So please subscribe good luck and happy fpv whats up guys were going to find out what happens when a long time 10 year. Drone pilot goes into space and does some space battle, dogfight style in the new anshar 2 game for its called wars. Hyperdrive were just going to jump right into it and hop into the multiplayer. Were gon na. Do some review for the multiplayer and were gon na check out the campaign and were gon na see how my skills compare to someone whos already an experienced gamer in real time and battling the most fierce, most fierce vr pilots against a drone pilot? Here we go all right guys. This is the main interface we got campaign and we got multiplayer, so we can choose from either one uh but lets go ahead and jump into the gameplay lets just make a quick game lets. Do it some other dudes were going to load up a game and probably just going to hop right into something else, but its going to go straight into the action and were gon na do some battles together. So you have a kind of like teleport option. You can get like missiles and you can collect life, and you got ta watch your six in this game, because uh dudes will come up on you super fast and give you a lot of heat there. He is there. He is give him full heat teleport. Two guys in here i feel like this guys super close and when you first start playing this game, its gon na take some getting used to as far as like knowing where the sides of your spaceship are.

As far as the wings go. I just i dont want to crash straight into the wall, so yeah im around a 10 year, drone pilot professional pilot, long time, drone, youtube, channel, fpv pilot and those skills definitely come into play here, really help you out with hand eye coordination, but theres always going To be people that are better than you for sure, im, not the best but im, not the worst, all right all right getting on him. Oh yeah. He drove me into that wall. He didnt know he was driving me into that wall, but i was chasing him now. Im negative wow theres a lot of people. He is not liking that so many people – oh, we almost took ourselves out on that one. So im liking this one, this ones a little more like just fast paced and somehow they must have crashed a lot because we got first place but im im not mad at that im, not mad at you. First place negative one kill but im a level. Six damage points 200, not bad. We could check out the campaign. You guys want to check out some campaign, or should we do one more map lets. Do one more map here, intense multiplayer. This is a super tight tight place so um, if youre one of those people that cant handle fast action, you know and you get vertigo really easy. This is definitely not a game for you. If you like, really intense stuff, all right lets dip in here and lets grab some some good stuff, i always put these hearts right.

Get messed up, so this is like multi dimensional in here, and up is down and down is up. Doesnt really make any sense, but you can kind of dip in here and hide a little bit grab some missiles some shield, and then you can kind of. Like surprise these guys and hop back into actions, they they have no idea where i went, and this is kind of cool, so im gon na look for that entry. That was one i missed it right there. Okay, so were just gon na go a little further. Further in okay, there we go hi its me again, i got ta get out of the middle hide a little bit for the last time. I played this. This level we got like two kills all right. I still got shield thats good. All right lets find a way back in all right sneak back in here on these dudes. Oh come on, so these guys are like sitting there in the middle and theyre just waiting for me to come back in gotcha. Surprise attack spawn, kill, yeah this dudes, just in the middle here just waiting for me to come back like teaming up thats what people do sometimes on playstation. They like team up. They do that a lot in fortnite, apparently in this game, but dont mess with the drone pilot son. Oh soon got too cocky. Yeah lets do right here done when in doubt keep shooting dude, not black upside down.

Ah, come on seriously that dude was hanging by a thread. You guys hang about thread im not crashing the wall. There you go son there you go. Take that take that from the united states of america we dont mess around top guns. You guys gon na go see that new movie topper talking about the new, the new new top gun, not the old one. I want to watch the old one just for just for fun lets go back. Lets give it some heat inspiring me. I got ta get out of that hide a little bit here. You guys with me you guys with me lets get back in there whoa. I almost took myself out all right. We still might win this game. I just blasted both of them, so they dont appear to be teaming up right now. They appear to fight. Oh come on boys, come on all right, going back in yeah. That dude was done just one more hit on that guy and he was out okay first place, guys not bad level. Six were gon na go back to the main menu now were gon na check out some campaign. This game is pretty cool pleased to meet you pilot. Welcome, aboard the huron fighter. Lets take a moment to familiarize yourself with its controls. This is lieutenant. Nothing like a live battle to showcase your skills, they pilot, thats right pilot come on lets, go dont. Tell that verses you want to be a part of squad.

Alpha 10 pilot youll have to survive an attack from the nergal nastiest space warriors. The galaxys ever seen, comes, live ready, lets get in there. Youve won objective, protect the mother ship. Good luck, youll need it. Absolutely mode level one protect the mother ship take out bombers. Dont forget to replenish your missiles with those destroyed fighter, drops oh hes, trying to give us some heat. Okay, all right. How many we got here all right, theres two boys grab some of that grab. Some more missiles here lets get on this guys tail all right boys. We got three of those guys. The mothership is taking too much damage. Destroy those bombers watch out youre low on ammo pick up more missile drops to restock try to destroy. Oh, come on mission. Failed. All right lets start over at the last checkpoint, so we got pretty far and really we probably only had like maybe one left um at that point. So just got to keep protecting the mother ship. There got trying to blast me. The multiplayer is is fun, but you know what im having just as much fun in the campaign like im digging the campaign campaign. Okay, victory roll get back over there by the mothers ship, because dont forget to replenish your missiles with those destroyed fighter drops the mother ship is taking too much damage, destroy those bombers, all right. How many we got ta destroy here, find this dude Music. When you can Music pilot, the mother ship is taking too much damage.

Destroy those bombers fight to destroy baby. This guys right next to you, watch out youre low on ammo pick up more missile drops to restock pilot. The mothership is taking too much damage destroy those bombers. I dont see how i was taking damage over here. Shooting me hes out straight shot, nothing but debris. Dude resources and the simulator is 99. That was fun. You got to be kidding me, Music, cool, so level. One complete, not bad, that was fun right. So now we got 13 missions in here we could do another mission, but um im just going to go back to the main menu right now. Lets just talk about like the the kind of the overall like feelings for this game. As far as like the price goes, i mean this game is dollars and i i feel like lets, go back to the main menu there, so its its a decent enough campaign and the multiplayer is fun. I, like that, its just an easy interface, so you can just go right into playing multiplayer if you want to. Sometimes these menus are a little bit like down in the trenches and you have to go search for multiplayer, so its kind of cool that this is just right there. You can jump right into some multiplayer action and they dont make you go through a whole bunch of tutorials to get into the multiplayer, which i kind of hate. Sometimes i dont even care to know about the controls.

I just like to jump in there and just get blasted, but thats me if youd like to go through the entire process of the tutorials and stuff too thats. You know thats up to you, but you have multiplayer right up. Quick, so campaign is good too and um. This is not bad for 20, its kind of a fun space shooter. It kind of reminds me of star wars a little bit but um. You know maybe with a new school twist on it and i think its a pretty cool game for sure ill, try to put a link down below for this game, some oculus goggles and if you like, vr and you like flying drones and playing games. This is definitely a channel to get in on, so you guys can see more fun action here on the drone camps, rc channel drones, mvr were always up to something on this game me and rebecca are out. We will guys we will see you on the next one take care everybody. I really appreciate you hanging out with me and flying with me today in space and blasting. Some fools well see you on the next one. Please do subscribe.