This sells on amazon right now for about 219 and what it the difference is theres another one thats, just the drone thats a 159. This is a separate package that doesnt have a lot of reviews on it. So looking for the drones reviews for the potential t25 look at the 159 model, because it has, i think, over 300 reviews uh over five and a half stars. So its been very well reviewed and i just want to go over an unboxing what this thing includes. But the main point is this is 219 and the big difference is it comes with an extra battery and the case. So after you look at the review, see what it comes with youll decide whether or not this is worth the extra money. What it comes down to is the batteries of 36 dollars, apiece separately, and so that would leave the case at that price to be about 25 and overall uh. My opinion is that it is worth it because once you get a drone, if youve never had one trying to find a way to carry it around, uh very difficult, so to have one thats milled thats made out fairly. Well, i mean its um, its not all metal. This looks like some type of a silver plastic coated, uh cardboard, perhaps, but it does feel sturdy. A real metal, real metal, um edges and a molding and nice metal hinges here, a nice little handle. So it does look like its pretty well made, certainly well enough to to carry a day to day around whenever youre going to be using it on weekends or on vacation and again its not really that big from online.

These look a lot bigger, but this is really not that big of a case so look at the dimensions online if you have any concerns about the size. So again, this is what it includes. Unboxing uh, it comes with the manuals. It comes with the drone itself. Uh with this a little piece of phone thats put there to protect the camera, because the camera does articulate you want to take that out before you use it, but a nice drone that comes with um the landing gear already installed. It comes with the remote and again its in here pretty snug, and the foam thats in here is uh, pretty pretty substantial, so its not flimsy where its going to start breaking apart. It comes with the remote, the uh tab, the um connector on the back. That attaches to it, so you can put your smartphone, so you can actually see what the drone sees, which looks like a like an xbox type of remote, which it feels pretty well made again. Two extra batteries, which was one of the big differences about this drone or this package, actually the usb charger, an extra set of landing gear. It said that it came with an extra four propeller guards. It actually only comes with four, so its not an extra set. It does come with four propeller guards and if youve never used a drone before i highly recommend you put those on the first drone i owned was a t18 and uh.

I certainly hit quite a few objects before um. I learned how to use it. These propeller guards certainly come in handy to avoid you having to replace those propellers and speaking of replaceable propellers. This is the little accessory package. It comes with replacement parts here, so youve got four spare propellers the package with these little four minuscule screws that everyone loves to lose a screwdriver for those its actually. Those screws are used to mount these propellers to the motors themselves. Two extra gears – i imagine for the motors two of these little caps that go on the top of the motors here and um and thats it the screws, the propellers work for propellers, and i actually set a landing gear this here, two batteries, the attachment for the Smartphone, the remote control, the the manuals and the drone itself um at 219, uh saying that this case would be actually costing you about 25 in that package, again, not a bad deal, not a bad case and again once you buy one youre, really thinking okay. Well, now, what am i going to do with it? So the case really takes that question off the table: um thats about it thats just an unboxing review of the potenzic t25 drone, and this is the package with the case for 219 on amazon.