This is the one lets talk about this today. Welcome to video guys so weve just got back from camp and we went for a week had a fantastic time, but we needed some power to power all our devices and especially not only phones, but we needed power to charge the drones as well. So that was crucial for us were on a field which didnt have power. So, by taking this portable power station for us was a complete game changer and it allowed us to be able to charge all our devices either at night or through the day when its connected onto the power station or when its actually in the car and the Power station can be charging itself, and that was crucial for us to be able to get not only good footage but good drone footage, and this power oak ac200p has so many different connections on the front and the side and were going to be talking about them. Today, it also has a really handy lcd display showing you how much power is available, and then you can choose different options on there as well. So it has wireless charging on the top, allowing you to connect two different wireless charging devices on the top. It has a cigarette lighter, it has. A dc input, has a dc second input and two ac inputs, where you can attach two different plugs to there. It also has four usb inputs and also a usbc input, so loads of different inputs and thats on the front, and this touch during display.

You can actually turn off different outlets turn them on. You can look at any faults and settings and then change your actual power supply so for camping. It is perfect. It allowed us to be able to connect appliances such as like a kettle so was able to actually have food through the kettle or coffee or tea, and then it didnt hardly use any power at all and then youre also able to connect further appliances. So each morning was able to have toast by connecting the toaster to this. Without that worry also that its going to be flat by using different types of power stations, this was able to not only power these devices but still have absolutely tons of life left in them to charge any phones or ipads. When youre out on the go as well, so this was fantastic to be able to use all these different ports, but still be able to eat and drink. Using this as well, especially on a field like this. So for festivals of rain. On a beach or like camping, especially like this, this is remarkable. It has a fan on the side of it as well, so it doesnt overheat and then all these different appliance options on the front as well with the plugs. So i could plug my drone batteries into here directly, but this is my favorite bits, this inputs here, these two inputs. This is one here. You can actually input using different power and you can actually charge it through the actual adapter.

It comes with its that powerful. The actual adapter has a fan built in, but this input here, im going to be talking about, allows you to charge it through the car cigarette lighter. So whilst we were driving to different locations, the power station as well was also being charged through. The car didnt cause any problems at all with the car battery and it also allowed us then to charge its power oak, but you can also charge devices. Whilst the power oak is also being charged most other power stations. Dont. Allow you to do that and then in the evening we could then connect our devices. So at night we left the power oak average in the car or in the tent and then connected our devices, some nights. We needed more devices and others, but it always allowed us to have that option and its a lot better than just taking a small power bank, which would maybe only last for one charge. So here ive just got my drone and a phone being charged, but other nights. We needed all of the phones being charged, maybe an ipad or a power bank, and it was able to charge all of these devices at the same time to a full charge quickly. As well, it charges them all really fast, so we really enjoyed camping and having a power station like this allows you to just be able to plot anywhere. You want and have access to power, so you dont have to be on an electric hookup site.

Waking up in the morning to a coffee is essential for me, but also be able to power the toaster as well. All the actual devices here that you can connect onto these connectors are all well built. Theyve all got rubber panels over the top. The whole thing is heavy, but its really sturdy as well and well built the actual charging time from flat takes around five hours, so it doesnt take too long and then youve got full power. Going camping with children not having access to their devices would have been a disaster, and i probably would have been on the first train back but be able to wake up in the morning to toast, in a coffee and having access to this power throughout the day. And at night, when other people on the campsite didnt, it just helped so much, but now having a power station like this, for so many different scenarios, festivals or for just time away. This is great, so this is by blue eti and they do different devices. This is the ac200p on the left hand side, but they do different ones and smaller ones at cheaper prices as well, so ill link the description to the website down below. But we also do a solar panel attachment as well, which im hoping to test soon, and this will allow you, then, if you are static, to be able to get that power to your power station through the solar panel attachment, which again is going to be phenomenal And i cant wait to test that out.

If you are wanting to get some information on this and check it out, potentially buy one. I do have a discount code for 100 pounds off so ill put that in description below as well, but i was really impressed with the build quality of this, but also how it was enabled to be able to charge all our devices when were away from our House for a week it was really good to see so this can charge all of your actual home appliances can charge them and power them as well, but you can also use this for more professional work as well, so, if youre actually on the go and youre A remote site, you can actually use this to power several tools and devices, as well with the list on this website here, so its a great device. You get all the accessories in the box, its heavy so be aware of that, but its going to be heavy with the size of the battery in here were definitely going to be taking this on a lot of upcoming trips.