Okay, guys, if you subscribe to my channel you know last summer, i did a review of the original patented dreamer, which was called the dreamer 4k. This is a follow up or successor to that drone and the really neat thing about this is they fixed? The one thing about that drone that i didn’t like – and that was the original 4k dreamer – was just a fixed camera on that drone. It did not have a stabilized gimbal, it looked like it did, but it didn’t it flew great. It didn’t have really great range, but it flew well. It was very stable, very accurate return to home landing on that drone and the video was nice, except for it wasn’t stabilized. So it was tilting and it was moving around a whole bunch which you get with anything that’s, not stabilized, and instead of just going the eis or the electronic image. Stabilization route, which does a fairly good job, potentially stepped up the game even more and decided to go up the reel gimbal, a real brushless, stabilized gimbal – and this is a three axis one – so i’m really excited to get my hands on this it’s coming out. Right now, as this video is being released – and this ought to be really popular – it comes in this really nice carrying case really attractive. The way this is packaged and you’ll be able to carry this drone around with you really easily, because it’s, not a foldable drone like many of the dji drones out there are, but the fact that it comes in this case is going to make it a lot Easier to take this drone and haul it around with you, so what we’ll do now? Let’S get a little closer look at what’s inside of this case, all right, so let’s go ahead and open up the case and see exactly what comes inside here with the drone itself.

This drone is, as far as i can tell the exact same as the original potential dreamer, which was, as i said, called the 4k, except for they’ve added the gimbal, which we’ll look at in just a moment, as you can see, i’ve not done anything with this. I have taken it out and taken a brief look at it, but i haven’t had a chance to do much with. I have charged the battery which we’ll look at in a moment. I had this for about a week and i was asked to actually do some beta testing from intensive just make sure they want to make sure people like myself and some of the other reviewers out there. I think with jay over jay drone was one of the ones that got this and big dog donnie over a big drone. Flyer 77. I started climbing big donnie. He also has this and they just wanted some feedback and unfortunately the weather just has not been cooperative. Here, it’s, either rainy and snowing or really windy, and i haven’t been able to get it up to actually give them feedback. But from my understanding is the other people who did get this have given the feedback that they were looking for. So now it’s going to be released on amazon, so we’ve been given permission to go ahead and put these up on youtube. So i want to let you guys see what all comes in the packaging for this and then i’ll follow this up.

Of course, with what you guys really want to see – and that is the flight review, so let’s go ahead and take the drone out. You know it’s always nice whenever they add little things like just stuff to protect them. The brushless motors and stuff, with this bubble, wrap and stuff on here so go ahead and just take that stuff off and as you can see, it looks just like the original dreamer 4k that one had the same look of that camera, but it was just fixed Except for you, when i mentioned fix, it was not a gimbal. You could rotate the camera on that, which you can also do on this one, but it was fixed in terms of it was not on a gimbal where this one actually is here is the gimbal guard on this. I have to take a look here in a moment. It tells you instructions how to actually take that off, so let’s go ahead and we’ll look a little more to my other stuff here. I know it takes a memory card here on the back, which we’ll again look at in just a moment. You can insert a uh, you want. They want you to use a class 10 or above of course, which you need to for a higher bit rate camera, because this camera shoots in 4k at 30 frames per second, which is what a lot of the drones out there do. It has a 60 bit megabit per second bit rate, which is really pretty decent good enough for 30 frames per second video and uses the sima sony cmos sensor.

They don’t tell you, which ones i don’t know it’s it. They claim it’s a 16 megapixel uh sony sima sensor. I just don’t, know off hand, they have. You know the imx, 177 and 117.. They have these. You know these different imx sensors and it has one of those sony sim sensors in it here’s some of the dampeners that they that the gimbal has that’s always important, so that you can reduce any vibrations that might come through to the gimbal from the motors or The propellers – and here is the yaw motor here – is the um the pitch here and then there should be, and then, of course you got the uh, the y’all pitch and roll motors i’m trying to get at on on the uh, the gimbal. So you can tilt it down, it’s, going to be able to stabilize left and right here in the back with the motor here and then you’ve got your yaw stabilization motor here on top. So here are the brushless motors. Of course, you have to install those propellers on it, so i’ll show you that here in a moment and again, it’s not foldable, and it is fairly decent sized pretty much anywhere in the world. You’Re, probably going to have some sort of regulation on a drone like this in the united states. You most certainly have to put your faa number on this drone to fly this, and it will obviously fall under all the the new regulations as well in terms even when we get into that remote id stuff, which is, as you all know, i’ve been a bit Of a nightmare so let’s take these little foam pieces out here.

Music, and actually here is the memory card on top. I believe i don’t think this almost looks like there’s a card in here which would be pretty awesome. I didn’t think this uh included one, but let me see if i can. I think i could take off the amount first let’s take off the mount see if i can figure out how to do that. There we go there’s, the gimbal guard, i should say not to mount the gimbal guard, so i guess sometimes i’m bad about the right words. Maybe i should script this, but sometimes when i’m talking, i will say a word that is not correct, and then i get people who of course correct me in the comments. They’Re not always nice about it’s, not intentional it’s, just old age, i’m, almost 50, and at times i just simply forget the word, but this is, i said a while ago. This is your gimbal guard it’s on a mount, but i don’t know why my brain does not want to come up with the right words anyway. Here is that memory card slot. I thought it was in the rear, but there definitely is a card in here. It looks like they included a 32 gig micro sd card, it doesn’t say anything about the classic card. Now i can’t say for certain that this memory card will be with the amazon for sale on amazon, because it could be because i was sent this early on as a beta tester that they may have included a card with it.

I don’t have the listing right now because it’s not live at the moment. I’M filming this it’s going to be live in the next day or so so i will include a purchase link to this drone as soon as i get it from potenzic. But i can’t say: 100 certain this memory card will be included. It probably will, but it is possible that i got this just because i was a beta tester of this and it may not be included it’s just i’m saying it’s it’s uncommon to see memory cards included with these drones but i’m, hoping that it is especially because This is the pro version. So again, we’ve got your full three axis. Now that you guys can see that i got the gimbal guard, i got it right off again and yeah. This looks really nice. You again, you got your yaw, you got your pitch and you got your roll um stabilization, which is excellent. So at this point just give me a matter of seeing how well does that stabilization work, we’ve, seen gimbals that look good, and then they just aren’t tuned perfectly, really hoping that this one works well, because it could really make this drone very desirable because it flew It should fly just like the 4k dreamer, which that drone flew nice, it hovered nice. It was more stable, stable than my femi x8 sc 2020 was in terms of just loitering, and holding position. Return to home was a bit fast and really came down quick, but it was very accurate.

I know the drone is not going to have the greatest range being just on five uh g wi fi, but it’ll be good enough and in most places you’re not supposed to fly out of sight anyway. So to me, the range is never something that i worry too much about as long as the transmission’s clear and it does what it’s advertised to do, which again i don’t have the product listing for this. So i don’t know what they actually rate. The range of this drone at for it’s always going to be the fpv range. Typically, these controllers can transmit way farther than the wi fi transmission will go on these drones, so i’m really excited to see how this does, because the image quality and video quality off the original was very good. In my opinion, again, it was just tilting and moving around with every move of the drone, because there was absolutely no stabilization on the original dreamer, which, again this is just that drone with a stabilized gimbal here is the battery this stuff. I don’t have my original intensity dreamer anymore, so i don’t remember all the specs on it, but i would imagine this all should be pretty much the same let’s see if we can find the specs on the battery here. This is a says. It is a 3000 milliamp says 15.2 uh rated voltage with a max chargeable 17.4. So this should. I believe this is a high voltage one, and this is, i think this is 4s it’s kind of throwing me off with some of these numbers here, but uh pretty sure this is a 4s battery on this guy and pretty uh basic charging.

Here you use this um here. Is the charger uses this little deal here which will slide in from the side snap in there, and then this will charge up like that. You do have to attach this ac cable to it to charge this up so yeah. So i’m, just doing my simple math here. Some of these drones are 3s you’re, going to get 4.2 volts on regular voltage fully charged on normal cells. So a fully charged 3s battery is going to be 12.6, so this one you’re going to go up another. You know 4.2 and then, if it’s, high voltage so i’m pretty sure this is a lithium uh, a lipo high voltage 4s batteries, but i believe i just have been a little while, since i’ve reviewed the original one since i don’t have it, i don’t remember all The specs on the original one, but this is pretty much like i said the same drone here are the propellers and it looks like you probably have an extra set. I was seeing one two three four. Well, maybe they just included one two see one two: three. I dropped one two three four five looks like they may have just included uh, maybe just two extra props, probably one counterclockwise and one clockwise extra there in the set – and here is the controller. Now. One thing i mentioned when i did review the patensik the original one was: let me pick up that propeller that fell, so i don’t step on that is.

This looks to me like femi, which is part of show. Me was involved in the production of this either. The design or they actually produce it for vertenzik i’ve, never asked potenzic that but it’s. Just if you look at this, the controller looks nearly identical to the fenix 8se controller. In fact, if i can walk over there, i’ll grab the theme controller off my shelf. So i can show you guys the similarity between these two controllers, because i got it right behind me here. So while i talk, this is the phoenix controller, as you guys can see here is the potential controller yeah they’re, not identical. You can see the different button power button and such on on it weight feels pretty similar, maybe a little more weight on the feni. They both have this deal here. I think this one. I thought they advertised that the wire runs out here on this one and plugs in the bottom as well. I’Ll have to confirm that, because i thought that this one just i couldn’t remember this one use the cable or, if it used just all wi fi to it, but uh anyway. Very similar i feel, like femi, had to had some involvement in that and we can see it looks like both of these antennas on this one are legitimate and real there’s a wire down here. So these are not fake and that’s. Nice – and here is the switches on it and then a moment here: i’ll get instruction manual out because it’s really well labeled and all these buttons do so.

I don’t miss, speak or give you guys any incorrect information i’d like to see where the the gimbal is. If it’s like the femi, there was a spot that they store the uh here they are the little sticks on the ends of your gimbals here. So you take these out and you pop those out and you put those in then you can this this way you can store it easier in the case and it all fit in there. So let me go ahead and pull out the instruction manual and we’ll look over that and then that way i can give you guys all the information on the what the buttons do. One thing i’ll mention and intelligent here is the app you’re going to use. Is the potenzic pro app? I believe that app’s been out for a little while, i think that’s, where some people saw that this drone was going to be released, as i believe they updated the app it listed, the the dreamer pro in there. So it’s a little precautions and tip sheet shows you how to install the propellers use your phone, and it does give you a qr code for the app and some more information here on the back, but inside the instruction manual. They also give you a qr code. Some tutorials here on youtube. Your parts list here is the qr code again and i’ll put up a screenshot of the butenzik pro app from the google play store, but it’s also going to be available on the app store for ios or apple users, here’s, where they mention that gimbal, lock or Gimbal guard, which i want to call the mount for a minute ago, again: it’s not called a mount here’s how to install the propellers, the battery installation, which the battery will go into the rear here.

So i didn’t show you that while ago, but i can show you that real quick it’s just going to snap in here like this, and it does tell you, i think you do a short clip, press, long, press or two presses to start it up actually and Turn it off, so i think it was like how dji does their drones, so i think the controller it just mentions one press. This is a rechargeable controller, so we can see right down here. This is where i believe it will plug into charge. Even has a little power icon on it there there should be something in here. I think it’s right here, this bag here is one thing i did not show you. This has got your all your cables. This is your charging cables and your cables. They give you. Let me open it up, so you guys can see before we go back to instructions is the different ones for the different phone manufacturers to plug it in to actually get your fpv feeding, control of the app you have a micro usb here. This is on. This is actually micro usb that goes into the actual controller right here and then on this side, the usbc. So this is for the newer android phones. We use the usbc. I believe that is yes. This is your micro usb to micro, usb for the older android phones. Some of the new ones may use it, but a lot of the newer android phones have gone to usbc and then this is going to be your lightning cable.

This is your micro usb to the apple connector. This is for your iphones and then here is a charging cable, just a regular full usb to plug in the computer or a charging block, or even a power bank to your micro usb to actually charge the controller. So those are all the cables, so they will. They will feed in here a lot you’ll go in here and you’ll feed it in along here, just like the femi and then that plugs into the side of your phone and then that lets you provide the information that comes in the telemetry and they could um The telemetry and fpv feed into the antennas to the app on your phone, so let’s go back to the instruction manual real quick here so that we can go over some of those controls and wrap up. This first look at overview of the new butenzik um dreamer. Pro so here we’ve got. It shows you, of course, the antennas and that the control sticks, which we all know your uh power switch, is going to be two seconds to turn that on so hopefully, this stuff shows up guys, because obviously some of this stuff is gon na my camera might Be focusing in and out on some of this stuff, so let’s take a look at the controller then let’s see here is that power button. This should be your um, your auto, take off and landing one click um take off the landing right here.

This one is your one: click return to home right here, make sure i get it. Centered guys return to home, uh let’s, see let’s, see six i’m looking to make sure all the stuff here kind of do this on the fly. This is your between your sport mode and your regular mode. Here on six and of course, now the uh instruction manual is closed on me, but yeah. The six here is between your standard mode and your sport mode. So sport mode is going to fly a lot faster and let’s. See here, you’ve got your camera adjustment tilt, which is going to be nine, which is, i believe, with flipper this one right here lets you tilt the camera between straight up, uh, elegant horizon and all the way down. 90 degrees and let’s see the 12c camera brightness. So this is supposed to be adjusting your ev or exposure on your camera, that’s interesting, that’s kind of handy, because when you’re flying, if it doesn’t adjust correctly for you, so all these drones, you can get the ev it’ll kind of it’ll want to auto, adjust doesn’t. Always do a good job you may want to manually. Do that with this wheel right here and let’s see what else we got here on the back here. We’Ve got a couple buttons here: we’ve got let’s see a left. One of them is your video recording button, which i think is this one right here, and this is your photo button.

I think let’s see 12 11 10 yeah photography as his photography is your photo button and 11. Is your video recording it’s a bit odd because you’ve got this looks almost like a brightness icon and then you got your phone uh, your camera icon, but according to the instruction manual one is your picture and the other one. Is your video recording button, but at least it’s not on the same button? Many drones, you do a one click for a photo and a long press for video. So the problem with me is, i am not going to, and i believe the dreamer for a 4k was the same way i’m. Not going to remember that when i’m flying i’m not going to remember which button back here does what i’m just not going to remember it, maybe you guys will but i’m going to be confused by that. So i would suggest you use the app the app is going to be tied to that you start recording with the app it will record to the sd card and it’ll work just the same and of course, you’re going to be able to see the camera icon Or the video icon on the app all right guys, you know i said i’ve had this a little bit, i’ve not had a chance to do anything more than charge it up. The weather’s been too bad. This is a first look at this, just as if you guys would get it in the mail, so i’m learning a little bit as you guys are with it.

So if i misspoke about something or little one shirts, just because this is a first look, i will provide a lot more information about this when we get out in the field and actually do a flight review. As you guys know, i try to be as thorough as i can the matinsic pro app again. You can get that from the google play or the app store i’m not going to go over that, but i said i gave you guys a screenshot of it. I will go over that when we get out to do the actual flight review, because that’s going to give you guys the information on what’s in the app how to use it, because otherwise all you’re going to see is app and then a blank screen. Because i’m not connected to the drone and it doesn’t, do you much good, but it does get the features in it, such as it has a circle me. Your typical gps circle me follow me mode and waypoints that’s, the three things that i did see in it that you expect with a drone like this. But again, what we’re all wondering about this drone is: does that gimbal do the job, because otherwise, the matins, the regular or older potential dreamer 4k, is the same drone and it’s going to do just fine, for if you want those basic features, we want stabilized video That’S what we all want, so this does stabilize video and can save it at 4k, at 30 on the sd card, that’s awesome, i’m.

Pretty sure from what i remember on this drone, you can also uh do 1080p at 60.. So if you want that i’m almost 100, certain on that guys – if i remember from the original one, it should do that as well. 1080P at 60 is going to be double the frame rate it’s lower resolution, but for most people, 1080p is just fine. 4K it’s got better detail, but unless you’re looking at that on a really large screen or you’re really close to the screen, you’re, not your eyes are not going to tell a whole lot of difference between 4k and 1080p, but you will tell a difference between 60 Frames and 30. 30, when you move quick and you yaw, it will shutter shudder. 60 is gon na be much smoother because you’re getting twice as many frames in there, so i prefer 1080p at 60. we’ll see when we get out and flight. What i want to do, i may just stick with 4k at 30, so you guys can see and that will match what i’m filming here now in my new studio. But again i do like to use 60, which also matches my head cam when i’m out in the field, because i like that smoothness, that it provides you guys, especially when i’m filming fast moving objects like cars, are really fast flying drones. Okay, guys that should wrap up this video here of the first look and the overview of the new buttinsic dreamer pro be sure to subscribe to the channel if you’re new to the channel.