Welcome to beautiful bali, we are in sanur beach and its a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the water is nice and calm, and we are ready to go out on the reef to test out this guy. This is an underwater drone, its called the power ray and its made by a company which is called power vision, and we will give you our impression on the underwater drone lets go Music. Thank you. Venoma Music powervision is the only company to my knowledge that makes surface underwater and aerial drones. Their designs won special awards around the world. Ive listed their website in the description, as well as a 10 discount code, with links that you can use to purchase this unit. If, by the end of this review, you will find this product interesting Music, as you can see, we got the kelly on which actually has everything inside there. So we got our drone ive seen some youtube video where they toss it in the water like crazy and uh, its written actually in the instruction manual, not to do so, its always better to put it in the water, nice and easy okay. The drone itself has got the propeller over here to go up and down its got propeller here on the back to go forward, backward and left and right, and then because we got the wizard version, which is the lets, say the big package. We also got the this little ball over here, which is a fish finder.

We got a camera here at the front which does 4k, and then we got two lights over here. It looks actually streamlined like a little shark, its quite a cool design. Okay, first of all, were gon na put the phone bracket over here i downloaded already the application, which is called the vision plus from the same company power vision, were gon na connect the drone to the tether, cable right here, okay and then were gon na connect. The transmitter, to the other hand, of the tether cable, this one goes to the drone. You need to remove this part and were going to touch, and we can hear the drone with the connection and the cable make sure you tie this, and one thing that is written in all those stickers around is that its very important that you do not have Water touching the contact of the cable another thing another sticker here says this is not waterproof, so make sure that you are not getting water on the device and, of course, in the cable were going to connect the other part over here and then check this out. This is a belt clip, you can remove it and were gon na fasten it. Why? I do this because so you see when the cable goes, the whole things need to be able to turn hold down until it goes green light, let go and then we check the wi fi also should go green soon.

Yes, so it means its transmitting right. Now the phone is connected, then im going to turn on the remote and then were going inside the application, which is the vision plus time to boot. Okay, right, the drone right away, you can see that he went into power vision and there you go. We got our image from the drone itself: okay, Music. I can see the tether cable going the right way: okay, ill get to the end of it. Music and now were going down. Whoa whoa whoa, okay, okay, i see the reef high speed because i can see more more changing Music now its far away and if you dont, see where the drone is its actually in in the blue. Water is quite hard to to orientate yourself Music. There is a fish, hello fish. I see. Fish lets see, stop the fish come to me Music. So when you have the reef, then its much easier, because you have a reference and you know where youre going pretty much Music awesome so its nice. It tells you the depth, nice shallow reef, Music, and that was it guys. That was our experience with the power ray unit in the field. Let me give you our final impressions and final verdict about this unit. First of all, i would like to say that when we first got it, we thought that we got like a little uh toy, but it did perform actually very, very well.

The unit itself is very strongly robust, so i was very very impressed with the power of the drone itself. We have three modes in the remote control, low, medium and high. I started right away with high and i was really really surprised by the power that he had so i had to dial it down to low right away, and i noticed that on the low power was not pulling the cable very well. When, especially when i wanted to reach out far away from the boat, so i went into medium power and then i found myself being able to enjoy much more some other positives. The image quality is good enough 4k camera, especially in the shallow water, but that with any camera like its the best sweet point, is in the first 15 meters underwater, where you can capture those nice colors. So you can see very well where youre going and the fish around and im very pleased actually with the final results that you could see a moment ago in our video. The responsiveness of the drone also was very good. As soon as i used the sticks, it turned wherever i wanted to go so maneuvering drone underwater was easy. Thanks to the fast responsiveness between the unit and the wi fi transmission to the screen and one of the most important thing. I think that it was very fun, so i had a great experience. You go in a place and you feel like youre an explorer because you dont see exactly where the drone is and so on you just look at your image.

You see a nice coral head. You decide to head towards that. You can go down into the depth up to 30 meters and i really had fun using the unit. Okay, now lets go into some of the less positive experience that i had. First of all, this is not really a toy, so its a powerful machine, and so it requires you to learn and practice before you actually take it close to nice, riffs and so on its very easy to make some mistakes and then crush into the corals. You know the marine environment is very fragile and, of course, priority should always go to the safeguard of the marine environment and not to your fun. One thing that, for me is very important, and i think that should be improved in the unit is to add a device like a compass that you can tell which way youre heading. Sometimes, when i move the drone towards the water column – and i didnt have any more references around me – i couldnt tell anymore, which way was my drone heading. So was i going farther away from me? Was i going closer to me, especially when that long cable was all railed out? You cannot tell anymore which position is your drone and even if you bring it up to the surface because its so far away, you will have a little bit of a hard time telling which way is heading. Another thing is so we got propeller here, propeller here propeller here.

How do they work, they basically suck in the water from the front and eject it to the back? So if you are close to a sandy bottom in the shallow so on you start to suck in lots of sand and right now. If i shake it a little bit, i can hear that there is some sand stuck in there somewhere. Okay, most of the sand went out, but that means that if you start from a beach or short break, you will end up having that. In one occasion, i even got some little stone stuck inside the propellers, which made the unit not working and functioning anymore, and again i had to find myself pulling pulling slowly the drone back to shore. So i would recommend that you use this unit from a boat where you can access deep water right away, or maybe from a jetty that also you have the same bottom composition, where you can access water right away. My strong recommendation is that you use this unit in places that are easy to navigate, for instance, a nice reef with a wall. That would be the perfect situation, because you can keep the drone and you can see that if your reef is on the left youre going that way when you want to come back, you just need to have the reef on the opposite side on the right and Then you can come back wherever you are, if you are on a flat bottom, without much coral heads and no way to tell where you are because of the lack of compass again, you cannot see exactly where youre navigating and the experience can become a little bit.

Taunting, so if you want to have fun, find a place which is easy to navigate last important factor to stress is that we can have some safety concern with this device. So i strongly recommend that you do not use this unit in crowded dive site where there are other divers. First of all, as its very powerful and its got some weight. If, by accident you crash into a diver, you might injure the diver, not only you might injure the diver directly with the drone, but you also might scare the diver and cause an accident. Please take this drone, not in dive site, where our divers take it. Maybe in other places that you would like to explore also, the cable is very, very long and it tends to float on the surface. So if you reach out, for instance, a 100 meter away, if there is a boat passing, you might end up having the cable running into the propeller, which definitely could cause some problems. So i stress one more time: you should use this in safe environments. Only and again i would like to stress, give priority to the money environment first rather than your drone, so be very, very gentle with the stick and dont get too excited with it. One news that we hope to have with this unit here at the underwater tribe is to have it as a scout, so we can send this drone down ahead of us see if the fish is showing up and then we can maximize our bottom time to enter In the water, just when the fish start to show up, another thing that we can have very good use for is lets say that we need to do some inspection, for instance, on the liver board we are on.

We want to make sure that our propeller is fine. We dont need to enter the water and go close to a propeller, which could be lets, say a dangerous experience. We can send a drone and have an inspection just by utilizing this unit, and i think its very, very good. Okay guys, i hope you enjoyed this review about the power ray. If you have any questions, you can leave it down in the comments. I strongly recommend you if you are interested to get this unit to go over to the power vision youtube channel.