This is the tiny ape freestyle, so not baby, but tiny. This is a two and a half inch quad versus a three inch quad from darwin fpv uh. This thing features some newer: electric uh new camera. Els, newer motors and its one of the few buy and fly options they actually offer from darwin now, instead of plug and play right. So you take this pre built quad open the box, buy it to your radio and, in theory, youd be flying. Yes, its very quick, very easy setup with ers uh, whether you have els module in your radio or its a native els radio like the zorro or the new radio master tx16s, et cetera, easy to set up quick manuals on the website. Get you going get you in there, quick. So in this video we are going to open this box, show you whats inside of it, go over their specs and then, if it stops raining with the summertime thunderstorms get outside and try to get a flight or two in Music. All right have you ever flown a quad or airplane and had it and crashed it and had to go pick it up and do the walk of walk of shame go ahead and hit that subscribe. Button hit that bell, who can sure help you out all right? Well, 2022: we got a new quad fairly new manufacturer, yeah um. So what is this? Who or is this quad designed for it? Well, this is a micro aquaticism.

This is something youre gon na be able to fly in your front yard backyard uh in the neighborhood. Without pissing off karen or excuse me, neighbors, um, etc, so, basically uh. This is a great little quad. It flies really well. Its got good power to weight ratio, its an all in one system, its, not specific, unique parts. So you can build it. You can alter you can change it et cetera. You could use the electronics on a different frame down the road if you get bored with this frame, all kinds of stuff youre not stuck with electronics that are very unique to a specific frame, whereas this one actually has a separate esc and flight controller. So if you do damage, you could technically replace only part of it uh. The motors are easier to source stuff like that um, the camera is more generic. The vtx is more generic theyre, not integrated parts youre, not very specific parts. So i like that feature and granted with these small quads. Yes, the electronics are different because they are smaller but its more in line with something you would do it yourself, more yeah, more of a hobby grade. Yeah, just remember smaller does not mean cheaper, usually the opposite. Smaller means more money. So at the price point, this thing is roughly 130 135 or something like that with elrs pre built pre built yeah, nothing to build no soldering, its a great bang for the buck.

Realistically, its a nice little camera looks good and analog goggle. Everything like that uh the quad flies really well theres, very little due to it put props, set your flight modes and go fly. Um ill, be honest with you guys when this came in. I havent seen willow this excited over at quad in quite some time so yeah i as soon as i saw this announced i was like damn. This is gon na, be a good little quad cause this size, quad um. If you guys ever go back in any of our old videos way back in the day were talking ishin days, aurora 100 stuff, like that this was the size that two and a half two inch quad was such a good platform for where i fly, which is In our parking lot at my house, uh small areas that want family and friends, house and stuff like that to where i can get away with flying micro, quads ive, always enjoyed the smaller quads versus, like the five inch quads, where you have to kind of find Somewhere to fly um, so this is great. You dont have to worry about weight limits or restrictions et cetera uh. This is something youre going to be able to fly almost anywhere right, not inside your house, so dont do it its too fast yeah. No, i knew you were about that. No dont fly in your house unless you have a uh aircraft hair for stadium yeah.

This is a great little package for not a lot of money. Theyll get you flying for low cost, so lets see whats inside the box of the darwin tiny ape freestyle. So lets get this thing opened up here. You got props 25 12. Three blade props! You have your accessories! Some zip ties stickers, battery straps uh antenna tube. Some extra screws antenna, tube cap and bubble wrap. Oh wait. I dont know its a drone. Sorry, so we got the tiny ape itself right here. It does have a lens cover on it. Lets see, we got a little card with a link to like the support or something like that. It looks like yeah and then some piece of paper here lets see what this is about. Basic flight controller instructions um, i will say, for binding instructions. You do want to actually go on the product page uh, on linked on this card here um, it does tell you: uh bind up the ers if youve never done it before um. This is an spi ers receiver integrated within the flight controller. So you will need an elrs transmitter to use it or you have to solder an external receiver, but i would just use the lrs its easier um, so thats everything here lets go over. The quad itself has 1103 8000 kv motors. These are gon na run on two cell or three cell, but you got ta, be careful with three cell, you cant get too heavy of a battery, and you got ta be careful with throttle because you could burn out a motor or esc is what theyre claiming So they dont recommend three cell uh.

I know people are gon na. Do it its on the edge of performance? Yes, but be careful with it. I would not recommend three cell if youve never flown these guys before id start with two and then maybe work. It way once you get everything set up: um heres, what two cell yeah im flying mono, two cell uh. If youre gon na use the three cell use a lightweight battery like a three 350 somewhere in there um, it weighs 50.3 grams uh. In fact, i got my scale over here somewhere lets verify that go ahead and tear it and 51.7, so probably 53 with props, so that is under our legal weight. Oh yeah, this yeah. This is and thats with the cap on it too um. This thing uses an f411 aio stack with 15 amp esc, so theres four 15 amp eses on this little stack. The vtx on this guy is 25 to 600 milliwatt, so it runs 25, 200, 400 and 600 selectable through the osd selection there or through beta flight. It does run blue jay firmware on the escs out of the box, which is like the newer bl heli style, its faster, so frame rate. This is not running beyond heli, its blue, its a fork of it. Basically its if you dont know what it is go on, google look. It up read: awesome information online, so its firmware on the esc, okay, its good, its good, faster, good, really good, im, not thats a whole another topic there, anyways yeah dont, even ask that um its running betaflight 4.

3 out of the box. The firmware on this thing was just pretty much rock solid. It flew really good out of the box very impressed with that um. The new beta flight is pretty freaking awesome. So, unlike the baby ape, the tiny ape actually is already flashed with 4.3. So you dont have to worry about doing that. You will need to make sure you have the proper betaflight configurator for 4.3 before you flash anything, because you could corrupt it other than that recommended batteries, for this is going to be a two cell um, roughly 380 to 450 pack ive been using 450s on it. Flys good, if you want to keep it a little lighter a little less flight time somewhere in the closer to 400, be better um. The resale do at your own risk. They do not warranty three cell damage from the motors and all that et cetera, uh based off their information on their website. So take that for what its worth there, two cell flies perfectly fine three cell b gobs of power, but i think you need to run a throttle curve on it. Um expected flight times. I was getting roughly four and a half. I could squeeze five minutes depending on how i fly it, but realistically, on a 452 cell, i was getting about four and a half consistent uh consistently on flights, but they are on their website. They do claim about a five five minute. 20.

Second flight time on a 452 cell landing at 6.5, volts per cell uh or 6. 6.5 volts, total voltage, sorry um and thats running the vtx in that mid range of 200 to 400 milliwatt. If youre running at 600, it might eat a little more on this little guy im, not sure how efficient the vtx is on this. I havent checked um, but otherwise i will say taking all the technical mumbo jumbo talking about the sex out of the window. Um wheres, my quad, this thing has been fun: ive been flying the living out of it. I did out of this. I put the props on. I didnt even put the screws, it does have the screw holes youll see here, unlike the baby. Eighth, a lot of people said i dont, like the fact that you cant screw on the props. This one does have the screw holes for, and it comes with the screws to put the props on with threads. The factory jumpfan props press on perfectly fine didnt have any issues with it. I didnt bother putting the screws in it. I have mangled these props. They are all bent up chewed up and everything from hitting everything. There is in this parking lot. Um and its been holding up fine without screws, i did go through and i tightened all four screws on each motor because based off the baby ape, i did have one loose and i did lose one initially in an early flight testing one.

So i went through and tightened all the screws on that, which is a good idea to do. Also on the youll note, the camera will probably be fairly loose out of the box. They dont over, they dont tighten those up, so you can set the angle and then snug them up. So basically just get yourself a little phillips head screwdriver and go down all the screws when you get it just to make sure theyre all snug um. If you want to go one step further, maybe pull a screw up drop the super glue on the threads, put it back in just to keep it from backing out over time. But realistically a lot of these small quads check the screws. Every couple flights and youll be fine, um, good advice. It did have the rubber grip pre applied on this one, which was really nice uh. The antenna, tube youll add, and i just did the full length i didnt even cut it down. I just put it all. The way in with a little cap on it, the vtx is secured there. I havent had any problems with damaging any of the antennas with various crashes. Ive done, ive been really happy with it. I havent ive barely nicked the carbon on the front of this thing and i smacked the concrete so hard. The other day i hit a tree and i was trying to recover out and i was avoiding the next door companys uh car, so i had to put it into the curb – and i dont know how i bent three props, but i didnt damage the quad.

So, im very impressed with that um its held up very well for its size, so im im really impressed with that uh 600 milliwatt vtx are capable ive actually flown in our parking lot. If youve seen any of our older videos on the higher power with the metal building, all that i get a lot of bouncing a lot of interference and all that a lot of noise in the video. So with something like that in this particular area, i would recommend sticking a 200 milliwatt setting uh if youre in the middle of nowhere – and you want to get the extra distance. I guess 600 is fine, but just know with the stock antenna and surroundings in the city and stuff like that, you might have some electrical noise or more noise in the video, so thats that, on that part, um looks like it just rained a second ago i Dont know if it stopped, we can do a flight.