As you all probably know, facebook changed its name to meta as we can read on But what exactly does that mean? Facebook has changed its corporate name to meta as part of a major rebrand. The company said it would better encompass what it does as it broadens its reach beyond social media into areas like virtual reality, but the change does not apply to its individual platforms, such as facebook, instagram and whatsapp. Only the parent company that owns them metaverse will be an online world where people can game work and communicate in a virtual environment, often using vr headsets. It is interesting to note that meta, which is the name of the new brand comes from the greek word, means beyond unknown news from canada about the drones that help with transplant transport. The reports that adron took off from the roof of toronto hospital in the dark of night, the hem of its rotors, barely audible above the dim of cars and pedestrians in the canadas largest metropolis, but it took place under the watchful eyes of engineers and doctors. According to the company, delivering lunch for transplant via drone was the first of its kind in the world and now parisa cle phoenix, which will soon be the mustang of the ocean. We all should be aware that the ocean is one of the factors that regulate the climate. However, for the last 50 years it has been warming acidifying, rising polluting and losing its biodiversity and biomass thats.

Why? We should think about boats that would have no harmful effect on the fauna and flora and would be in harmony with the marine ecosystem. Phoenix want to help make this dream a reality with a unique technology that has a very low carbon and energy impact. Phoenix inspired by nature develops responsible, secure and clean nautical mobility phoenix. Imagine a new navigation with bio inspired boat engines by observing the movement of marine animals to start up. Imagine a fin to move boats forward for a better and necessary cohabitation, in full harmony with nature and now move to one of the most discussed topic of this year, which is aerospace. Is the local space tourism coming soon reports that aspiring space stories now have another option to consider world view? Enterprise is developing a balloon system that will carry people to the stratosphere with the first commercial flight target for early 2024. The arizona based company announced the typical rate will last 6 to 8 hours and take passengers to the altitude of at least 30 thousand meters, where they will be able to see the curvature of earth against the blackness of space. But the overall experience will last 5 days which will be spent in and around sides of natural beauty and cultural and historical significance. Word view representative said yeah. It all sounds really amazing, but there is one slight teeny, tiny problem: the seats cost fifty thousand dollars. What announcement, if you like the topic of aerospace, join us next week, 9 to 10 november for the aerospace and defense online event register now to watch great, live presentations, interact and ask questions and thats all well be prepared for this edition of mass high tech press Review, if you like this video, hit the thumb icon and subscribe.