Hey ive got an interesting drone. Today, uh the folks at potensic uh sent me one of their dreamer 4k. Pro drones uh. Now this is an interesting drone. I had the original potensic dreamer and it did not have a 3 axis gimbal on it and therefore it was a little disappointing, not a little disappointing. A lot disappointing. The the footage off that drone, for all intents and purposes, was unusable because it was so shaky. Now this drone is a big improvement because it has a three axis gimbal on it and theyve made some other changes too also, instead of your mobile device being connected to the controller via wi fi theyre, now using an otg cable, so youre going to get a Much more reliable connection from the controller to the drone and to more importantly, or, as importantly, the fpv view that you get on your on your phone uh. The other thing that strikes me about this product uh is they. The presentation is really something special and i think it makes it worthwhile. So i made some notes here. Let me uh, let me talk about the specifications a little bit uh. You know in this era of you know: 4k drones, theres theres a lot of them out there uh, whereas a year or two ago that might have been something pretty dramatic. It isnt so much now, but theres, some other things that this drone brings to the table. Uh form factor being one of them anyway, its not a lightweight drone.

Its an 820 gram drone, so uh youre going to have to have your faa sticker on the side of that, whether youre hobby or part 107 youre still going to want to register the drone. Theyre saying a flight time of 28 minutes uses gps and glonass. Obviously it is a gps drone. It has a one over three sony sensor now: thats, not a huge sensor, thats fairly small but uh, but well see how it looks. Uh 16 megapixel is what theyre saying picture resolution theyre saying: 4608 by 3456 uh video resolution 3840 by 2160, so thats 4k at 30 frames per second uh and its uh. The the the data rate is 60 megabits per second, which is pretty good and supports a fat32 uh file system uh, and it is in jpeg and h.264 codec uh. It says itll use with a between a four to two hundred and fifty six gigabyte uh card im, gon na say a 32 gigabyte card is going to be all you need, and fortunately they include an sd card with the drone. Not many companies do that. Nowadays, uh lets see so it is a 3 000 milliamp battery uh 15.2 volts uh, its a 4s lipo, essentially so thats kind of the main things about the drone. I cant remember if i said flight time, theyre saying 20 minutes 28 minutes, but most drone companies typically exaggerate that a little bit or i dont know if theyre talking about hovering or whatever.

But if you get 20 minutes of flight time, trust me thats going to be plenty thats thats about all you need, but, more importantly, or not, more importantly, but something that is kind of cool about this drone is the presentation so uh. I want to open the thing up along with you here and show you whats in the box. As i see it, ive ive looked inside the box, i havent touched anything were going to do that together. So lets do that right now: okay, the first thing that i want to show you is this case that they that they put it in here, uh wow. This thing appears to be made out of aluminum and its got a an interesting uh geometrical design on the front of it here and on the on all the top. They clearly its not often that a drone company goes to the trouble of building a a quality uh case like this, and i think it says something for the presentation of the drone so lets uh lets quit messing around lets open it up. So there you have it, so you can see the top of the case there now how it uh its got. Uh foam on there and holds everything in place now lets take a look at whats inside the box here. So, of course you get the the user manual and uh ill. Tell you what i typically do and you can do it right on the potentic website.

Is you can download this electronically, which is what i usually do so i have it on my computer and i can look things over and then here it is the the drone itself and uh boy its a good looking piece. I, like the red accents here and its packed really well. What does this say? It says uh to load, to put the correct, clockwise and counterclockwise props on, of course, thats uh thats a given thats, something that were going to want to do so there. It is uh and you can see that theres, that camera with the on the three axis gimbal and i can appreciate that its packed real well with uh, foam, etc. Uh and you can see this is not a small drone, uh and then on the bottom. Here you can see the the gimbal restraining device or gimbal guard whatever you want to call it. It does not appear to have a lens cover, but if youre keeping it in this uh case, youre, probably all right and you can see down in this case its got. The foam is set up that its going to hold it uh pretty steady. So one of the things that i wanted to mention about this drone is the form factor and the fact that its a traditional drone uh with legs and fixed arms on it. You know in this era of folding drones that may seem like a negative, but i can tell you uh theres a lot of times when you may not need a folding drone and if youre landing in grass etc or say youre out on the beach.

Those kinds of things these lights can come in handy and then also, if youre hand catching the drone. It is so easy to hand catch a drone by just grabbing the legs and youre well clear of the props. So you know: thats comes from the old phantom 3 phantom 4 days and you know i appreciate that uh so lets turn it around here and you can see uh where the the battery goes here so yeah, nothing really big to show there. But, like i said, i think its a it feels like a good quality piece. I like the red accents on the arms here and the potentic logo there, and i am not sure, but i believe that when you fire it up this lights up with the potensic logo, i believe uh. But you can see the uh. You know take another look at the at the gimbal here and its uh, its well mounted on those uh silicone rubber, cushions, so uh you know were gon na find out when we fly it, but i look forward to nice smooth video with this guy. So what else have we got here? Weve got the usual uh charge block. You know, thats uh, you know nothing uh terribly new to any of us. So uh you know charge block. Is a charge block got the charge cord there. I dont think you guys are going to need me to get take that thing out, but uh battery wise ive got comes with one battery, and this is that uh 3 000 milliamp battery uh rated at 15.

2 volts and you power it on and off on the On the back here and yeah, it gives us instructions here, our usual uh short press and long press like were used to with with dji products so and this slides right in the back of the of the drone we might as well demonstrate that i mean you Guys have all done it many times before, with anybody thats been around a lot of drones, they use the same process so just slides in the back here i need to pull that out. Well, i dont need to pull it off to slide it in felt it snap in there, and you just hold down on these to pull it back out. Okay, what else have we got here? In fact, i can look at the list here and tell you what we should find uh. We should find the the transmitter and uh an extra pair of propellers uh and the k the the cables here. So here is the transmitter so uh. This is the uh. The the femi style of transmitter, which i really like and theyre explaining to you here, that no your joysticks are not missing. Uh theyre under this cover right here so theres your joysticks. You pull those out and screw them in uh. I like that, keeps them out of the way, but you it slides, open like this, and that is thats where your mobile device is going to fit in uh sport mode slide it over there regular mode here, uh.

That is a return to home button right. There. Thats take off and landing. This, of course, is the power button, uh short press and then a long press, so its on looks. We need to charge it its only half charged but shut it back down uh and then on the back here. Im quite sure that this roller is for controlling the gimbal im, not sure ill have to look this one up, i suspect its probably ev, and then we have the buttons on the back uh. That is take a picture im sure this. This has a gear. Next to it, so i better look that up so next were gon na find the props here and uh looks like just as they say there should be six of them and sure enough theres uh six propellers here and how are they marking these uh? Oh yeah? So theyre marking them clockwise and we should see yeah and different colored writing counterclockwise and uh, and the now the i remember the uh, the original dreamer uh you had to screw the propellers on, but these look like you would find the ones you would find on. Like a phantom 4, where you simply push down turn them and lock them in okay, this last little bit here, we should find the cables and sure enough yeah, so youve got a usb to micro usb for charging, and that would be for charging the the controller Im quite sure, in fact, lets look at the controller and see what kind of port we have here and im sure its a micro usb yeah micro, usb port there.

So that makes sense that these are your otg cables and you have the major ones. This is the one ill be using a for ios, and then you have a usbc and then a micro usb to micro, usb, hey one more thing i wanted to show you is that they do include and its already in the slot, on the camera, a 32 Gigabyte uh micro sd card with the drone, so not many companies do that hey! The other thing i need to show you here is: they do give you a little bit of a quick start guide which is kind of interesting to to let you get going real, quick, hey, okay, theres. Only one thing left to do: uh and thats uh lets get this battery charged up this remote charged up and lets get outside and lets get this bird in the air hey. This is the day after i recorded the uh introduction to the uh potensic dreamer, pro uh, so ive actually got it all put together, got the props on very easy to put them on theyre, just like dji the twist on ones. Work well, theyre very clearly marked counter clockwise or clockwise and counterclockwise. Then, if you look on the end of the arm, it tells you whether its a clockwise or counterclockwise arm, and you just twist them on so uh, pretty simple stuff. There got the battery installed in the back uh and then uh. You can see the camera here.

Ive got the uh, the uh gimbal uh. So you can see. I took the gimbal restraint off of the the camera and then also i wanted to show you on top here thats, where the sd card goes and it does come with a 32 gigabyte sd card so were gon na. Try that out uh. Let me get this guy on the pad and ready to go and ill very quickly. Show you the controller. Okay, heres, the controller. I have it all ready to go a couple things that ive noticed messing around with the controller the spring that that holds this together is not as tight as what ive seen on. For instance, like the the the femi controllers, they seem to hold your phone a little tighter, so id be id, be careful with your phone clamped in there just be aware of it uh but then uh. Obviously you just plug the micro usb and, in my case the ios cable uh into the my iphone 11, and this is by the way this is the iphone 11 pro max, so its a big phone uh, oh, the other thing i noticed, is the compartment back Here, uh theres a compartment back here that you put the sticks in uh. They only give you one pair of sticks so make sure youre careful with them and dont lose them. The other thing i noticed is you cannot put this controller in the case with the sticks on i wish they would have made that provision just makes it a little bit easier than having to take the sticks on and off every time.

The other thing is a fairly mild day to day uh. I think it says uh 14 mile an hour gusts, seven mile an hour sustained. I dont even know if theres that much wind theres a little bit of but theres a good breeze, but nothing too terrible about 78 degrees, which is so refreshing. Weve had temps in the 100 degree range and we got a couple of days reprieve now. I think tomorrows supposed to be back up well into the 90s, so this was the day to do this. The other thing i want to say is: i had intended to make the first flight with this drone someplace like the snake river canyon, or something like that, but it just ran out of time so honestly, heroes park here is a good way when you, if this Is my first flight with this drone and its a nice wide open space, theres theres very little very few people here today, so its just a good place to do it and uh yeah so lets quit messing around lets. Get this bird in the air? Hey? Okay, a couple thoughts here i got logged in and it asked me to download some new firmware. The other thing is – and i run into this with a lot of drones. It requires you to log into their website and ive registered in the past with potencyk, but thats a little frustrating that you have to do that uh.

I wish these drone companies would get away from that. You know youre just trying to fly a drone. You know they dont need your life story. Uh, so lets take a look here. It downloaded, but it didnt say anything about installing and we need to do. We do need to do a calibration, so lets get that out of the way im going to start calibrating and its going to be pretty standard. Okay, there was a message on there that we overloaded the gimbal, but we did get that calibration that i had to kind of stop to check that out. Uh lets look uh. Nothing to see here. Battery were at 99 percent. Uh were gon na leave that on metric about maybe that well yeah, so uh its saying to update. So i knew thered have to be an update button. Someplace so were going to click that do not move the aircraft make sure to insert the sd card. So were going to upgrade so hopefully this wont take too long its going pretty fast. I probably should have fired this up at home first to check for updates. But, honestly, when i do these kind of reviews, i kind of put myself in the place of uh. Just the average individual thats going to buy one of these drones thats. Why? I show you my very first flight with the drone what im stumbling through when im trying to get it in the air, because i figure a lot of you guys are gon na kind of have the same issues: okay, the upgrade completed uh, and it told me That its restarting the camera so lets see if we get reconnected here, yeah and we did so looks good – were in 4k, 30.

lets see were going to have to tell the phone to trust this computer. That is something that ive seen as unique to femi drones. Im just kind of guessing that femi, based on the design here femi, might have had something to do with this drone, but it is a potential drone. So i tell you: weve looked through the the safety menu already, the first thing were going to do is were going to take off were going to check out stability and flight, and then we will test that return to home. I didnt see any setting for return to home height, so we want to check that out and see what it is so lets. Uh lets start recording now. Well, you know what first lets look at the camera menu, so yeah lets see. We want grid lines on lets, turn that on im glad we did that uh yeah resolution ratio, we might as well format the sd card too, while were at it, make sure yeah. It says its finished uh resolution ratio. I dont know what that exactly means. Oh 4k, 30. Okay and we were already in 4k 30. So so i think were good there and uh yeah so thats about it for the uh for the camera menu. I guess theres a gear up. There too. There might be no thats everything i like the grid lines. Okay were gon na start, recording and uh lets go ahead and take off and lets do that.

Uh, i dont know lets use the button on the controller here. So this button right here and it spun up the drone and you can see that its you know – looks pretty uh well its moving around a little bit uh. You know, im gon na, be honest with you. It sounds like a xiaomi drone. Uh were getting a little bit of circular motion there so well see if it settles down. Could that just be the wind yeah i dont know it is moving around some thats for sure lets yawn around here and i didnt see anywhere in there that well yeah. There is a sport mode on the on the controller, so lets kind of lets bring it in here as close as we dare so. I was kind of hoping that on the front of the drone there that that little black area would be lit up with the potensic logo, but but i dont see it well: okay, theres only one thing to do now. Let me uh, let me see if i can drop the camera down, thats, easy and im going to check this other uh. The the left hand uh im going to back it up just a little, because it was kind of pushing in here and im going to check the other scroll wheel, thats on the right hand, side and see what that does. Yeah im not seeing anything there, but but well well mess around with that.

Some more lets go ahead and do our droning you can see. The drone is its moving around a fair amount, so reverse and up now – and you know the drone handles pretty good a lot of uh. I gave a little more up. Stick there, okay, lets, take it out of ways, lets take it out about 60 meters and were about 26 meters high. So lets do a return to home and im going to do that on the controller here and lets see, lets make sure it comes home ill. Tell you what im going to do im going to drop some altitude too, because i want to see how high this guy rises so were down about 15 meters. High lets hit return to home, and so that put it right into return to home. Lets see how high it goes here about 20 meters is the return to home, and let me tell you its not messing around coming home at about seven meters per second drop that camera down. You know my first thought was to uh was just to to cancel it, but i think im gon na let it land right. I mean whats the point of uh. Look at how fast its coming down im gon na pick the camera up manually i mean it came right down, i mean it didnt mess around. Let me tell you when that thing goes into landing mode, its uh its landing, but the point that i wanted to make and lets see: yeah you can see it on the gopro here.

You can see it in the grass thats the cool thing. That was one of the points i wanted to make. The cool thing about a drone like this is youve got legs on it and you can keep it up up above the grass etc. So lets go ahead and put it back on the pad and because it was uh because it was in the grass there. It gave us a little bit of a gimbal error and were still recording so im going to leave it. Recording here. Uh lets go ahead and take off lets. Do lets do takeoff on the app this time, so so one more time yep, we got ta slide that, and i just kind of want to look at that. Take off again. You know the last one. It doesnt it doesnt get very high off the ground when it takes off, as you can see so anyway, lets go ahead and grab some altitude and move forward here and lets just fly around a little bit. Let me drop that gimbal down im seeing uh the gimbal control is a little bit uh touchy and im seeing a little bit of uh yeah. You know maybe just a hint of a crooked horizon. Maybe i looked a little bit more earlier. The this yaw control is fairly sensitive, but thats, something you get used to lets, go ahead and grab some altitude here. Im telling you no problems with interference. Weve got a good, solid, fpv connection.

The other thing i want to tell you is a drone like this. I am getting a really good, just a solid look at on fpv theres, no stuttering, theres, no uh, nothing, nothing! Weird going on there at all its refreshing to fly a drone that actually works so lets yar around some more and maybe we can get across well. Im not going to worry about that right. Now i was going to say: maybe we could go across the across the road. There wait for cars to uh to go by, but lets lets just get used to the drone here for a while were down to 80 percent battery already, in fact, uh lets. We should we need to test the the speed of the drone. So here we are and the other thing yeah, so you can see just a little hint of a crooked horizon there, not too bad id say thats perfectly acceptable, particularly for a drone in this price range. So uh so lets go ahead and go full stick forward and lets see how fast we can get this baby up to this is in normal mode and were heading due east now so about five meters per second, which is reasonable and its i got ta tell You because this is a white drone and its a bigger drone, its so easy to spot it in the sky. You talk about uh v loss, visual line of sight, thats the advantage of a drone like this, its really easy to see it and sorry about that.

Quick yall im struggling with that a little bit trying to figure this guy out, uh, okay, im pointing at due west here, struggling okay, im gon na back it up just a little bit and then were gon na put it in sport mode and lets see how Fast, we can get to the to the other side of the park here. Okay, sport mode is enabled – and i heard the beep but im looking for an indication on the app. I dont see an indication on the app that oh there at the v. If i look at the very top im going to switch back, no, i saw an s yeah. So if you look at the very top that left most icon now its in normal, if i put it over the other side, itll turn to an s and itll, say sport: okay, thats how you can tell on the app so full stick forward now and its Uh, you know its kind of going into the wind here, but you know man over eight meters per second, so you know thats about you, know 18 19 miles an hour and im. Looking at the drone in the sky, i mean its moving right along okay off the stick and the reason that im doing those abrupt stick movements is to see how that gimbal see how that gimbal deals with it. So lets turn it around again and i think i was going into the wind there.

So lets go back the other direction and sport mode and see what kind of uh see how it does and by the way we have been recording for over eight minutes now and were at uh, 70 battery, so id say: thats, pretty darn, good, okay, full stick Completely forward uh right, stick and lets see this should be kind of more with the wind, but its about the same speed about eight meters per second, i see some people over there were gon na were gon na move over to the side. We dont want to be messing around over the top of anybody, but you know so far. I you know i i cant im not going to be able to tell you until i get home and look at the sd card. But what i see on the fpv screen here looks real good with regard to uh gimbal performance and camera performance. Okay, so im going to stop recording right here and im going to switch into camera mode and its its putting me through a tutorial there we go. I got it into camera mode, so its taken a second, so lets take a picture and it took it there and im not going to start recording again yet lets go. Lets move around and well. Uh well go to the other corner of the park here and again were still in sport mode, so full stick forward. Lets see how fast this guy goes its fun watching the drone.

The drone is so easy to see in the sky im just telling you you forget how you know a drone with this kind of form factor theres, definitely advantages. Okay, so im going to look over there at the costco. You guys have seen this site before a few times lets grab some altitude lets, go up a little bit and im going to drop the gimbal down a little bit and it looks like theyre doing some work behind the costco, its been a while since ive looked At that, i wonder, whats going in there anyway were going to take a picture right now, theres a picture and ill take a minute and put that on the screen im going to switch back into video mode here you know i am so pleased with the performance Of this guy, i mean im im telling you it uh as far as the controls and how it flies its just been exemplary. Okay were going to drop some altitude again. We dont need to be quite that high and lets move forward and uh im still in sport mode. So ive got some speed up here and i you know, i see the drone kind of moving around and im gon na im, anxious to see that movement back and forth. That aint me on the sticks, so thats, probably the first defect ive seen now thats in sport mode im going to put it in normal mode and see if i see the same thing, yeah im not getting that in normal mode, so heres.

What my bet is in sport mode when youre traveling at those kind of speeds, it is overcoming the the gimbal, and so the gimbal is moving around wow its going to be tough for us to get off across the street. Here. Look at all those cars well see if we can get a gap and if we can uh well head across the street there and and take a look at the see if we can get out over the field there a little ways again, it is so uh. You know you you just you forget the the form factor of a drone like this and how much easier it is to see man guys. I dont know we got so much traffic here. I dont know maybe this isnt worth it. Well, maybe yeah. You know. I remember when this was a two lane road and i used to be able to just cross this street just without any any issues: okay, im gon na throw it in sport mode, so we get across fast and im gon na hit it now, just as that Car goes by and uh boy like, i said it definitely affects the gimbal uh in sport mode and full stick. You can see that gimbal moving around a little bit, okay back into normal mode and then lets uh lets head out here a ways. So that is the first issue that i can tell you that ive seen with regard to the performance of this guy other than that.

So, if youre looking for cinematic footage as long as you leave it in normal mode and, of course, even in sport mode, i was full stick forward. You you probably wouldnt, uh, probably wouldnt, have that problem and it could have to do also with the wind direction. But as you can see, uh were were out there a ways and uh. You know the drone is uh operating like it. Should i mean it theres, no issues here, no, no blanks or anything on uh on uh fpv theyre, claiming i think they set an 800 meter fpv range and a lot farther than that for control. So this is me turning around and yeah whoa, i overshot it. There so that was a little bit blocky a little bit stuttery when i was trying to adjust that that uh yeah oop man, oh man, im telling you so im, not im in normal mode, okay, thats a little better, so the the uh it it can be Difficult to uh to control the uh im just telling you it can be difficult to control the uh, the yaw on this guy, and you saw that and of course we were a ways off and again here, as we get closer were going to have to look And find a gap in traffic which i think we can do. Oh yeah, look at that were good lets, hit it lets, throw it in sport mode and boom got the apple news there on the app yeah.

So you know what i think my theory with regard to uh sport mode and the gimbal moving around definitely has to do with the wind, because the wind has calmed down and look at this, its just fine thats, a pretty good size, camera and gimbal. On this drone, so that definitely can affect it, and you know here were moving at about eight meters per second, its gon na be about right over the top of me right now and thats. The other thing im gon na tell you is its uh. You know its its a fairly quiet drone. I mean its right over the top of me and – and i can hear it im not saying i cant hear it, but it certainly isnt uh. It certainly isnt loud by any means so weve been in the air gosh, im gon na say at least at least 15 minutes, maybe longer hopefully ill be able to tell i didnt set a timer, hopefully well be able to tell that in the uh and the Flight records when were done here, okay back lets, go back into normal mode. Lets uh lets bring her over and bring it in here and well. Just look around a little bit dropping some altitude down to 38 battery and the the only thing im struggling with and, as you guys can see, is the uh. It is a you really have to be careful on that yaw adjustment, so im bringing it down and into us here and there again its so cool.

I can see the drone one thing im going to tell you is uh the drone moves around. I need to get the i wish i could get the camera on when its in flight. The drone is actually rocking back and forth, and i think my friend ryan duvall reported that too its kind of odd you, the drone in flight, it kind of rocks around a little bit lets uh ill see if i can get some pictures of that. Well, you know what i saw it in the when it was up higher, so im, bringing it in front of the camera here in front of the gopro, so lets bring it in here a little bit like i said i i, as far as precise, really precise Control if youre, comparing this to say you know a mavic mini or something its, not that for sure its. Not you you just its not that kind of precise control. It flies okay, uh, but but you know you can see it kind of moving around and see where its kind of rocking back and forth it does that in the air too. Lets lets back it straight up and lets see if i can bring it uh straight towards us, and you can see it kind of moving around there a little bit lets see if it does it well, you didnt really see it much there. Let me back it up further, and you know you know im thinking about this.

Could that even be cross coupling in the controls, in other words, when youre flying it, the the the control sticks, are not theyre theyre, not terribly tight, in other words, theyre theres, not a lot of resistance on the control sticks. Although look at it move around there. Im hands off the sticks and its moving around were going straight forward and – and you know i dont think i was – i had that – stick straight up and it kind of moved off to the side. So anyway, theories are just theories. I i dont know uh, but it it it. Definitely. I will say this: the drone definitely moves around some and im not going to test the brakes because i dont know the drone well enough to get it closer to the camera. If this was a dji drone, im more confident in what they do and thats just from experience uh that i would have uh, i would have been uh. You know really happy to just to to test that a little bit more, but this guy, because i dont know it as well im a little reticent to do that. Lets go and lets see if we can do a uh, a manual circle and get more altitude here and were going to see if we can do a manual circle around the uh around the flag boy ill. Tell you its going to be tough with this uh um. We got kids there in that parking lot so well have to watch that yeah i mean i im just messing around with the uh.

With with the left, stick and im telling you i already am having problems modulating it so again were in normal mode. Let me see if i can do an orbit here. This is a manual orbit and i am, i am barely moving that yeah and there i over yacht. I knew i would do that. I am just barely touching that yaw stick yeah thats tough and we got kids over there, so im not going to mess around with that. I dont want to be over the top of them. So boy, you know there again. You just saw me yaw there yeah low battery uh, so thats it twenty percent at twenty percent. It gave us that low battery warning lets go out to the other corner and and well do well do a return to home. I wonder at what point i was wondering about this. I wonder at what point it will go into return to home and i can tell you the battery life on this thing is excellent. I think theyre saying 25 minutes and im just gon na guess. Its. Probably all of that yeah so theyre at 18 percent – and i dont know if theres an algorithm in there or what, but that did an auto return to home and its coming back to us and its coming back in sport mode faster than sport mode. It was over over eight meters per second there i mean this guy does not mess around okay lets drop this camera down, so we can see where its going to land and if it gets too close to us here, okay, i canceled that, because it was uh, It was going to land too close to uh.

Looked like it was going to land right on top of the roof here, Music, so im bringing it down manually, and you know what its landing it it didnt, even as soon as i hit that down. Stick it as i let off and its just landing. Okay lets stop recording, okay! Let me get everything shut down and uh and well do a quick conclusion: hey okay, uh, the potency dreamer, pro uh. You know. I came away pleased with this thing. At least what ive seen so far now you guys will have already seen the video off the sd card and the pictures we took so youll know a little better than me now flight time. You know i was kind of guessing flight time while i was flying there, the the flight records and ill put a screenshot of that on the on the screen. It shows the two minutes and whatever that we spent uh doing the update, and then it was about 18 minutes and some odd seconds of actual flight time. I thought it was longer than that, but you would regardless its still im pleased with the battery. So i think you get 100 charge in the battery youre, not doing any updates with it or anything or messing around with it much youre, probably going to get at least 20 minutes of flight time and probably more like 20 20 to 25. I guess thats probably a better way to say it.

The the performance of the app was excellent, no crashes, no problems. I did. I think there was only one point that i noticed a little bit of a stutter when i was out across at across the field. At distance out there, when i was yawing, i noticed a little bit of stuttering in fpv on the app, but it was out there a ways and im standing next to an overhead big steel overhead here. So im going to give it a pass on that and youre probably likely this probably just isnt a drone youre going to be flying that far anyway. I just did that to just kind of check the performance, but we had no no connection issues, no dropouts, nothing. It just it it flew fine. The other thing that i noticed is when i had it up at altitude, and i was bringing it back. It would kind of rock a little bit now. Could that be the controls? Could that ben have been me cross? Coupling kind of moving the that right control stick back and forth, and so it was banking a little bit. Possibly i would say, if thats the case, then there needs to be a way to adjust those controls, so theyre not so sensitive and they are very sensitive and theres, not a lot of the strength. The springs in there are not very strong, so theres, not a lot of pushback so uh. You know, i suppose you could thumb with this, but youre probably going to be better off trying to pinch just an observation.

Uh speed, wise. You know its fast enough. We had a little over eight meters per second thats about uh. I dont know 18 19 miles an hour, uh thats plenty fast, that was in sport mode. We did see this this camera kind of wobble around a little bit uh when we were in sport mode, and i think that was affected by the way the wind. We were kind of going a little bit across to the wind and my theory is and its just a theory that the the gimbal motors uh could not overcome that uh, the the wind resistance against the gimbal against the camera, and it was constantly correcting, i believe, Thats, probably the case, although i guess i was telling you about how the thing kind of rocked back and forth – maybe i dont know, but when we came back the other direction it didnt do it. So it kind of lends credence to me that it might have been a wind issue. Dont know for certain that was only in sport mode as long as i had it in normal mode. It was fine, so if youre going to get in cinematic stuff, of course, youre going to be in normal mode ill have to dig into the app some more. I dont think theres a cinematic mode. I wish there was because when i was trying to do the orbit around the flagpole, it was tough because that yaw stick is so sensitive and theres.

No resistance in those springs. It just was really really hard to do so. We didnt try any of the intelligent flight modes. This guy does an orbit and it will do gps follow me and then it also has a waypoint functionality in there. I believe it has a waypoint dont quote me on that im, pretty sure its got a waypoint functionality well check all of that out on uh on another video. But oh, the other thing that i wanted to say about. It is flying within visual line of sight. V, loss uh: it was so cool because you could see this thing so easy. You know i fly the dji mini drones and they dont have to be out there very far and theyre pretty tough to see this guy. You could see it going back and forth across the sky. It was uh. I was. I was pretty tickled about that so uh. You know that in conjunction with uh, the presentation that potensit gives you, in other words the case and how well everythings put together. I really like that uh, you know without having looked at the video, yet im going to give this guy a a definitely a grade im going to call it a b plus – and i can say that i absolutely can recommend it. It is available on amazon and and when i looked uh this morning, they had one of those coupons where you just checked the box and that brought the price down to 429 dollars, so ill put a link to that uh in the description below uh and again.

If you, the you know, the form factor is one thing that that 429 dollars puts it. You know right about what a dji mini 2 would be, and i guess what im saying is: if uh theres theres a there, are advantages to a bigger drone easier to see these legs landing it in grass, like we did here. Also, if youre going to hand catch its so easy to grab these legs and youre well away from the propellers, you could literally hand launch and hand catch. You know if youre out someplace that you dont have a suitable landing spot so yeah anyway. I guess thats about it. I had fun flying this guy. I hope you guys enjoyed it. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like, this kind of content, uh, please consider subscribing to my channel.