Today, i’ve got the potenzic dreamer pro back again for another video, as you guys probably know, if you’re subscribed to my channel. I did do a first look and overview of this drone yesterday, but unfortunately, the weather here has been really really bad, either really windy, pouring rain or snowing, and i just have not been able to get it up in the air. But what i found out today there is a firmware update for this. It was just released on amazon today. So if you want to buy this drone, it is now available to order, though i don’t think it will ship for another week or two. I don’t think they. It says before valentine’s day. I think, on the website. It is 279 dollars after you uh clip off the 20 off coupon on the amazon webpage, but anyway there is a firmware update since they, since the product is live now they have a firmware update so i’m, not done yet that i wanted to see. You know for one: does it tell us anything about the firmware when we do it and two what’s all involved with that firmware update so i’m going to go ahead and click here. I want to go ahead and start a screen recording first. So now now i got a screen recording going so now let’s go ahead and go back to the app again. That app is the patenzik pro app all right. Now we have screen recording going that way.

Now you guys don’t have to uh try to watch this through. My camcorders would not be very good through the camera, so let’s go ahead and click that, and that just says, to download the firmware. So obviously this will take a moment to download so we’ll just jump ahead. You don’t need to sit down, watch the progress bar for a couple of minutes, okay guys so it downloaded the firmware, and then it went back to this main screen where it says to please connect the aircraft and enter the operation interface upgrade. So what we’re going to do now is just going to click on the enter device, and that should bring us into this and yeah now it’s going to tell us what we’re all getting here with the image transmission firmware is upgrading um. It just has it’s like four megabytes in size, and the little note here says: improve the image transmission quality during long distance flight. So they’ve done something that’s supposed to help with the fpv uh signal when you’re flying it farther away. So you just go ahead and click on the upgrade, and now it should go through see two four percent and the meter goes along. So again this doesn’t it just takes very long. We’Ll just go ahead and jump ahead to the end. Okay, it says it successfully. Upgraded the firmware – and it says disconnected so let’s see, does it just reconnect it’s searching again, which is what this is, what it does when it first is binding with the craft.

This little looks like a radar signal, spinning we’ll do searching, and then at that time you see the drones lights, flash and let’s see it usually goes. They go they’ve gone solid now and then, and shortly afterwards, that searching will stop and then it allows you to enter the device if this works correctly. It’S still going here so let’s do let’s, just go ahead and power off the the controller all the way and then let’s see the drone is gon na flash. Now, just for the heck, let’s go ahead and power off the drone. So to do that you do a quick press and then a long press like dji and now we see the gimbal has lost power. Let’S go ahead and do that again, quick press long for us and now it’s powered up and then let’s go ahead and let’s do that on the uh. You just do a long press on the control. Oddly enough, you don’t actually do a a a short press. Long for us – and we may have to exit out of the app here – let’s just close it out and see if i open it back up or i might just need to kill the app out completely because it wasn’t knowing to look for the uh. The drone there let’s see what happens here once it gets to the main screen and it’s just sitting there and doing nothing i’m, not overly concerned, because these apps now it’s going to go into look boom, not connected.

They can be weird. I’Ve always had little problems with my apps with stuff like getting an fpv signal, lexington that come back and that pc signal doesn’t want to re, establish itself just weird stuff, a lot of that’s, just android related the fact that android keeps the app running. In the background, then, you leave and come back. It leaves it in the same state. It wasn’t it doesn’t, actually exit the app and that’s part of the problem too, but yeah. We should be good to go now, as you can see. There’S no firmware updates and now we’ve got an fpv signal. I think you can see if we can swipe this away or on the uh some of the menus there. Okay, and now we got you can see, we have a nice level horizon here on the white. This is seeing my white table, but we can do it you can tilt is it is a bit quick. The gimbal and i don’t see any way to adjust that so i’d like to see potenzic, add a a gimbal adjustment, speed and sensitivity and a gimbal calibration, because i don’t know the gimbal i don’t know. If there’s, i haven’t had a chance to fly mine yet we’ll find out, but i’ve noticed a few times. Yesterday, it looked like the yaw was a little off center on the uh 3 axis gimbal and that’s, something that obviously would be calibrated in a gimbal calibration.

We’Ll have to see if that really isn’t the case, or this is just an illusion, all right guys, so that was pretty easy to update. Like i said, i don’t know the exact info on what this firmware is and everything there it may have been on that screen. We were looking at doesn’t tell you initially, but we can see this was a minor upgrade to improve the image transmission. As you can see very straightforward, as i figured it would be so it’s not anything complicated, you don’t even have to go into special screens once you download it. The app immediately says: hey it’s, ready click upgrade so it’s not hard to find. This will be a piece of cake for anybody needs to do it and i’m glad to see they’ve done it. They should probably do some more as they get feedback or tweaks, because at any time these drones there’s always a few things. You need to fix or tweak the fact. This drone is essentially the same drone as before the only real thing i’m going to see them. That they would need that they might need to tweak in future. Firmware upgrades would be gimbal settings pins for the gimbal settings to get it. You know if it has any issues which i don’t know if it does and then the fact that this drone no longer operates on the 5g wi fi like the old one, you know that’s, where they probably did some image transmission updates in this one, because we’re Using the otg cable here into your phone and it’s coming into an antenna, so there could be some tweaks.

They have to do there. I assume that one antenna is probably your fpv, your video signal and the other ones. Probably i don’t know which one it is. I assume one of them is a video signal. One is your control of the drone, alright guys that wraps up this rather brief firmware upgrade slash firmware to tutorial on how to do upgrade for the matensic dreamer pro, if you’re new to my channel, please consider clicking that subscribe button. Give this video a like that helps out a ton more than you think. If you uh are a subscriber but don’t always get notifications, make sure you click the bell, because it’s very easy to forget to do that.