Alright, we are here with another one man, another product review, all right, so let me start off and tell you how all this started again got ta. Tell you how to start, because you know i. I love it when people reach out to me, you know ive reached out to a few and theyve reached back, but this one right here this guy reached out to me and people. You know people like this. They know quality. You know what im saying they know quality when they see quality. So this one comes from a john john, michael at k, tactical belt, all right. He says hello: john, my name is john from k, tactical belt, and the reason im reaching out is because i noticed that you did you do gun reviews do gun and review videos, and i wanted to see if you would be interested in collaboration with us. Okay, i really like the content that you produce well, who doesnt really i mean im just saying, but back back to what hes saying i really like the content that you produce on your youtube channel. I just watched your core essentials: edc belt, review, uh video and thought it was really fantastic and fantastic and informative. All right. If you are interested, we would love to send you an edc leather belt, for you to use in exchange for uh shout out or review on your channel. I know youll make great content with it.

Okay, so, first of all, if anybody is willing to send me anything im, gon na im, gon na dedicate a video to it, man, just just on pure fact, that youre willing to invest some of your product into my channel uh for review. So, yes, i am gon na do a review on that with he sends okay. Now this is the package that he sent. I have not opened it yet. I dont know what all he sent. I know what i requested, but i dont know what all he sent all right on finishing up the email he he continues to say you know, go on the web page, look at what we got and see what you would be interested in. So i sent him what i was interested in all right, so for me to do a good review. I went on his page and his web page has a lot to it has a lot to it. Now i am going to put a link in his on uh to his web page in the description you can go on there. The stuff is affordable um. You know i dont know a review on it yet, but you know im going to put it down there and by the end of this video you will know how i feel about his product now mind you. He did only send me from what i understand. He sent me a belt, a holster and a magazine, uh pouch, okay, all edc stuff, so lets go ahead and open and see what he did send send the channel all right.

No not lets see what he got now. I just sharpened my knife, so i dont want it. I know its sharp, so i dont want to cut whats in there, so were going to take it easy for the most part. I aint pressing too hard because i dont want to cut whats in here. All right, so lets see lets see what he what he said. The channel go ahead and open this Music. Okay. First he sent the mag pouch all right. He said the mag pouch. Now let me tell you what i requested go ahead and tell you what i requested this is, and this is a hard one. I requested an inside the waistband 1911 holster, full size, 1911 holster and an inside the waistband 1911 magazine pouch, because a lot of people want to know. I dont carry any magazine pouches or anything like that, but i wanted to try it just to see. I really dont care any extra ammunition because of my thoughts on carrying extra ammunition and things like that. I just dont think its a huge need to carry it. But if im gon na be um, giving a a holster to try out, then yeah im gon na go ahead and carry it just to see how it works out for me all right, so we got that this is the inside waistband magazine, pouch and heres. The leather belt right here lets see what kind of quality we got this leather belt.

Oh it looks nice, Music, okay, all right! This is the leather belt right here, okay, so the first thing that kind of concerns me with the leather belt is that its not as stiff as um a lot of the edc belts that ive gotten um. This is really not as stiff as a lot of them now. This is my initial guys, but its not as stiff now. The belt buckle is a big sturdy belt bucket. I like that and the belt is, is a its like a girthy belt. I mean i know it will be able to hold what im gon na be what im gon na use it for. Okay now look. The stitching on here is very, very good quality stitching. I like it. I do like the belt. I like the belt. As far as the edc belt well find out, but as so far i like the belt Music, and the next thing is the holster and it is like. I said it is inside the waistband leather holster for a full size, 1911 and thats. What this is right here i like that it has this right here to come up and protect you from the um actual safety, and things of that sort. Now ive carried 1911s and 1911s have been the hardest thing for me to carry inside the waistband, because i am a bigger guy and a lot of the metal on the 1911 kind of like irritates my skin.

When i carry so this right here is gon na help with that um. Let me grab a 1911 real, quick and ill. Let you see how it fits in there all right, so the 1911 im going to be carrying with this is going to be my diesel tv 1911. Thanks to brownworks with the grips my diesel tv 1911 full size, its gon na be a kimber custom. Two, oh man, thats a good thats, a okay, so that is a pretty good fit all right. Now the belt is going to help with some of the retention, but it does slide out pretty easily yeah it. Does it slides out a little too easily? For me? Okay, um, i dont, know well have to see how it does with the belt i mean, usually when i carry inside the waistband anyway, i do cinch down on it. A little bit so well see how this fits uh when it comes down to it and the magazine pouch now i know this is an extended magazine, but um. Now the magazine fits in there pretty well. The magazine, doesnt come out or anything like that. You know. Um – and you know what this will probably be – a good look, how that fits in. There almost fits like its like perfect, almost for a 10 round magazine, so this could probably be my backup since im carrying un under the uh inside the waistband and im carrying concealed.

This could be my backup magazine and then ill. Just put a uh flush fit magazine in here to carry inside the waistband under my shirt, so well see how it fits. What i am going to do is im going to go ahead and carry this setup Music. Let me see, let me see now on the days i work, i wont, be able to carry it, but i will be able to carry this set up on the days that im off so ill, probably carry in this setup more likely on the weekends that im Off im out and about um im gon na be wearing it in the house. Im gon na just keep it on me and see how i feel about it um mind you guys. I need you guys to understand. 1911S are one of the hardest things to carry under a shirt. A full size. 1911 is a lot harder to carry than a lot of guns when it comes to inside the waistband, concealed and stuff, like that, so thats. What im going to do? Thats? What i plan on doing with this and well see how it works. So when you see me come back after i cut, and we come back its going to be about three weeks that ive carried this thing and ima, give you my what i feel about it. Okay, so lets go ahead and do that Music all right youtube, so i am back and ive been carrying this holster for about four and a half weeks um, but i really wanted to come and do this because i i wore this this shirt and these pants For a reason, all right, i got one of my baby gap, shirts, on which ill call my baby gap.

Shirts. You know what im saying, because it it it. You know, itd be hugging me, you know what im saying make me look good, but um. So i got one of my um regular shirts that i wear you know the this size right here is what i usually have its a extra large that i have on and i went from carrying or wearing this holster man i i could not wear this holster Anymore, like i told you guys, i kind of figured that it would be digging into my side and it was actually digging into my side, so i wore this thing probably one day i didnt even wear the whole day actually, but i could not do this man. I got you know. I got too many extra handles on me to be trying to wear this thing. You know what im saying so i did not um. I did not continue wearing this. I just worked for like a half a day and then i took it off and i couldnt wear it no more. So this right here is a is kind of like a no go for me uh, because of that now the reason why i didnt you know i didnt switch wearing where i wore my um mag holster is because i try to keep things like. I usually wear them at all times, so i wear my magazines in my front. You know basically like this at work. My magazines sit about right here at work, so i wanted to keep it the same way when i carry off duty, so me keeping it right here inside the waistband trying to sit down and all that stuff with all this all this these you know these lovely Man handles that i have.

It was just a little bit hard and since im standing up im gon na go ahead and stay standing up, so i didnt wear that, but, as you guys can see man that um it does, it does conceal it now. There is a little bit of printing guys. It is a full size. 1911. With a 10 round magazine. You know what im saying so its going to print a little bit. It is going to print a little bit, but just based on how it looks like it is. Oh man, its i mean i i aint got no problems with it. I really do not have any problems with it now. One thing i will say was my mistake: he called me and he asked me, you know what size i wanted and i think i told him how large i believe it was, and ive lost so much weight im at the last hole. So i dont know how much longer i can use this belt because i am at the last hole um with with this belt. So, like i said, i dont know how how much longer im gon na be able to use that belt, but so today um it was. You know i took my girls, we went to a place called stars and strikes its a bowling alley, slash arcades. They got bumble cars, they got laser tag there, all that kind of stuff. They had a special going on today, um, so we went there and i was just like you know: im gon na be bowling im gon na be playing video games and stuff like that.

I want to see i really want to see if i notice my gun, if im sitting there, you know um paranoid about how it prints or if anybody else can see it or anything like that. You know i had um a friend with me and i was telling her to let me know if she can tell i got the gun on or anything like that. You know just just different things. I was trying to get. You know trying to get done today and i wanted to see how well it was because when i first started carrying this thing i would i would have it on, and i would just forget i had i. I would totally forget that i was wearing a gun because thats how comfortable this comfortable is. This hope to run so i did that and um man. I went the whole day. You know we left early this morning. We didnt get back this um, its seven oclock right now we got about. We got back about an hour and a half two hours ago and im telling you i didnt even know i had a gun on man. This is a great great holster. I feel like it is a very, very good holster. Now i didnt want to go with the kydex, because i knew that i wanted to get something like a 1911 and that its just hard to make them one thats comfortable for 1911.. So i went with leather as you guys saw, and i would have to say man um k, tactical man take k tactical.

They make very, very good um posters and belts um. So if you guys want to go over there, theyre really not that all expensive. I think a leather holster um, let let me look real quick, so yeah, a leather holster cost you about 45 bucks with chipping on the on the website, man thats inside the waistband leather holster um. That would cost you about 40 bucks. 40. 45 bucks at the most all right, the kydex holsters are anywhere from 29 to 35, 40 bucks, so youre talking about you, know, um 35 bucks, 40 bucks at the most for a um, a kydex holster man, which is not a bad deal, not a bad deal At all man, so you guys go over there to k tactical. It is k I will leave the link in the description uh for you guys to go over there and check out their hosters and things like that. Um just check them out man, real cool guy he reached out to me um, sent me some stuff real cool guy. Like i said i had this thing on. I have every day that i carried this this uh holster. I did not care, i did not. I was not worried about it coming out, like i told you guys before you know, i like the cinch down on the belt real tight and it did not, it did not move, i mean it did not move. I did not worry about it coming out or anything like that.

I bowled today with it no problem at all um. I really have had no problems with this holster um for the four weeks. I think i had it for about four or three or four weeks that ive had it and ive carried it. I havent had a problem with it. Man hadnt had a problem with it at all, so you guys check it out, thats, all right guys. I hope you enjoyed this content. Make sure you hit that like button make sure you subscribe also come over to my patreon channel man theres a lot of stuff over there. You guys just dont, see on youtube and yall know what it is.