This is gon na, be the maiden flight test of the power AG X and I'll. Put it together right here on the field here actually goes this way and we're just gon na fly. This thing around I'm gon na just kind of real time setup on how fast it takes to set the power a get X up, put everything together, get up and running and just see how it performs it's supposed to have the smart functions and we're gon na See how that 4k camera does we're gon na see the flight time and all that stuff. So anyway, let me set this up and we'll get started with the power egg X let's. Do it Music? Okay guys, so I forgot my launch pad today. So I'm, just gon na kinda, if we're gon na test the return to home accuracy I'm, just going to kind of see how close I'm let's try a launch from this little brown spot here in the grass before we get started, I have to say that I Seem to have possibly got a defective version. You can see there's some melting here on the bottom now this is a known issue with an older firmware. This has since been updated, but what this is all about was basically when I did my unboxing, if you guys haven't seen that I'll have the link up here pop up and in the description down below. If you've seen my unboxing, I basically did the unboxing the battery went down to maybe 60 70.

I left the battery in the drone as it kind of came in the box, because I didn't think there would be a problem, but apparently me leaving the battery in the drone. Even though I had it powered off just like this, and then put it all away until I was gon na, do my flight test that seemed to melt this portion here, it seemed to be like discharging while it was connected to the drone – and I also kind Of distorted the battery a little bit, the battery seems to be fine, I've actually flown with it just to test it, and everything seems to be fine, but you can see there's a little bit of plastic melting here. Some plastic also melted over here and just the bottom got a little bit warped, but I did test it at my house and it seemed to fly fine, so I'm, just gon na go ahead and do this I did tell a power vision that this happened. Send them some pictures and they said they're gon na – send me a new one, but since it flies okay, I'm, just gon na go ahead and do the flight test because it's taking them a while to send a new one anyway. Just wanted to get that out of the way before we get started. Okay, so setting this thing up, I have a high speed card now. This thing does 60 frames per second in 4k. It didn't seem to work very well, not sure if it's, because this is a defective kind of version, but it seemed to kind of stutter, but I will have that up in the video on occasion.

So anyway, starting with the set up, we want to get the legs all set up. So I kind of did this in the unboxing, but we'll just do it here when you're ready to fly just to see how long it takes so sliding in the correct arms. These can only go in one way, just like that, and since we're gon na do just the flying first that's all we need to do battery to arms. Put the top on just like that. Extend the arms out, get the legs. Click down like this. Take off the gimbal guard here, you just pull it and dislodge it like that, and basically this thing is ready to go. All we need to do is set up our controller, but you can't see that's kind of worrisome. There it's pretty warped out I'm glad. I didn't like blow up in my house, but hopefully they can take care of that, so I just need to grab the controller and the corresponding cable I'm gon na use from the pack, which is my USB c type. Cable and let's get started with this. So, of course, opening the antennas up making sure we can plug in our USB right here, because this is going to connect to your phone, and this is what's. Gon na hold our phone this little guy here, just pops up, whoo, okay, that just came off yikes. I was kind of scary, so be careful on this clamp.

It seems to not be too hard either. Okay, so I got my Android. This is the one 60 phone and all I need to do is put it in the mount. So you just want to make sure you be careful of your power and volume buttons and just slide that, and I did take the case off it's, not a very good clamp for any kind of case. So make sure you take your case off and it will go in there. Just fine, now, we're ready to go, all we need to do is make sure our antennas are up, and this is kind of cool. You can see how you can extend this pretty far up, and then we can move this over so it's out of the way of the antennas. So first thing we'll do with this one. It seems like you want to start up the drone. So, of course, get the gimbal kind of clear that should be good right about there. I wish I brought my landing pad then we're, just pressing one press press and hold the lights are gon na go up and let's. Just look at this gimbal real quick. You can see it doing, its self checks goes up and down there's like a yaw, and we get a couple of beeps now with this one. It seems better now to turn on your controller after the fact so we'll turn that on just by pressing power, we hear a beep and what we're waiting for right now guys is we're waiting for the controller is gon na vibrate and these lights are gon na.

Stop blinking there's green lights kind of flashing, so once it vibrates it's bound to the drone and then we can plug in their phone so wait for that. Just takes maybe about 20 30 seconds there. We go just felt a little vibration in the controller since I've. Actually already connected this – and I have this set up I'm going to just plug in right here and it should auto launch the app so plugging into the bottom. You can see how I did go right inside of the antenna that's, so the wires not on the outside of the antenna to mess with the signal with drones in general, the flat part of the antennas here, that's what you want facing the drone. So I want to make sure those are up. You know if we go right over our heads it's, a good idea to pull these down like this, so the flat parts up facing the drones, so we're gon na start off with just this straight up, and basically this is the screen. I got right when I plugged in the USB cable, so we're ready to go guys. If you have an update, it should say in this screen. If you do, I should have the latest update now and that's what power vision said that fix that um overheating issue. It was just like, for some reason, just discharging the battery really weird, but there we go, we have our mean deviceless flight screen tells us everything we need to know here.

I should have this pretty much set up, how I want it, and there is our video now this on Android is kind of weird remember in my unboxing. You could tap on the Google map here and it would give you the map. Now it doesn't do that anymore with the latest update I'm. Not sure why I think the iPhone is a little different might be working a little better, but you can at least hit your compass, see that and your compass works there. If you wanted to use that, but just tapping on this like nothing happens anymore, so maybe something they can work on. We got 14 and 15 satellites, let's just start recording here and get this bird in the air. So all I should have to do here is press launch this up arrow on the left, I'm pressing. Of course, I'll have my rear screen screen recorded, and this is how we want to take off it's going to take off to 1.5 meters, and you just drag this to the right. You see how there's the X, in the check mark so I'm, just dragging watch how fast this thing launches. As soon as you hit it watch my hat cam boom, it doesn't even make sure the propellers are moving it just as soon as it spins them up. It just launches – and here we go so we have a height of about 5 feet, that's, what it launches to and it's just gon na hover there.

So right now I do have the sensors off the forward sensors. It seems with this one: is: you have to turn them on and you they're always gon na be kind of detecting what's in the front and it's also gon na be beeping on your screen. So I have them off for now. Let'S just check out how this thing's kind of hovering there we go. Hey guys, hope you guys are all being safe on this uncertain times and anyway that's what the video looks like. I really hope all you guys are just staying safe and stuff, but anyway from Hawaii that's, the message I have for you. I should be inside right now, but I'm, the only one here and there's nobody around. Anyway. You can hear the sound it's, really not it's. Only about as loud as maybe a Mavic Pro, not very loud at all, you can see how the motors are tilted in so it's, giving it a really stable, like the rear ones, are kind of tilted out and in and and the front ones are kind of Tilted out and backwards so it's, giving it a very good, stable, hover, no problems there, they get a little closer. You guys can kind of hear the sound of it. Oh, this leg seems like it's a little bit wasn't even pushed out all the way, my bad on that one. I think that was just me setting it up. Okay, anyway, let's see what this thing can do so I'm gon na do a full yah turn to the left.

Now, if you look at my controller here, this is in end mode, so we have normal pros to the left and E is kind of like a easy mode to the right, so we're gon na just be in normal for a second that's, our full yaw speed. There, meanwhile, really looking at the video full throttle forward, let's see if it drops at all and letting off keeping a good eye on the video let's turn and come back to us full throttle forward once it reaches that maximum speed, let's see what that speed was It'S, keeping its height very, very good 31 feet per second I'm, not even sure how many miles per hour that is there's no mile per hour up. There I'm only seeing feet per second on the screen. Anyway, we can do the math math after, but you see how it's pitched and then it just levels off, because that's as fast as you can go seems to be flying really good. Let'S do some turns and let's just come in hot and then do a full on stop all right. It didn't really adjust its altitude at all. It just kept it solid just about five feet from the ground, so that's great let's do a punch up real quick. So, just from sitting here kind of cloudy right now so there's not much to look at, but just from sitting here to a full punch up. Three two one go there.

He goes boy it's, a pretty quiet, drone let's see our vertical speed is 16 and a half feet per second, let off check out the video up there, real quick I'm gon na pan to the right, just a slow manual kind of pan here nice and easy Let'S get a little bit faster, let's get a shot of the ocean over. There see how the auto exposure does with the Sun over there go ahead and rotate. This down see how that works. Ok, so I'm, just kind of rotating down kind of slow and there it is that's how it's stealin, with the green grass and let's do a slow rotation with the gimbal left. Right, I mean sorry left a trigger roller I'm, just pushing it back and forth to get this gimbal to move. If you guys were wondering and that's back pointing at the West Maui mountains and the ocean out there, cool let's bring it on down real, quick, actually let's. Take some pictures up here: I'm gon na stop recording switch to camera mode just by pressing on the right here that camera in video let's take a shot. You can also do that from these two controls right here on the controller right. So if I go ahead and just press the camera boom is taking photos so let's take a few photos. There'S one there boom picture, stick one over the mountain side. Boom picture. There'S some Sun over in that area see how that green comes out with the clouds.

In the picture, okay cool one more picture of strictly the West Maui mountains, alright, so those are some photos. Actually, let me do one more I'm gon na pull the camera. All the way down do one of just the grass in my area and then I'll do kind of one at a 45 degree angle. So you guys can see how those look with the light, because once I pick it up, it gets a little more dim. Let'S go back to video and keep recording in the 4k 30. All right, we're gon na go point. This sucker down let's do maybe, like a 45 degree, shot and we're gon na pull down hard on the left thumbstick for the altitude vertical speed. All the numbers are great. It looks like we're getting about 10 feet per second again, keeping a look at the video and how stable it is. I'M, just bringing the gimbal up again a little bit spring it up to horizontal there. It is so it seemed took like slow down right about 15 feet. You see that I'm holding down still and it saw the ground and it's slowing way down, see my thumb on the controller. So it's not letting me go down so it's gon na, be something like the Mavic and the DJI series, where you just hold that and it'll land, but just quick, presses it's, not landing let's see if we can cancel that out. If we do try to land holding down going into landing note, I want to push back up great that's great.

It was going into automatic landing and I was able to cancel it awesome. Okay, guys, let's go into sport mode. I have two batteries, so if this takes a while no problem, we've got a bunch of batteries. Let'S go into P, which is pro mode now let's see how fast this thing flies. Now it seems like the Yas about the same let's, see how fast it can go. I'M gon na go up a little bit since we are kind of in pro mode and I'm just gon na go straight out into the open area there so full pitch forward. Now, videos up recording guys, okay we're, going about 35 feet per second remember it wasn't it like about 25 to 30 and regular mode I'm. Just gon na pull straight back and have the gimbal down let's see how we do woah 47 I'm, going with the wind. Now, that's going pretty fast, letting off yeah that took about 30 feet to stop going that fast, full throttle down. Looking at the gimbal remember seeing how that can handle this okay let's. Do a quick, flyby, hmm I'm full stick forward as I'm kind of rotating letting off right now, okay, that's got ta be about 20 feet, took the stop run, not fast all right. Okay, basic flight functions here, let's quickly switch to actually let's go ahead and punch. It up in this mode punch up see how fast it gets going, maybe a little faster.

This is sixteen and a half feet per second and coming down at 10 feet per second. This is kind of a sport mode. All right, let's see how, if we just let off how good it is, remember 15 feet it kind of slows down, yeah, letting off and it's just fantastic, a lot of good little sub modes. Therefore slowing down. Okay, guys, we have 63 power flight time, 16 minutes. No that's the flight time we have left yeah, see on the bottom right there of the telemetry doesn't say how how long I've been flying, but it does say how much I have left about 16 minutes. That'S, awesome: okay, let's! Do this emote so I'm pressing till they're all the way to the right on the controller? It should be the easy mode and let's see how the yaw is seems about the same. So yah is not gon na really slow down in this mode. A little bit of wander there when I did that pushing full throttle forward. Okay, this is kind of like the tripod mode, the very beginning. Maybe you want to be in this. Look at this we're only going three feet per second that's full stick forward. There seems like the yaw could be a little slower, but you remember you can tune all that on this one, because you can adjust all the gains and rates on this in the menu which is cool, so the roll pretty much the same three feet per.

Second, that's, like the easy mode right, let's punch it up in easy mode, full punch now that same vertical speed as the other modes yeah. They should have slowed that down. I think and it's about 10, coming down two feet per second, all right. So at least you get a lateral motion very slow, but the yaw and the up and down are the same speeds. Okay, we're gon na go back into normal mode. We kind of tested all that let's quickly turn on these sensors I'm going to back up from it a bit. I know the sun's not really out, but in order for the sensors to work, you have to turn them on in settings here right here, I'm, going into the settings going into the sensor, and when you do this, everything gets really loud when it's, detecting stuff and It'S pretty it does it from pretty far away so away from me. What am I about thirty feet? So let's try to go slowly forward and you're gon na hear some beep in when it detects me. Let'S just fly right here into me. Here we go okay, so see up on the screen. It says: I'm, two meters away I'm gon na push forward I'm, pushing forward all the way on my stick: full stick and it's just sitting there so very similar to something like the DJI drones right let's. Try that a little riskier full stick forward and see what it does so see, you're flying like crazy – and you know you have your front sensors on whoa – that would've hit me for sure.

So I don't know. Maybe you want to let's try that again make sure it's right at me there that time it worked whoa nope that wouldn't work. So you see how it's, using those front cameras right there on the to front and when it points down to the ground it thinks the ground is what it needs to avoid and then it flips up. So there is some problem at low altitude right. So I wouldn't really trust those maybe going in emo let's. Try it in really slow mode watch this so so you're trying to get some man that's just super slow, though I don't even know why you'd need those anyway let's try this again let's give it the benefit of the doubt. We'Ll come around, so you have a little more light on us and I'm gon na go full stick forward in this mode, see how it's doing that weird hopping thing for a while there we go so as long as you're going slow, it's it's, not gon na Hit you because, apparently the pitch is really affecting that ability let's try this one more time. Maybe if it slows down it, reaches its maximum speed and remember it will detect me so full stick forward. You see how it's doing this weird floppy pitch thing: yeah that's, not gon na that's, not gon na detect you okay enough with that, risking it so that's. Basically, what the thing is on the sensors for the front obstacle avoidance let's turn this off and man.

We still have ten minutes of flight time, so this is a long flyer, guys that's great let's, do some of these advanced functions so we'll get kind of into the best visible light of us. We'Ll go up a bit, so we want to go into this middle button on the left, ai, our normal mode right. So if I press that on just in normal flight mode, if I go and follow me, let's see how this does how to use trace mode. The aircraft tracks the subject at a constant distance. Okay, we can do trace, we can do parallel and we can do spotlight. So it seems like trace will just just keep up with it wherever it's going so we'll try a trace first cool all right, so it already sees me and knows I'm a person play let's see if we just press, please select: okay, so I'm gon na click On myself, all right so kind of like DGI, I know I compare it all the time, but it is very similar. The way they're adapting and we can adjust our radius let's try to pull out a little bit. Oh cool, so it's suggesting the camera. As I do this, a little will come in we'll go out and let's press play now, let's see what it does. I didn't touch anything and let's see how it can track see if it'll come closer and stuff. So remember this is trace mode. Yeah it's following me, so this is just a pure follow mode: it's, not locked into any direction.

You'Re just gon na move and follow you that's great let's, do a little bit of running here. Finally, getting some exercise after being cooped up so long, alright! So the sensor is great: let's go around where I get a little bit dark right. Actually, let's go forward, see how good it is good, it's, keeping me and it's backing up good. Keep them mean of you. Stopping all right, let's run away from it. Yeah it's still following now, let's go into the Sun. I'Ll see how this is I'm, only going a few miles per hour, but okay, so better than a lot of them. I'Ve seen and keep in mind guys the horizon that's, just because I'm on the side of a mountain, that's, great doing good, even in a little bit of shadow let's, run really fast, underneath it well. It was really China back away. Your leg tried to back away and go to the right, which worked still got me in view. That'S awesome let's. Try it press this button here, this kind of rotation button what's it gon na do. Is it gon na? Follow me: okay, that's kind of like just a tripod right like a trace where it's not gon na, follow it's going to sit there and it's just gon na track you it seems to be doing great let's see if you go under how it does. This is hard for a lot of them. Wow it's, spun around and it's still tracking me a little bit of problem, but it's, not bad cool.

All right, that's, neat let's, try this up and down arrow, see if that's doing anything, okay, it's following me again: cool okay, it's following me like a tangles, so you see what that's doing that's kind of like a sideways trace. So it's not gon na turn its head it's gon na just lock its yaw and then just chase me from this angle. So doing really well I'm, really surprised at this one. That'S awesome, okay, I think that's safe to say that this thing is pretty good. At least for as fast as I can kind of run, which isn't fast alright, so I like how you can do all the different options there on the bottom and guys that was let's, see oh okay, pressing on the bottom and you can you can make that Menu go away and you can bring it back, which is cool, that's neat. What if I just press AI again, okay, that cancels it or so I can do that or I can just press X or pause. I want to press X, I love how it's still recording it's not doing these little mini clips all the time. I just still record so that's great go back into AI, so we did follow me remember and it seemed like it did all these parallel spotlight see that so now the blue on the parallel is lit up on the two arrows, so that's. What I already did you can switch quickly through them, so let's cancel out of that back into AI let's.

Do a point of interest now battery is low, okay we're at 70. Maybe you know what we'll do is we'll change the battery before we do this one. So how about we do this? How about we do a return to home, I'll pop in another battery guys and then we'll do more so let's go over here, aways still recording, which is great. So if we like remember in some of those other drones, if you forget to record when you do one of those little quick shots, they won't keep recording. So there we go we'll go over here and let's go ahead and do a return to home. So there's two ways I can do it. I can press return to home on the screen right there. You see the H or I can press it on the controller. Oh, but check this out. It knows that it's far away and it's gon na return the home, because so it does have that smart battery level. So I just let it go ahead and do what it thought it needed to do so let's see how close it gets. Let'S see how close it gets to that little spot, so it's gon na come on back still recording and I think it was right. I think I launched from this spot right here so let's see how it does all right so it's. Turning to face the exact position it launched at let's, see if I turn it right or left nope can't do that, while it's landing all right, let's see where it lands coming down again, keeping track of the video shoot few feet off and there goes its landing And it's shutting off its propeller it's great well more.

Could you ask for, except for maybe a little more accuracy, that's let's see one two three four five that's about six feet away from I launched where I launched what I did just to give it the benefit of the doubt. I did actually press the sticks just to see if I could turn a little bit so we'll. Maybe we'll try that again but looks like you're gon na get within maybe six feet with this one. I did do a compass cow, maybe I'll do another one real quick. I did one in my yard, so we'll do another. One and let's check our battery power, two guys right so we'll check battery in our menu and look at that we're at 8 and we're still at three point: six: five volts. So no problem with this one you're definitely going to be able to it – has a lot of buffer of voltage. So we'll go into the mean settings here and we'll go into sensor. Calibration we're gon na go to compass, so we're gon na hit compass Cal start. Okay and it's telling us to rotate it just like this to the left just looking at the screen, as I do this trying to stay away from it a bit now, it says to face it down. Okay, so it sends me facing it down and now I'm spinning it to the left. Just nice and slow rotation that's it that was it for the compass scale.

That'S, awesome, okay, well, we'll! Try that again on that return to home, so let's turn this thing off. Switch batteries and continue on okay guys, so we are back up and running, got the new battery in there and by the way that first battery was the one that was sort of melted right. The casing go to 60 here, just adjusting the settings and there we go and let's record so I'll have that up on the screen and let's launch this time, let's see if we can launch any other way, let's see. If I there we go so you can start the propellers by pressing down and in let's see if they switch off after a little bitter if they just stay on. So if you don't like that switch auto launch, you can do this and then, of course you can launch the take off okay, they did stop spinning after about 10 to 15 seconds, so that's great just for return to home accuracy, purposes, I'm gon na go ahead And do an auto launch and slide it see how fast that launches, that's pretty funny. Okay, remember right there! So when we do our return to home okay, so this is the 60 frames per second I'm just gon na kind of everything is recording and I just want to fly around just a little bit, so you guys can kind of see hopefully what I'm talking about. Maybe it was just a one time thing I don't know: we'll go down to the ground.

We'Ll do a punch up. I just noticed a really bad jitter when I played back that's 60 FPS video one time, so you guys be the judge of that. How that all looks okay, we'll just come down full speed down here in normal mode, and then we'll switch back to 30 frames per second just get the camera back up: okay, it's, pretty stable, just a little bit of shaked on it's, fast descent; okay, so that Was the 60 frames per second let's see if we just do a slow pan, but it was really bad when I was looking at it just like stuttering and stopping on occasion, okay, good enough for me, let's stop that and go back really quickly. Oops and our video settings, video let's, go click on 4k let's go back to 30, okay, start recording again. Alright, there we go so let's continue on where we kind of left off right guys. So we'll go back a little bit here. Remember we did most of the things we were supposed to be doing as far as the smart modes, and we want to do that point of interest. Remember: okay, they're coming flies around the static point of interest selected by you. You can operate the camera during the flight. Great use, dots to confirm you set the interest point after the aircraft has took off with flight radius more than five meters. All right. We should be good. That should be more than five meters set interest point just in case I'm gon na get myself centered set interest point.

Let me just click and hold right there. Okay, so a little blue dot came up and let's hit play, see what happens, steer the aircraft to fly away okay, so you could do your own little selfie. Things like that I'll fly up and out a bit see if it can do that. It doesn't seem to really be keeping track of that point of interest. Oh there we go. I just pressed play, maybe it just for some reason: it didn't start. Okay, so it's up there circling around where it thinks I am. Let me come back, so not super clear let's. Just try that again, AI point of interest. Okay, click on picture set the interest point after the aircraft has took off with a flight radius more than five meters; okay, so that should be more than five meters. So is it setting its interest point where it is now, so it looks like you can't do yourself, so maybe we want to do let's just try that case right there. I know it's kind of lame, but that might actually be too close to the takeoff point. Well, let's just try it so we'll get that right under the drone right there. So I'm gon na set that as my interest point okay see if that works. Now I'm gon na fly away and now I'm gon na press play and let's see if it orbits that I probably have a completely wrong but let's just try it yeah, so I think that's how you need to do it if you fly over something set, your Interest point, and there you go still not really keeping it in center, so it might be better to just like track something you know and like rotate around it let's see if we can go up and back and if it'll still do its point of interest.

Okay, flying very high and far back okay, so I mean maybe not great for like close up items and we can still okay yeah. We can still adjust our gimbal okay, but at least it's still rotating. I don't see any way to increase the speed, though there we go check that out. I just clicked on speed. That'S, intuitive and let's get it kind of up there wow. That thing is hauling: okay, alright, so you can do that just a little bit of finagling. Just to make sure you know how to use it, which apparently I'm having some trouble with pause. It just pauses. If you need to talk to somebody or get something play again, and it continues on man. That thing is going okay, good enough for me and then remember you can control your camera. However, you want so you don't have to just have it. You know, fall centered on that thing. You can do this kind of stuff and then say we want to slow down our speed down to three well that's, pretty washed out in the Sun there. There we go so you can do these kind of automatic circular panoramic shots like that, and you have a pretty good custom of customization altitude. Look at that. I can press on altitude too, and I can bring it up: that's great and it's just going higher or lower radius. You can also do that. That'S awesome it's at 24, okay, so that's, the kind of setup they're doing let's try to bring the radius in a little closer.

Only ten eleven yeah – I came in tight right above be so great it's working good I'm going to pause it right here and I'm. Gon na pit X and let's bring it on down let's see what else we can do still got 62 left remember I want to do another return to home, so I want to save some battery for that so hitting the AI again whoo the power and my Cameras just about to die so I'm gon na quickly land, it and change. My hat cam. Okay, get out of this quickly do a return to home change. My hat cam battery, okay, guys and then let's hope. My hat cam just died. So what I'll have up right now is I'll. Just have the drone video up while I'm talking well. It looks like they're doing some work here at the hula park and you're gon na see from the camera of the drone, how close it lands to that landing. Point: okay: this is with the camera all the way down. It did go up pretty high a hundred and sixty feet. I had it set up, you can dust, you can set all that for some reason. I just set it that high in the settings, so you can hear when it's in rtl return the landing it's making that beeping on the controller boy this time it's pretty far off. I wonder if doing those circle around point, it's kind of messed it up because now it's on the other side of that box, I'm, just gon na pick it up here and be recording the drone video I'm gon na walk over to that spot.

There we go so see from there's the case and then there's, where I launched from that's about eight feet. Really, let me replace my hat cam and let's. Do the rest of the AI functions? Mable, do one more return to home and we'll let's wrap it up with the pros and cons, okay, guys back in action. I got a new hat cam and sorry about that, thanks for bearing with me on that, but remember the same battery power on the second battery of the power ax and just booting. This thing up again yeah, so the maps definitely an issue there with Android. At least I don't know what's up with that, so I'm gon na launch from the same spot the accuracy seems to be pretty hit and miss with this one, maybe it's, possibly because I don't have one of those landing pads designated, maybe it's using the sensors on The bottom to look for that, but this is how its acting, if you don't have one of those so we'll go ahead and we'll start recording again and we'll just take right off again, because we don't want to waste any time wow. This is so startling. So really not a slow takeoff like other drones, it just goes right up. Okay, so let me get this out of the way so it's not super loud in the mic, get on back here and let's. Do some of these um finish up these AI functions right? So this does have a quick shots mode.

Look at that. So we tried the point of interest and you know I'm gon na have to kind of figure it out a little more. I didn't I wasn't really too adept in that, but it does seem to work. You just have to know where it's taking that point from anyway, let's move one of the quick shots. We got this thing up in the air recording unable to switch okay, so we need to stop recording. So this would be maybe more like the Mavic mini quick shot mode. So I stopped my recording hitting AI now I'm gon na click on quick shots. There we go so we got all this stuff, droney circle, helix rocket and oval wow. That sounds the same as some other stuff doesn't it. Alright let's try the drone II first for another power, make it so I'm in the best light. Sorry about the overcast, but let's just try, droney gradually flies backwards and the sins okay, great so interesting kind of tracking vehicles and people kind of like what sky do. Does remember sky do I'm, just gon na press on myself there and you can choose your distance. So here we go alright great. I can choose the distance 20. Okay, you can go all the way to 40 let's, go to 40 meters and check it out. You can choose all these modes from right here on the bottom left see all those you don't have to go out.

Cool let's do a journey. First ready set, go pressing play. Oh, it has to be higher let's. Try that play see that I had to go up a bit has to be 3 meters, alright, so there's, our drone e, hey, y'all let's, pretend we're on vacation. Don'T want to be going on vacation right now, of course, because of the virus. Right go good 19, but you can do easy. Drone ease awesome if you're a really amateur flyer – okay, so it it stopped it and it the camera, went off and everything and let's see what it does. It'S coming back. I'M, not touching anything. I just want to see what it does, so it seems like it's, coming back at the height I don't see if it comes down yeah, so it doesn't do that gradual. Like 45 degree it doesn't come back the same as it went out. It goes forward, and then it comes down anyway, that's what you can expect with that one so that's, our drone II and let's go into a circle step back a little. You could pick right here, clockwise or counter clockwise looks like that's all you can do so. You'Re gon na want to adjust your height and your maybe your your distance. First click on myself, let's. Try it let's just press play. I don't see anything else. You can do except clockwise and counter clockwise pressing play. Hopefully, this is going to start recording as it's doing this.

Okay, well there's a great point of interest. So if you wanted to do like a selfie quick shot, we might want to even try on something else right, because what? If you wanted to use this as your point of interest, but it looks like it's just gon na do one revolution yeah, it did keep me perfectly in the center it's starting to slow down that's great, a quick, little point of interest. There super easy let's see if we can do something else and we turn it over to that box on the ground. Oh see, it's just trying to locate cars and people let's see. If I wanted to maybe try that box yeah let's try it so use this. For a point of interest, if you want guys look at that, I can still see the box great I'm gon na start this one more time, counting down three two one: okay that's awesome, so you can definitely use this as a one revolution. Point of interest really good to know, remember that's what the Mavic mini kind of has trouble on it wants to do people and objects. I don't remember me trying it on. I mean it wants to do people in cars. I don't remember me trying on different objects with that. Maybe you can do it. I just haven't used it for a while and there we go so fantastic little options here looks like that tracking Center on the sensor on this.

One is really good pressing on there again let's do a helix, so this is the one where you'll come in I'll just be a subject again. Remember you want to be up three meters click on myself there and hopefully it's gon na go out, oh cool. Well, it won't, let me go farther down than it knows what it can do: I'm pressing down on the thumb, stick and it won't. Let me go further down that's as great that's, great so we're, just gon na press play on helix and let's see what it does yeah. This should go up and out in a circle. Sorry it's only me in the grass right now, but so this is great. I mean you can do these little quick shots and it seems like they're, very working, very well it's, going up a little higher, but not very far out, okay with their helix look at that it didn't seem to go out enough just up in a circle, so Let'S, try that this way let's go back and I want to do a farther away. Helix right click on let's. Try that one more time you got to hurry up. We got 29 power left okay, again keeping an eye on the video we'll. Have all these videos up while it's doing this I'll have my screen recorded? Remember so you can see just how well it's doing it's videotaping on the drone and also everything else yeah. So it seems like you want to just mount.

One seems like it's going farther away that time, yeah that did seem like it's going farther away, but look at that a fantastic helix point of interest doing very well that one went really high. Still I it's that's amazing. You see a little box around me. It'S still able to track me, so they've got a really good image sensor and computer on board this one. As far as for tracking remember this one can also be used as a handheld camera right we're not getting into that in this review. This is just a meet and flight test. Wow leave that it's looking at buildings and it's kind of seeing it's kind of giving you options. I saw flashing up on the screen um briefly there. Anyway. We need to really hurry up because we're through the second battery. Sorry about this extremely long review, guys but that's how my reviews are just to go into everything possible: okay, so that's what the this one does is. It goes up over where it left off and then it comes straight down. Doesn'T have that smooth come back oval let's try an oval! I want to come closer because I don't know we'll. Try that play for this battery dies. Okay, so kind of like a helix, whoa. Okay. This is like a helix but it's doing more of an oval going out and then it's. Coming close, I think that what's called the boomerang on the DJI right.

They had the boomerang now that was really cool air cough return to start point, let's see if we can even go closer won't. Let me go any lower, but let's just try that again, that's a really cool that's like boomerang. I really like that one, a little bit of breeze now throughout this whole review guys. The breeze has only been about five mile per hour. That way, but did you see that that was really neat neat little boomerang type of thing, what they call it an oval? Last one rocket the batteries get low. So when you do these it won't, let me go any lower right, guys so I'm, just gon na get right here. I kind of like to lay on the ground for these just get right under it. This might seem kind of funny, but let's just do it. Click on myself press play whoo, adios amigos so they're laying on the beach, and you wanted to get some cool rocket shot straight up. Of course, you could always just do it by yourself, but that is the rocket well we're at 14 and it's still flying like normal and letting me do all these functions, which is actually really awesome. I want to try one more rocket, but I want to try the rocket when I'm going over here. Let'S see if it comes towards me. Okay, quick press on me and press play let's see if it comes over me or if it will stay over.

There went up yeah, so you're gon na want to come more over. The object might be coming over me a little bit, but you can tune in the shot. You want. That'S awesome I'm gon na get up now kind of funny how the camera just goes back to level and then comes down boy we're, just having a warning on the left. Well, that was all of our quick shots. The only other thing we have guys was that time lapse I'm gon na stop X. Out of this go back into AI. Remember it has that time lapse there. It won't! Let me even let me go into it. So we'll do the time lapse at another. Another date let's try it one more. We turn to home, see if I just fly out here, is it gon na land in the trees? Okay, see it sensed. I was going too far for how much battery it has left and look at that on the screen. It'S gon na do an auto return so great feature, just like other smart drones and let's see again how close it lands to the arlash spot, which was right here. This little little brown patch, okay, I'm gon na start recording again on the video. So you can see something: oh it's gon na land over there guys at 6 let's see if we can still fly it yep it didn't quite make it back. So it does kind of a forced landing, but you can still control it.

Let'S see if I can push up, I can push up, but look I can't turn the head: Wow: five percent: okay, that's a little scary, like you can't turn the head back and forth I'm gon na try to press X out of that yeah it's. Only allowing me to go forward back and roll left and right and go up very slowly. That'S full throttle up. Okay, now it's just gon na come down. This is full throttle up and it's just coming down. Boom 2 percent left Wow well that's a good indication of what it can do really quick. I want to look at this battery and see what our voltage is. We'Re still at 3 point almost 3 point: 6 volts great. Well, we didn't damage the battery that's awesome, because if you go under 3 volts per cell, then you might damage it but we're over 3 volt volts per cell. So this has a really good protection on it. Ok and don't forget guys that we'll have off both of those flights. I think the first one was down to 7, this one's down to 2. I will have had the timing on both of those flights up so anyway. Let me turn this off. Let'S. Do a quick pros and cons, alright, quick little pros and cons. Now that was pretty awesome, just the maiden flight test. Again it did have that little melting issue which they seem to fix in the firmware update.

I just did, but they will be sending me another one, hopefully I'm supposed to send this one back when that other new one comes in and we'll just test that one again we're gon na do range testing remember, and we also need to do the handheld and Tripod testing, because this thing can track your face when it's in, like it's, tripod mode and handheld mode, so pretty cool but as far as the drone goes by the way, guys 55 power on the controller after those two flights, didn't do any distance testing. But I got ta say it's, a very good handling, drone pros and cons a little bit disappointed in the what in the 60k frames per second, but again, maybe it overheated something in the chip and that's. Why that's not working we'll test that in the new one? We get so hopefully that 30 frames per second was good. I'Ll have had that up. I did a few pictures up there. Unfortunately, it was kind of overcast, but I'll have had the pictures up and as far as the flight modes, the normal Pro and the easy pretty good I mean I went faster in the Pro Mode. Normal mode was fine, just like GPS mode and then the easy mode kind of like tripod mode. You can still turn fast and go up and down fast, and that seems to be the same in every mode except it's, just the lateral, lateral movement that either gets faster or slower in all those modes.

As far as what I could see, the gimbal stabilization was very good. I didn't really see any horizon shifting. Remember I am on the side of a mountain here. So when I get up out of the park, you're gon na see the slope of the mountain going down at a pretty gnarly angle, like 20 degrees or so so that's. Why you might see that slanted horizon, but as far as what I could see the horizon, if you look at the kind of the clouds and the ocean, it looked pretty straight to me, so that was good and the overall stability was good. When I was watching the video, when I recorded a little bit at home just to test it before, because I had that melting problem, it seemed like part of the video was kind of blurry. So I don't know if you guys will be able to see that. But really carefully look at that 4k and just look at the complete picture and it looked like blotches of the video to me on my monitor we're a little bit blurry. So take a special note on that and just see comment if you do see some blurriness in the picture on that 4k and tell me what you think about this thing, but I got ta say it's so far I mean they've had a couple of drones. Out now this is, I think, they're third generation of drone and it's pretty cool.

I mean it is we're gon na also test the waterproof case right. I got the wizzard waterproof version, so it has floaties in a waterproof case, we're going to test that in the ocean here in Hawaii, and it also has the quick detach ndale to make it just a regular handheld camera right. So if you just really quickly do this boom boom right, so it comes with a little tripod thing, so you can mount it on a tripod and do like some face tracking and stuff. Then it also has that handheld thing here. So you put these kinds of things in and you close it up and you can just honestly use it as like a handheld camera, so we're also going to test that in some of other other videos. So far, the return to home accuracy wasn't as good as I wanted it to be, but we'll see in that new one. They send me and also have a landing pad we'll see if it gets any better, but it seemed like it was between 6 and 8 feet of where it took off from so not the best. So anyway, I hope you guys liked that. Tell me what you think in the description down below and I will see you in the next video don't forget all the stuff I have in my videos and my gear. The drones and my gear are in the links and description down below.