Hopefully i got the intenzik dreamer pro out here now to do its test flight. I did a video the other day, showing you what all comes in that nice aluminum carrying case and then another one showing you about a firmware update. Now i fired this up and before i got all set up here, there was another firmware update, that’s really nice to see, but butchinsic is actually staying on top of things. This is the second firmware update that this drone has had this one. I don’t have it right in front of me, but it was i’ll put a screenshot up. I took of what they are. What this the firmware update does it has, i think, one of the things is they decreased or adjusted the speed of landing and how fast it takes off and uh something to do with return to home uh when it gets a low voltage, but again i’ll put That screenshot up here, so you can see you guys, can see exactly what they tweaked with this latest firmware update. It was very quick. Very small file took no time at all to do that. So i’m gon na do is i’m gon na i’m gon na move. This off my mailbox, i wanted to fire it up here, so i knew it was level got quite a bit of noise here next to us as they’re working next door. So you guys will have to mine that for a second they’re cutting some brick all right guys, so i waited until they got done, cutting that brick next door, that’s really loud and it’s hard to hear what i was saying.

While that was going on so let’s go ahead, i’m going to move it down here to the helipad and i’ll go ahead and fly it out here over this open field and test it out here, there’s quite a bit of traffic on the street, where i moved To now so, unfortunately, there may be quite a bit of noise between that and the construction next door, but hopefully you guys can hear me good enough now, as you guys can see here on the screen. Recording that i got going. Let me turn the drone around here that um i need to do a geomagnetic or compass calibration, so we’ll just go ahead and we’ll. Do that and then we’ll take it out here and fly it. You don’t have to do a compass calibration every single time that you fly this drone. Unless you go over a certain distance, i don’t remember exactly what they tell you usually it’s 100 kilometers. I think they had a different um recommendation. We’Ll just start turning it now. Let me set my controller down here in the ground and just do a uh, horizontal oop having trouble turning this horizontal and let’s, see it probably will beep let’s see. Is it still now it says to do? I think it was nose down on this one, which was weird it might be. It might be, it might be up lots of times it doesn’t matter. Let’S see, does it say, it’s successful, my cables drop believe so usually, if you have a problem with that, it will let you know that the compass calibration wasn’t successful and i was having all the glare it’s hard to see my phone down there, that it actually Told us to go the next step and i was still doing the horizontal calibration because it doesn’t beep at you, which is a bit odd but we’ll, take it up, we’ll hover it.

If it doesn’t toilet bowl, then we know the compass calibration was good. So let’s go ahead and let’s start recording some video i’m gon na do 4k at 30, now i’m filming my 4k at 60 for my head cam. So if i render this video 4k at 60, it’ll still look the same as the 4k at 30.. It may just double the frames in there. It would just be duplicates, but it’s still going to look exactly the same to your eyes. I believe so shouldn’t be any different there. So let’s go ahead. I got it. Ev is set at zero, let’s, go ahead and start recording. Okay let’s go ahead and take off let’s unlock the props and hold down the auto oop i’ll. Take off let’s, see how it does let’s. Take it a little higher, i don’t know got some wobbles, but that could just be the wind let’s rotate it. The gimbal looks nice yeah. It looks like it’s got kind of a shake to it. A little bit. I got the props on good, so it’s not like there’s a i don’t, know, we’ll see if that shows up in the video or not let’s, lower that down look at it. Yes, definitely got a shake now. I don’t know if that’s showing up in the video or not but it’s definitely got some mine’s got some oscillations going there just blowing my tarmac around a little bit, but i don’t see it’s, not toilet bowling so i’m, getting it so it’s not related to the Compass let’s take it out here a little bit back it up back it up over the field.

Let’S, just do some let’s just do some gimbal testing here to make sure that the gimbal is nice and solid and rock it back and forth, see how the gimbal holds up again. I don’t know how much that shaking actually translates into the video there’s a lot of glare here i can’t see for certain. We will have to wait and see how it shows up um. It could be something you know it could be something just like i need. You know. A prop is out of balance or something i don’t know all right. Let’S go ahead and uh let’s go ahead and just take it out here, let’s kind of do uh. My friend, marcus or idaho quadcopter likes to do those manual. Dronies let’s come a little closer here and let’s kind of try that just take it up and away hey guys, let’s let’s let’s go up before we do let’s test the uh the gimbal tilt see was that the left dial, i think, yeah there. We go guys see a big bird up. There looks like a turkey vulture or a hawk way up there in the sky. Yeah. The gimbal is nice. Pretty smooth let’s go ahead and lower it down here. Let’S go ahead and try to take off now the tarmac got moved a little bit so in return to home. You know it might be slightly off from that, because the tarmac or helipad was getting blown out of the way.

Okay, let’s go ahead and take off now gave it a little bit too much throttle, so i ended up not staying in view on the uh on the self of the droney i’m gon na bring it down now there’s a lot of glare i’m gon na go Up here and try to get a bit out of that glare i’ve got the brightness on my phone all the way up i’m having trouble, seeing which way i’m. Looking here now i’m. Looking back towards me here, nice, clear video signal, verizon looks pretty darn level um. I watched donnie’s video of a big drone flyer 77, and it looked like the you know. He might get a little bit out of like right there, but it’s very small in terms of how much it gets it stays pretty level is what i’m getting at let’s tilt the gimbal down a little and see the field there see what we got here. We are out right about 350 feet. We continue to go this way. We’Re up about 50 feet, let’s go up a little higher we’re gon na have a good. I could easily see the drone here. We’Re coming up here be hard to see here, but there’s a fair ground up ahead. We’Ll fly out that way, we’re out about 600 feet. I can still see the drone so i’m still well within line of sight i’m. Not this drone has 2 000 meter or two kilometer range, which i think is very plausible.

Given that it’s connected by an otg cable, i can still see the drone we’ll go out around a thousand. I still have a nice feed here. Let’S raise the gimbal up a little bit. I can still see it guys so i’m still within line of sight about a thousand meters. Let’S go go ahead now and call it home. Let’S press return to home, okay, it’s. Turning around and it’s gon na fly back and land. Now i didn’t look in the app here to see if there’s any specific settings on the return to home, but you can see in here guys that you’ve got uh all the uh distant limitations and beginners mo was all turned off that’s. Why? I was able to fly that far there’s some settings in here for circle flight. Here we see the drone coming back um for uh setting your parameters for doing a circle me there’s, a calibration which we did controller setup battery here’s at 77 percent. Here comes the drum blade flies really nice guys, but yeah and there’s something. Here. I got an imperial on hardware decoding, which i think is to do with your phone and the video signal here. It is but as far as i can tell, i don’t see offhand anything on the return to home like settings. It would be nice if it had one before. Oh oh well, i’ve had that happen to me one time with my alto x star, where the drone came down right on the lip of the uh gutter in the street and then it tipped over and chopped up the prop that was darn, close guys.

Well, that was not the most accurate return to home. It was not too bad, but again this drone’s not using any kind of optical stuff. I think i got my daughter out here right now so i’m going to go in guys and send her back in the house and then i’ll be right back to finish up the video all right guys. So i got hurt my daughter’s here in the garage she’s wanting to see what’s going on, so i apologize for all the start and stopping but i’ll piece it together, where it shouldn’t be too bad. All right now again there’s a lot of glare today, so it’s difficult for me, uh to see exactly what’s going on because of the sun glare, but let’s go ahead and take it up now and see if we can test out any of the other features on Here i think, it’s going to be let’s, see intelligent flight terms, click agree, and this is where it will pull up where you’ve got uh circle, flight waypoints and follow me and then there’s, something called uh virtual controller. I guess where you just use your app to control it. We will try um circle flight and follow me it’s, probably what we’ll probably try to get at let’s go ahead and unlock the props let’s go ahead and just do a manual takeoff again. It flies real nice it’s, just those little vibes, i’m kind of wondering it’s, not really windy.

Today i don’t – i don’t have my original dreamer, so i can’t remember if that one did this too, but again, if it doesn’t translate through the video and there’s no jello or any wobble, then i’m, not like wouldn’t, be too worried about that. Okay, let’s yeah! I wasn’t very good on that droning let’s see if we can do that dronie again, marcus does those a lot and he’s used to doing them manually. I gave it too much throttle let’s. Try it again guys there not give it don’t, give it as much throttle there we go. It almost looks like i might be seeing some wobble in this in the video and if that’s the case i mean connect. I don’t, i can’t tell it just looks like it if that’s the case, and maybe it could be, i got like i could have a something loose on mine. If the, if it is, i can’t really tell here guys, let me bring it in closer. The gimbal seems to be functioning fine, but it just seems like i had some vibes there, i’m bringing out the street. I got a car coming. I don’t know it’s hard to tell on the fpv feed if i’m getting that or not it doesn’t seem to be as bad right now. We’Ll know once we get to the video. So if you see it in the video again, i don’t other people are not seeing anything. So if we are seeing anything in the video it’s got to be something to do with something with just particularly mine, and it may not be any problems at all, see it just really vibrates.

In my opinion, all right, let’s take it up here and let’s. Try to do a circle me so let’s see if we can do that. Take it up high enough. Okay, let’s click on the flight modes, let’s, flick, click on circle, flight and let’s, see here what it says and there it goes it’s set at only 10 meters. I believe inside the the app settings which i figured was safe for the first time here and that’s, a nice let’s tilt the camera down, it’s, pretty quick, but you can’t adjust the speed as well in the app that worked pretty good that’s a nice circle me Mode, real nice, nice and smooth looks good okay, let’s go ahead and see if we can cancel that trying to see how we do that circle flight here, the red x over there confirm okay, let’s, bring it down here and let’s. Try a check it on my daughter, she’s somewhere in there let’s try a follow me and we’ll wrap this up. Just have an advertised flight time of 28 minutes, which is probably it’s, probably not going to be 28. You should get over 20.. It has a pretty nice size, 4s high voltage lipo in there back it up and let’s, see if it’ll just follow me down the street here, as i walk so let’s go in here and let’s go to follow me mode. It wants to come up and give you some sort of information first, and it should follow me here using the gps signal in my my phone and yeah it’s following me, it’s doing a bit of rocking.

I believe the uh original dreamer was guilty of that too. Now, with the gimbal on this one, it may not be a big deal. Let’S go this way, so we don’t run into the light post. It should turn first and then it should start falling. I mean i is fighting a headwind, guys so yeah. The follow me works, but it’s not real good. It is uh, it rocks an awful lot as it goes forward and then it stops now. Some of that could be because i’m walking really slow but yeah. The follow me mode i’m gon na go ahead and stop that that needs some tweaking. In my opinion, it’s too, it looks like a boat on the on a choppy ocean there’s, my daughter. She is outside it’s kind of chilly too. I got ta get it’s, not too bad guys, but i got ta get her in. It flies great though real, smooth, uh, nice yaw circle me seem pretty darn good let’s go ahead and land it all right, guys. Okay, well, that flew that flew real nice, pretty impressed with it. Assuming we don’t have any weird vibes in my video which again if we would have that that could very well just be something weird with mine. But we’ll have to see if there’s no vibes and we have nothing to worry about we’re, going to shut the door honey all right, guys that wraps up the flight review of the dreamer pro.

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