Ah, my backyard scale Trail Park is in need of a little bit longer of a mud pit. That neem means I need to remove these logs that have been buried down, and I thought why not, since I have all this equipment sitting idle here, why don't we try to extract the logs with with the equipment instead of just doing this, the old fashioned way And a lot of these guys are sitting around they're expected to do YouTube gold this year, but with the pandemic going on currently in 2020, it doesn't look like that's going to happen, maybe a special or but not like normal and we're, going to get to work Right now, so let's do this Music and it's okay. Anyone right on the inside can outfit. Is this Music, Music? Okay? Now, of course, this Kubelik o is not the one I want to use to actually remove the logs. I want to use a loader for that, but I'm gon na need this to start digging the hole later on anyway. Beautiful well swing it around just kind of extend that boom a little bit there. I do have these models mixed, where I don't have to turn the pump on until I actually call for an arm to move that way. I'M, not wasting battery power, beautiful, just even positioning these vehicles. If you don't have very much practice can be a challenge in tight areas but I'm sure, just like the full size excavators.

It is the same thing there we go and right there out of the way it should be good, it's, actually just spin and turn it perfect. Now one of the things that makes sense is we try to push this with this dozer or push the logs with this dozer right here. It weighs about 60 pounds, my friends very heavy, all electric let's stir it around pump on it's cold after sitting all night yeah such an incredible machine. I try to get the corner of my blade just to hit that one log on the outside kind of push. It as I go forward, lift and push just like that kind of left, with the blade and push at the same time, these have been in the ground forever, it's, totally working. Why wouldn't it everyone always says to me: you should get some real equipment. I tell them that this is real, just small, very effective. Now I definitely need the wheel loader with the forks just to try to come in here and unload or separate these logs and get them out of here having a big stack like that is not going to help anybody yeah, I don't even know. If these Forks are long enough to remove these logs, but no risk no reward, oh yeah, I got a center a little more, so these models are all hydraulic. If you're just joining me on my channel welcome this is the RC spark studio.

I'Ve been making films about the radio control hobby for over 12 years on YouTube, and these are some of the neatest models I found over the years. They are hydraulic, they can be very expensive but like any hobby, it just takes time to get into it. Dedication. Oh, come on and a passion muscle look at this: that is a full sized log with these new rams that I put on this model. I recently did a video about this model and my excavator over there, where I put red Rams on it, who's piloting today. Ah, zombie you're looking worse for wear these days. Sir I'd, like you just to take the logs and stack them over there, please, you can imagine this little machine has to weigh quite a bit to move this kind of weight, straighten it out, and then we want to put it safely down. That'S, perfect. We'Ll start the whole thing over there: Music Applause, Applause and we'll drop. It right forward, look out Music Applause, Music. What a beautiful machine yeah you're gon na have to back this up. First, Applause yeah with a monster bucket on this machine, cost me 4000 Canadian for it so about 17, us at the current conversion rate I'm – kidding, of course, just again start to get a little windy out here. Tis the season Applause, Music Applause, yeah. Take a nice big pocket, full good enough for me all in that Volvo let's get this dirt out of here: Applause: Music, Music.

Okay, these things have surprised me before, though they supposedly have 20 bar pressure in them. Let'S try this out! You'Re kidding me! Oh, I got a let me cheat and line it up a little bit. I think it'll. Do it. Oh hell, look at this. You think you'd be tipping it over that's insane quantico to turn it it's, just the backside that moved to funny there we go now. Of course, we a real wheel, loader operator, would lower its way down still struggling. It was its maximum turning capacity. Try to lift up that back end of the wheel. Loader wants to tip a little bit it's on a side hill Wow, amazing, the jobs getting done since we have so many. We can leave it right here, great job. This is a smoothing bucket. I have on here no teeth. Oh looks like she wants to come off there sideways it's. Okay, we can facilitate that Music Music yeah let's far enough down. I can try it with the loader again just got to get the excavator and out back to the trailer Music Music. Okay, the log with the sign is the biggest one. Yet there's just no way to know if the loader is even going to lift it, but we're going to give it an honest attempt at least it's going to be a heavy lift. This log is bigger than the actual machine itself. Music, Music. I cannot believe we left it in Music there we are weathers.

Turning for the worse for me today, Music Music, get it lined up in the new holes, so I can start digging out that dirt, this poor soul, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. Well, over some time I got a ton of the dirt cleared out and all transferred over to the new area now it's, just a matter of bulldozing what's left and then we're pretty much done for today. The digging can commence next time, just bring it in that dozer to level out anything. I may have missed with the Cobell Co and the other excavator it's a lot quicker than the excavator just because the blade is wider. I hope today's episode has inspired. You it's. A little bit different, I know I'm, not out gold mining with the guys, but while we're all at home, quarantine Ian's having fun.