For you guys, this time is from power queen whats up everybody. My name is dan welcome to freely roaming. Today i have another budget battery for you guys, and this is actually not one thats, a clone of the other batteries that ive seen that are really common with the webbing strap on top. This is from the company power queen. They are a budget conscious, company selling, a good quality lithium iron phosphate battery on the market today and whats cool about them is that they are also warehoused in three different states in the u.s all across the united states, which means that you can get these shipped To you between two to seven days, regardless of where you are within the lower 48., so for somebody whos looking for a good price on a budget battery that needs it now, this is a. This is a good way to go, unlike the other ones. Thats got like the removable webbing strap on top. This is uh what power queen calls their premium battery when it comes to their premium battery. You might think that it has fancy features like low temperature, cutoff or self heating. It actually doesnt have that, but i will tell you what does make it premium, though, but before we get to that, i want to tell you guys a little bit about how companies build batteries and how they source the cells that they use in their batteries. A lot of people do these capacity tests and theyre happy when the battery reaches its rate of capacity.

Truth of the matter is when companies assemble batteries, they buy parts from company that manufactures the cells and the companies that make the cells are already testing their cells. Within their factory, when they make them and when they test, they have to make sure they test, at least to the rated capacity that theyre going to be selling. For so, if its 100 amp hour battery, they have to test at least at 100 amp hours. For it to be considered grade a cell that they can sell to companies or individuals that are assembling battery packs and if they dont they have to either under rate them at a lower capacity and sell it as a grade a that way or they have to Sell as a grade b or lower battery with a higher rating, and when companies like power queen, gets the cells and assembles the batteries, they also have to make sure that theyre tested at their rated capacity and if they dont, they cannot sell them. As a grade. A product so every time i do a test, i expect them to exceed their rate of capacity, especially if its a product thats being sold for full price. So lets talk a little bit about this uh specific pack. It comes in this box and i dont know if you can tell, but this box is significantly smaller than the other 100 amp hour batteries that youve seen on the market. So this is one of the new products and ill show.

You whats inside ive already opened this so, but this is more or less how it came, except. The only difference is that the battery itself was also in a plastic bag, and it comes with a little pouch that has it has the battery studs. It actually comes with four of these. I dont know why you need four, but you only need two, but it has another set in there and also comes with a product manual and a warranty card. Its well designed this is a full color printing. The branding is really good. Oh hi, this is twin, say: hi, hello, oh my god. Shes scared, okay! Back to the battery a really nicely printed manual. I mean there theres a lot of competition in the market today, so they are really stepping up the quality of the marketing material and the owners manual material, really nice. It shows you a lot of stuff about what you can do and this specific setup right here is kind of what makes it special, because for this to be a premium battery, one of their features is that it can be connected as a 4p 4s setup. That means you can take 16 of these connect sets of 4 in parallel, giving you four batteries that are 400 amp hours each at 12 volts and then combine those four sets in series giving you essentially a 48 volt battery pack consisting of 16 of these batteries. This is something that only the premium model that theyre selling can do and thats one of the reasons why they call this their their premium model and ill talk a little bit a little bit more about that later.

But lets see how this compact there is foam on the top, its also foam on the bottom, but, as you can see, being a smaller battery. Its packaging is also smaller and even though theres not as much foam as the other ones. That ive seen theres no damage to the battery at all, so i think its perfectly adequate and having a smaller box just means that you know theres, less logistics, less warehouse, storage and also probably ships a little cheaper. Even though this is a smaller battery, as you can see – and i can hold it with one hand – but you dont want to hold this with one hand for too long its about 22, just under 23 pounds, which is actually about the same weight as the as Their standard non premium battery and i use this to prop the battery up, but what makes it special is. It is 25 smaller in size and thats, a pretty big deal for somebody who may not have enough space if you have a small camper or if youre, trying to use this in a small space or if youre, going to get 16 of these and build a Big 20 kilowatt hour bank 25 is a big deal besides the smaller footprint and the bms features that allow you to do 4p4s. The other thing that makes this premium is these are designed to go over 4 000 cycles, obviously with proper care other than that.

The other features are exactly the same as the standard 100 amp hour battery that they sell. They have your standard overcharge over discharge over current short circuit and high temperature protection. Again, like i said before, there is no low temperature disconnect. They are ul and ce, as well as fcc and pse certified, and they have a ip65 water resistant rating. They have a max discharge rate of 1c, which means you can pull a constant 100 amp out of this, and that is also what the bms inside is rated for. They have a 5 year, warranty, so thats, actually pretty good for for a budget price battery like this. I believe this is on their website for sale right now for 3.99, and there might be other discounts that you can get and if i have them ill put them in the description below and of course, i did a capacity test with this one as well and Im going to show you right now how that went all right. This is the start of the power queen 100 amp hour 12.8 volt premium, lithium iron phosphate battery just started it starting voltage under load 13.1, volts, pretty low uh, again its a 0.1 c discharge rate, and we expect this to last about 10 hours. This power, queen battery, has been going for almost seven hours were on track at just about 70 amp hours, drawn still at 12.7 volts, looking good so far, eight hours and 19 minutes in we are at 83.

33 amp hours drawn 12.4 volts 1067 watt hours, nine and A half hours in were at 95 amp hours drawn. All right were down to 11.7 volts 97 amp hours in looks like were barely gon na make it, but i do think well hit a hundred one more amp hour to go 11.1 volts dropping fast now going down to 11 1258 watt hours, its probably gon na Squeak right, past 100 is what im guessing so since it went into such a deep discharge, the bms is now in fault mode and as im trying to charge it back up with my charger. My victron charger is going through this loop of bulk fault off over and over and over again, but each time it does it. It pushes enough current into the battery to raise the voltage by like um like 10 millivolts or something so im just gon na wait and see how many times this sits here and does a cycle before it comes out of fault mode. I suspect at some point the voltage will be high enough to not do that, so we shall see its above 10 volts now its trying nope still bulk fault off. It goes. It kicked back on so when it got back above about 10.10 10.15 volts, it went back into bulk charge mode and staying in bulk charge mode, so now its pushing some current back into the battery. So that did it for probably about five to ten minutes before the bms decided.

It was okay to kick back on so ive not seen that before, but it is interesting, but it does eventually go back into charging mode by itself. You i didnt have to do anything except plug in the charger, so thats good to know it just took a few minutes, so there you go, as you can tell this past the capacity test. There is something different about this battery compared to the other ones that ive tested are in the larger form factor because its a different bms. It has different settings programmed from the factory, so it appears to cut off at a slightly lower voltage and because of that, the bmi goes into fault mode and then, when the bms finally cuts off discharging and when you try to charge it back up. As you can see in the video that it was kind of trickle charging it over and over again, switching from on to fault on to fault trigger charging it to a certain voltage before its able to start bulk charge. What you might want to know is: who is this battery for the way i look at it? This battery is for people who want to build the battery thats beyond just the 12 volt system. Other cheaper options can let you build a 12 volt system and connect them in parallel, and this one will be connected in series up to a 48 volt system, so thats really unique with this one, and that is because of the new bms that theyve installed into This line and the second type of person that this might be for is for somebody who has limited space, like i said: 25 smaller in dimensions, thats a pretty big deal, and also, lastly, somebody who needs a battery now.

Somebody who doesnt want to wait for 30 60 90 days for the ship overseas. You can order one of these right now itll ship out of one of the three u.s warehouses. So who is this not for? Well? This battery is slightly more expensive, its about 10 to 20 percent more expensive, depending on what other battery youre looking at than the cheapest lithium ion phosphate 100 amp hour battery. You can find out there, but its still a really good quality battery. But if youre looking for something that is really really cheap but still are reasonable in quality. For me, anyways energy density means a lot to me, especially because i live in a small van and every inch of space is really precious and also. Secondly, because this does not have low temperature cut off. This is not for somebody whos going to be in really cold temperatures, whether you live in a cold temperature or travel in a low temperature area, and you dont have the ability to heat this battery up and charge it in that condition. But of course the same goes for all batteries around this price range, so there you go thats the power queen 100 amp hour 12.8 volt premium battery.