a black and gold painted body.

Now what I found surprising about this particular gold paint, for example, is I did go and purchase what I thought was the same paint as before black and gold, but look at this. The gold did not turn out anywhere near the bronze color. I thought this gold was going to turn out. In fact, it turned into a much more yellow gold. I did do a backing of black. Of course, this took me many days to do a lot of people. Ask me why I didn't do a painting tutorial. The reason is is because over the last several years been on YouTube, I have done several painting tutorials and, to be quite honest, I'm. Not a hundred percent amazing, as you can see, I've got a little bit a run in some areas and Who am I to be showing you guys how to paint? All I can say is light coats. Take your time in between coats of paint, because there's no point in getting all those visible drips or runs just take an extra few hours and let it actually sit and dry now, yes, I did tint the inside windows. As always, this was the original overkill. Look! The more I look at this body as the gold that it is the more I love it. I think, it's absolutely stunning. I didn't like it as much because I wanted the old overkill bronze more of like this color right here, but actually for overkill 2.

0. The real 2020 upgrade. I think this is absolutely fantastic, so I still I'm waiting on the decals I don't have them. I did order another overkill top kick body. I would like to see an Ironhide myself, because I know for a building a top kick. We might as well have fun with that check it out. A nice fade into the back. You guys, if you've been watching this build series know that I got this body second hand. I did paint the tank black and kind of faded everything into ease into itself. If you watched the last video I did with the smoke kit, the ADRC smoke kit that I was going to put in, I was actually gon na drill holes right here at the top of the stack and right here and have the lines run up through there. But the problem with that smoke kit that I had was that it leaked like a son of a gun. I left it on the table and it leaked through the side. So I actually contacted Harbor models that's, where I normally get my smoke kits and they have a smaller smoke kit still very expensive. I purchased another one, but it puts out much more smoke and I will be able to see it and have a smaller compact area. Not as many drip zones and it definitely won't leak, so there you go so there is a body right there, my friends, that is not the only update.

I also want to talk to you about tires for a moment. Okay, so many years people have known me to use our si four wheel. Drive mud, slingers check it out. I absolutely love this pattern. If you guys have never seen these like makeshift bogger tires before or replica bogger tires, I should say then our C four wheel drive has amazing tires. These are 2.2 size tires on aluminum bead locks. Look at that beautiful outer bead lock ring. It looks beautiful each one of these are individual screws. They all have to be locked, tight or put thread lock on them, or they will undo and you'll be on the trail one day and you'll realize you're missing. Three of them hold on. You need a drink. After this morning, I'm about dry is well a desert. Listen to the tire compound on this like this is a corrugated plastic, tabletop, listen, it's, sticky compound, which is perfect. You, like slightly sticky, tires on your radio control vehicle, especially a trail crawler I've always loved these because they have this indent here, which you can. If you go way back to my old videos, you can find crawler Ted videos where we actually had a wire bridge on an indoor crawling course, which basically was a teeter totter with wires that went across the top. These were great for cities right in the wire and driving yourself along, but you know what I noticed. I got this really great deal on them.

It came with the rims already installed. I was super stoked and the mud slinger tires. It says right on them: mud, slinger, 2.2 and then I looked around and I don't see it's a RC four wheel drive anywhere on here, and so I thought I ended up buying a clone tire, but they were much less expensive and I got rims with them. As well and so then it started, you know it started me thinking because I'm, a G like YouTube long time ago in the in the radio control industry, if you ever bought knockoffs back in my day, you were publicly booed and now that China and lots of Other places have figured out how to make products much more inexpensive, you know and and they're giving them out on YouTube. You know like wpl and all these other weird, no name brands that come out with these very similar products to ones that have a heavy brand association to them. You know – and I see them everywhere now – it's, not really a big deal to buy a product. That seems to be knocked off or copied from somebody else. In fact this one I couldn't even tell when I bought it because it said RC four wheel drive in the description, the title, but then, when I got the tire it was not so it said: RC four wheel drive axial all these other things in the title And then I realized that that was not the case, but when I talked to other people and I've been in this business a long time of RC, I talked to other people.

I know in China and in Asia, and it turns out that what manufacturers do a lot of them. They actually contact companies to make them a set of tires. Then they pay for the brand to be put on the tires for a certain amount of time. When that brand or doesn't need to be tires, it can be on a model. It can be on any kind of trail, truck or whatever. When that, when that model is, is you know, stops being paid for, or you know runs out of time, then other manufacturers start making them as well. So it's really a challenge these days to even know if you're getting the right product or, if you're, paying too much for a product just because it has a brand name on it. So let me know in the video comments section down below, because I know I'm gon na get hate over this. No matter what I thought I was getting the right tires, but regardless they basically are the same tire. It just doesn't have RC four wheel drive stamp on there. Are you guys people that go after price, conscious, RC stuff, or are you somebody that is super brand loyal or if you see something that is a copy product or you think, is a copy product? You know, do you have any conscience over buying that? Does it bother you? I think this will be like a hot topic and I'm interested to know other people's ideas.

Okay out of the box, you can see here. I finally have my these are the shock hangers. If you remember, when I first in the first video I had the GCM shock hangers, they were a little bit small and I thought jeez. You know I might even want to go adjustable shocks because I might want to do dual shocks and like on all four corners, because I would certainly be overkill, but I think I would leave one of them almost completely empty. It would almost be like a faux shock and how for functioning ones and one completely in droop just so it would be there. I think that would look pretty insane look at that. I love the magic of editing this isn't build. No just the tires are under there. You can imagine it as a lowrider, of course, not very functional because there's nothing under there, but let's have a look at these. I want to have a look at this as well and we might as well yeah slice that open. So I chose these mostly because of their style and of the color. These are yeah racing desert, lizard shocks, 100, mil I've never actually used them before. I see here ooh a nice return rate. I wonder if there's any oil in there at all yep there is. They feel a little bit of like a kind of a cheaper plastic on the end, that's kind of hoping for a metal, but I can always swap those out for metal regardless.

Those look pretty good for the colour for the kind of whole scheme that I'm going for the brass or gold and black beautiful. Aha. Here our Springs right here very interesting. I oh they're, buildable nice here's, all the different Pistons on the inside and seals right here. Uh huh and it even comes with a tool very nice. I like what I see so different internal Springs, so completely adjustable now, I'm much happier, he's double bagged. Get this one out a made of aluminum Wow, absolutely stunning, a and B so I've got four of these, of course, for the front and the back now I can hook up multiple shocks if I want, if I can find a way to do that on the Axles that I'm, getting which I have not revealed yet, but these will be very helpful and a lot of people have actually asked me to do more budget builds and just to let you know, the same principle applies to if to any part right, a build is A build is a build. A frame rail is still part of the chassis same transmissions. Everything like that and really these right here, aren't expensive, you can go onto eBay and if you do your research and find different parts out there, Amazon has a ton of aluminum parts as well that are usually within a budget friendly range. So things have come down a lot over the years that's for sure now, since I only have four of the eight that I want to have, if I'm able to do that, probably only to be able to do six at that at the most, but we'll try I'M, just gon na mock these up right now and leave them on the hangers.

Yes, health is important. A lot of people would find what I talked about today, embarrassing but it's, just part of reality in life, and I think that's part of why I like this hobby. So much is because sometimes if this gives me something else to focus on and challenges my mind right, it gets my mind in shape, as well as my body when I go out exercising or whatever these are beautiful rails GCM. I love that it even has a little insignia on here inscribed c max very nice beauty if these centerpieces out here yep getting out on the trail with and getting out, walking that's some of the best exercise. I actually get so there's multiple reasons why I love this hobby sure you guys agree with me: here's the different screws for the different pieces, so I don't want to automatically dump those out. I just realized, thank goodness that would have been disastrous. Yeah it's not a force, laugh it's, a real laugh. I actually may think I'm very funny now let's look at the length and see where I need to cut this, or do I need to cut this. I have to cut it a little bit it's, just a small like four holes too long I'd say: yes, those will work. Beautiful let's get a screw in there for a second there. We go something like this it's gon na hang nicely now. I'M gon na have to trim the front and the back of the frame rail here, but I don't really want to do that until I get the axles here in place, because I know these shock towers are going to move like let's see.

If I do this right here under somewhere like that, but if I had dual shocks on there, it would look pretty killer and, of course, the ride Heights gon na change, that's, not where the body's gon na sit, but generally there so plenty of power, but very High center of gravity, so, although you know I wanted to make my own links, I did come across a proper set of links that I wanted tada look at this. He doesn't even know it yet RC issue Zink. I believe I found these on eBay. I think I think I did I can't remember, but when I saw these they were actually very close to the wheel base that I wanted and they're all made of brass right. How could I not get them? I was gon na make Delrin links, but of course, when these are all made of brass they're, nice and heavy and they're gon na look beautiful on the truck, so these can be laid out now without the axles. I can't cut the frame, of course, and I still need to build the center transmission plate that's going to house the super shaft II transmission. You guys are starting to see the vision here. Hopefully, a overkill 2020 should be pretty darn. Epic, lots of power, keeping the weight nice down low you'll, see what the axles are eventually and look at this. Finally, it came in this is the axe. 550 3300 kv motor.

Yes, I put the other 2700 off to the side. Five millimeter shaft on here on to the 32 pitch gears. This will have plenty of power, so now I've got a weight on the mailman, but guys I want to make sure to you know. Let you know too, if you're getting older don't be afraid of your health right. I know a lot of guys out there in the hobby. I know a lot of us are always worried and embarrassed about that kind of stuff, and – and even I am a little bit too right, especially to tell everybody on camera, but it's still so important for you to go and check your health. If you don't get checked, you don't know what's going on. Thankfully, my test today showed that my Crohn's is starting to look much better, so that's good, I'm gon na keep on my course guys thanks a lot for joining us today. Maybe if you liked the bill drop me a like click, maybe a comment discuss what we've talked about today.