This is the one with the gimbal. We just did all the updates on it. We’Re gon na have a look at the app we’re gon na have a look at how well that camera works guys. So here we go, we’ve started this video at about 110 meters we’re at 130, 740 we’re, not gon na push the envelope too too much on this, but we are also not going to not take it out a little bit. We are going to take a little bit uh. We end up taking out to the point where i don’t want to fly over people’s houses or anything right now. We are at 218 meters, pushing 230 meters uh. What you see is a screen recording, so it is the resolutions a little bit less than what i would see on my cell phone itself, uh just because it’s downgraded a little bit and i actually sent the file through messenger to myself, download it on my computer To do all this so that degrades it just a little bit too, but as far as the clarity goes, clarity looks good. We are not jumping, we are not skipping, we are almost at 400 meters. 400 meters is a quarter mile 1600 meters is a mile um. We are pushing that 400 meter mark we’re at 400 now and we’re gon na keep going the drone itself. The gimbal seems to be working properly, uh flyability, i just have it pitched forward – we’re, really not manipulating the drone that much so i really can’t speak on maneuverability and the agility of the drone in the sky, because that’s not what we’re doing here and i don’t Feel that is what you should do with this drone um.

Is it capable it’s, probably capable, but this has a three axis gimbal on it. You should basically be using this for film uh to to get dope pictures, maybe create some film. Maybe just go for a fly and send it and have this type of film that we’re showing you now what we will do towards the end here, we’re at 620 meters um. Once we decide to stop the screen, recording we’re, going to check out the camera and we’re going to check out the camera a little bit differently than most people would check out a camera uh. Ideally, what most people are going to do is what we’ve done through the screen recording they’re going to throw it up they’re going to push it forward. That is going to be the cleanest footage that you’re going to get you’re, not pitching left you’re, not pitching right. You’Re, not young, left you’re, not yelling, right, um, we’re, not fluctuating in altitude extreme, where we just jump it up and jump down constantly um. What we’re gon na do when we switch this over is a complete back pedal and what that’s going to do? It’S going to test the gimbal it’s going to test the back pitch access of the gimbal, which probably doesn’t get used that often um. So as you were able to see, we ended the screen. Recording the video is much clearer, much much clearer and we are we’re. Just going to do a simple back pedal here that way: uh we can test this camera.

We can test the gimbal a uh non traditional way, because again most people do exactly what i just did for that run out. So we were, i forgot what the what the distance was, because i was trying to pay attention when it was going to switch over to the camera, but i think we hit about a half mile, um half mile clean transmission on the controller. Do you really need to go out any further? Not not really i mean to push the envelope. We will push the envelope at some point here, um, but as far as uh as far as me, 800 meters is good um unless we’re just jonesing for a little bit of adrenaline going past that you take the chance of a bird hitting your drone and it Going down you take the chance of it disconnecting and returning to uh beijing instead of returning to you it’s. Definitely a possibility. It’S definitely happened before, where uh drones have uh decided return. Home was not at the home point and you’ve never seen your drone again. So uh we’re not super pushing the envelope on this one. This video was primarily just to look at the app which we did. You were able to see all the telemetry. You were able to see uh the signal you were able to see battery life and then the camera which we’re showing you here. As you can see, it’s nice uh, the the gimbal, is not hiccuping.

The gimbal is not flopping left to right. This gimbal is working properly, which is really impressive for potential two thumbs up for potency for getting this worked out. A lot of guys have the reviews out already a lot of guys have their reviews out shortly after they got the product. Uh myself, i put out uh, i might have put one or two videos out, but i never put the drone in there. This is actually my first flight with this drone and i really wanted to showcase the connectivity um of the app to the drone, which is your fpv and also the camera, because if the app connectivity to the drone was garbage and if the camera was garbage well, What’S the point in flying it right: we, we can get cheaper drones that run on about the same battery and that have about the same motors with no camera. But this, for all intensive purposes, is a camera drone and that’s. What i wanted to showcase here and i think, i’m showcasing it really well. The next clip will be a little bit entertaining and i’ll also speak on function as far as flyability, because we do, we do do a little uh, yawning action uh with it, and there was just a slight hiccup on there that i would like to mention that I’M going to mention, because i don’t sugarcoat anything – i tell you guys exactly how it is uh that way, you guys can know exactly what this should get uh.

It should get a little bit entertaining for you. I always uh love uh the chance to chase some uh quads when uh the opportunity is right. So what you’ll notice is when i yaw i was trying to finesse y’all and what i mean by finessio is just lightly touched to y’all, and you could see as i’m doing these yaws it’s actually a bit more extreme than what i’m pushing and towards the end Of the video i’ll demonstrate that uh 500 percent uh we’re gon na go ahead and chase these guys on their quads. We are going to follow them for considerable distance and pretty low too to the point. Where uh we actually lose our transmission and then uh. We we we had to fight to get the transmission back and we weren’t that far, but i think it was that we were so low and we had a lot obstructing thing to keep in mind. Uh. If you have this thing up and kind of in line aside, as far as you can see, increasing altitude, as you are going further out, that’s – probably going to be your best way. If you’re going to fly this uh with any proximity uh to towards the ground and not up as high as you should be, you can bank that you’re probably going to lose the signal a lot quicker than you would doing. What i first did with that screen. Recording the screen recording, i just took it out, i pitched forward and, as i was going forward, i was slowly increasing altitude just to make sure that the signal was basically uh a straight line with zero obstruction.

This, however, we did not do that and we were just kind of chasing these quads here again entertainment. This should be very entertaining for you guys and, as i do y’all occasionally uh, which i don’t think we’re gon na do too too much more of that. But um when i was young it was, it was pretty extreme. Like i was trying to finesse, i was trying to just lightly yaw that we had super clean footage and the drone itself just wanted to turn more than i was uh, actually allotting or actually uh. Pushing the controller to make it do so uh does that make this a terrible drone? No, what comes to mind, and especially the last clip that we’re going to get into in a minute here. What comes to mind is either update needs to be done on the controller. Two updates were just done um to this prior to the flight. It is the most updates, whatever updates were available were done to this. This is the highest updated version of the pro that we are running but uh a controller calibration. There might be one in the app and if there is that’s great, maybe that’ll correct the issue that i was having so definitely check out this next clip and you’ll see a little bit more of that you’ll see a little bit of latency in the controls that’s. My only downfall with it and hopefully it could be corrected with a calibration and, if not now in the future, all right guys.

So what do i think? I absolutely love the range that it has. We did not take it to max range when we were chasing the quads, we did lose range um and then now that i have it close to me, i’m actually, i’m gon na go ahead and try to show you and hopefully not crash i’m gon na go Left no, there didn’t do it just pay attention to the drone. We’Ll try to keep it like that and go right see i just pressed right and it was non responsive, go forward and bam. See. I i didn’t do that. I didn’t try to head hunt myself. We’Ll go backwards, just press backwards; it did nothing. It actually seems like it’s taking on interference from something i thought. Maybe it was the cell phone that’s in my hand, not this one just because uh maybe bluetooth was on or something during the entire flight. I did not experience that until i got back here, so i don’t know if it’s an issue with once this slightly disconnects. If you need to bring it back home and reset it, but that’s. The only thing that i can see my entire flight was enjoyable. My entire flight, the only thing i noticed is with the yaw um like when we were chasing those cars, i slightly yawed one way and it kind of kind of jerk yawled but other than that i’m. Absolutely loving the drone uh.