So if you havent seen it before, itll all be new to you and we never speak of it ever again. Yay right what we got weve got the firefly intensic drone ive got the smallest camera drone they sell yeah. This is really cool this one, because you can plug it into your phone and control it using your phone and its its all gravy yay right lets have a look, what weve got so what weve got inside the box, its our lovely, tiny firefly drone. Do you like drones, everybody loves drones. This reminds me of my first video i made because my first air video im using all the same lines right james right here, is our drone inside the box. We have got our stuff, as i said, ive reviewed this before, so i threw it ball back in the box and not neatly because im, not a neat person, because i throw everything everywhere and im really lazy. Right here was a little tiny drone isnt. She nice. Shell be called jeff jeff, the drone jeff the female drone, and this is the navigator 2 because it will navigate itself into the nearest brick wall. When i fly it yay and thats, where your battery goes, there is no battery inside it because ive been charging it up and it is green. The light has gone green, we know its good and it is done with it. This is why you dont throw things everywhere, because you lose them james, yeah, theres, a battery.

You get two batteries with it and ive charged this one up, so we can fly today for approximately about four minutes and it will fall out the sky. All right frame goes over. There, weve got a clip. This goes into your joy pad or whatever its called controller, and then you plug your phone into it and you control it using your phone and you can see where its going, because the drone has got a really tiny miniature camera. So you can spy on people. Although i wouldnt recommend using this outside because use this outside youll lose its more of an indoor drone because im not losing any more drones on this channel really got a two kill count so far: im not adding to it right. Its a spare battery youve got a screwdriver and spare propellers in case you break any. Luckily i havent broken any so far were doing well, theres a screwdriver to stick your propellers back on with yay and theres that item again. Okay made another appearance, and here are some books. Here is a warning and it says: keep away from power, lines, etc, because youll die and keep the battery away from animals flammable material liquid and do not overcharge the battery, because it will catch fire. And you will also die so do not die, and here is a vip club to extend your warranty. Ive had this for about. I havent had this for probably over a year, so my warranty is now expired that if you do want a warranty, you get a warranty with it.

God knows where youre cashing, that who knows all right here is our controller. It has an out of range around a ranger arm, a house of range alarm. So when the drone is gon na fly at a control range, the transmitter will alarm with sound of did he did he did he? Please fly the drone back to your control range as soon as possible, otherwise the drone may be out of control and fly away like a small bird. So if youre going to adopt a bird, it will do the same thing. Although birds dont have. I have control alarms, but they might go diddy, diddy and taking photos and recording video are available after connecting with the smartphone yay, and there were some diagrams and youve got the shutter button and the record button the other buttons that i never actually use, because they Are fiddly, and this takes some batteries – it takes four of your finest poundland at double, as so, what you do with this? Is you plug this thing into? I never remember which way it goes. I assume so yeah all right plug the battery in. I have already downloaded the app to save time, so we can get flying straight away, but well do that in a minute, because ive got to reset things up, because i cant film me flying a drone from this camera angle because itd be very quick. Just fight poison ill, be it actually lets see if we can take off first and then well plug my phone into it.

So this is really fiddly. If you break any of these wires you she probably will then yeah that goes in there. How does it go in james like that? There we go turn it on turn that on and they should stop blinking really fast when theyre connected, and you have to press a button on here like that, its not connecting now its not connecting my drawings broken. This is where you keep pressing button. Suddenly it flies up in your face. There we go jesus its under out of control. What were gon na do there is a kill, switch there. You go right. What were going to do is were going to plug a phone into it and control it using the phone because thats what you buy it for the camera and the phone controlly bitty majiggy, so yeah were going to do that right now, exciting. Take off! Oh, i died again right lets. Go! Do that right, kids, its all very, very exciting, because were now going to marry the drone to the phone that rhymes drone phone marry the drone to right enough right. The way you connect your phone to the drone, i love saying that its really cool is you use wi fi? Yes, you use wi fi connected, so we need to do before you go into the app is you must click on your wi fi settings and it is called the oh dear james, youre, an amateur right.

First, you want to turn your drone on and then it will initiate some kind of wi fi connection and it is still searching. Why is this all going wrong? What do i pay you people for right, its called udri the release that one is the open network. Youre gon na find and itd be the first one you find, and the last thing you see is it flies towards your face right that is connected, and then we open the intensic app, and this is where your hopes and dreams will come. True, as you can see, there is lots of controls and if i rotate my phone, the little knob moves yeah you can get rid of all this stuff. You can have it like. How do i get rid of it all? Oh, i dont know how you get rid of it all, but you can get rid of all this crap on the screen. Oh james, what have you done, as you can see here, is the camera on the front. It sees all wheres my face. Where is my face? Hold the camera properly there we go. Thats me there is everything else thats my messy front room so yeah, that is your camera and theyre great. So this camera will help us navigate and make you really dizzy. When i go like this so two ways of controlling the drone, we can either use the phone or the controller. So this would normally plug into here like this, on the little stand like so magic, but were not going to do that because its fiddly well its not fiddly, but after a while this red light will stop flashing.

Oh come on screw, the idea were controlling using the phone that is already plugged in, but its going to be the same as this all your buttons that are on this are on the phone, so dont fret right. We must take off if theres still battery left. So we must take off using the up button. There we go as you can quickly see. I cant actually control this thing. Using my. It will also automatically cut out if it hits something it will automatically fall out the sky, so the batteries died on the bloody drone. As you can see, there was a battery indicator at the bottom and uh yeah its the battery on its dead, but i did fly earlier and i will chuck some footage of that in so what you can do. Also, if you dont want to control it using the joysticks on the phone, is you can draw pretty patterns and it will follow those badly. I dont know how that even works, but there you go that that that is what it does, and that is the app and lets turn that off and i cannot fly drones properly yay. So there you guys want to see me crash drones, and – and that is your potential drone boys and girls. Let me go and fetch it yeah battery life, isnt, brilliant, because i first made this video. It lasted about four minutes and i threw it for about a minute after that and now its dead, so yeah you do get three batteries of it.

You can charge one up by using the other and youll get about 10 minutes of flying time. What do you do, but the battery is tiny, so yeah, that is that and that is yeah droney majiggy thingy yay right that is it thats all ive got to show you batteries died. Everyone go home right have like this video today, dont forget to drop a great big fat thumbs up greatly appreciated, and if you want to see more of this craziness and dont forget to subscribe down below and flick the bell.