It replaces the f70 to become the entry level model in princesss. Yacht range and weve got full access today. So as well as a comprehensive tour were going to head out to sea and give it a proper sea trial and its blowing an absolute huli which should make for a good test Music, so Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, whats. Great about a planing boat of this size is the flexibility you have in cruising speed, so were doing 10 knots. At the moment, the engines are doing a thousand rpm and theyre sipping 33 or 34 liters each, and with that you know the range skyrockets 700 800 miles absolutely no problem, especially on this version of the 72, which has got the larger fuel tanks. But the beauty is that, if you do want to get a move on, youve got 1 650 horsepower mans on each side of the boat and a top speed of 33 knots. So that means you can drift along at 20 knots and it really feels like the boat is hardly moving or you can go along at 30 knots on something thats over 50 tons. If you want to get a move on, it just gives you this amazing amount of flexibility depending on the situation and what you want to do with the boat. Another thing is: this boats got thin stabilizers. You can have a gyroscopic stabilizer if you prefer, this ones got the fins.

So if you do want to travel at displacement speed, even if its a bit choppy theres a bit of a swell its so comfortable to do so, and the deck spaces on this thing are so nice that guests may want to use the the four deck and The sun pads in the cockpit when the boats moving along and if youre moving along at slow speed with those stabilizers on you can absolutely do that. You want to get a bit of a move on, though 30 knot cruise feels absolutely lovely. Now its not choppy in here were inside from the slanted inside the break water, but we were in some properly challenging conditions. Hopefully, thatll come away on the on the drone shots and the boat handled it brilliantly. Okay, its sending great angel wings of spray off the bow, as those sway rails should do, and some of it comes over the fly bridge, but the hull feels absolutely rock solid and thats what you expect youre into the yacht range here. You know this is the first rung on the ladder in princes yacht range and the way that it just solidly plows through the water gives you real confidence that if you do get caught in heavy weather, when youre on a longer passage the boats going to handle It absolutely no problem now. As i said, this boats got the twin 1650 manv tiles, theres a 1400 horsepower option as well. I dont imagine many people will be going for that, because the price difference is negligible, and that means that you top out at 30 knots.

Whereas on this, as ive said, you can cruise at 30 knots so its just a bit more flexible and i bet theres very little difference when it comes to fuel efficiency. In fact, the smaller engines may be less efficient because theyre working harder to go the same speed, and you know this is a boat thats going to have a stabilizer. The heart off is an option, but most boats have it theyre going to be loaded with kit. So its going to be quite heavy when youve got all the cruising gear and full cruising fluids on board, and this is something i always talk about it princess, but its absolutely true on the 72, despite the fact that you know this is no sports boat, they Set up the helm position as if it is ive got a fantastic view forward. You see how close everything is to me. The wheel is nice and close to my legs, the throttles arent too far away either. Everything is really clearly displayed in front of me and because youre in the yacht wing range now you get this bonning screen here, which is like the central management system. Its really beautifully presented. Youve got one up here and the lower helm, garmin mfds on either side. Of course, you know you can customize them fully as well its just a really simple but classy home layout, and it works really well its the same up here as it is downstairs very, very effective, and i just love that you can get so nice and close To this helm, even though youre on a boat thats, basically going to live most of its life in a straight line and having said how solid this boat feels in a straight line, and i have to say its a pleasure to be able to testify in proper Challenging conditions its been a sort of force, five dusting stronger than that today, with a swelter match its also incredibly light from the helm.

You know this is a. This is a big boat, 75 foot long over 50 tons, but its so light from the helmet almost feels like a pod drive installation. There you go, you probably just hear the breeze were dealing with, but its beautifully light. You can swing this thing around so comfortably for something so large. It behaves so neatly from the helm, its incredible how beautiful and light this steering is, and it just makes the boat a real pleasure to maneuver whether youre moving at the speeds were moving out now, if youre moving at higher speed and suddenly you spot a lobster Pot or something in the water, this boats got the reactions that you can move out and move out of its way without worry that youre going to go over it and entangle the props, its a trick that princess has been playing for years. You know boats of this size that have no right to handle the way they do. They just managed to lock out the park every single time, and this is an absolutely shiny example of them doing it. This is effectively like a scaled down y85, so it has the feast of swoops and curves youd expect with an olozinski princess, pininfarina partnership. These are lovely lines running down the side of this boat, and even the curvature around the back of the fly bridge is really really attractive, and you also get this lovely substantial, stainless steel that runs all the way from here up to the bow, its a really Nice gauge its all nicely rounded, as well feels and looks really high quality.

This is a hydraulic. Baiting platform has a capacity of 550 kilograms, so you could carry a williams ‘5 jet tender on here, and this is quite a useful little area as well. This is actually looks like a storage space, but you can have that fitted with chargers and mounts for two seabobs perfect position just to pull them out, chuck them straight in the water and to this side this is the crew cabin. This is physically a larger boat than the f 70, its about five foot longer, and it weighs about 15 tons more and that allows you more space, all over the boat and especially down here in the crew cabin, which is a really nice size. It comes as standard on all the wire models. You have a crew cabin that comes as part of the standard spec youve got a couple of bursts down here. Whats, nice, though, is that you can get through this bulkhead here, because this is the bathroom that shuts off there and then this door actually becomes the toilet door, which is quite clever a clever use of space. You have a water sight door through to a really useful, lazarette storage space, but theres also some components in there and then another waterside door and youre into the main engine room. As i said through a second watertight door here you are in the main engine room. Now, bearing in mind this has got the largest 1 650 horsepower man v12s in it theres a decent amount of room.

In here i mean they are big old engines. Headroom is absolutely astonishing in here really good amounts of artificial light and lashings and lashings and lashings of soundproofing so well find out on the water. This is a very quiet boat from the lower helm. When you see this, you can understand why its really easy to get to everything. Theyve brought water, strainers youve got wash down in here fresh water washed down its really neatly, organized and very, very clean. Indeed, as you come up to this cockpit as well as these super chunky, railings ive already mentioned, look at the size of the mooring gear, its absolutely fantastic. These fairleads are an absolute work of art and, as an option you can have boarding gates on both sides of the boat makes it a bit easy to get on and off. If you buy a raised key side, for example, you come to the cockpit its really really nice space very well protected. The overhang goes a long way over this area, so you get protect from not only sunshine but also rain. If its a bit wetter – and i like the fact that theres plenty of detailing this overhead – its not just a slab of fiberglass youve – got the lighting up, there, youve got some speakers. Changes of tone and texture looks really good and the way that the seating here wraps all the way around this person sitting here, isnt left without a back rest, gives you a nice amount of support and, of course, the table is in sort of travel mode.

Now youve got hand holds and the cup holders on the show, but youve got little finger slots inside the leaves and they open up. So you have a really nice size table if you do want to serve food down here. The other thing to point out about this area is railings, absolutely everywhere, theres the upright, where the steps are there, but its nice that youve got this just to grab onto and in this slot as an option, you have a wing station. So from here you have full control of both engines. You know thats the same set of throttles that you have at the lower helm and the flybridge helm. Youve got your engine, stop start anchor in and out and youve got control for the bow thruster and the stern thruster from here. So, if youre birthing stern 2 in the mediterranean youre right here at the back of the boat with a fantastic view, and actually even if youre coming alongside its quite nice, to be this close to what youre coming alongside to. And this allows you to do – that. Theres, some great subtle detailing all over this boat and theres a great example around here the fact that the tea treads sort of pour down the front of the steps. So there isnt any fiberglass on show really and theyre in set with really nice led lighting, which actually runs all the way down the sides as well, but its stuff like this, this deck drain here its really subtly incorporated.

It means that if you get a lot of water coming down the deck it drains away into there, it doesnt come into the cockpit and you have a completely flat threshold between the cockpit in the saloon. Theres, no lip to stop water going in again theres a deck drain there so that the water drains down into there and obviously not into the saloon, but its all, really subtle in the way that its incorporated into the deck, because the star of the show, when It comes to the deck spaces. Is the fly bridge so lets head there next theres more smart stuff going on here, even up on the staircase. This just looks like a handle, but actually this is the locking mechanism. When you have it that way, it locks the door open, so you cant slam down when it goes. That way, you can pull this down and then this becomes the lock when the hatch is shut, really lovely piece of design and again look at the quality. The stainless steel here it looks and feels fabulous, and this is a really impressive deck space. You know we say its sort of based on the y85. It doesnt feel that much smaller, really you can have this area completely open. If you prefer can keep the tender up here, obviously you need a crane to put it in and out of the water, but this is a really nice layout with a sun pad.

I like the way the backrest arcs around there so makes it as comfortable as possible and the way the seating swoops from end to end really big dinette is the focal point and then youve got the usual princess trick forward of seating that also converts into a Sun pad right forward, and then here we have the wet bar, which is really well located opposite that dinette. All the things that you would want in here, youve got your grill here. Fridge sink really well prepared to serve guests up here now the hardtop is an option. They only built one f70. I think without a hard top. If you dont have this, you have a rear facing radar arch. You just wont have that sort of yacht feel that most people are looking for from a boat like this, and you have this cantilevered slatted roof here in lieu of a canvas. One feedback was that cameras on. Although the aperture is much larger, it does tend to rattle around a bit, and that means it wears so actually this seems to be a better solution. Upper helm here, ergonomics are really really sweet and whats. Nice is that the the skipper is actually in the middle of the boats. They have the best possible view, but theres still space between the two seats, so theyre navigating get out without disturbing the person driving the boat. This is one of my favorite views above the y72. This amazing curvature theyve got in this superstructure here, sends lovely reflections running down here when the waters running past its just really interesting.

It could have been left as just a straight slab, but they work really hard to get the surfacing just right. It does look, absolutely lovely and along here it also offers a little bit of protection overhead as well, and these massive railings come up to meet you at hip level. Youve got huge cleats two cleats on the top sides here and obviously youve got cleats at either end its a very safe and easy boat to move around its the same case up at the full deck. Now this area looks a little bit sparse on this boat because it hasnt got the optional teak up here. You cant have that if you prefer, this is a bit lower maintenance, but probably doesnt, look quite as nice, and then you have this nice wrap of seating. Here this is actually a storage, locker theres one on both sides and they actually run the full width of the coach roof here. So theres loads of loads of storage in there for fenders covers all sorts of things can be chucked in there and forgotten about that table is obviously set in sort of coffee table mode. It has got replaceable legs, so you can have it a little bit higher if you prefer to dine there, and this sun pad here has adjustable back rest so that theyll sit up. So you have a little bit more support when youre, sunbathing, cupholders, either side and a nice hand rail there as well to grab onto and then right forward.

You notice just how substantial the mooring gear and the anchor gear is really really high quality a good size, and then you have a split anchor locker one is pure storage and the other one. Its got controls for the windlass and fresh water washed down as well. Lets have a look inside. Shall we this slides, open it doesnt open any further than that, but this section does open. So you get a really nice effect, which opens the galley up to the cockpit here. You have this area here that acts as a bit of a bar area. Of course, the internal dinette table is directly opposite. The galley as well another table outside your little finger slot here. So you can pull this over, which reveals your cup holders and a hand hold. So you can steady yourself on the way. Through again, the detailing is really good. You dont have to lift up any cushions to get to storage in here. Any storage is a drawer. Basically, underneath the sofa, so you dont have to lift off cushions and fiddle around with lids its really really easy to get to another key thing about this saloon. Is it has a completely flat floor? In fact, this deck is flat all the way from the transom right to that companion way, there theres nothing to trip up on in the middle, and that just makes the space feel so open and large and luxurious. There was a little step down into the galley to account for the full size, fridge freezer lots of storage incorporated into this area.

This bar return here has got storage in it. Its got the bin inside it. You have a dishwasher here as an option sink. Obviously, and then you have your miele induction, cooking, its a nice comprehensive galley arrangement aboard this boat and moving forward. One key change is that you have these bar stools here now they are optional. You dont have to have them if you dont have them. You just have a bit of space here, but i think theyre going to be quite a nice place for guests to come and sit. Obviously you can arrange their drinks nibbles in front of them. A nice place to sit with a coffee in the morning and you do get the benefit of these absolutely enormous saloon windows. Both sides, the views out, are just spectacular because the sofas are set quite low and theyre set quite low. You have a really nice view out, even when youre sat down in this saloon now this area feels particularly spacious because theres no coffee table that will be an option. It is an option it should be on this, but it hasnt been fitted quite yet, but actually i quite like the fact youve got so much floor space, but it strikes me that this is a large area with nothing to hold on to, and i think a Nice handhold in the ceiling here could work really well. Wouldnt have to look too ugly and actually just gives you something right here you can grab onto if youre moving around the boat when its at sea and we come right forward.

You obviously have a lower helm station on this fly bridge boat. This is access down head to the master cab. Well, have a proper look at that later on. I really really like this area, i think theyre great, for when the boats go along its also a nice place to be when the boat is stationary, because its raised up higher. So you get a really nice view out, and princess has even incorporated this, so you can have a little workstation put your laptop out. What a place to work from this would be. Very nice have a closer look at the helm. So this is your lower driving position. It actually features some new stuff for princess, so it has a new seat, design really really comfortable, actually theyre lovely. They look and feel great, so a new steering wheel, design with the boss that is weighted, so it doesnt move when the wheel moves and because this is a yacht model, it has a bonning screens as standard, and that means that you have full customized control of The boat system from your fingertips here at the helm and thats everything from engines to lighting, checking fuel status, ac dc power. You can control all of the boats, internal lights from this screen and there are presets. So you can just have like a night mode, harbor mode home mode, all those sorts of things all configurable right from your fingertips and then youve got the garmin mfds, which deal with navigation and the actual running of the boat, etc.

Its a really nice home position, its quite simple, its typically classy. There is the option to have a proper control panel for the mfds here, which i would want, because youre a little bit of a stretch away from them and actually, if youre, really thumping around, would have to be a big c for that to be happening. On this boat, but you might prefer to use that rather than sort of stabbing around on a touch screen, got a side door here great for ventilation, also, obviously great for a passage out onto the side decks in communication with crew. You also have a side wind on the other side of the boat next to passengers. The only other thing i noticed from down here when i was driving out at sea is this: mullion is quite thick and creates quite a blind spot. So you just need to keep checking theres nothing coming off your starboard side that you havent spotted, because this is quite large lets – have a look at the guest accommodation. Shall we now thats down its own dedicated companionway, separates the master, as i explained earlier, actually on the way down you notice. This is where youve got your ac dc systems, where you switch between generator shore power, all really clear, to see, and in a nice handy position here by the helm now in terms of guest cabins, there are three of them: two pretty much identical: twins, theres starboard, One here, though, its the port, one that has direct access to the date, heads which is a really good size, actually, yes, its shared between two cabins, but really well proportioned and thats, the loo that guests will be using mainly during the day.

This is also where you find your washer dryer, quite conveniently located between all the guest cabins here and then right forward. You have the vip cabin which ill have a bit of a closer look at. This is a lovely cabin part of the new hull. Design means that theres a bit more space to go right forward here, which means that you get more space for a bigger bed. It means you have a proper square bed as well, not a bed that sort of tapers at either end its a really nice size. Bed, this one is set at a good height as well theres, a big step either side, so its easy to get yourself up and into it. And i stand up here: okay, head rooms, a little bit compromised, but youre sort of going to be climbing into a bit anyway, so shouldnt matter too much and you notice the curvature that is such a signature of the rest of the boat comes all the way Down here as well, the way that this flows around forward there and the detailing of the bed head its all really nice and practical, too storage dotted around at eye level, got a television in here theres a little bureau over on that side and a really good Storage space here really great big locker, with a mirror built in its a really decent size, as is the heads and every bathroom, including the day heads has a proper rain shower head as well its nice that owners have the privacy of their own separate access into This little lobby way before they come into the master cabin.

This is a lovely space head room all the way around well over six foot completely flat floor, so theres no issues about tripping over in the night and its really tastefully done as well. Huge great television comes as standard, and i like this area over here where youve got the bureau and youve got some storage. It feels more sophisticated than just a boat cabin. Its really really classily executed and one major change over the f 70 – is that its bathroom used to be sort of tucked over here in this corner on this boat, the bathroom runs almost the full width behind the bed. Not only does that mean you have a very spacious bathroom, but its another buffer of insulation between this cabin, where the owner is sleeping and the machinery space weve got the engine generator etcetera, Music. Thank you very much for watching this review of the princess y72. If you enjoyed it, please give the video a like and be sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon.