You might know him for some of his amazing one. Take shots mall of america shot was next level, definitely check a link in the description to some of his videos. Its incredible stuff, most famous, is the bowling alley. Video thats right. We got the bowling alley palette right here. You guys had to have seen that video were going to be doing a lot of different tactical stuff and explosions so being able to get these drones in dangerous situations where you cant get other cameras. Its really nice to use the rotor riot setups. Because if something goes wrong and it drones out like the pre builts are something that you can get up in the air right away and then immediately when youre on set, you can be shooting at a comfortable level. Well were just honored that youre flying the quads and showing all them what amazing things that you can do with it. Fpv drones is just such an amazing technology. Weve come out to gun site in arizona trying to get the drone in some dangerous places where you couldnt get a human filmer and try not to incinerate the drones. Im really excited to share with you guys kind of what its like to be behind the scenes. With a pro fpv drone filmer, you make it look really easy, but theres a lot of work that goes into it and when i say theres one more take i mean theres. Five. More takes Music Applause.

Music were having a nice like range difficulty here, where our very start point its not going to get us fully to here, because the signal is not going to go all the way from the gate to here. So i could be in the car for a shot. What, if youre in the car we go into the gate, its not going to be going crazy, fast and then come up here and just kind of work, its way towards towards the range? Okay, you drive ill hop in the front, yeah feel free to buzz through, like obviously dont you know, go at reasonable speed. Please feel free to all right three, two one zero. Oh, that was yeah. Oh, i love that yeah. I love it and then we veer off right here and then we drop on into our range and then we want to maybe get it all the way around yeah and you want to spend a little bit of time. There get close to the people yeah and then theyll be theyll, be kind of shooting from like right here, theyll be a lot closer than that oh theyll, be like yeah theyll, be like right, hell, be like 20 feet from the target boom right there yeah. So we kind of want to just work around this and to get to our next spot. We can just hop up, go to our next spot yeah, so, okay, so thats what i like. So this one will come from behind the shooting and then for this guy.

What well do is like when we approach it well, come from behind and well be right in the line of fire when we approach it were gon na have the two ranges set up where were gon na coordinate two different drills on each and then were gon Na have the drone be able to get in front of all the muzzles and see what we can get on both ranges in one Music. You shot here: Music, Music, nice, good, great move. Guys awesome were done. That was great, oh here. If you want to shoot this im going to im going to almost hit a second Music im, brian haddin president and founder of viridian technology, we build products, so laser sights weapon mounted lights. Holsters. You know weve organized this with some of our key industry partners brought it all together here at gunsite, gunsight academy is the oldest privately held firearms trading academy in the world. As far as we know its been in existence for 46 years, so really anyone that has an interest in doing firearms in a safe, responsible way learning from the experts – and this is the place to do it – you guys have the facility exactly so you got the Equipment we offer classes anything from one day to five and six day in depth. Programs federal is one of the largest ammunition companies in the world, theyre very innovative. They do all kinds of stuff, so theyre excited to be partnering with both viridian and springfield.

On this project, this is gon na, be a pretty crazy, video yeah, so im actually a competitive shooter. But today i am im going to be an add on member to the security team. Well, have some dynamic, moving and shooting that were going to be doing, which will be pretty cool so hopefully theyll be able to get some cool shots of that and thats. You know something that youd actually see to bring that experience of what it would be like to be on a world class range like this to somebody sitting. You know watching that at home, Music were waiting for part of the crew to get here at the fun house. Thats this little knife edge gap bobby thinks hes gon na go for it. Im gon na go around two in the fun house. Well, im gon na screw it around more. Have that im already plugged in what are you doing? Im, not Music. Ah, Music were gon na go and do our first cinewoop flight, where theyre gon na go no shooting yet, but basically this one will give us a little timing match up so when they actually have the bullets out well be in the right place at the right Time so from a scale of nah, where are you feeling uh full sentence somewhere in there? This is like for fpv pilot. This is like as good as it gets for a dynamic window and then for scouting. It you just hop up to the top and get a look Music, the take its all down to this all the practice, all the setup.

All the anticipation comes down to this moment unless he messes it up and then well do another. Take the stakes have been higher, but Music coming out claire behind you all right, theyre setting up for another exercise, and this exercise is actually very quick but theyre, filming with a high speed camera. So its going to be ultra slow motion, so jay switched to a thick, which is a larger drone. X8, seven inch props, basically a drone that can carry a heavier payload because hes carrying a bigger camera, the waves so free fly. If youre familiar with, like the ulta eight ulta. Six three fly made that camera. Oh okay, i didnt make that connection, thats, really cool. So free fly made this and its their first camera ever they make the movi pro so theyre in cinema enough, where theyre like lets just make a high frame rate, camera thats small enough to go on a drone and also durable enough. Where you can have this thing, get hit by sand and rocks and its still like compact, because theres no theres no screen on it right, theres, no wow its just a fan and you have to hdmi out um just a monitor to it. But its got an internal two terabyte ssd on it and honestly it fills up fast, so youre like constantly offloading footage from there onto a laptop or something yeah. You have just your ssd with you. So if we have like a money, take youll just right away.

Get that off there, so you can format it and start again, but yeah its the idea that, like the coolest shots you go through like sand or dirt in johnnys porsche film. He used this camera so like he definitely put it to the test with like getting stuff shot up at it. Um so like you could probably go through a lot of lenses, but the camera itself will like sustain all that seems like a tank Music buy the bullet, though i didnt shoot it no buy the its fine, its by the show, its just the rick ricochet, its Just the shell were good hit and record hit the red button on top of the camera as long as the cameras not damaged theres, no real, oh no, oh, but the optics are fine. Look at the tricks check out all. I think this drone is done for the day yeah. I know this is actually the best case scenario because were because were like we did, we did our, we did our dangerous shot and technically. The only thing that needs to be fixed is like just a little repair on this, but the camera is totally fine, so shout out to the free, finite wave Music. So next were going to explosions. We got three explosions. Explosion number one were gon na. Do a clean take with the expensive camera trying to get nice slow motion the next two explosions. We want to maximize lots of drones.

We want to maximize our chances of getting something so lots of drones, lots of angles – big big explosions – big boom boom, so the boom is going to be right on the other side of the white truck there, thats pretty close were going to be posted up right Here and then the guy detonating it will be with us, and so that way we can know in our shot when the best time for him to blow it up. So i think, with this i almost want to get in the blast radius and then, as im pulling out just have it go to smithereens bobby im, going to go straight through the ball. Okay, im just going to send it straight through the ball. I want to chase it up so im going to start low and, as it blows im going to try and go up straight through straight down the range straight down the road ill come from. The left side was so cool yeah that was freaking insane Music. Oh, my gosh: did you wait? The quad was still flying like that or did you crash over there? No, oh, i was about to say, but look at it its like completely charged. Did you go right through the fireball? Oh wow, these props were purple yeah. Oh, my god, oh my god, you melted and your quad was still flying or no it just went down. I mean its fine dude. I got ta save these.

Oh my gosh, the battery. This is a brand new bra thats, crazy, the area that this is a brand new thats crazy. The gopro is still alive man, the gopros still rolling thats. All that matters. How often do you do a shoot like this, where you have to use so many different types of drones, because you use the cinewoop for the close quarters? You use the five inch for the long take where you kind of cross more of the campus, and you broke out the thick to carry that super high frame rate camera, get that ultra slo mo. So i thought that was like really interesting. Is that a common thing you have to deal with oh well, yeah sometimes, but for this it would surprise me because originally we wanted to set this up and incorporate as many things as we can in that one shot, but it really looked like when we were Scouting that the best setup would be to take each place and really just make that scene unique in its own way. Yeah so yeah having the speed on the vani or the safety on the cinewoop, and also getting the slo mo on the wave making sure to spend time incorporating all the three different types of drones is something where now we can go into post and weve got A lot of different looks: it amazes me how little was damaged in the last couple days for sure, of course, it was the most expensive drone that had to go down, though thankfully the damage was very minimal.

It was just a bent, uh lens hood. I think it bent it back its good as new its probably better. Now, youre gon na have better light blocks. Fine yeah thats fine! Well, i hope you guys were not only impressed by the amazing shots. They were able to pull off but also gained an appreciation for how much work goes into it. It is not easy flying and filming at the level that youre at for sure and honestly, i had you guys helping me so, like the sun didnt go in my goggles dont watch after that, but yeah its cool too, because, like a lot of times, people want To see that feed like, if you have a client or anybody nearby, that theyre watching the drone buzz around, but they they want to be on that same experience. Youre on to see that that view so being able to have the extra goggles to show the people on set really helps, because once they see that and experience that the first time theyre so sold, im like yeah well do another take or yeah. What do you need me to do so, making sure that they get the same? Visual of you as you are getting is huge. Well, i know the clients and the sponsors are stoked about the shots. Are you happy? Did you get what you wanted? Im super stoked fam dude thanks a lot for letting us come out here, follow you around and share with them what its like to be on set with you doing some of these productions.

I think its uh, i think its, not something that a lot of people really have seen before as to like what it takes to do these types of shots. So thank you so much absolutely fam guys hope you enjoyed this video. If youre new here hit the subscribe button, we post videos every monday smash the bell. So we can spam you, you dont, want to miss one.