Hopefully, we get to still see it here in July, twenty twenty third weekend of July, if you guys want more information about the group that's hosting that check down below in the video description for their Facebook link. Now many people will love and many people will hate what I've done with the front. Grille you'll see that I have four bolts there, but two of them are actually backwards and they're nuts sticking through the grille area. Now the TTC is a series of events where you cannot change your truck in between the events at all. Unless you have a broken part that your switch, you know for either like or lesser value. They then you put on your truck to begin with and you, and so you got to make sure that everything is ready to go and as rock solid as possible. I wanted to get away from the pin system, and you know I wanted to keep this body. Is in good condition as possible, so I didn't want any body posts coming up through the hood, but instead what I did and I'll show you cuz the people that are following the build before we go outside here. To give this a good test, you will remember that I just put in a rear bumper, well check it out. I made a notch for the winch and I made two holes for the bumper that can just slide out and lift like that. If I need super quick access, but really all I need to do is just undo these nuts on either side I'm gon na need two hands for this there's one and the other like that in the washer, and then, if I want to take it off, I Just slide it forward and away it goes.

So how did I achieve this? Well, here is a piece of metal. This is a piece of scrap that I had already, and I am aware my bumper is slightly tweaked upward I'd like to push it down on the bracket a little bit more, in which case I'll actually have to move this bracket slightly bent just a little bit To line up the holes but not a big deal, it's two screws on the outside bumper, you can see you didn't even notice them until I pointed them out a couple of spacers, so I can keep that in there and then on the back of the body. I'Ve got basically let's see if you can see it the same piece of metal with the same two holes, screwed and I've got this lined up on here, so it's extra firm and then I don't have to worry about damaging this lexan body at all, which is All covered in Gorilla Tape, if you want to use flex seal I've, never used it, but a lot of people inquire if they can so this basically just lines up with those two screws lines up in the back. I slide the bumper on and away we go sounds like a jet engine with that fan on the ESC. Welcome Back overkill! A lot of us missed you it's. Finally, time meeting snow, yeah, meaty snow. We finally get to take a trail truck out on the backyard scale park.

We'Re gon na have to revamp it this year, babe yep. I want to see some new things in here this year. Okay, here we go deep snow. I can't believe it floated over. Of course, you made it nice job overkill up to the starting point, yeah, what a beast first up to the line. First, one of the year dual shocks on there, if you guys, are just joining us I'm coming to the end of an ongoing build. I guess there never is an end to a build like this, but it's been what this is episode. 11 of this build overkill. 2020 check it out in the playlist listed in the information bubble and in the description box down below ready, yep there's a lot of snow down there. I hope it's gon na pack, so I don't dig in see well across the top I'm gon na go through the shock towers, Oh rolled off, let's get it lined up, so I can get my back tire wet and icy conditions. I need it lined up with that: teeter totter perfectly. There we go there, we go and up. We go good line of sight, yeah it's, all about wheel, placement and wheel. Speed, yes, controlled tip I've got a chain on the back to act as a counterweight, but this is all twisted up over time. This is normally a big fail point: oh yeah, longer wheelbase for the win Music that now. This is exactly why I wanted to have a stiffer suspension in the front.

This is like a trap right here. This way I am leaning but I'm, not leaning over so far that we can't take it nice and slow come on. Oh yeah that's stiffer front suspension, keeping that heavier nose stable. I want to get around this corner with no hangups, unbelievable yes, so this is more of a suspension or an articulation test up here and kind of old that I kind of like that, because the weathering has twisted the wood overtime, making it even more challenging. Now this is for the more narrow wheelbase trucks getting my slow crawl on the art of the slow crawl, watching that back tire oh I'm, in trouble, repo! No coming back from that or is there today. Maybe this is an opportunity to try out the back winch let's try that out. I doubt this is going to work, but I think it's a great opportunity to try there that stops I'm. Just gon na wrap it around Music right in here. So it does not cut cut the winch line. I'Ve moved it dang it okay. So in Music, No, Oh the winch line! Well, that's, okay! I'Ve much rather have a winch line. That breaks then having a winch that actually breaks itself right. So we could all have heavy heavy test line, but if your winch can't take it I'd rather know the line broke first good thing: no one lost their heads there, one winch line down all that back tyres wanting to skirt over again.

This may be very challenging in choose, yellow cuz. It was easy, I would say, whoa come on back tyre, barely hanging on as I creep over to the right hand. Side too far with my right to all the front: oh dang, the challenges does it help? If I make excuses that I'm out of practice, I always find a girl that challenges you Music, yeah kinda. Has I cheated halfway up getting cheated succour, cheater lots of clearance very stable, oh nice! Look at that beautiful belly clearance, nothing being hung up in there underneath the truck and down into the hill of dues. This should be easy, though it's gon na all pat down. Look at that, Oh long wheelbase, oh I'm, gon na risk a scratch so early in the oh, yes, you are oh it's, always when you say it's gon na be easy: hey when you kick yourself right in there in the bulb there we go. I spoke right before I went through the crux that's: a better position, a little bit of wheel, speed, wan na hop up there. It is there it is a little back up and hop way we go you'd rocks. This is where that belly clearance is gon na. Come in as well as the portal axles not being hung up, of course, because they don't have that huge center differential housing. Look that I'm loving it beautiful my family in Reverse that front suspension. Look at that! People say that I have a stiff front suspension, but you can actually see the amount of drop on the suspension right there as it articulates back and forth over that rock all that belly clearance back and forth back and forth.

He descends a stiff upper lip. So I love to crawl at slow speeds, especially when I'm 4×4 een, but I also like to have the wheel speed I need for when I need to get up like a situation like we're, about to face right now, so deeper snow, I'm gon na have wet Tires going up, a slick would climb here is a gap with the log. Normally we can't get any of our rigs to cover this. This one may be no exception, Music. Well, thank you for all the people. That pointed out in the last video that I had the rear, winch spool drawn, you were correct, good eye on all the Keener's there. I did reset it Music. There goes going up and over come on baby got the nose up here's, where that extra belly clearance will allow for a little bit more pull, and I don't have to worry about sliding. I can let the snatch block give me that double power and work. My way up, nice, so wheel, speed and the ability to go slow I'll have to replace that winch line on the back, not a big deal, though pretty small for a loss. Today, people are asking me about becs, because I have dual winch servos and and a front steering servo that's pretty powerful. Do I need a B EC or a voltage regulator and those two wint servos? I have. They actually have a B EC, no B EC required on the box.

I should say: look at that perfectly lined up, even with the muddy slick tires down. We go to the other side around the log, even with the longer wheelbase, only one backup down into the middle normally. This is where the swamp is under the bridge. Finally, I see some water after months months, I rolled over in the snow that's good. This is what testing is all about. Your suspension is too stiff. It is cold out here, that's affecting the suspension for sure. Oh man, I love it say that again me I should have looked where I was wanting to go lots of wheel, speed on that 3s. 3300 I haven't charged his battery since we started the build today. Let'S go up up over the bridge for a nice ending for the people. Oh look at that articulation people. That is amazing, full drop on that back one and, of course I got full full flex on the front, the bumper just marginally hitting that tire, but I am able to move, although that was a big failure. Attempt on trying to mount up onto the bridge. Well, come in here let's. Try that side approach, though we'll keep her going yeah. It is guys project. Overkill 2020 looks like I have a little bit more work to go on it for sure, maybe put in a mesh, grille kind of hide those bumper bolts. You know, but overall I'm pretty darn happy. I like the steering I like the way it's weighted out.

You know if I had a wider axle, it would be cool, but at the same time it would look kind of way off so I'm still legal for TTC and away. We go guys until next time, thanks for watching we'll see in the next episode of rcadventures. Now get outside and have fun with RC whoa see you buddy. I love that thing Music.