Oh yeah, that’s alex hey, guys, welcome to rotor right i’m bubbie, fpv and i’m alex van over, and this is community spotlight where we show your videos, because we think they’re awesome yeah. We have some really cool categories and some awesome videos from our community that we’re going to look through today and yeah. You guys are going to want to stay tuned because there’s some really really good stuff. In this episode – and i think we should just jump right into it – yep let’s start with good old freestyle. First up, we have lean vander. I saw this video i’m, like oh he’s, using the danny style, the old bay style frame and whatnot and um i’m. Always one for trees – and this is one of the best tree spots – that there is yep. I love the little details and freestyle videos that there are, for example, when he takes off. You see him just for a moment there. I just think that’s really cool because, like he’s, the pilot he’s showing himself a little bit in the video, gets you in the mood to watch the epic video it makes me feel like i don’t do enough of my videos. Honestly, i think if i did a little bit of b, roll and stuff, it would maybe take my videos up a little bit, but i mean this is just great flying. I mean one thing i always like in freestyle. Videos is good flow and chaining lines together and not repeating the same move over and over and he’s doing a really good job with the cuts yeah, but also with trying different stuff throughout the entire video.

So this is just an excellent video. Liam i’m really really impressed by your freestyle. If you guys haven’t seen leon’s videos, he has some more awesome freestyle videos on his channel he’s, also a really fast racer, yeah he’s, a really really good racing pilot. Next up, we have sync fpv with epic bando adventure. This is a really fun video too, because again you have that, oh, that transition b, roll yeah you have this awesome b roll transition. Stuff sync is: he is not afraid to push when he’s flying as well, let’s go ahead and just cut straight to the fly. He’S done some crazy stuff, i think he’s been in a couple of community spotlights before and every time he just really amazes me. One thing i really like in this, too is the song: choice is really good. It’S kind of energizing fits with the video and he also shows the stick cam. I love to cam, because i can really see what their movements are with their sticks and stuff and he’s, just not afraid to push through here. I don’t really like flying around metal and banos. I like flying around trees, he’s just not afraid to push at all. I wonder how much stuff he broke here because, like he’s going full set into some of those oh yeah gaps, he does a really good job too, with chaining lines together and uh surprising you with like what you think he’s gon na do versus what he actually Does yeah, i don’t think a lot of current freestyle pilots do that um it’s, something that i’m trying to do myself where you like you make it look like you’re gon na do one thing and then you do another thing: yeah really really awesome stuff! Sync.

I really can’t wait to see uh what other videos you have coming out soon. Next up in good old freestyle, we have pdevx, and i kind of recently like last week, learned how to pronounce his name. It’S p devx he’s, like the king of like those maddie type of like mind, blowing stuff, can, i just say, he’s, really the only person i think there is who’s just trying all of these weird tricks. These reverse tricks these matty flips, but trying to chain them together in very smooth lines. If this is like this is the video i actually picked out – and i picked this one out because i’m – a golden hour person – i love the lighting um. I also appreciate how he’s not using any additional stabilization there’s, no gopro stabilization like hyper, smooth there’s, no real study. Look just look at that reverse. Under the tree i mean he’s, really pushing the limits of what we can do with our fpv he’s, smooth too he’s. So smooth when he’s doing this too he’s, oh man, crazy, he’s, he’s one of my favorite pilots, if not my favorite pilot for sure, just like every time i watch it. Look at this just how it winds around to the other side of the building like these are the types of tricks that right now he’s starting to pull them off like in lines as well. You know like floating together when he can do this in, like a one, take oh that’ll, be such a sick video.

I think a lot of people would agree. He’S, probably oh my gosh yeah. I saw that i was like what i need to rewind that he’s one of the few freestyle pilots as well, that i can watch the entire video through and then hit rewind yep dude. Look at that. He did like a power loop and backwards dive. He’S really good flow too. I just want to point that out, like his flow is really good. I like how he’s keeping it close to the trees, yep he’s, really smooth in his rolls. I mean i don’t know if he’s on four cell, it looks like he was a little lacking on power there peter thank you, 3146l might need to get him. Some van over v2 voters, yeah speaking of van over v2, is the winner of this community spotlight. We will choose one of you. You get a set of venomous v2 motors yeah. My new motors just came out bubby. They are 2 207, 20, 21kb you’ve actually gotten to fly them a little bit recently. Absolutely love them and they’re. Really great motors they’re a bit stronger, a bit lighter and a bit more powerful, go ahead and check those out link in the description down below okay, so our next category let’s. Do it again. So our next category is cinematic fpv. I feel like because the way fpv seems to be moving into this. Like new category of cinematic videos, i feel like it’s worth showing a few videos from people who are doing cinematic stuff and these guys aren’t necessarily the most well known guys as well.

These are people i i just found on youtube, some of them with like no subscribers but we’re gon na watch. The video and i think, you’re gon na be shocked by this first one. This is shampoo fpv, 35 years from chernobyl. This is the first time i’ve seen some of these videos just watch this edit it’s a minute 35 seconds just watch this edit, though this edit is amazing. His fly is really really good too yeah. The editing is incredible in this video that and the music with like it’s really sesame. I i have. I guess this is i’m, assuming this is a gopro. It looks way too good to be a gopro, though i feel like this has to be a uh like a komodo or something because i mean i’m, just looking at the fine detail, i don’t think there’s a gopro the more i thought. The first time i watched this that maybe some of these clips were worth the gopro, but this clip right here is making me think, maybe he’s using something else: oh that’s, the channel yeah. What? If i told you he has 231 subscribers bruh. Okay, everyone needs to go subscribe to this guy, because that video is really incredible. All shots. I take on dji, fpv drones, sorry haters. What what you said, the dji fpv drone looks like a red komodo. Oh no, oh no! This is my official um guys, it’s been just an honor to be on road riders, let’s go and watch the next one mitchell mullins.

This is a video that you came across. This is not just your normal cinematic video. This is like a full. This is a full, like short film, look at these look at this they’re insane they’re just like watching. This is cool the shots, he’s getting yeah. Look at that transition. I feel like all these people who are getting into fpv from the filming industry have all these tools when it comes to like editing and being really creative, with their shots, that you don’t see a lot of uh fpv freestyle pilots who make that transition have yeah And it’s, just it just opens my mind up to all the possibilities fpv because that’s what these guys are doing i mean this flying is amazing. There’S no disrespect like you’ll see a lot of flying words like all the flying is okay yeah, but like the editing is what makes the video so much better yeah i mean i, i don’t know what this is shot on. It looks really really good, though that’s all i’m going to say it looks really good. It looks really good. This is sick, dude that’s, a helicopter that’s like an f1 or f2 yeah. Damn awesome awesome video from these guys, 12.1 k subscribers on youtube. I think they deserve more than that yeah. Finally, in the cinematic category we have ross has a drone. Ross is actually a pretty well known, filming guy he’s, not super well known on youtube necessarily, but if you go see his instagram he’s pretty popular, and i want to pick this video up because he’s not using stabilization.

But this is a bit of a different look. He’S using a gopro and he’s chasing a skateboarder, and it just this raw look just really fits. I don’t know it’s just that’s, no stabilization, oh there’s, no stabilization, it’s, really smooth. This was a cinewolf. So, like you can you know how to settle replies as well? Yeah i mean shout out to ross, i mean his his stuff is always really fun to watch on instagram, but i was really really impressed with this flight because i mean it just it’s, just cool. You know i like the kind of nose stabilization look on this, because i can feel like i’m right there. You feel, like you’re, a skateboarder yeah exactly but it’s still very smooth, it’s just sweet. Well, that was our cinematic category, be sure to go check out. Ross has a drone: now we have a category that you kind of pioneered a little bit. We have the young rippers category and every single person in this category came from my young rivers discord server. So we have a discord server if you are 13 to 20 and you would like to join. Go ahead and dm me on instagram at bubbe, fpv and i’ll get you a link. So first up we have digi fpv with some flowy forest freestyle and he has kind of a more of a spanky juicy type of flying, and this is no stabilization. This is no stain, no stabilization at all dang.

How old is he i think, he’s like 16 or 17.? I know these thing. Pilots don’t like to use stabilization because it has that like hybrid, it takes away the the look of yeah that they want. Yeah i’m going to follow this guy for sure digi fpv 920. Subscribers good good song choice; a good classic fpv song; um, really awesome. Awesome freestyle, video and i’m more impressed by the fact that he wasn’t using stabilization, because that was all in his fingers and in his time, spent twoing that quad, so yeah really really awesome stuff. I would love to see what you can do with something a little bit more open. Maybe it doesn’t fit this spaying style a little bit, but um that’s only a compliment to you. Man, awesome awesome, that’s, a hard location to do that kind of flying day, because there’s so much stuff to hit and whatnot. So shout out to you, man, j weather tv, one of my favorite pilots right now, he’s does the staining stuff. But this video is more like a montage. What is spanx i’ve been trying to discover what spang means and spang isn’t onomatopoeia. So when his phone goes, it’s, spain, spain, that’s what it is this is so this is s banks, fpv, freestyle, bang. I know spain yeah really really juicy good flow there’s like a bunch of different spots in here, which is nice that’s. This is spain, we’re, basically you’re doing a lot of open air tricks is what it seems like j webb awesome job he’s, pretty good yeah he’s.

Really good yeah! I was actually wanting to use him and you’re like already had him. He already had him he’s my young ripper and he posts a lot of videos too, which i appreciate because they’re all amazing look at that. It’S, crazy, yeah really good flow too. What i really like is how this guy he’ll like do a split s and then, when you think he’s just going to go under the tree he’s going to like he rolls it into like a maddie flipper, yeah he’s, really good at those muddy flips yeah. He does a really really good job. I really like this. The scenery he’s flying around i mean look at this. He’S got mountains in the background really pretty. Oh, that was cool. Oh man, i love watching these types of videos. Man it’s, just the flow, is amazing. I mean all the guys on community spotlight have just been killing it recently i’m becoming fans of all you guys very, very quickly, and especially these young rippers, because you know they’re so young too, by the time they’re our age, just think of how good they’re going To be yeah, you have so much more time to get better, i mean you too bubby i mean you’re. Only 21 too, you could have been a young ripper about a couple. Months ago i mean i was a young ripper back in my day. Back in my day, this kid i’ve seen him mostly on instagram, i, like the song he’s known as pablo floor on instagram, and he is.

I know this kid really good he’s, a racing pilot too, so he is okay. This is where his you see a lot of this technical skill. Come in he’s, not using stabilization he’s, not i’m, pretty sure he’s using a hero4 session, and you can see that those technical skills, he’s learned from racing really translate to his freestyle, but he’s really really smooth and that’s something you don’t see from a lot of racing. Pilots that go to freestyle, so he’s got both the best of the worlds yeah i like how it puts his dvr into it. Just i like that element yeah, oh, that was nice. He was gon na hit that wall pretty sure this is a one take. This is, i think, so, there’s been no cuts so far, so i’m really really excited about this next category, because this is one that i wanted to be put in here, and this is non stabilization freestyle. I am so so impressed with the guys who go out there, and especially these pilots we’re, going to showcase who can fly, freestyle and you’re not going to see any little twitches or little movements like that. This is without stabilization, so let’s go to look at the first one. This is from a racing pilot popsicle, fpv he’s, a young ripper. I suppose – and he mostly does racing stuff he’s one of the fastest pilots in the nation. Right now – and i was just going through his youtube channel the other day, you know looking at his racing content and i saw spring flow come up and i was like: oh okay, no stabilization.

This is no different. This has no stables, it’s, really smooth yeah he’s. A really really smooth pilot and prop school has always been a really good pilot, a really good freestyle pilot. But this video i saw – and i was like man the cuts – and this is some spaying right here and he’s – doing it in the trees and he’s. So smooth he’s, really you can see that he’s been flying a lot i’m, not just talking freestyle or racing, but he’s just been flying both so much and guys. If you want to get better at any type of flying that you’re doing whether it’s cinematic flying freestyle racing, the best piece of advice i can give to you is to just go out and fly a lot. This kid’s been out there racing a lot and his freestyle has gotten better as a result of all that. Stick time but yeah really really awesome stuff popsicle, if you guys aren’t following him or subscribe to him, be sure to do so because he is not only a freestyle pilot but he’s. Also one of the best racing pilots – and i know there’s – going to be a whole nother category later in this video about racing, but just to give you an idea of how much he’s improved we’re just going to quickly play and it’s called pressure. I just want you to watch this video. I feel like it’s it’s worth showcasing this from him.

I don’t understand racers i’ve it’s, like it’s everything’s, just whizzing past, so fast that it can’t, even like i don’t know how your brain, my brain’s, struggling thinking about it. What makes him such a smooth freestyle pilot is look at how smooth he is when he’s racing you don’t see the suit he’s aggressive right, but he’s not like out of control, like some of the other pilots appear to be he’s very, very smooth, but he’s. Taking really aggressive lines, if you’re a racing pilot freestyle will help you become a better racing pilot, and i also believe, if you’re a freestyle pilot that racing going through these gates at these high speeds, it’ll just make you even more confident hitting gaps. I i highly recommend you guys don’t limit yourself to one aspect of the hobby. I wanted to show a little bit of this, because this pilot is one of the best pilots in the world. I believe right now and he’s still so young so be sure to go. I think so, 14 or 15. that’s crazy, be sure to go, follow popsicle on social media and be sure to subscribe to him. Our next guy is balkanex fpv, and i believe this was your pick right. Yep. So balconex is a local ripper to me. He lives in southern california and i work with him pretty often and he has really amazing flow. Every time i fly with him or watch his videos, i’m really impressed, and this is another uh non stabilized clip.

I can tell already yep and one way i can tell if a clip is using like hyper, smooth stabilization or not is i can tell because hyper suit, usually crops. The super view in just a little bit to help stabilize it so um when it looks very fisheye. I can generally tell it’s not stabilized, and i really like his smooth flowy transitions between elements. I could watch this type of flying all day, long it’s, just very relaxed to me another great song choice. I mean shout out to all the people again in this community spotlight because you guys are out there just killing it and you’re, giving us some really awesome. Videos to watch yeah awesome video balkan x, keep it up man all right. The final non stabilized video we have is from our buddy george fpv. We featured him a few times before, but this is one of his latest videos. He’S kind of took a little bit of a break, maybe from posting videos it seemed like. But this is one of the videos he posted recently, and you would think that this is stabilized by how smooth it is and he’s just an amazing pilot when you mix like a really good flying quad and like a butter pilot. This is what you get like. Really smooth no jerks in this flying at all and the two kind of go hand in hand together. I think part of flying is being able to tune your quad really well, because i mean ultimately a lot of these maneuvers like these big split s’s and everything you can’t do them that cleanly if your quad isn’t tuned out a little bit.

This is just a really flowy awesome, video, but very juicy style, flying where he does these reverse transitions, and these big rolls over trees. I try and fly this type of style, so i know how much time it takes to go out there and have a quad that’s well tuned and have a good flow video like this, so shout out to george fpv for putting that time in and man. I just love watching your stuff final category racing racing category anytime i’m, here we’re gon na have a racing category, these guys in particular there’s some really fast pilots, but you may not know who they are we’re going to start off with. In my opinion, one of the fastest guys in the u.s right now in the world for that matter, nuecle, i know an oigle, you know noeco. This is in his backyard. This video. All these videos are gon na hurt your brain yeah, but he has progressed so much in the last two years. I like how he put some effort into his racing videos as well. You don’t usually see that you just like on my videos too. I just slap music to dvr, now he’s going wide up, look at his battery voltage, oh he’s, literally just full throttling and he’s. Like yeah. I get like 30 40 seconds of flight time on 1400 6s that’s, crazy man. I my brain, just hurts watching these videos and everything just whizzes past and he’s, just i kind of miss the days of being really young and being able just to train a lot up.

Next, we have hyper fpv and i don’t know who he is but he’s fast. I remember going to 2019 national championships and he didn’t have a quad to fly or something happened. So he flew one of my quads and like caught on fire mid air. So my gosh yeah, i felt so bad, but i always knew he was a really good pilot, but i never kind of considered him, as you know the one of the fast guys right, but then he started uh surprising a lot of pilots last year in 2020. He started practicing, he started getting better gear and all of a sudden, he hit this whole other level, and i like his flying style, a lot because he’s so smooth reminds me a lot of my style but taken up a notch. He also does 60 frames per second new york he’s, a guy. You should be keeping an eye out for because i mean all these racing pilots we’re going to showcase. These are the future of fpv racing i feel like. So all of these guys are pretty young. Then most of these guys are pretty, i think, uh mason is a year older than me so he’s 22., so he’s representing us old dogs, which sounds really funny because, like 21 22 years old, but like most, the fast racing pilots are like 18 or younger. So next, guy levi by fbv leviathan leviathan fpv. This is a guy that i don’t think i’ve actually gotten to meet in person yet and he’s been podium.

A lot of uh big races in the united states recently and so again, look at the battery voltage it’s. Just that, like the battery is just crying is that is it on take off 20 volts for the 6s, i mean he’s, just full throttling look at this wow and then okay. I want to give them some extra respect too, because this is a pretty wide open track and wide open tracks. I find are much harder to fly on a fast five inch quad, because you have to be much more mature on the controls, like you have to balance your throttle, a lot more, you have to know when to slow down when to air brake. I mean he’s. Just not letting off, i mean yeah, oh my goodness, like he’s, counting it so close and when you’re going this fast too. If you hit anything, i don’t care, if it’s a flag or if it’s a gate the battery’s are done. I mean if you hit anything going, that fast it’s gon na be total carnage all right. Our final one is a true young, ripper jake hammer fpv. I wanted to showcase his tiny trainer, video, so he’s playing like a little tiny racing quad and he flies five inch. Quads he’s he’s another one of the fastest, guys that’s out there right. How old is he he’s got to be under 14 or 15., really wow he’s, so young? This is a pretty simple track.

They set up at his house, but i’ve been watching him for a few months now and every time i watch one of his videos. I see a whole other level of improvement to his flying he’s. Getting much smoother he’s, also getting much more confident on the controls. I see that and he’s not making so many little corrections as he approaches gates. He just i got the gate lined up, but these are some racing pilots that you guys should definitely check out and subscribe to, and these are just a few too, like i mean i could have made this racing, the whole episode for sure um and hopefully too We’Ll have some more racing content coming out on the road right channel, yeah so alex. Who was your favorite picks to win your van over b2 motors man there’s? So many good pilots. This honestly i’ve done one community spotlight before i think, and every time i see or do a community spotlight, i just feel like the talent pool, has gone up another level i just want to say i’m really honored to be a part of this community, because all These videos just getting to watch them and getting to know a lot of these pilots personally too it’s just so awesome to see fpv being pushed so much farther into the future from where the technology even is right. Now so really really exciting. I don’t know it’s. So hard to pick i’m, just gon na have to go with my gut here.

I’M, just gon na have to go with my gut, and i think i know the video is this guy right here: digifpv the gfpv, congratulations man, you did awesome and you have a set of van over v2 motors coming your way. This is, i think, out of all the videos i watched i’m, just very, very impressed with this flying there’s, not a moment in this video that i’m bored yeah there’s just every moment i’m, just like stuck watching the camera i’m so impressed, and i think i also Noticed in his description as well that he was flying some six cell stuff already so i’m really really excited for you to try. The van over v2 motors and we’ll see how you like those for freestyle yeah, thanks guys so much for watching this episode of community spotlight be sure to subscribe. Hit that bell. So you know when we post videos uh, we post every single monday um be sure to check out our store in the link in the description as well that’s how you support us directly by buying stuff i’m, alex van over i’m bobby fpv and we’ll, see you On the next one – peace, no we’re – not doing this.