I know you want to see more about the world of flying drones professionally, so it just so happens that tommy is on the phone with the producer right now and hopefully we could show you what getting ready for a shoot. Looks like Music howd. It go im going alaska, nice dude! No, its! Not! You know how cold it is in alaska im not built for alaska man dude. I dont care. I just told these guys that they would get to see what it looks like to get ready. Thats thats, when i was like man, what are you peeking in around like weirdo all right so lets get to it just jumping straight into it: okay, wow. Just putting me on the spot uh all right. Well, the first thing is i i i need to make a checklist for myself. So lets go. Do that lets go make a checklist somewhere all right so um. Basically, i make a checklist for myself, depending on the gig, in this particular case, im going to alaska, so that kind of changes a couple of things but number one, because we live in this stupid pandemic town. I got ta go schedule myself and get a coabit test um then i got ta go and do my drone gear check now heres the thing right um during that pre production meeting. They they want just gopros for this uh, which is different for me, because i i im usually doing the red komodo stuff.

In fact, this is only my second gopro gig in the last year, but nonetheless the preparation is still the same. The gear is the only part, thats different, so well go and do that ill show you guys what were going to do there and then the last piece. The part that im really not looking forward to is getting cold weather gear. Now ive been in cold weather gear before like in mammoth and in the snow but were going to alaska, were talking like super duper. Duper duper cold like cold that i cant even fathom uh. So i got ta get that figured out so um. Obviously, youre not gon na go with me with the covet test. However, we could go. Do the drone side of things and for that um i actually heres a little pro tip. I use uh apple notes and ive created uh, a checklist in there, something that i just keep as a default and that way i just go in and i just start checking things off, we can go lets go over this way, um the only thing. The only difference is that uh i am going to be taking. I normally take two drones to these things. So two of everything. However, i want to take three because we were talking about all the different potential risks, uh, first, one being that its just really cold. So the chance that batteries just might fail or it might not perform.

I also want to account for sudden rain, because that could potentially happen. Im gon na confirm without my stuff, but i just wan na make sure that if, for some reason i go down to rain, ive got another backup and then the third thing is that im actually gon na be on this ship. So so this is for deadliest. Catch and i actually have to go on a ship so might be moving. I might just do one of these and the drone goes away, so i actually like to bring as many drones for as many identified risks as possible. So all right. So that said, i got to bring three of everything uh time to go down this drone gear checklist. First, you want your drones, but in this case three of them and of course you have your radio, but not just that a backup radio and then, of course, you want your charger and a backup. Of course you want your gopros and for this job i want three of them. I used to have two, however uh i decased one of them, so that means were gon na, have to add a new checklist to the very bottom, which means go to best, buy and get two more gopros. And, of course you want spare batteries and then, of course you want the media for your gopros, which in this case are micro, sd cards. Now i use a little holder like this and i actually write yes on one side and no on another side.

That way, i know which cards that i can use versus which one that ive already used and that way i dont get that confused. Of course you want your goggles and backup goggles and then, of course, for your goggles. You bring not just one, not just two but three goggle batteries, along with the cable and the spare all right, so when youre on set, is absolutely critical that the director, the dp and whoever else can see what you see and for this i use the dgi Smart controller and, of course, two cables. Of course you cant forget your neck. Strap then youre gon na need an nd filter kit and this ones broken so im. Just gon na have to buy three only sets i like to bring at least 10 batteries. Guess what this is, what is it its a spare battery for my radio? Then, of course you need your tool kit, and this pouch is every tool that i need to serve my drone. Do you bring two of those too? No, of course you never do a job without a battery checker. Also, you cant forget your props. Normally, if im flying in a higher altitude condition where the air is a little bit thinner ill go for something with a little bit more umph. However, in this case, im not worried about that, i just want to get the best flight time as possible, in which case im just going to go for something with a little more efficiency less pitch.

And finally, you want to bring a laptop because, as temperature changes, the gummies, the dampeners and things on your drone could get stiffer softer, which means your pidtune might need to change all right. I got ta. Go pack, orders, sorry, are you done yet? I have to pass orders come on. I wanted this, you you wanted me to start this video. We got to finish it all right, all right. Why dont you tell them why you bring two of everything all right. Fine, so kelvin asked earlier like off. Camera is like seriously you bring like spare like everything. The reason why i bring spare everything is because on set as a professional like you, you have to be able to do your job. There theres just no understanding from anybodys part like if, like oh the antenna on my radio snapped when i was grabbing it, and now i cant work or the switch is broken whatever it doesnt matter. If you cant do the job youre, the guy, that cant do the job, so basically, what you should do is think of any critical piece that you need in order to fly and and do what you got to do and just have backups of it. Thats, being a professional all right, so whats next right, so uh next is to go over all of the gear. I like to make sure that all of the bolts are nice and tight just to make sure that nothing worked their way loose.

And then i like to inspect things, and this is a good example, because this guy right here this is my gopro mount and as you can see, that tab is broken, which means i need to do that, and i do that for every single one of these, Which reminds me actually can you just go tell her that i needed his head out right. You know window down all right, got it all right, so im going to go transfer this over, but basically to finish this out um i go through and thoroughly test everything i take every single one, i throw props on them. I go for a test flight. I check video on every single one. I also go over and plug everything into the dji controller. To make sure that that monitor and live feed is actually working and then its time to pack all of that gear up uh. The only thing is because this is alaska. I got this a while back when i had a shoot up in the mammoth up in the snow, but i ended up never using it because that we got snowed in and that whole shoot got cancelled. But i have to consider how im gon na fly in super windy conditions with like near zero or below zero weather, and so im hoping im, hoping that this this guy will work right here. The idea is to just basically cover your hands right and protect it from the wind, so im gon na have to do one of these, maybe i dont know its gon na be weird, and i hate not flying with the next shot, all right.

So the last thing i need to consider for this trip is how im gon na keep my batteries warm, because if you dont know, lipos need to be a certain temperature, otherwise they just fail or they dont perform as well. So i need to go grab myself. Uh one of those ethics warming lipo bags – i dont know what its called, but thatll, probably give me the best fighting chance to be able to do what i got to do in terms of keeping my batteries nice and warm speaking of warm. I need to go. Get some clothes now, because my filipino chocolate class really needs to figure out how im going to stay dry and warm, because i definitely am not cut out for this and then uh. What else i got? Oh uh, damn i got ta get a covet test and then i got ta. Do the start? Paperwork so theres still like all right, all right, all right. Nobody wants to hear about covet tests or paperwork or anything, but its true. I got ta do all those things so tommys gon na try to get as much content as he can from this shoot for you guys hold on. I i no promises because im on super strict ndaa, i dont. Sometimes this doesnt, you know ill see ill. Try, if you guys, can see it, you know well well, try hes going to try as hard as he can to get some content.

So you guys could see what it looks like on an actual shoot. Yeah. Okay, okay lets! Just let me hold the camera for you once here. All right go just go. Go so hes going to get content to see what it looks like on an actual shoot, which is another question you guys had in the comments which we are reading so drop. Something down in the comments like and subscribe and ill see you next time now you know what do over jayden did a way better outro than that yeah. I would take. Take two take two. Take this out. All right go to the store. If you want to support us drop all right all right here we go here, we go ready and you got you got ta. You got ta. You got ta shout out the b s bro like i. You spent a lot of time. Building those – and i spent a lot of time – configuring them and testing them, and things like that, so people need to buy some of these things all right here we go and go all right, go to the store we have tons of bnfs in stock. You can get them tomorrow and make sure you drop a comment. We are reading what you guys are saying so to continue to push out good content. Failing bailey Laughter, wait ryan before you go in there come out here. Outro give us a nut. Show thanks for watching um like and subscribe, do all the things and well see in the next one Music.

You guys are lucky enough where tommy mate, nope tommy is nope. Ive been reading the comments and nope. I know you guys ive read the comments and i know all of you guys want to see more. You know and the professional incentives weve heard you loud and clear im going to try my best to give it to you. We heard you guys.