It is build time. You'Ve already read the title. I know you know what it is, but I'm gon na go into it anyway. I know some of you watched me build with the team. The less ooh smaller it was supposed to be a Komatsu. I changed it into a cobble co or Cobell Co or, however, you want to pronounce it into the blue one. You can see it's over on the Shelf there right there. Now that is a nice excavator. It works very well, but it is definitely no Goliath and that's what I need on YouTube gold and around the mine site right. I could use a huge room machine now, less. You actually has a larger excavator, the 374, and it is a giant from what I've seen in the videos now. This is the box right here. Look at this 70 over 70 pounds is 35 kilograms. I tried to lift this up at the loading bay. I was shocked at the weight and very excited to see what's inside the box, so let's go ahead and start ripping right into it. Ready! Listen to this solid Wow, look at the branded box right there. This is like the big moment. I wish the guys were here right now, so we could all check this out together, but we will do it virtually through the power of the Internet. Let'S have a look. You can tell that's, not the lid that weighs all that Wow.

The B 0. 0. 0. 1, ba that's gon na stand for bad ass in my in my book. If this is what I think I've got so much work ahead of me, oh man, what am I looking at right out of the gate? They say less ooh the company that makes this says there is a hundred and two hours of welding in every single kit, which I find fascinating. Wow look at this boom arm the main boom arm. Oh dude, I can barely fit in all in the frame feel like we had any ladies watching right now, they'd be insisting that it was painted black let's, keep going let's, see what's inside the box. Look at all this is where all the Rams are. This time. I'Ll be painting the Rams left last time. I left them, but you can kind of see why, because they have hydraulic fluid on them as well, because they're all tested first right. Okay, so there are the Rams. This is one thing that I noticed about doing the last excavator build is everything is basically individually packaged. Oh man, look at that it's even got a cat plate. I noticed the cat decals in here. Look at it says right on it: cat 3, 7, 4 FL. So cool these are all water. Decals right, you active it. You cut them out, you've, activate them with water. You slide them off. They slide onto the model after it's been painted.

I got a ton of work ahead of me. These are going to be the track. Rollers things are gon na be kind of hard for you guys to see so here, I'll try to just kind of lay a lot of this out and then I'll catch up with you in a minute, and just like that. Look at that the magic of editing and TV isn't that nice all laid out for you to look at let's just take a moment and really take a step back and appreciate how many pieces are here. A lot of people may look at a video like this and feel very intimidated, right away, and – and some of you should be – this is more of an advanced, build intermediate, at least, but really with a good instruction book unless you as a company that has a Good instruction book, at least most of the pictures are correct. I haven't looked at this one, but my previous excavator book was mostly correct. You know you can muddle your way and work your way through this stuff pretty easily like what are we looking at? These are actually the rollers. I thought these ones over here were the rollers they are, they may be, but these are actually for the tracks. Look at the size of this bucket, you guys I'm, just beside myself in fact, I'm not going to take my other bucket off, but this is the upgraded bucket. This is the Siberian toothed bucket off of my RC four wheel.

Drive 4200. The 4200 is a larger machine than the smaller Cobell Co. I built earlier it's, actually larger the little Komatsu there it's a little bit smaller. So it was always my go to excavator, but look at this like that bucket can look it's almost like a bucket and a half right, and that is a large, a large bucket let's keep going on the table. What do we have here? This is going to be the top tray I'm, assuming it's gon na sit like this. All of this look at all the joints on this let's see. If we can get you in there right, there look at the tolerances in there it's like mint it's, not what I would normally expect, but from les yeux I'm starting to expect it more and more. Look at this comes with the electronics, so here's six different servos that's going to be controlling the hydraulic valve. Look at the valve block. All of this has been as well. This is all aluminum. You can see that the marks from the machine right there so they've redesigned the valve block since the last time I had an issue there's the pressure valve right there. I believe I haven't looked into it, but I am assuming that's what that is. I had an issue with the hydraulic system on the little one, but then, when they watch the video of me having a problem, they changed it look at this giant motor.

This is the same type of motor rookie. If you're watching one of my buddies. This is the same type of motor that they have in in the 4200 XL it's a humongous enormous pump, but it's absolutely stellar. I wonder how loud it's going to be one of the things I heard about this excavator is it's exceptionally quiet, which I'm looking forward to seeing this will be the turret. This will turn the whole top. This is the turret gear and transmission and motor, so that's what's going to be able to turn it left and right here is the 360 degree. This is actually quite heavy. This is the the the center part I can't. Think of the name right now gone right out of my head, but this is actually what allows the turret to move. I know the people that do know will. Let me know in the video comments section, because I have forgotten at this point, but this is the bearing that allows everything to turn around 360. You don't ever have to worry about the wires getting tangled up inside, because basically it's a ring on the inside. That makes a constant connection wherever it is, it tells it tells the electronic speed control to move back and forth. With that connection, look at these if you've never seen this type of excavator before this is not something that you can pick up for like two or three hundred dollars. You can be expecting to pay upwards of 4000 u.

s. for something like this. I know I know, but it is 114th scale. All of these hydraulic brass lines are functional, so things like thumbs and different different options are available for you look at that they even I've even seen you know like hydraulic hammers, to break apart concrete and whatnot. Oh, this is a nice weighted piece. Listen to this that's solid right. There that's some of the weight rate right there. The cab obviously pretty easy to identify. Look at this. This is another thing I like about the less food products. They always come with their own tools so even like, if you have like a nut driver, look at that two different nut drivers and then all of the these are like fairly decent quality. I'Ve, never had any snap on me any of those hex drivers. There is the top platform that everything's going to be built on what I love about this and having built this before. This is also a very heavy piece. This is where the fan is going to go in fact, it's a radiator look at this now on the last one mine didn't work now I know that they've made changes like I said since that point, but I think this one is going to be a massive. This is where all the the hydraulic fluid goes through this radiator to help cool it off now I have heard that they have a little bit of an issue. Maybe this is in an older model where the hydraulic oil was coming up through the overflow area when it was too hot.

So, if you're living in a warm area where you're like up into like the 95 degrees plus, you can, you know kind of expect that you're gon na have expansion of that hydraulic, fluid I'm, probably talking in tongues. To most, you hear a different language. Look at these: these are the teeth for the bucket guys. It'S, like the size of my thumb, for one tooth. Is that crazy for different teeth? Here'S gon na be the side cutters for you on the side of the bucket. These are going to be mounted up over here, so one two three four teeth and then two cutters on either side. Another cooling fan two more cooling fans and then come on down here. Look at this beautiful piece. This is a brushless motor that is a brass weighted piece on the outside. All of this. This must weigh I'm gon na have to guess two pounds by itself, maybe maybe just a pound and a half, but regardless there is a brushless motor on the inside. Of that on the inside I'm gon na hook up to look at these, these are also weighted, very, very heavy. You can see the different layers on the inside let's see if I can get the zoom working there for you look at the different layers of metal. All of that, like this is a nice piece. I left this upside down to demonstrate where all these rollers are going to end up going right up up up up up up the track rollers and then here it is flipped the other way around with the rollers on the bottom and like just waited everything weighed.

It down unbelievable, so now you can see I've got a huge build ahead of me. Lots on the go I've got a lot of painting. I'Ve got to do first before I even attempt building this. So I know a lot of you guys are going to be very excited for me to get this out onto the mine site and I'll do my very best to get it out there as soon as possible. But apart from making my regular weekly shows now I have to go ahead and paint this off camera and get all of that done, Plus run the mine site plus plus plus get out to the backyard trail park, and all that you know Wow. But I wanted to share the unboxing with you of the new LSU excavator, the big giant, that I'm able to afford to get here. I know the mother is out there, the Italian excavator, but I got to tell you I am just not able to afford such a beautiful piece like that. That is that's like the tippy top crown dog and if I didn't have all my other, all my other pieces of equipment to take care of I'd, probably get one. But I'll tell you what I am excited about this les yeux a37 for big cat excavator, and I hope you guys are too. Please drop me. A light. Click we'll see you in the next episode and if you can't get outside and have fun with RC at least you know build one, do your maintenance and if you don't, have one watch some videos about it heck.

Why not get inspired by guys Wow this bucket should be. It looks like it should be on the front of my loader, not on the front of my excavator.