Today we are testing a new, exciting power egg x drone that we are going to put through a series of fun tests and challenges, hi, guys what’s up champions. Welcome back to jet turfy nation, your place where we test and review different jet boards and e4s, and occasionally some drones, and today we are going to unbox and test the new drone called power x. Let’S do it here you go! Is that even an egg, a camera or a drone everything all together, let’s see what is that that’s powered intelligent battery it’s going to provide you up to three and a half hours filming in the camera mode or up to 30 minutes flying in a drone mode? Here we got the waterproof case for the rain and, if you’re recording like near the water and if it accidentally falls in the water here, we got propellers and spare propellers. This is the landing gear for the water it’s. Actually, the only drone that can land and launch from the water really exciting stuff, especially if you film water sports. This is just the case to put all the propellers and the gears that we need let’s see what’s inside this box. Oh this is a tripod. You can attach it and use power rack to record your streaming or video conferences. Oh and the coolest part it’s automatically tracking your face using face recognition, very cool and now the best part let’s open the power egg.

It comes with a little case that you can use and transport really handy, it’s, first personal autonomous, a camera. This is an egg, and this is a power egg power egg x is not just a drone it’s a fully autonomous personal ai camera developed by power vision, which includes a futuristic looking egg that can act like an ai camera with face recognition and auto tracking and A drone mode that features a modular drone system with removable, arms and props, waterproof accessories, remote, sound, pickup, sync, voice technology, wind resistance and 4k 60fps camera with a 3 axis, gimbal, pretty impressive stuff, and it clearly set it apart from traditional dji drones. That cannot fly in rain or strong winds. The battery offers up to 30 minutes of drone flight time and up to three and a half hours in the camera mode. The new version also offers live streaming and video conferencing features in a new water, follow mode to film water sports, which is one of the most interesting features of our jet surfing nation channel. So we opened our poweredge box and we have all these amazing materials. We have, of course, the power rank. We have these things that attach the propellers and the propellers. This is very unique drone. This is the only drone where the foldable hands are detachable from the body, of course, the remote control they feel familiar with. Dji drones it’s very easy to understand, it’s using your phone and then up, and then you connect it to remote control and you fly like a regular, dji kind of drone.

This is a charger and, of course, almost everything needs a charger and even more propellers wow, allen, keys and all the tools you might need to assemble the drone and, of course, some accessories, such as the arm holder and armhole, the blocker. So you can use the power rack like a camera. Yes, it can be an egg, a camera, a drone and a waterproof one. So many things all in one now we’re going to charge everything power, everything up and and then we are going to put it to some really cool tests and challenges. Let’S do it. The assembly of the drone is pretty easy without arms, it’s, pretty small, and it fits in a small travel case that comes in a package simply get the egg out of the case open. The main cover and put the new battery in now attach both arms to the body and close the cover. I need to mention here that the production quality of the drone and its parts is exceptional and up to the highest standards. Next, you can use the waterproof accessories, such as floating pontoons and the waterproof case. If you plan to fly in the rain or land on the water it’s pretty easy to attach, but it significantly reduces the flight time. The remote control is smaller than ones from dji and offers similar features, including three modes, beginner, medium and pro modes. That can be changed with a switch. The pro mode does not use the optical avoidance, but lets you fly much faster.

Let’S compare power rack to the other portal drones we have here. We got the fpv drone, which is the smallest drone. We have it’s very fast, very powerful, maybe Music. This is dji fpv drone you’re supposed to fly in goggles. Recently, we did a full review on how to fly dji fpv to film water, sports it’s, very fast, very powerful drone, but it’s very easy to crash and very hard to fly, and it also doesn’t have any follow me capabilities and it’s, not waterproof. This is kaiju. 2 drone, which is really cool and has all the follow me automatic capabilities. It has a lot of cameras to track you automatically. However, this drone is also not waterproof and not ideal. If you are going to film water sports, i did a full review lately of skydio 2 and gave you all the tips and tricks on how to use a drone to film water sports and, finally, the kit of the day. Our power wreck. You can see it’s huge when fully assembled, but again you can take off all the arms and pack, it very small it’s, not that big and it’s, not that heavy and it’s the only one who can actually fly in rain in strong wind land and water and Start from water, which is one of the coolest features for me, if i’m filming water sports and obviously it also has the new, follow me mode for water sports, which should be really cool.

I cannot wait to try it out now, since we assembled everything let’s put these kids to some tests and challenges let’s do it. Our first challenge is to heat it with some strong rain and water and see if it survives Music, it’s cold enough perfect. That is a super fun challenge and, as you can see, the drone has no problem surviving even strong spray from the garden hose. We have no doubt it will easily survive the rain. Here you go. The first challenge is completed. It survived well our next challenge to see if it can land and take off of the water. Now i know what you’re thinking what’s the practical point of landing on the water and trust me guys. I lost so many drones before simply by crashing in water, when the drone ran out of battery on one and missed the landing spot by just few meters. I wish i had something like this to save the drone and then again it doesn’t have to be water. You can land on the snow on the mud on any rough terrain. All right, let’s, give it a go. As you can see, the drone can land and launch from flat water exceptionally well, however, be aware that you must avoid salty water or wavy conditions, unlike swell pro splash drone, the power egg will not be able to flip over if it falls upside down, and you Might have to swim to catch it.

The salty water may ruin the propeller engines. If you don’t clean them properly. Here you go guys, we did it. Can you drone do the same? Our next challenge is to film in very strong wings and to prove it. We are going to film cut surfing 25 miles per hour, strong winds in this challenge. We are flying power egg in a very strong wind, despite having the waterproof accessories on. The drone has no problem dealing with it and lets us film. The kite surfing activities pretty well, however, we are not impressed with the quality of the camera. So far, the footage looks rather dull, even with color correction. However, i need to mention that power egg is more like a beginner model, and power vision offers more expensive models. Like power, i with a much better aerial camera for professional use. Another test succeeded very good handling in high winds now it’s time for us to test the tracking capabilities of the power egg drone to start the follow modes. We need to be up 4 meters and then select the subject on the screen of the vision plus 2 app. You can choose between trace parallel or spotlight modes, which are self explanatory. We picked parallel and started tracking mic, which works pretty well until he exits the frame. Unfortunately, power egg drone does not offer any gps tracking device or a beacon, so it has to rely only on visual recognition to track the subject after mike exits.

The frame the following stops and we have to repeat the tedious process of finding the subject in the frame and clicking on it to re, enable the tracking it works great for a while, and we are able to get some impressive shots of hiking on the cliffs. Here in portugal, however, it seems like the drone is not aware of its altitude and failed its obstacle avoidance and, for some reason, decided to go way too low just to crash straight into the grass. Luckily, it survived the crash just fine and we continue the experiment. Power egg is back in the sky good as new. Surprisingly, nothing is broken. I need to say during filming of our experiments, we crashed it several times and it survived just fine. We always fly with floaty pontoons, which soften the fall and lets you land safely. Even on rough terrain, we do not use the waterproof case because it reduces the quality of footage when filming through the plastic cover now let’s test its quick shot modes that you might be familiar with. If you fly dji drones here, we have all the classic sets. Such as droney circle, helix rocket and ellipses, the drone goes up and around and films, impressive, short videos for you. It works pretty well and is easy to do. Our next challenge is to see how well it tracks one million action on the ground. Let’S go one wheel, tracking went pretty well, the drone did its best to smoothly keep its subject in place, but you can easily see the limitations of the visual tracking.

In this example, the drone got confused by people passing by and here the drone lost tracking when mike moved outside the frame. Obviously, visual recognition requires you to remain in the frame, so you can’t be riding around the trees or rocks like with a skydio2 drone. These are pretty mediocre results and could be easily improved if power vision develops the gps tracking device or a beacon. The footage from the fixed following modes is also pretty boring to watch. It lacks dynamic movement like we saw with the stalker or skydio 2 drones that had a lot of different modes, such as circle mode when following needless to say that doing any activity with remote control and a phone in hand is no fun and it’s. Not a fully autonomous drone similar to dji drones, it requires you to have a pilot operating a drone while you focus on the activity – and it is a main disadvantage of this drone compared to skydio2 and stalker, which are truly autonomous, alright. So how about tracking something faster? Here we got a couple of motorcycles riding on the cliffs. It did okay, when tracking from afar but lost its subject when it went out of frame. We also found it very hard to re enable auto following on the subject. That is already in motion, which is pretty big limitation. If you try to track cars or motorbikes in motion again, it clearly shows that visual tracking is not enough and it needs a beacon.

Okay and now is the best part. We are going to test power egg to film some water sports let’s go now on to water tracking. In this test, mike is going jet surfing, while drone pilot luis is going to enable the water tracking mode. As you can see, it works well for a while tracking mic just fine until it eventually loses the subject. We found it next to impossible to re, enable the tracking on the moving subject. The sensors are confused by the water reflections and can’t. Get it right. This again shows the limitations of this Music technology Music. In this water test, we are tracking efoil writing in a beautiful portuguese paradise location. I really love this crystal clean water, since the e foil moves pretty slowly, it’s easy for power egg to follow it correctly and keep the water tracking on everything went perfectly smooth until we ran out of battery and then this happened Music. Oh, my god, i went too far and there was not enough battery to go against the wind and returned home and it landed emergently on water. Now rescue operation is on here. You go. We saved it huh, oh my god, it’s, alright, fine it’s not even wet. I didn’t use the waterproof case because i wanted to get a great footage and waterproof case is reducing the quality, but look guys. No other drone could do it if you crash here, mavic in the water it’s gone forever and it just blended softly went down calmly, and then it was just floating up and we saved it all right.

The test succeeded: the drone is safe and sound and it’s a great example of the main advantage of the power egg over competitors, and now we are going to test power rack in the camera mode to track the subject automatically to assemble the camera. All we need to do is open this cover and attach a tripod from one side and a strap on the other side. Music. Since the power egg has no monitor, we’ll have to connect the phone and use the division plus 2 app to set the recording. The camera mode has several modes. The main one is called follow mode and allows you to lock on the subject. Then, when the subject moves, the camera gimbal will automatically move and keep it in frame. This is very good if you wish to record or live stream an activity that requires movement, for example, something like zumba dancing football, a boxing lesson or something else, and you don’t have a cameraman helping you with the filming. As you can see, power egg does a great job, keeping the subject in the frame provides up to three and a half hours of filming in such mode Music. One of the coolest features of power: rack is the ability to record in so called fpv mode. It’S like flying a drone without flying a drone, let’s check it out in this mode. You can hold the power egg in your hand, using a strap and run around filming and enjoying the smoothness of the 3 axis gimbal.

This is a really fun and original way to get smooth footage without flying. The drone, however, not having any monitor, requires you to also hold and look at your phone screen. At the same time, it can be really awkward to do this. I wish the developers could add a small, monitor and a start. Stop recording button on the power egg itself, so we don’t have to rely on the phone apps to do it. Even a small gopro camera has two monitors these days. The power egg itself is pretty heavy and not that pleasant to hold in your hand. For a long time, while also holding onto a phone, there are much lighter and more intuitive solutions like dji osmo pocket. If you really want gimbal filming with your phone, the live streaming and conferencing features. Look really promising. However, when you use the tripod and don’t have to hold the power egg itself and now the best part we are going to do the ultimate crush test. We are going to crush the rear leg into power rack and to see if it’s, Music, wise set go to conclude our review. Let me quickly summarize what we laughed about powerack and what we hated about it. What we really liked is how sturdy and durable the whole system is. Despite multiple crashes, it could survive all our tests and challenges just fine, even getting crushed by the real actives, no damage whatsoever, nothing broke down and remained in a great condition.

The quality of the production of this drone and all the components and accessories is just amazing, and i think power vision should be praised for it. The whole idea of the modular system is pretty fun and very easy to use. What we also liked is a very long flying time compared to the other drones we have and very low noise level. We always flew with the waterproof accessories attached, but even though we got well over 20 minutes of flight time, which is very impressive for a drone that is so big and heavy, we also love how well the drone held in the strong winds and range, despite its Size, it produced a smooth footage every single time. Needless to say, it’s one of the first drones offering remote sound pickup system called sync voice technology, letting you record yourself while filming with a drone. The remote control is pretty small, but was able providing us with long distance connections up to five kilometers. Just fine. The safe features like auto return home also work great, and here is what we didn’t like about it. The main camera itself leaves much to be desired. It’S pretty basic camera, similar to what we saw in dji drones a few years ago and clearly lacks in quality compared to the new drones like skydio2 or dji air to air. Hopefully it will be changed to something more impressive in the next model. The vision 2 app itself is pretty buggy and unpolished.

Each feature never works right away and always requires you, multiple time, pressing and pressing before it works. There are always annoying notifications and errors popping up which distracts from the drone operation and annoys the pilot. The drone visual tracking leaves room for improvement as well and requires additional device like gps, beacon or a smartwatch, to help the drone with the proper tracking making it fully and truly autonomous the obstacle recognition doesn’t seem to work well at all. The drone crashed itself several times in the following modes. This should definitely be improved in the future, especially after we saw impressive tracking capabilities of skydio2 drone. I feel, like power x, is also missing out on potential opportunities. For example, the footage in rain is pretty much unusable due to the droplets on the waterproof case. However, they could develop additional attachments like air dropping systems to attach the lights or rescue kits and make it much more useful in all weather situations and rescue missions. Now, to summarize power, egg x is a great beginner drone for people who want an easy to use multi purpose device that will not be afraid to take some beating flying rain or land on water, mud or snow. However, its main flaw is trying to be the best at too many things like they say. A jack of all trades is a master of none. We hope power vision will keep improving it in the future, adding the gps tracking beacon and a new camera, alongside with improved obstacle avoidance, to make it a true winner.

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