These are battle, drones that’s! Why i’ve got two of them allows you to have an infrared battle, and you can declare yourself a winner. I guess we don’t know i don’t know exactly how they work yet, but that’s. What we’re going to figure out today, we’re going to uh i’m going to do an unboxing of this and then we’ll do a short little test flight of one of them indoors. Then i’ll make a follow up. Video we’ll actually try to battle mode out, because i got to get my daughter or someone to help me do that so we’ll get to the unboxing a little test flight right after this. Before that, this video is brought to you by super clean. The original tough task, cleaner and degreaser pull the trigger and super clean, goes to work, dissolving grease and removing grime oil wax dirt and tar super easy super fast use it at full. Strength for super cleaning. Power are diluted for everyday messes and you’ve got super value. Industrial strength, yet biodegradable and phosphate free super clean, cleaner degreaser is widely available at most automotive retailers, lowe’s walmart and online at All right guys so let’s take a closer look at the batenzik wisp and then we’ll try to take it up and do a little test flight here in the basement just to get an idea how it flies of course, like i said in the intro i’ll, have To make another video where we’ll test out the battle mode and i’ll include some fpv footage as well, because it does have a camera in the nose.

So i already cut the tape let’s go ahead and on the box so that’s. Why it’s already open let’s go ahead and take the plastic off the top here you can see there’s not a whole lot here, but you know it shouldn’t be on a little drone like this it’s, not a lot of stuff in the box. Let’S, go ahead and we’ll take a look at the drone and the controller and then some of these little accessories that are in here. So you can see the battery clamps in here or snaps in here on the bottom and it’s, just a like a hard case. Battery it goes in here. Of course, this is sort of a ducted fan type design, but it is um. You know it’s not like try or quad blades it’s, just single more traditional two blade props on this guy, so that might probably probably help a little bit. The flight time you might get a little longer flight time, but you won’t get quite as much lift as you would, with the three or four blade props on this. Of course, just little brushed motors it’s, not a brushless quadcopter, especially not this price point and let’s. Take a look here on the bottom here is where some of this stuff is that’s, going to be important for the battle mode. Now this would be where an optical flow camera would go, but it’s just a solid piece of plastic, so i’m going to make sure this is focusing in right and uh there’s, nothing there.

But this this is your infrared stuff right here. This looks like your infrared sensor. I believe that will detect the infrared blasts coming from the second drone. If you buy two of these, because of course you have to have two to have a battle, and i think the one on the front here is the actual blaster. This sent out the infrared uh light you know out and then you can shoot the other drone and then it will notify you whenever you’ve hit the other well, the other quadcopter will react when you hit it and then on the front. Here is your little fpv camera. So if you’re doing a battle – and you want to fly with fpv you might this – might help you aim a little bit you’re at your opponent, though i think a lot of people are gon na probably rely on line to site because you’re you always have a Little lag in your fpv, so the more lag there is by time you shoot. The person’s drone may be out of your view. You know what i’m saying so that’s something to take in acceleration. You know, depending on how much lag if you’re playing this indoors, which most people would and you’re really close, the lag is going to be very it’s, going to be there just won’t be as much as if you’re flying farther away with one of these drones and They do they do. As i show the box here, i’ll show you there’s two colors there’s a red one as well.

So if you wanted to get a white and a red that probably make a battle easier, i just happen to have both white ones, so that probably is going to make a battle mode a little bit harder. Just because you know, if you’re really close together, you, you know, you might get confused, which drone is yours and which is the other person’s. So let’s go ahead and look at the controller you’ve got your altitude hold, which you’d expect on the drone like this makes. It a little easier to fly here’s your power button. This is your auto, take off and landing. This looks like a photo and a video button. I would assume that those work, but sometimes on these kind of drones and stuff you end up with it working out of the app and not the controller, but usually it works, and this is a emergency motor kill, stop button here’s your trim buttons for your pitch And your roll: this is your gyro calibration. This will calibrate it the level. So if your drone is drifting on you, when you take off, you usually want to do that before you take off on a level surface and then you may not have to trim it. Sometimes the gyro is not set to level, so the drone once thinks that maybe this is level and then you end up ends up floating on you. So you want to make sure that you, you know if you’re, that banging that’s, my kids upstairs.

So i apologize for that someone’s misbehaving and then here on, the back you’ve got some buttons. So this button right here is your infrared blaster. So you press this it’ll send that out and if you hit the your opponent, the their drone will react and i’ll go over that and get the instruction manual exactly what the drone will do when it does get shot here’s your headless mode. So if you want to fly without having no orientation, you can use this. So i never recommend that this is your 360 flips. So you can flip the drone and it will do a complete. You know it’ll rise up and do a complete flip, and that might be a good thing if you’re battling someone to try to to avoid their shot. A lot of people just in the past that’s just been something that’s been a neat looking gimmick, but you might actually have a useful reason to use it in this. On these drones notice. Your speed rates, i don’t, know how many speeds there are it’s gon na be two or three, usually the drones. They will they’ll just fly faster more pitched, though it’s possible that sometimes the yaw rate will most of the time the yaw rate will increase as well. So y’all is is how fast is when a drone does this on its axis? This is yaw, so it may spin, faster and so let’s go ahead. Now, that’s all the controls here’s your battery compartment.

I don’t know if it takes double a’s or aaa’s, but it looks like they provided batteries. I think it’s triple a’s, because that’s something i did notice in here. They do provide you with batteries, and that is very uncommon that the the manufacturer provides you with batteries to use, but i think that’s great, because you don’t have to worry about buying some. So we can. You can throw these in and everything once you charge your battery you’re ready to go. You don’t have to worry about providing your batteries, so it’s good enough to show you the batteries and then we’ll go over the charger and the instructions and then, like i said, we’ll get it up in the air here and try to do at least a little. A test flight with it, so it is it’s going to be very hard to read this again, sometimes i’m manually, focusing my camera here like that. So you see it jumping around i’m doing that that’s just so. We could try to get this text in it’s a 3.7 volt which i figured uh. It looks like it’s, 700 milliamp hour on this little alipo battery. The charging port is this very small, little uh plug so, unfortunately, it’s sort of a unique charger and i’ll show you that you’ll have to plug that into it and then charge it. Doesn’T use a usb micro usb or anything like that to charge the battery no id on the flight time yet in the test flight we’re going to do here in a moment, i’ll just be using one of these.

They usually come around 50 charge. So it’s not going to be a full charge, it’s just going to be a quick. Hopefully you know minute flight or something to see how it flies, and hopefully the battery is not completely dead, like i still usually not completely dead in the packaging. Let’S, go take a look, here’s instructions and what other accessories we have we have here is that usb charging cable so that charging cable um it has that little. You know pull type plug again, so you have to make sure you don’t lose this to charge these batteries and it is nice. They provide you a two that’s much more common with these amazon uh distributed drones. Is they lots of times will provide you with more than one uh battery? So you have a lot more time, for you know play time, then, if you order from china you’re more often getting a single battery drones and then you’ve got a phillips screwdriver and you get some a full set of extra props. Oddly enough they’re white, which is not a big deal, it’s just that they’re, not the black props, like that, comes on it same style of prop, and some of my the white may actually look. I think white might actually look cooler in here with the white accent and the white uh shell on the top of the drum, and you get a prop puller that this little tool is here. This allows you to uh get the uh underneath the prop and the in the top of the brush motor and pop the propellers off now.

Let’S. Take a quick look at the instruction manual like i’ve already peaked at this that’s. Why i was familiar with all the controls? Your english is here in the front, and here are those i’m going to make sure again that i got that the camera is focused in right on this since i’m, holding up a little higher and you can see all the things i went over the battle mode 360 flips a speed, switch and uh, but actually – and one thing i misspoke on while ago – i said that that fast 360 flip here in the back – that this is 360 flips. This is actually going to do a fast yaw. So i actually misspoke on that. So this button right here is not a 360 flip it’s going to make the drone start to spin really quickly on its yaw axis and that’s, probably going to make it harder for you to get shot, because you got to hit that red infrared sensor with the Other person trying to shoot you 360 flip is going to press down on the on your right, stick: it’ll, probably beep, and then you can tell which way you want to go. So this is how you do 360 flips. This auto yaw is something i’ve seen in some of these smaller loops, and i didn’t know this one had that, so you got to auto yaw and the 360 flips the app you’re going to use with this is called the buttinsic toy app, and i know i Saw it in here, i will put a screenshot of it here: intensive toy so that’s the app you’re going to use, if you’re, using a smartphone, to be able to see your fpv feed, and maybe your battery power is usually not gon na, be a whole lot Of information in this apps on a basic toy drone like this yeah, i mean it’s pretty much.

It does have some hand gestures you can use, tells just about two hours to charge the battery. It mentions here’s the 3d flips, which sometimes we’ll call 360 flips, but they’re used in 3d in three dimensional, because the 360 is just going to be that yaw axis spin tells you to place, replace your propellers looks like both sticks down and in and does start Your props and then you can do the auto takeoff or landing here. So sometimes these drones will start to props for the button take off so that many other times you have to actually unlock them manually, and then you press the auto takeoff button or you can just give it throttle. You don’t have to do that and you don’t need to use it to land either. You can just ease it to the ground and it’ll turn off. Otherwise you can do that auto landing and here’s a little information about the app it says. A video resolution 720p that’s what i figured takes: jpegs for your nmpa mp4 format, for the videos, mp4 and jpegs, for your photos. Okay, guys. I think that wraps up the table review portion of this video, what i’m going to do now is i’ll. Stop this get my head cam on probably and we’ll just do a little test flight here i might use a tripod we’re just going to fly really close to me just to see initial reactions of how i think this drone flies, since a lot of people will Be doing indoor flight battles again, it won’t be a charged battery it’ll, be as it comes out of the box, so it’s not going to have the accurate flight time so we’ll be right back with that.

Little short indoor flight review in just a moment all right guys so i’m, just going to take it up here, i’m, just going to use my tripod since it’s a very confined area. Again, this is not going to be a long flight. I don’t know if i may not even get 30 seconds that’s when i get it up in the air. Just get some initial idea how i feel that this drone fly since it’s going to be mostly indoor flying and people are doing these battles, because outdoors the sunlight i didn’t mention i should have mentioned this earlier. Sunlight will interact or confuse infrared to where you could actually get false reactions um if the drone shot and you uh, it may actually block the signal too, when you’re firing it and what i didn’t mention was instruction man, i don’t know it’s actually specific. I have to grab it, but the drone will react when it’s shot so it’s going to do like a left and a right when it’s first shot and then, like you know, by the third shot, it’ll do a 360 spin and then it’ll. You know a left right and a 360 spin and then the fourth time you’re shot. It will do a left right and then i think it’ll land and then you once it lands. You know, you’ve lost the battle, so that was you know. It’Ll react with each shot and after four times that’s whenever you have lost the battle, so that was an instruction manual.

I just forgot to touch on that section a while ago, so let’s go ahead and we’ll unlock the props. You can see here, we’ll unlock them and let’s. Just do that. Auto. Take off Music let’s, see how it’s kind of going back so let’s do a auto landing let’s. Do that gyro calibration and see if that helps at all, so the gyro calibration was, and i can see the light flashing there and let’s take it up now again and see if it drifts and we’ll trim it so let’s go ahead and unlock the props and That looks stable, so you can see that’s why a gyro calibration is important. Now it’s not drifting backwards like it was while ago. So this is the lowest rate: Music there’s, the middle rate. It got faster on the yaw and there’s the highest rate, much sportier there’s. The lowest rate you see, it’s we’re, getting a low battery warning it’s, like i said, we’re not going to get a very long flight Music. So i can’t do it. When you get the low battery the drone’s not going to, let you do 360 flips Music. I just want to see how it flew the beeping actually is telemetry to the controller, so the controller’s beeping, letting me know that the drones told it that the battery voltage is low. So if i try to do a 360 flip, you see it didn’t it won’t. Do it, if i press in it won’t, do it Music, but it seems a fly grip.

This reminds me a lot of that it’s, a flying pig or something that led drone from batinsic well tom’s on is owned by patenzik it’s, like a battle version of that one. No, i don’t remember that one may have had tri blade props. I can’t remember. I gifted that to my neighbor but yeah we’re not going to test the battle or anything and let’s see if it does that auto y’all. If it’ll do that, before the battery goes low Music, no, it may disable that on low battery as well we’ll test that out whenever we get to the actual, you know full flight review i’m going to go ahead and land it, as you guys can tell. This is a very noisy drone, so let’s go ahead and do an auto landing. Music. Oh almost fell off the table so yeah this is it’s really noisy. Sometimes these little brushed drones will be noisy like that, but yeah. I think it flies great from what i saw. Obviously i was not able to test the flips of the yaw and obviously not the battle mode, because i don’t have two of them people to fly right now, but you can see it. It flew pretty nice. Of course, it’s got the fpv camera so when we get the full review, i’m – probably going to fly this drone by myself to test the flips out, you know – and i probably would do that outdoors – the flips, the auto yaw and how does the fpv camera look? Is it going to be something we could be? We might be able to usable in a battle.

Then i’ll come back with my daughter or somebody to try to do a battle mode and now be more focused on just this infrared part. Working that’ll need to be done, probably down here somewhere indoors, because again outside especially on a sunny day, the infrared is probably going to be interfered with by the sunlight either your drone is going to possibly get a false hit or more likely. The the infrared signal is just going to be blocked out and not hit the other drone unless you’re super close. So again, i would recommend trying the battle mode indoors, so yeah the battery wasn’t fully charged. You saw it. I said we might get a minute and that’s probably what we got but a fully charged battery. I hope we would get you know at least five to seven minutes. I’M. Not just a guess again. I don’t know if there’s an advertised flight time on this drone. All right guys that wraps up the unboxing overview and initial indoors test flight for this little intensive, wisp, uh battle drone hope you enjoyed this again stay tuned. Whenever i i don’t know how soon it’ll be, but as soon as i can i’ll get a full flight review in and battle mode tests on this little drone be sure to consider subscribing to the channel if you’re new to the channel click that bell.