You can also make it potensic t25 life should be this way, refuse to be complicated and make it simple. One key taking off landing, fixed point hovering in the air, gps, positioning system, Music and one key auto return. T25 can automatically return and land precisely. However, our t25 is more than that. T25 can meet all your expectations, a smart drone. The drone will fly according to your designed route and the app map. A good partner t25 will always fly around you wherever you go by the follow me mode. Tired of conventional shooting let’s make a change. One key, taking hd pictures and the 75 degree adjustable camera will diversify your shooting style record 1080p. Hd videos see broader views. One key sharing joyful moments: you’ve captured through the drone app stronger anti wind ability due to the newest built in 9 axis gyro, which makes perfect shooting easy to control the headless mode, helps the pilot easy to control in the air freely enjoy the fast and the Furious in the sky what’s more t25 drone is like a star shining in the night sky. The led flashlight helps you realize your aircraft’s real time position satisfy you from flying experience to visual perception. All what we’ve been done is to bring you a more intelligent, functional and simpler drone to you seeking stars in the sky, shocked by the boundlessness and vastness, but potenzic’s enterprising craftsmanship can make our dream finally come.