So hopefully my sound is okay but im uh, taking the potential dreamer pro up for sort of a one year. Ownership flight ive not flown it in quite a long time, and i flew it. A little less than a year around the beginning of february last year, 2021 uh just like three videos on it. I havent flown in a long time and i want to get it up on its latest firmware as ill put some screenshots to the notification on the latest firmware and, of course, the uh, the uh number for that firmware and stuff here in the video just gon Na take it up and see how it looks filming in 4k at 30., just see how the video looks if theres any differences now im just since im doing it this way, im not going to have any head cam footage, so you wont actually see, from my Perspective, how it is in the air, but so this would be a nice way to get it up in the air. Now i have had a few instances here where my fpv feed is dropping out and coming back. I dont know whats up with that. I dont know i didnt. I didnt have this phone at the time back when i i did the original videos, but ive had a lot of problems with this pixel phone and uh working with apps, but this you know usually just doesnt work at all so thats.

Why i have a problem with the femi mini, but on this one uh, you know usually, if it works, it works so lets get it up in the air and just get some footage and see how this guy looks after one year of ownership, because the firmware Updates should have, i know, fixed some issues that originally had so lets see lets go ahead and start recording some video there. So ill put. You know some video up here with the screen recording lets see, i think, lets try a long press and see if that does the auto take off there. We go just turn the yall there, just yell it around a little bit, yeah its a really nice flower. You guys obviously cant see that, but in the video im gon na keep it closed for just a moment just because im having that issues at times with the fpv was dropping out on me. Obviously it was on the ground and not the motors were unlocked. Maybe it wont do it in the air just gon na yaw around here. Just do a circle. Im gon na fly it out towards the field where its safe to fly, not everybodys, anybodys property or nothing just take it out a little ways here, in fact, maybe lets turn around and sort of do like a droney shot and i tilt the gimbal down a Little bit here and just kind of take it back and its giving me a weird warning here about the battery pressure.

Difference is too large. I dont know what that means. Uh. That is odd. I got 16 satellites lets. Look at that message. Well, ive! Never seen that before and that is on the screen – lets lets come forward here and see if we can get that to disappear. I never got that in the original flight. I dont know what that means its, certainly not triggering any return to home that i can tell Applause lets land it because i cant get that to go away boy. Is that bizarre, the battery its almost like its saying theres, something with the battery? I wonder if the cells on the battery is out of whack or something now weve got the disconnected up on the screen. Lets see if that comes back, and we still have that bizarre warning on there. Let me go into the battery 84 percent battery capacity. It shows its 4s. It doesnt, i dont, think it gives us the individual cell information. I dont know what to do there. That is really bizarre. Thats, obviously not im going to stop recording the video thats not going to show up in the uh recorded video, but its going to be on my screen. Recording lets just uh, thats gon na make it hard to fly with that up here. Let me see if i back out of the app re enter it no im still getting that battery pressure. Difference is too large. Just messing around here guys i dont know thats really bizarre.

I mean i can fly with it. Im not going to take it too far, but i would i dont know whats up with that with that air really really strange um, rather than fiddling around im, just going to go ahead and start recording video again lets just see if it will take off. No its not going to, let me is it all right, i think, im going to power cycle, the drone and um, you know, get it and then see if we can get that going back in there ive not flown this. A while makes me wonder if its not seeing something wrong with the uh the battery so ill be right back guys lets just try to get it up in the air. Now before anything happens, lets hold down the auto takeoff. Lets just get it in the air. Now let me start recording some video there we go. Hopefully we can get that synced up. Okay, so i like to take. Do it before i take off but im having a lot of problems. It is uh. The fpv feed was dropping out constantly and then the sd card constantly would say it needs formatted. It formed on a computer and thats formatted on the drone, and we kept saying there was an unknown air and then finally ive gotten it to work a few times and those are things i did not have problems with on the uh back in the original videos.

I was also when i started flying here while ago in the video you guys see. I was trying to film the same video. I turned the drone around facing me like this, and i was gon na try to do a manual droning. I got this weird battery pressure difference and it would refuse to go away almost like. I thought the battery was out of balance or something i dont know what that meant. Lets go ahead and do a manual dronie. This drone flies good. Now, look at that. Weve lost the fpv feed, so it usually comes back, but i dont know what is going on here. I cannot risk flying this drone very far. Now look its come back im using the pixel 4a um ive had some problems with this phone in the past with um some of uh. You know with my fat, my my uh beaming mini x8 and last loud truck. Now we got well. We had video for a moment the fema mini um. I couldnt get it to connect to this phone. It refuses to no matter what cable i try but well. This is a joke im not going to mess any more time. With this thing, this is drones that turned into an absolute piece of crap. I mean if theyre, going to update firmwares, and then you cant even get the drone to work right.