Video im really excited to show you a brand new product from our good friends over at powervision, the powervision s1 handheld stabilized gimbal. Now you might already be thinking rick. There are so many handheld stabilized gimbals on the market. What makes this one so special? Well, when you understand the engineering and the features that are built into this tiny little beautiful package, youll understand why im so excited, but before i get into the overview in the spirit of full disclosure power, vision did send me this product for review and i guess In that respect its a sponsored video, but they only did that because about six months ago id heard about power, vision, working on a handheld, stabilized gimbal and i started emailing them and bothering them about hey. Send me a product id love to review it on the channel. I love your other products and ive had it for about two weeks and ive been out in the field using it like crazy, and i got ta tell you its an unbelievably cool product in so many ways. Now, if you dont know who power vision is theyve been in the business a long time, weve had a relationship with them for probably eight or ten years, going way back to their original power ray product and their power dolphin product weve also reviewed their power egg Product theyve got a power eye drone thats out, so in a lot of ways, their engineering prowess has been out there and theyve had experience with stabilized gimbals and imaging systems, and i guess at this point because of the power ray and the power dolphin theyve conquered The seas with the power egg and the power eye theyve conquered the skies.

So the only thing left is the land – and i guess thats what theyre doing with this new s1, but again its a brave thing to march into the handheld stabilized gimbal market, because its a fairly mature market. So for you to come out with a product that garners attention from the public, it really has to be different and thats exactly what the engineers and power vision thought when they put this product together. So i imagine when they started designing this product. They sat down and said: look there are a lot of stabilized gimbals on the market now theyre starting to get smaller because they can fold up. What can we do to really separate ourselves from the market thats out there today, and their engineering team really hit it out of the park on so many different levels? For example, this doesnt look like any other handheld gimbal ive got even the ones that fold up really small, are still kind of awkward, theyre, wonky and big and its hard to fit into a pocket. This is beautiful. Its got nice smooth edges on it. It folds up really small youre wondering where are the arms ill? Show you those in a minute, but it looks more like a power bank than it does a stabilized, gimbal and youd be right because, in addition to being a handheld stabilized, gimbal its also a power bank, its a 4120 milliampere hour power bank that you can use To wirelessly charge anything that can wirelessly charge through a qi charger just by dropping it on the top of the unit.

If your phone or your device doesnt wirelessly charge, you can plug it into the usbc port on the side and you can use it to charge that device. So youve now got kind of two products in one. Youve got your handheld stabilized gimbal with you and a power bank. You can use to charge your phone, which is wonderful because, if youre out in the field or youre on vacation and youre trying to film a lot, you know your phones going to run down and having a power bank you can recharge is a great thing. Now. The unit itself will provide 15 hours of use of the actual gimbal itself takes about two hours to charge it, and you can use that energy inside that battery to operate the handheld gimbal or to charge external devices so thats. The first thing they did, but to me the bigger issue with this, or the bigger benefit of this is the fact that they actually built an ecosystem around it. So attaching the gimbal to your phone can be done a bunch of different ways. You can actually attach it using this, which actually sticks on the case. You can buy a case that fits your phone, which actually has that attachment in it, or you can use a clamp like this, so they give you three different ways to attach your phone to the device, but in addition to that, they built out an entire ecosystem Of other devices that once you put that attachment point on your phone, you can use all these other devices so, for example, this one which can be stuck to a dashboard, its got adhesive on the bottom of it.

You can stick it on your dashboard. Stick it on your desk anywhere. You want to put it and magnetically itll attach to this. So once you get your phone connected to it, itll connect right up to this, so its a nice little holder that you can put on your desk and when youre not using on your gimbal, you can snap it on there and use it on your desk, but Even better watch this when i unscrew this look whats inside its a vent mount, so you can use this in your car by sticking it on your vent and sticking your phone on there, so that ecosystem of use beyond just the handheld stabilized gimbal really gives you A lot more use out of the the product itself, so i love that about them now. What i want to do, first, before i get too deep into some of the other details, is im going to do a quick unboxing just to show you everything, thats included with the kit and then ill actually take a closer look at the s1 itself and all The accessories and clamping kits to put it on your phone and then ill come back and actually give you some of my impressions and some examples of using this out in the field, because the engineering behind it doesnt stop with the design. I mean thats beautiful on its own. This is a beautiful looking unit, but in addition to that, they built a ton of really clever software into it.

So, just like most of the stabilized gimbals on the market, it can stay on you. It can focus on you and, as you move its going to rotate to keep in in frame, but in addition to that, they built in a feature where you can zero in on an object, not a person, not a dog, not something moving, but something on. On. The landscape, maybe maybe a net or something over there, if youre at a soccer game and then, if you move the camera or you move, the gimbal itll stay locked on that net. So you can pick a point of interest to have the camera pay attention to and actually stay on, that object. Now, a lot of gimbals out there will track people but theyre not great at staying with a stationary object. This ones got that built in the other. Cool thing is the tracking software that runs on this, which runs through the application that youll download on your phone actually runs in the background, so the tracking application will work with other applications beyond the power vision application. So if youre doing instagram and some of the other live chat sessions, youve now got a stabilized gimbal that will follow you using those other applications. How cool is that i mean stabilized gimbal through the power vision. Application is great, but having it sort of spread out to other applications gives you a much wider use case for it as well.

All right so lets do the unboxing and then im going to take a closer look at the unit. So when you pop open the box, youll find the s1 and again i just love this unit, its small, its compact, its got a really nice kind of a rubbery feel on the outside, so youre not going to drop it and ill show you it open in A second in my kit, because i bought it with the clamp you get this nice clamp and the clamp comes with an extra pad. So if you have a really skinny phone, you put that extra pad on there, so it keeps it in there nice and tight, and this will expand to handle really really wide phones. Also, on the kit is a charging cable, its a standard, usb c to usbc. So you can use this to charge the power bank. You can also use it with the power bank to charge something externally if your device uses a usbc thats, a short cable, but it works really well and when youre charging it its usually close enough to a charger, you dont need a gigantic long cable. But if you need a longer cable, a standard, usb c to usb seal work, just fine, also when there are a series of manuals, theres, a quick start guide, a disclaimer and then theres other information about warranty and things like that. In case you have problems with the unit, but i dont think youre going to have any issues because man, the engineering behind this, is absolutely beautiful, all right so to open the unit up and again its a bit of a puzzle, and i love puzzles.

But when i first got it, i thought im not going to look at the instructions im, a smart guy. Let me just figure out if i can open it up – and i did so. The first thing youre going to find is a little door in the bottom and of course, they put little stickers on here to help you out and ill have a close up of this coming up. But you open up the bottom door and theres the gimbal assembly and youre looking at it going all right now. How do i get that out of there? Well, you basically swing the arm up just like this swing, the arm up to the top like that and once its up top. This is locked. So you loosen up this lock now thats loose, and then you twist it one more time like this and youre good to go and theres your theres, your assembly, now once thats set up youre good to go thats exactly what youre going to use when youre out There in the field – and all your controls are right here, so your thumb falls naturally over that button, so you can move it around and when you attach your phone to it lets pretend theres a phone on here. It just attaches like that. Its going to auto center so its going to stay nice and stable in there, and this will lock up right in line with where it needs to be on that back piece.

So thats it for your stabilized gimbal. When youre done for the day, you pull your phone off and again you can use your phone on any of these other attachments. You close this up close that up just like that close that up open the door and then spin it down just like this right inside that little door in the bottom and once its closed up, youre good to go and thats. It slide it back in your pocket and go on about your business. So theyve really thought through a lot of the engineering behind this and again ill. Take a closer look and show you all the buttons knobs and connectors and understand how they work. So youve got a better feel for it, and then i want to come back with some examples to show you how ive used it out in the field and give you my impressions of it, because i get a chance to review a lot of gear on the Channel and honestly after a while handheld stabilized gimbals, all start looking the same so its hard to get excited about a brand new version of a certain companys handheld stabilized gimbal. When a company like power vision comes along with something like this thats radically different innovative and the engineering behind it is just rock solid. I get excited, i get really excited and i found that i do use these gimbals out in the field an awful lot. I found that im using this one a whole lot more than im using a lot of other products that ive got so ill come back and give you some impressions and some examples of a little bit, but stay tuned next well.

Take a closer look and then well do the examples. The powervision, s1 handheld stabilized gimbal kit is available in three different varieties and the main difference between them is the type of mount you attach to your phone in front of me. I have the explorer kit, which includes the gimbal, a phone clamp that attaches to your phone, a pad that you can attach to the back of this. If youre using a thinner phone to make sure that it clamps on nice and tight youll, also find a charging cable to usb c to usbc youll plug this end into any standard, usb wall charger, car charger or your computer. This end plugs into the usb c port on the side of the unit and thats how youll charge the product takes about two hours to fully charge it and youll get about 15 hours of use on a full charge. You can also use this cable to charge an external device by again plugging this into the usbc port. Turning this on and plugging this into your device, theres a 4120 milliampere hour battery internally, that allows you to operate the unit and charge external devices. Also included with the kit are three small pamphlets theres, a quick start guide right here. Thatll give you information on how to connect to your application, how to connect to your phone, how to charge the device youll, find compliance. Information on all the testing thats been done around this product and finally sort of a care and feeding guide.

Let you know how to charge it properly and how to care for it i mean dont drop. It dont get it in water, obviously take care of the unit to get the best use out of it. Now, if you decide you want to go with a different mount, the second combo is called the universal combo, and that comes with this pad that actually glues on the side of your phone. So if youve got a phone case like this, i wouldnt recommend gluing it directly to your phone. But if youve got a phone case like this, you can actually glue it to the phone case and included with the kit is a guide here. That shows you exactly where to put it on your phone, so you can fold this out, attach that first and itll help you position this actual mount, then the mount glues to your phone, like that or actually your case and youre good to go and the magnets Inside here and thatll interact with all the things ive talked about, including the gimbal over here now ill talk about this a little bit further in a minute also included in this kit. Youll find a universal magnetic mount on. The bottom is an adhesive pad. You can peel this paper off and then stick that to any flat surface once you clamp your phone in here. The magnet will attach to this and allow you to sort of just put it down in your desk and pivot in any direction.

You need to get a great view of your phone. This is also a combination mount its a really clever design watch. What happens here when i take the top off youll find that inside theres a vent mount. So you can take this out to your car sticking on a vent and again this clamp magnetically will attach to this and give you just a perfect mount on your dashboard to position the phone as you need it. The third mount would actually be a case itself. Now powervision sells a bunch of different cases that snap on your phone that actually have this attachment built into the case. So it saves you the trouble of gluing it to a case if you want to buy a case from them. Theyll actually have this attachment on it. So lets talk about the clamp first theres, a couple things youll notice about the clamp in particular. The first one is the fact that, on the top theres a little dot right there and thatll help you align this with the actual gimbal theres a dot in the gimbal as well. When you snap them together. Youll see this little section that protrudes here theres a divot on the gimbal that lines up with that and it snaps on and theyll give you perfect alignment. Youll also notice a little camera icon right there on the side and a little arrow and thats important when youre snapping on your phone that you align that with your camera, theres my camera, its facing my camera.

If i put it on backwards like this, that may cause issues with balancing on the phone so always make sure when you snap this on that its facing your camera and the way you attach it is just stretch it like this and make sure that its securely Attached to your phone and then you can snap it on the gimbal and again, if youve got this mounted to your desk, it attaches really nicely there and then youve got this beautiful. You know attachment where you can position it as you need to now. The other mount is interesting as well, because theres a couple of tricks in that. So if you were to go with this mount, which is the universal combo, mount theres a magnet inside there which will attach to this. But what, if you want to charge it? If you want to put this down in the chi charger, you cant really have a magnet in the way because thats going to interfere with the wireless charging, so the clever engineers of power vision have figured out a way to get rid of that magnet. So the magnets there right now, if you want to charge it youll, just basically spin this around slide it down this direction, that slides the magnet away from the center of it and puts the magnet down here so watch no more magnet the magnets gone so that Allows you to flip it over and charge it through chi without having that metal interfered.

Now, when you want to use it again, youll spin it this way slide it down this way and lay it flat and your magnets back so youre good to go and thats easy to determine because youll notice, where that little notch is down there. If its facing this direction, the magnets up, if its down that direction, the magnets down and thats the same on the phone case as well, in addition to that theres one other accessory, they offer, which is a tripod. This is the power vision tripod, and this can be used on the bottom of the unit because its got a quarter inch threaded stud right there, which will screw into the bottom of the unit its a nice little tripod to use for maybe desk desk use. That type of thing it can extend a little bit as well, so you can stand it up. So if you need something a little bit more substantial on your desk to get a little extra height, this is a really nice accessory that power vision offers as well. Now next well take a look at the actual, gimbal and ill show you all the connections and buttons on that. So, as i mentioned, powervision spent a lot of time, engineering, this particular product and i think theyve done a phenomenal job because when its closed up its really compact in size – and it really is easy to slide into a pocket – you can see that ive got fingerprints.

All over it because ive been using it for the last couple of weeks, but its just a beautiful design. So on the side lets start with some of the connections on the side. Youll find a usbc port right there and again, as i mentioned thats, where youll charge the unit so plug in a usbc cable to a usb charger, a computer or your car charger. You can charge the unit up in a couple of hours, thats the power button. If you tap it once itll tell you how much power is in the unit, if you tap it and hold it, itll actually turn the unit on and you can wirelessly charge through this or you can charge through the side. You want to make sure you unhinge the gimbal before you actually turn the unit on fully on the top is the record button that actually starts your recording. It also allows you to step through some of the menus. Then you have a five way button right here and thats used. If you push it in, you can step through menus and if you move it to either side, youll move the gimbal back and forth this way or up and down that way so its it falls perfectly under your thumb, so its very, very easy to use. Now. One other thing i want to show you again: another clever design is on the bottom of the unit. Youve got a quarter, inch 20 hole right there that you can use with any tripod, even a big one or a desktop tripod, but theres other things on here.

That should become apparent, and i think again, if youre, if youre an engineer, designing this to build in a stand. A three way stand on the unit by flipping that down pulling these out and extending them out like that. What ive got now is a gimbal that will freestand on my desk, so i can use it just like it is now with a built in tripod, which again is something nobody else is thinking about at this point, so good on power vision for coming up an Incredibly, clever design for giving you a built in tripod all right so now to unhook the unit and actually spin up the gimbal ive left the stickers on just to make it easy. So ive got number one number two number four number three is inside there so ill show you that youll see a little slit right there. You can put your finger underneath that flip it down and thats the actual gimbal assembly. Your next move is to flip this up. Just like this youll gently extend it up in this direction, once thats fully extended, youve got number three which shows you to flip this way and then number four which actually flips this way and that unlocks the gimbal in all three directions. Now youre ready to go. You can turn it on snap. Your phone on there and itll just take over and actually level your phone when youre done for the day. Youll reverse the procedure, so youll spin.

This back, like this, put it in the lock position spin this one down just so that it stays locked like that, close it up like that, and then youll spin. This make sure you align it straight like that spin it down into the bottom there and close that up and then youre ready to go. You can slide it back in your pocket, thats pretty much it for the gimbal, pretty pretty clever design now ill show you some of the incredible artificial intelligence features that are built into the power vision. S1. So, for example, ive turned on hand gesture mode just by tapping the hand icon at the top of the menu, and now the camera is watching me waiting for me to show it certain hand, gestures that will trigger events on the camera. So, for example, if i want to take a picture ill hold up a v like this, the camera will recognize that itll start a three second countdown give me time to get into position and then snap, a picture of me so thats, pretty cool and thats really Handy if youve got a large group of people that youd like to gather up and get a nice picture of everybody in a group thats hard to do. If you set a timer, because everybodys got to get in a position and then smile at the right time. So, by getting everybody ready, everybodys smiling holding up a v. You can actually take that picture now.

Lets say, for example, you wanted to start a video recording youll hold up an l just like that. Itll actually recognize that itll change to video count down three seconds and start the recording. So right now its recording me, so i can actually do whatever i want to do. I dont have to run over the camera to hit a button to start it or stop it. I can stop it with another l, but lets take it a step further, because one of my favorite features is the face tracking on this technology and to trigger that youll hold up. Five fingers like this itll find your face. Draw a box around it and start tracking you so notice how its moving when i move and its actually still recording me so its doing a really good job of keeping me in frame. And even if i go down a little bit its going to track me down and its kind of going to track me back up again its creepy in a lot of ways, but its so smart that i can see my face. Keep my face in frame even against all of this sort of complicated background behind me in the setting sun. This is not the greatest lighting conditions, but it can still see me and keep me in the center of the frame. Now, if i want to stop face tracking, i hold five fingers up again: itll stop the face tracking and if i want to stop recording ill hold up, the l again itll actually stop the recording.

So you can control a lot of the internal functions of what the s1 is doing simply by waving your hands in front of the camera, and it just makes it so much easier when youre out in the field recording now stay tuned and ill do a little Bit of walking around and show you how good the stability is on the product all right lets take a walk down to the dock. Now ive got some pretty rough ground here, so the stabilized gimbal should take care of all the bumps and moving around when im jockeying to get down to this dock. But this lake is hands down. One of my favorite places to fly just incredibly peaceful and its a gorgeous afternoon. Theres white puffy clouds up there beautiful calm lake, so im gon na pan left – and this is this – is nature at its best right here and im out of a rough day. Im coming down here, im going to relax and just enjoy this beautiful scenery. I hope you found that closer look and those demonstrations helpful. Now, here are a few things to keep in mind when youre, comparing the powervision s1 handheld stabilized gimbal against others, you may be considering, and these are things that really make this product special number one. The engineering is brilliant on this, as i showed you before its a tiny little package that easily slips into your pocket most of the gimbals on the market, even the ones that fold up are kind of big and clunky, and really hard to slide into a bag.

This one, it looks just like a power bank, its got nice smooth edges around the outside of it, so it slides into a pocket or your backpack without any issues whatsoever. The other thing thats really nice about it – is its a combination, handheld stabilized gimbal and a power bank. So you can use it to charge your phone, your earbuds, anything that charges over a standard, wireless qi connection or if you dont, have something that charges wirelessly. You can connect the usb c cable up to it, connect it up to your device and charge it when youre out in the field. The 4120 milliampere hour battery thats internal in this unit provides more than enough power to operate the unit for about 15 hours. On a full charge and you can recharge the unit about two hours couple, other things that are pretty cool. I like the magnetic attachment ecosystem theyve developed because it allows me once i clamp this on my phone. I can actually use the gimbal when i need to when im not using the gimbal. I can use things like this to clamp it on my desk. I can use some of the discs to clamp it to a wall. I can even use it in my car with the included attachment here for my my vent system, so what theyve done is actually built out an entire ecosystem of magnetic accessories that allow you to sort of expand the use case for the attachment, and if you use The case the phone case, its even easier because the phone case has the stand built in where you can actually stand your phone up in both landscape and portrait mode.

It just gives you a really nice way to use your phone and then the final thing is the application thats included with this gives you a tremendous amount of advanced features for editing. So when you shoot video on your phone, you can bring that video into the editing software and all kinds of special effects to it. You can add all kinds of titles to it and create just a perfect video in a few minutes that you can easily post to your favorite social media sites. So i hope you found this review helpful. I really like reviewing products like this, and i think that what power vision has done with really their first attempt at a portable handheld, stabilized gimbal is built a product thats different than everything else on the market in a lot of ways, its brilliant compared to a Lot of the handheld stabilized gimbals out there, but in addition to that, the engineering and thought that went into this product really puts it in a class unto itself when you compare it to other gimbals in the market, and i think youll see a lot of other Companies try to follow this pattern with gimbals that theyre going to develop in the future, so thats pretty much all i had for today. Thank you very much for watching.