You know my wifes on her way right now, taking them back home, so im like okay. This will be the day when i do the video well weve got south florida weather pushing in weve got its very windy, so that kind of alters what im gon na get to do. This video on we had tornado warnings today, weve had rain, uh thunderstorms and, like i said, tornado warnings so im, basically stuck at the house uh i cant get out and do no fishing because its way too windy – and you know scattered showers here and there excuse Me so i really cant do anything except something here at the house just trying to figure out something to do. I got something planned theres one i should have done before, but i didnt even think about it, be honest with you. So were going to get it done today, stick around and well get it done all right guys. So before i get started, if youre new to the channel welcome before you go any further go ahead and hit that like hit that subscribe, hit, that notification give me that thumbs up and i am available on facebook – go over there and check us out at sweet Outdoors and hope you enjoy it to the subscribed, you guys are the best. What can i say? I mean youre, the thats, why i call you the faithful, youre awesome guys. I love you all right. Todays video is the drone review now with the wind and the weather i cant get out and give you any drone footage today, but i will be putting a link in the video of the two videos ive already shot using the drone, so yall can go ahead And check Music and, of course, what would a video be without a without camera? Shutting off, but im gon na go ahead and put the link in the video of the two videos ive shot with the drone, so yall can check that out.

So lets go ahead and get this thing started before the camera shuts off again today, because im sure it will thats it. Yes, of course, i got ta put the logo on the box. This is the case that it came in lets see you know what work with me here. Guys were gon na angle, this down, hopefully thats a good enough angle for you, you open the box and there it is all right. You know how i am with the pronunciations pot and sick t25 tonsic. Whatever you know, this is your basic setup and all that good stuff, this this little bad boy check that out now when i bought it, it only came with two batteries. I ordered another one check that out thats your remote. Oh you, playstation and xbox people. Yall will have no problem with this thats. It hold your cell phone. Yes, its operated through your cell phone. It is so cool Music charging port for the remote and the batteries comes with spare blades. I got a story about those spare gears nuts bolts, all that good stuff landing gear, blade guards all that good stuff. All right, you dont, want to see the star of the show there. It is, yes has a camera. Let me uh yeah, okay, lets uh move this out of the way here. Lets talk more about this guy. Now, as you notice, hopefully ive got the blades marked a and b well, i had an issue where she went flying right.

It was probably my fault because i crashed it first, one ive ever had first time i ever used it. I was learning it happens, chipped one of the corners off the blade it just wasnt flying right. So i was like well maybe thats the problem, so i just grabbed another blade and replaced it well. Apparently, certain blades go in certain spots. Man, i put one of them blades on there and i turned this sucker on and it went to start and it just crashed bam crash. I tried man. It took me about three days to finally figure out whats, going on the directions that come with. It are not the best they are theyre, just not, but i figured it out all right lets see. If i can remember some of the features of this nice thing. Okay, right off the bat, we got a 4k camera it adjusts up and down. You know you move the drone side to side to get your side to side, but the sd slot in the back automatically goes to your phone and stores on your phone as well as the sd card. It takes pictures and 4k video now as far as sound. It has a microphone on the setting, but i have yet to be able to figure out how to record sound. Oh well um its got beginner mode to where you can set it to where itll only go up so high and only goes so far or you can turn that off and this things got a hell of a range to it, im not sure exactly 100.

What it is, ive only phoned the thing a handful of times, uh its got a home button to where, when youre out flying it, you hit that button and it will come back to home and it will land when the batteries get low on the remote or The drone, it will do the same thing, it will come back to home and it will land its got auto takeoff. Its got auto land, its got follow me mode, push the button and it will follow you around like a little lost puppy, which is pretty neat. Its got three different speeds, you know its got uh and it shut off again anyway. Its got gps to where you can pull up the map and you can draw out a route for this thing to take, which is pretty dang cool, uh battery life. From what im getting on a normal day is anywhere between eight to ten minutes uh, i took it out one day on a windy day and i got about six minutes, because this little bad boy fought to win the entire time uh its pretty cool. I didnt really want a drone. My son actually talked me into it. My sweet addiction on youtube go check him out, but he talked me into buying one, and once i got it, you know played with it a little bit like i said: ive, never flown one before never im, not a video game boy. This video is going to be cut up as many times as the cameras cutting off.

I think thats. My fault im trying some different settings on here to get a little bit of better picture quality, so i might end up having to change it back anyway. Im, not a video game guy, so i was kind of nervous about learning how to fly this thing, but this is really easy. Once you hit the start button to turn this thing on itll, go up about four feet and itll just sit there and wait on you to uh take control, but its its pretty cool uh im, hoping to get some pretty good videos with the drone Music to Better the videos that ill be taking for you guys and, like i said i should have done this video right after i got the drone, but i was a little intimidated to be honest with you at first with it because, like i said im, not a video Game person and just never really into this kind of stuff, but we learn you know and uh. I will be putting the amazon link where i purchased this nice little piece of equipment for the sweet outdoors, Music, unbelievable, take seven were gon na start, calling it i in the sky. I think that thats pretty neat i mean because it is but a few more things i want to mention in the video this video, like i said, im gon na put the amazon link for this guy now i recently signed up for the amazon associate affiliated program, Which means you can go back and watch all my other videos where i do product reviews, most of which ive bought off amazon, and if you really want to help the channel out not only by subscribing and giving me that thumbs up click, the links in the Videos can you see the pissed off anyway, click the links in the videos, if you want to purchase these products that im using and reviewing and all that stuff, itll really help me out with before.

I go any further, please if theres anybody out there that can, let me know whats going on with this camera, shutting off. For no reason, let me know im sure its just a setting anyway, like i said, click the amazon link to any of the products that you see and if you want to purchase one purchase through that that link – and it will help me out tremendously – and i Appreciate all you guys, like, i said this drone im gon na put a link to that as well. I should have done this video before, but i just never got around to it without todays weather figured. Why not Music uh shout out everybody out there whos watched whos watching whos going to watch. Thank every one of you guys again like subscribe thumbs up notification, facebook, the sweet outdoors, download and share you know the routine and uh thats it guys uh.