Roberts miles was first to say first in one of my recent videos and thus was a shout out. So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new potensic elfin drone. Now, what is the potential elephant? Well, if you look at it it’s a little small, portable drone folks, it’s, a fooling drone, um, very tiny, very lightweight 95 grams um because of its folding ability and being small and that it comes with a carrying case um. This makes it very portable for most people to be able to take this flat, most places additionally being 95 grams, um it’s, very unobtrusive. You can fly it in your neighborhood if you want – and in fact i think i am going to fly this in my neighborhood. Instead of going out uh to the local park, where i fly mainly because we’ve got a couple feet of snow out there, i don’t think i can get to my normal flying spot but again non obtrusive unobtrusive. Whichever is correct, uh your neighbors shouldn’t complain actually is what i’m trying to say. Folks, if you want to fly this around your neighborhood, i don’t think they’ll even notice it um being 95 grams. This does not require registration in most countries. You know it’s under the 250 gram limit um. However, some countries do require drones with a camera, and this one does come with a camera, so keep in mind if your country does require drones that have a camera being registered, this one will require registration in those countries now.

Additionally, this has an optical flow sensor. In the belly, let’s bring it up closer, so you can see the drone and the sensor. This enables the drone to look down directly beneath it and based on the view that it sees it can maintain its position in space in an automatic cover. Now this does require quite a bit of light to work properly. I tried using this down in my basement folks. It didn’t work very well in my basement, but outdoors it worked actually worked pretty well outdoors. So, keep that in mind you’re going to need a lot of light for this little pinhole camera to work properly to maintain the optical flow. It also has um altitude hold capability, which maintains the altitude of the drone automatically, so you don’t have to mess with the throttle to uh work altitude on this. Now it is powered by 3.7 volt brushed motors, so these may fail eventually, um usually will fail eventually with time, although they appear to be common. Uh i’m. Looking i’m guessing seven uh 720 motors in there, so you should be able to find replacements for that, and actually they look like the telo motors. So again you should be able to find replacements for those motors. If you look um let’s see i mentioned 3.7. Volt thousand milliamp hours now this does operate off of 2.4 gigahertz wi fi um, the video fpv video i’m going to go in that here shortly.

But what that means folks is that the the fpv signal from this at 2.4 gigahertz uh, will interfere with the 2.4 gigahertz of the controller. As a result, the fpv and control range of this drone is right around 50 meters. But again the advantage of 2.4 gigahertz wi fi is that most people have that on their phone. Okay, you don’t have to worry about looking up to see if your phone will work with this drone, it likely will because of that 2.4 gigahertz. Now. This is also advertised as having a 2k camera. Okay, a 2k sensor camera. Unfortunately, there is no sd card. Recording capability on this drone so um because of that, and because that we’re recording via wi fi to your phone what’s, actually recorded to your phone is 720p each or 720p video at about 15 frames per second, along with uh 720p still image photos from this drone. So there is no recording capability of recording 2k video uh, unfortunately, so that you know, i think that’s kind of a little misleading they’re saying this has 2k camera, even if it did f2k sensor, you cannot take advantage of it because of the way this is recorded. Um additionally, finally, i didn’t mention did i mention the battery. I don’t think i have this uses a 3.7 volt uh 1100 milliamp hour battery. That does give this drone quite a bit of flight time. I think it’s about over 10 minutes of flight time with that um and it also comes with uh the option of getting.

I think it does come standard with two two batteries. I believe so you will get good flight time out of that. Another thing about this is this: is charged via this uh usb or vs. This uh charging cable with a micro pin on the end of it uh plugs into the charging point port let’s see if it focuses right there and a little light will light up on the charger when this is plugged in it turns red when it’s charging and Then it turns green when it is fully charged um. One other thing i wanted to mention about indoor flying this does come also with prop guards. Now i tried flying this indoors with these prop guards installed. They do protect the propellers very well. However, they induce a vibration to the drone that causes the gyros to get confused and every once in a while. This drone will go flying off in a weird direction without me giving any command when i fly it with the prop guards on. So i do not recommend using these prop cards folks they trying to kind of confuse the drone confuse its uh gyro sensor when you install it because they cause some kind of weird vibration. So keep that in mind. It’S best for this drone flies best without the prop guards installed. Okay, i mentioned that let’s go over what you get in the box. Again, you get the controller or the carrying case it’s, actually not too bad of a carrying case, for this particular drone contains.

You. Can contain the drone and all its accessories? You get a nice uh instruction manual. I recommend reading it in its entirety. Before fly, you get the drone you get a battery for the drone along with a spare battery. You get a screwdriver for um. Actually, i don’t know what the screwdriver, oh, i know why they include screwdrivers. Somebody explained that to me a lot of these controllers that you see have have a screw inserted in them, because some countries require you to have a means of protect or securing the batteries from children. So they include include the screw in the controller and open it up that’s why they give you the screwdriver to open up the back of the controller to put batteries in um. You do get a spare set of propellers for it and it actually comes with batteries. Batteries are included for the controller and you get a battery charger for the drone’s batteries and you get these prop guards. I don’t want to talk more about the prop guards so well that’s the potential a beginner’s drone beginners learn to fly drone let’s, take it out into the field actually into my front yard and see how it flies so hope you enjoy this flight good morning. Quadcopter 101, here now, yuri’s been buried by another foot of snow i’m. Gon na have a hard i’d have a hard time getting to my normal flying area. So we’re gon na fly the potential golfing in my neighborhood here.

So i already have it connected to the controller and i’ve also connected the wi fi to my phone here before we take off. Let me start the video recording by pressing this button here on my controller and double checking that the recording has started. It has and we’re going to do a hand launch because of the snow and to do that. Put it like so i’m, going to press that automatic, take off button and let’s check out first off how’s that optical flow working it’s going to have a hard time working because of the snow. I got a feeling, so we’re probably going to have to do a lot of manual flying with this, but it seems to be holding its position. Let’S go up a bit higher and first off let’s go over on the street. Maybe the optical flow worked better there, but right there now it’s holding its position nicely and let’s rotate a bit showing the area circling now. This again is this: is you know, as the name of the app for the supplies, it’s a toy drone folks don’t? Try to you know think that this is going to be a professional drone, um again it’s advertised with 2k camera, but in reality it’s only 720p. So that’s another thing to keep in mind now: the wind’s buffing it quite a bit right now and i’m, pushing full forward trying to fight that wind, so we’re going to have to go to a higher rate here, bringing it closer here.

Let me land it right. There, because my phone just flopped out of my uh hand here i’m going to land it right there on the street. So i can reinsert my phone i’m sorry about that folks, but it fell out. Okay, we are still recording i’m gon na stop the recording and restart it and making sure it’s restarted and now i’m in a higher rate because of the wind let’s hit automatic takeoff again and bring it up close it’s a nice looking little drone, it’s recording but We’Ll keep it close for the remainder yeah. How do you like the snow that erie gets around here folks now i’m, just gon na fly it as a sport drone right now, just checking out his sport ability. You know it’s camera is not the best. We have to remember that. That is a little sport drone it’s working. Well now i did try to fly this indoors. Here comes one of my neighbors let’s get out of here. I did try to fly this indoors and indoor flying yeah. It you put the prop drone or prop guards on it and the prop guards kind of aggravate the uh gyro calibration. So the drone will will tend to drift, get a weird drift on it. When you put the prop guards on taking them off, it performs well so let’s go up again, went up higher and from there again showing a neighborhood it’s flying nicely out here so again, overall it’s, just a cheap beginner’s learn to fly drone, and if you keep That in mind, you’ll, probably like this drone under 250 grams at only 95 grams, does not require registration coming lower let’s bring it up close how’s, my wi fi wi fi still still working fine coming around.

Oh, i hear geese, oh they’re not coming this way. I was hoping they’d come this way. Let’S go over my yard here. Coming around again, the optical flow let’s. Try at the optical flow let’s, take it out in the street where there’s no snow and see if it’ll hold its position right there. Okay, it should be holding its position, but it’s drifting, a bit let’s try hitting a right drift. There we go now it’s kicking in so the optical flow is working. With that in mind. Let me get in the picture. Go up a bit higher, so optical flow is working so going out, let’s go down the street a bit, come around, go up and show the street and the little drone up in the sky and coming back down again let’s see how, like the flight time, we Get on this is optical flow. Holding its position now indoors light lighting indoors might not be enough for the optical flow to work. I found that out also so two things i found out indoor flying is kind of sketchy uh. You want to put the crop guards on, but when you do it aggravates the gyros, take the prop guards off and it flies well, so let’s go to higher rate highest rate. Try sport sport drone flying! Actually let me stop the video recording first let’s. Try photo pushing forward turning going up, pulling back turning around going up, let’s go over and consider myself in the picture.

Okay and optical flow is working again, so okay recording started again all right. Where is it tried to start the recording, but it doesn’t seem to be recording let’s go over here with the white background recording’s, not starting. Oh there we go let’s go one now now without that sd card recording capability, all we’re getting on this is 720p video from the 2.4 gigahertz wi fi um. It says it has a uh here, let’s slow down. That rate. Did i stop the video recording? It says it has a 2k sensor, but you’re not going to be able to record 2k over 2.4 gigahertz wi fi, so that’s, why we got 720p, so yeah they’re they’re not lying about the sensor it’s just that they’re, since it doesn’t have sd card record capability. You can’t utilize that two point or 2k camera towards position well pulling back a bit. Let’S go right there and show me there now. 15 frames per second 720p is not very good, as you can see here. Let me sync it up here: um you’re, going to get a lot lag, a lot of frame, dropping so that’s 2.4 gigahertz wi fi is again not really the way to go that’s. Another thing i’ve seen this advertised with five gigahertz wi fi it’s, not true it’s. Two gigahertz two four videos let’s get a thumbnail; okay, that one’s picking up even more so let’s go to higher rates. Second rate and we’ll do sport flying around the area coming around.

I knew i was gon na hit that tree i’d do it, and i did and let’s i’m gon na have to go into the snow to get it. Oh it’s, two feet of snow folks and that drone is buried buried in the snow let’s. Stop that video recording is recording, stopped blowing off the snow. Well, we’re, not going to worry about overheating. These motors today are we okay, let’s, try that auto take off again see if this actually will still work after hitting that snow yeah, no problem going back out! No problem, okay, am i recording recording i’m trying to record there. We go recording now bright sunny day, so we know it’s snow resistant, wonderful, eerie, snow. Now, a lot of people ask me: why did i move from california to erie? Well, the main reason i was trying to get away from earthquakes. Folks, you know that the place where i used to fly there, ridge, crest, california, just back about a year ago, a year and a half ago, had a six point. Four and seven point one magnitude, earthquakes july, fourth and fifth of uh, 2019., so that’s why we left, i don’t want to feel any more of those earthquakes. Oh it’s scary, i got ta admit okay flying around. I want to avoid that tree. Okay, i think there’s our battery power and it’s landing so that’s the end of its flight time so that’s, a little elephant elephant e e88 uh beginners learn to fly uh quadcopter, nice, tiny portable should be good for beginners, so hope you enjoyed this flight it’s quadcopter.

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