So um were gon na hop into it, so here it is uh. It looks like it comes in somewhat of a decent case: um some nice foam that it comes with um. So originally i was supposed to get sent the wizard version, which was the waterproofing testing and all that stuff which basically let you fly it in the rain, but the that didnt come with this kit. Uh and all those parts cost like eight hundred dollars. So um separately, so it makes if youre going to buy this buy all of the parts at once, because buying them separately is flat out outrageous um. So the main point of this is its an egg, so its supposed to basically have a bunch of different options. You have like the obstacle wooden sensors on the front for when its a drone um and then you have what looks like the battery inside there. So you can basically go through and see thats the battery its a smart battery too. So you can basically see how much its charged and um install the robot arms or sorry so all the arms there. So it looks like thats a protective case. The gimbal also has it looks like a little protector on it as well. Um lets go through and uh install the robot arms im, not the robot arms, the uh aircraft arms. So there you go. It looks like the little landing gears pop down. You fold it out and you pop off the top here, and that way you can fit it onto there pop it in same thing, goes for the other side once it clicks in there, you go.

You put the top on and uh youre good to go and fly it. I am going to go fly it, but i want to switch it into uh, the other mode, first uh, the camera mode, and check the quality of just the camera first off. This looks like a charger um lets see also, interestingly enough, its usb uh, its not usbc its just a micro usb, so thats interesting there um. I think there should be a handle attachment here. It is so its like youve just got a im going gon na switch it into the camera mode like the camcorder mode, which, given that this doesnt have an onboard microphone, is kind of interesting, so question is which which side? Do you put the well its got? A tripod adapter, so you can put it on a tripod. Youve got the actual camcorder itself like handle thing for it and get it on like that and the other one goes like that, and then this goes on the top. And so then it is a little camcorder. So take the gimbal cover off real, quick or the protective cover on that that camera looks kind of cute. All the cameras is everything thats in that little module right there so turn on. So there you go uh. Let me open up the app now and uh see if i can get some type of connection to it. You have the camera set up. You have a ability to control it via the app that way.

Look down, look up its basically a remote, controlled camera. Pretty much okay, so we can do follow so it keeps stays in steady position lock. You know it does always so much with the thats interesting, so it doesnt necessarily is always how much it can do and see how well it performs uh in a flight test. Well, um video quality is actually pretty good, but um. I have a big concern with uh how it flew uh id filmed. This drone before had no issues with it and i think it lost gps, lock or something um, but it just decided that it was just gon na fly forward. Um like keep on flying forward and uh. Luckily i wasnt close to the ground and i you know it crashed or whatever, but i had no hands on the controls and it just went straight and it just wanted to keep going straight and, like i tried landing it um, i felt like it was. I dont know like when i got close enough to land. Maybe it thought that it had tried to land or something um but like hands off, definitely close enough. The obstacle or the uh, not only the obstacle avoidance to recognize it, but the um optical flow below should have recognized that the ground was moving. When i had no hands on the controls um and then it crashed and then when i restarted it and restarted the flight, it worked fine, so very weird, very weird indeed so yeah so first off i got to be careful because im like im rather disappointed that, Like we dont have the protective enclosure to fly in the rain, which was kind of the main point of why i wanted to.

You know, check out this drone um, we dont have any of the water landing stuff. Also cant check it out with water landings. So this was supposed to be a special, unique use case drone and, while you know the camera is great and its multi purpose and thats awesome um, you know just per my: what is it a couple minutes of testing it already crashed itself without me, even having My hands on it um like with me, taking my hands off the controls, it cant hover um. It was very weird um, so i think thats very interesting and yeah. So would i recommend buying this? I think this is an 800 drone. Oh boy, um. If i mean overall, the quality on everything is exceptional: um, Music. I think theres, no doubt in that its just, i think, maybe theres some bugs and stuff that they can get worked out. Uh im kind of surprised that the hovering couldnt even handle hovering um but yeah um. Overall i mean i like it all. I wish i got to test out the the waterproofing stuff, so i could fly it in the rain but um yeah. So so what i recommend it depends if youre going to buy it and you want the waterproofing stuff, buy the whole kit.