Today we are testing out the potenzic p4, also known as the falcon hd drone. It is a foldable 1080p resolution, wi fi fpv altitude hold rc quadcopter ready to fly. So this thing is super duper light. It comes in at just 135 grams with the battery installed, so no registration is required. Now, however, it has brushed motors embedded inside the arms and gears to rotate the dual bladed floppy props, with a center hub. We got a manually tilt adjustable wi fi, fpv 1080p resolution camera up in the front, but there is no dvr built in. So all the recordings will be saved to the wi fi phone app and thus into the camera roll of your phone or device. The phone app is called the potenzic fly, app a free downloadable app in the app store, so go ahead and check it out. Now we have the power push button on and off switch on. The top of the canopy and the battery bay is in the rear. Push the two tabs that are locking on the sides and pull to remove the battery. The battery is a 3.7 volt, 1300 milliamp size battery. It is said to be good for about 20 minutes of flight time. They do, however, provide you with a second battery for a total flight time of 40 minutes charge it up via the provided charge. Cable just connect the receptacle onto the battery itself slide it until it makes contact and power source.

The usb there will be a red led light while it is charging and once it is fully charged. The red led light will turn off, remove the charge, cable line up the battery to install and slide it in, and it will lock into place. The remote controller is a familiar one and it has the pull out phone holder on the bottom spring loaded and if you are not using it to hold a phone, it makes for a nice hand, grip. We have flip out antennas on the top, but these are fake antennas. They are just for looks. The real antenna is embedded inside of the remote controller. So, on the left shoulder we have the speed. Changing button speeds one two and three can be had, and we also have the headless mode button on the right shoulder. We have the dedicated video button and we have the photo button. You can press the photo button and the speed control button simultaneously for emergency stop. In the front, we have the gyro calibration button, the one key to take off and one kit of land button, and we have all directional trim buttons and in the middle we have the power push button on and off switch now. Bolt sticks to the bottom and in will arm and disarm the motors of the quadcopter and both sticks to the bottom and to the right will also calibrate the gyros of the quadcopter. It will take three double a size batteries all right guys.

So here we go with a demo flight of the potenzic p4 or the falcon hd drone. We got a freshly charged battery inserted and here is the power push button on and off switch. So lets press the power button and we got red, led lights on the back of the battery and we have blue led lights in the front of the quadcopter. No other led lights to be had here, so lets place it on a flat level, surface power up the remote control up and down on the throttle, completes the binding process. So lets go ahead and get into the settings here. The wi fi section of the settings and im connected to the potenzic wi fi network and here is how the app looks like potenzic fly app. Let me go ahead and hit it and see some valleys and hills, and here we go start and we are in the wi fi fpv interface, so lets go ahead and check it out here. Yeah looks pretty good, looks like a narrow field of view. Let me go ahead and screen record here. Three two one boom all right screen is recording horizon, looks a little crooked, perhaps its just the way the table is so lets go ahead and calibrate the quadcopter here you can either do that with the push button. Gyro calibration button or both sticks at the bottom and to the right im going to calibrate it looking this way because its more level, so let me hit that gyro button and we are calibrated.

We can also do this by both sticks to the bottom and right same thing. All right and we are calibrated, so thatll be our northbound heading and if we go this way, itll be the southbound heading, west and east. I usually calibrate it facing that way, but it was a little crooked. All right so lets go ahead and check this thing out. Lets take some photos. Okay, there you go taking a photo there. There yeah the car, looks very close, so it has a pretty narrow field of view, not a fish eye type field of view at all, so theres, no warping on the horizon. When i go up and down okay, one more photo and lets switch over to the video mode or just hit the video button, and we are taking a video check that out all right. So we are good to go. We have calibrated and whatnot. Let me go ahead and face it that way and thats still crooked yeah, so our northbound heading is that way, all right, so lets go ahead and arm and disarm both six to the bottom and in arms it and both sides of the bottom and in will Disarm it lets see if the one key to take off and land arms and takes off hey there. You go arms and takes off all right, yeah its got a little drift to the right, so you can use the trim buttons to correct the drift, so lets bring it back here.

Okay, now it has a slight drift forward. So im gon na its pretty good im going to hit the rear, trim and looks like i got it just right. It is holding pretty steady here. Its got a slight drift that way fix that and go back to the center of the forward and rear trim. Its going backwards now and there is a little breeze. That is the reason why very mild breeze and is starting to come back, but thats, pretty good. All right lets see what speed we are in. Okay, speed number one: okay, full pitch speed number one: oh the turn was pretty uh, abrupt wow. Look at that just a little input of the yaw there. You go nice and smooth there: okay, very small, slight input of the yaw, and then we can make a smoother turn and, oh, i feel, like i lost control of it. Maybe we have like a situation where the phone app 2.4 gigahertz is interfering with the uh remote control here, okay, so here we go full pitch full yaw in speed number one: pretty nice now speed number two: okay yeah, not the fastest quadcopter, but oh yeah. It kind of has a little weird disconnect yeah. I have a feeling this one has kind of a issue with the 2.4 gigahertz it doesnt respond and it is going away from me somewhat okay, youre going to have a fly away situation like this yeah. Here we go coming back towards me, oh come on, oh no, it has a mind of its own guys.

So definitely has an issue with the 2.4 gigahertz, maybe its good for an indoor flyer, you cant go very far, look im pitching all the way, and oh this time its going pretty far and its bobbing a little bit there. I lost control. It is just holding this position even though im pitching yeah yeah not very good controllability on this one guys all right. So what speed am i in okay? Now its speed number three, i didnt even do the full pitch full yarn speed number two, but heres the full pitch full yarn, speed, number three: okay, basically almost about the same. It does, however, go a little faster in speed. Number three – i guess yeah. So i think we got a kind of a dud here that doesnt respond very well to the remote control and i do believe its because of the phone app both of uh, which is 2.4 gigahertz. So let me go ahead and stop the recording and the video is frozen as well as you can see so im going to stop the recording and bring it back here. Im gon na go ahead and stop the screen recording as well to get that saved. Just in case the screen recording fails to record okay. So what im gon na do then is im gon na go ahead and land it, okay, holding the throttle down and the motors shut off, so recording is saved. So what i want to do is i want to get out of the wi fi.

So im going to go into my settings and im going to turn off wi fi completely there you go. I turned off wi fi completely all right now, just in case i have the same app on my ipad, so just in case im going to go ahead and turn off the wi fi in case it connects with my ipad as well so wi fi is completely Off so lets go ahead and see how this thing behaves without any wi fi uh interference all right, so both six to the bottom and in i want to manually, take off so not a very good quadcopter to be using with the wi fi phone app and Look at that: oh without the wi fi phone app turned on no control, yeah and im so close here, okay, pushing it out this way and look at that. It is bobbing back and forth and it is not responding so either way, even with the phone up disconnect it and it is coming down – and it is landing by itself and looks like the motors are still spinning. Okay, so emergency. Stop there, you go emergency, stop works alright, so not much distance can be had with this quadcopter guys, so not a very good quadcopter, not even for beginners. I was gon na say you know, because of the brushed motors uh its a good beginner quadcopter, because you know brushed motors wont, cut you up. Brushless motors are so much more uh stronger that you know just in case for a beginner uh.

If you make a mistake, the props will cut you up but on a brushed motor quadcopter like this, even though it hits you it will just scratch you up, it wont cut you up, so i was going to suggest this to be a beginner quadcopter, but we Dont even have distance here, not even 20 meters. I say okay, so lets take off one more time. So i have control right near the vicinity, but once i go away a little bit, it loses control. Look at that yeah, not very good. I cant turn around even not even 20 meters – oh my god, yeah so basically stay away from this one guys, and this is called the potenzic p4 or the falcon hd drone. Oh wow, oh wow, i cant even arm. I got ta get this close to arm. So i, if you want a quack after that, you can fly within 20 meter radius. Yeah then go ahead and knock yourself out, but yeah by the time you hit 20 meters. You will be disconnected look at that bobbing up and down, perhaps good enough to practice. Some back and forth movements, but once you go away from yourself just a little bit and look at that, i have no control this bobbing back and forth and i lost control. Okay, oh thank god. It is coming back towards me, its blobbing back and forth. Trying to come back, i lost control again, so i think i strongly will advise you stay away from this one yeah with the phone apps, both of them turned off.

I dont have any other device that will interfere, and this field is a very good field for testing. Quadcopters ive been doing testing on this field for years and ive never had a quadcopter that disconnects like this here. So there you go guys. My brief flight test of the potenzic p4, the falcon hd, drowned so im going to call it here and bring this guy in no sense. Do any more further testing on this one. So thatll be it for this video uh, the falcon hd. The popenzik p4 lets hit the one key to land and that works. You can still redirect it there we go and the motors shot off right. So there you go guys the potenzic p4, the falcon hd drone, so yeah stay away from it, not a very good drone at all. At this time of age of the quadcopter era, i mean to see something like this out there in the marketplace, not very good. Theres so many other quadcopters that are so much better than this, so get yourself, something like the uh sjrc f11 gps, quadcopter f11s. Those are really nice. 3000 meter distance, unlike this one, not even 20, meter distance, all right guys. So there you go. That will conclude this video of the potenza p4, the falcon hd drone. Thank you so much for tuning in and watching have a great day and well see you again.