Some of these tv shows that ive been shooting its early morning. We had an early morning call and a bit of drive to get to the first location, but youre going to come along on the journey and find out what its like to be a commercial drone pilot and do some of the shoots. Some of the things that ive been getting to do for the last month and a half two months, it seems like its been a while, but yeah lets get packed up and well get going Music. Let me know in the comments below, if you want to see more of like how i travel with all of this drone gear, including a lot of lipo batteries. Um yeah. I can put a video together about that. If youre curious about how to travel with a bunch of drone gear, a bunch of photography, gear and yeah, all right got some more stuff to pack Music inspire inspire stuff batteries for the inspire komodo fpv drone Music. So this is location one a railway yard. Well, actually, its mostly a bunch of train tracks going through five different railroad bridges in the same area, so were gon na shoot with the inspire and then i think, were gon na relocate to another place and ill shoot. Some with the fpv drone and uh yeah. They get a couple of hundred like up to 200 trains through this section right here, a day which is insane Music, and now we uh fpv and uh waiting for a train to come by that i can chase with the fpv drone.

And thankfully, this is all legal because were here with the railroad company and weve got everything lined up Music location, two Music Applause, Music – and this is location number three, which is a golf course and were actually filming some people, golfing uh. I have no idea what the significance of this is as far as the show goes, but um yeah, so to start setting up the inspire calling uh. The gentleman whos with me is over making introductions and kind of figuring out where were supposed to be filming. While i get the inspire set up – and this is definitely going to be a spot where we use the komodo fpv drone because its you know big wide open space – get lots of speed just some nice nice shots of the golf course – and hopefully some people like Golfing, i really want to chase a golf ball with the fpv drum like really really want to Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music, well, thats done didnt get to chase a golf ball, but it was fun to rip around the golf course with The big fpv drone now were headed to location four hard to keep track, but yeah location, four, maybe time for coffee in the meantime, im hoping Music, oh good, its raining. This will be really good for droning and i think theres supposed to be thunderstorms coming too. So perfect, Music, so this is location four, which is a protective nature, preserve which we have permission to be here for um weve got a guide showing us around, but this canyon is really cool.

It goes like hundreds of feet, i dont know a thousand, maybe two thousand feet, till the highways up there and then right here, theres, a waterfall normally and behind me back. There is a footbridge just a really cool spot fun to fly at pvp, Music and there you have it now time to charge some batteries up, get ready to do it all again tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a like subscribe. If you havent, if you have questions, let me know in the comments below and let me know if you like this kind of video more of the vlog style video, because its different from what ive done for a while, quite a while on my channel. As always, you can join my live stream, wednesday, nights 4 p.m, alaska, time 8 pm eastern most of the times it happens.