Today we are checking out the potenzic dreamer 4k. It is a 4k 31 minute flight time, brushless motor 5g wi fi, fpv, gps, rc quadcopter ready to fly now it is a non foldable type quadcopter. With the dji phantom style landing gear, so some of you guys have been asking me if some of the foldable type quadcopters can be used to drop fishing bait for drone fishing, and you could do it, but this would be the type of quadcopter you want to Use since it has powerful brushless motors and the traditional landing gear to attach the hook, apparatus for the bait and the camera can be tilted 90 degrees. So you can see the bait dropping now. This is the older model to the newer dreamer, pro 4k model, which comes with a three axis gimbal. This one just comes with a anti vibration mounting for the camera, which can be remotely tilted from zero to 90 degrees. Now the camera is said to have an 8 megapixel lens with a 13 megapixel sony sensor. So it will record 2k videos and 4k photos to the micro sd card, and here is the micro sd card slot. It supports from four gigabyte to 256 gigabyte micro, sd card class, 10 or higher is recommended. The battery bay is in the rear and by squeezing the grips on both sides of the battery and giving it a little pull the battery can be removed. The battery is a 15.

2 volt, 3 000 milliamp size battery with a maximum charge voltage of 17.4 volts good for about 31 minutes of flight time. It will take about two hours to fully charge slide it back in and it will click into place. A short followed by a long press will turn the power on Music. We got status led lights on the bottom of each of the motor pods green. In the front and red in the rear and an led light in the front with the dreamer logo lit up another short, followed by a long press, will power off the quadcopter. It comes with these quick release. Props super easy to attach just push in and rotate to lock into place. Now the blades have clockwise or counterclockwise written on them, as well as on the arm next to the motor so push in and rotate it the opposite way to release. Now the dreamer weighs in at 736 grams with the battery, so it needs to be registered. The remote controller is a bit unique in shape, but it still does feel pretty good in the hands its got. Some silicone grips for your hands and the same material for the phone holder area. The phone holder is built into the front of the remote control, and all you do is simply slide it and put your phone in between just like this. Now the left antenna is just for looks, and it is the right antenna with the antenna wire running up the antenna, so make sure it is at an optimum angle.

Now there is a compartment to hold the gimbal sticks when not in use perfect, especially when you are traveling. So we have the rotary dial on the left, shoulder to remotely adjust the camera tilt from 0 to 90 degrees and on the right shoulder. We have another rotary dial and it is for adjusting the brightness level in the front. We have the gimbals, which are nice and smooth push down on the left, stick to switch from gps mode to attitude mode, even while it is in the air. It should already compared with the quadcopter right out of the box from the factory. But if its not push down on the right stick and the power button at the same time to pair with the quadcopter here is the speed switch speeds one and two can be had. It says sport, which is speed. Number two here is the return to home button. Long press and the quadcopter will come back and land where it took off from here is the one key to take off and one key to land button and the power button now in the rear is the photo button and the video buttons and bolt sticks to The bottom and in will arm the motors on the bottom, is the micro usb charge port to charge up the built in battery all right guys. So here we go with the test flight of the potenzic dreamer 4k. I got a 32 gigabyte micro sd card inserted and formatted, and here is the battery fully charged so lets go ahead and insert the battery until it clicks into place.

Here are the props, so when youre looking at the quadcopter from the rear view, this motor and this motor will be counterclockwise. This motor and this motor will be clockwise. So you want to put the props with the red letters on your left upper motor and the lower right motor click it in and rotate it until it locks into place. And you want to place the props with the darker gray or black letters on the right. Top motor there you go and on the bottom left motor and rotate, it make sure it is locked into place and it is not going to spin out all right there. You go all right, so lets go ahead and power up the quadcopter, a short and then a long press, and that also calibrated the level of the camera too, and power up the remote control. I believe, when you pair and when it configures it also calibrates the gyro, because there is no stick sequence or button sequence or app controlled, gyro calibration. It just has the compass calibration, so everything is paired. It is ready to go so. The first thing you want to do when youre flying one of these gps quadcopters, is to calibrate the compass and to do that were going to have to calibrate the compass with the app because theres no stick calibration method or button calibration method on the hard remote. So lets go ahead and connect to the wi fi network and it is called the potenzic d1 wi fi network and we are already connected – and here is the app.

It is called the potenzic pro app free downloadable, app in the app store, so go ahead and check it out and there we go. It says, enter device. First lets check this settings here. You can go to the tutorial instructions, quick start flight record and flight log book were going to go directly into the enter device, but this app also doubles as the dreamer pro app. That is a recently released one after this one. So this one is the previous version, so lets go ahead and enter the device and there we go. We got wi fi fpv lets see screen record three two one and we are screen recording lets, see how it looks like oh black screen for a split. Second. There you go, it looks pretty good, so this doesnt have uh a gimbal or electronic image stabilization. So when you roll the quadcopter, the horizon will roll with it and if you tilt the quadcopter, the horizon will tilt with it as well and im, assuming the video is going to be a little choppy because theres no electronic image stabilization as well. But what it does have is remote tilt adjustable angle on the camera, so lets go ahead and tilt the camera down all the way down to 90 degrees. So you can look right below the quadcopter, which is nice good for landing and launching bait for fishing. If you are into that sort of stuff there, you go back up all the way, all right so compass calibration.

You want to hit those three little dots on the top right corner and it will show you main controller settings beginner mode. No, i dont want beginner mode turned on circle flight setting to change that, and it says here: radius is set to 25 meters and speed is up to three meters per second and it is going counterclockwise. Okay, so well. Leave it at that next up theres the calibration settings well come back to that heres the remote control settings it is set to mode one um. I believe it is left hand throttle im, not gon na change the mode too, and we got battery percentage 100 and we can change from imperial to metric lets, go back to calibration, setting and hit start calibration and hit start. It says to rotate it horizontally there. We go and now its telling us to rotate it vertically with the nose up, lets rotate it until it tells us it is done there you go, a check mark appeared, calibration of the compass is done so lets get out and lets see satellite count. We got 18 satellites, so we are good to go. We have gps position and it says connected and ready for takeoff all right, so lets go ahead and take off im going to go ahead and leave the ipad right here, all right. So what you want to do is both sticks to the bottom and in will arm the motors or you can just hit the one key to take off and land button.

Itll arm the motors and take off as well so bolt sticks to the bottom and in arms. The motors now you have to manually take off. If you dont take off in about 10 to 15 seconds, the motors will shut off by themselves a safety feature, so lets see how long it takes there. You go okay, other than that you can hit the one key to take off and one kid of land. Long press it until he hear a beep and the quad cutter will arm and take off by itself there. You go all right automatic takeoff and holding its position. Look at that very nice lets see if it jaws in one spot. Oh yeah, yours in place. No drift at all very nice okay lets see. If i pull it. Okay, it got really angry. I didnt even have to pull it that far all right, so we should be starting off in uh, regular mode or non sport mode. So speed number one raising it up and full pitch. Oh a little wobbly, there looks pretty good thats full pitch and fool yall Music. Okay lets go to sport mode, all right, a little bit more pitch a little more speed, so its a higher rate full pitch. Full yaw not that much difference just a little bit more speed. Okay, let go of the stick and comes to a hover all right, raise it up in altitude just a little bit and lets take a look here.

Im going to take some photos, heres the photo button, Music, okay, it just changed modes. It didnt take a photo. It just changed into the photo mode from the video mode hit it again and there you go taking a photo yall a little bit. There you go taking another photo Music, one, more Music Applause, all right, Music, okay, im gon na do the camera tilt, Music and Applause Music, okay, trying to find out where i am okay, im right above myself. So let me go away from myself a little bit and turn around and there i am camera tilt down and take a photo there. Okay, camera tilt all the way up and wheres the sun well im unable to find the sun, because its too high lets take a final photo there and lets see lets go ahead and start the video okay. Once again, it just changes mode with a single press and then the second press commences the video recording all right. So video is recording so camera tilt all the way down, thats about 45 degrees and all the way down to 90 degrees. Just a one speed servo smooth enough, i guess, and all the way up nice all right. Okay lets see if i can focus this thing supposed to have brightness focus feature on the right shoulder button, the dial, but somehow it doesnt work on my ipad. It works on my iphone, but my iphone has a significant delay or latency and theres also a bar on the right side of the app for camera tilt.

It works on my phone, but it doesnt work on my ipad either. For some reason, all right so lets go ahead and check it out a little bit more okay, we are in speed number two in gps mode, all right, so it comes to a hover im gon na go to speed number one and lets see. If i turn off gps now, im pressing on the throttle check it out, it is starting to drift theres no gps position hold, so it is just drifting with the breeze, a very mild breeze. All right so lets go and check this thing out in the non gps mode or the addi mode or attitude mode. It is a lot more sportier. Look at that even in speed number one – it is more sportier than in speed number two in gps mode. So it kind of reminds me because this thing has brushless motors and the dji style landing legs kind of reminds me of the uh bayan toys. X16 somewhat. The body is different, but still basically its right around there. I think the x16 was a lot more powerful than this one. Okay, so lets see if the sport mode makes any difference in the addi mode, the non gps mode, it doesnt seem like it. Its staying about the same speed, so let me flick it back see, does not make a difference full pitch and there you go. Basically, you got one speed in the addy mode and you got two speeds in the gps mode.

So one thing about addie mode is here: let me bring it in closer when you let go of the stick: itll just glide, because gps position hold is not going to be activated, whereas if i hit the gps on switch now it is holding its position and If i pitch and i let go, it itll come to a hover instead of gliding all right, okay, so first things first lets establish our home point. I took off from the table, so i wan na establish the home point as the landing pad so im gon na hit the one key to land. Now, okay, it is landing and you can kind of read that oh redirect this path, but every time you redirect it, it stops descending. Look at that, so you can control it to where you want to land exactly so you have all kinds of time to correct position: the quadcopters landing path, nice, okay, so here we go. What im gon na do is im gon na arm it manually and then take off manually now the antenna placement on the right one. This is the one that has the antenna wire running up. It depends on how you hold your transmitter. Um. You want this antenna to be sticking straight up, so you get the most range all around perpendicular to it. You dont want to make it facing that way and hold the remote control this way, otherwise the best range. It will be this way this plane so instead hold it up, and i hold my transmitter about like this, so i want it right about there all right so im in the motors and manually taking off this time, and so far this thing is awesome.

So we are in gps mode, okay, theres one thing: also im going to go to addie mode now, look at i can control it really nicely and if you land manually in addie mode it doesnt have that gps position hold stoppage. So to speak. So you can kind of land it more smooth if you like to do it that way so im going to land it manually, just like that nice and smooth im going to place it back in the center of the landing pad, so thatll be our new home Point all right guys. I have to blow my nose and wipe the tears off my eyes, because i got some kind of allergy going on right now: okay, im in the motors manually and taking off so lets, go ahead and check this thing out. We are in speed, two lets change the speed number one and lets see if we can do some fpv a little wobbly a little choppy because theres no gimbal or electronic image stabilization and i lost video momentarily it froze. So the video is not that great itll. All depend on what type of device you are using, so let me go out here and turn around nice and smooth there. I am, i stop and i overshot my spot here. Okay, there we go flying over myself and turning around and there. I am all right. So you can have pv with this thing a little bit but very wobbly and looks like the video seems to be pretty good.

So far. It went out for a split second there earlier, but now it is giving me. Oh there you go, it went out again and it just came back and black screen pac man, and then i got it back. So i dont have good wi fi video on this one guys so lets go ahead and check out. The main function is the return to home, so one of the main features of a gps quadcopter, so lets go ahead and hit the return home button. Okay, beeping quadcopter is rising up in altitude to the pre designated altitude turns around heads its way back. A little wobble turns around again and comes down besides a little wobble, its performing pretty good looks like its going to land, pretty close to the takeoff spot. Still beeping and touchdown motors turn off thats, not bad thats, not bad all right, so we know it has a good return to home feature turns around comes back turns around and it lands itself now lets go ahead and take off one more time. One key to take off im gon na help it out go up in altitude and what im gon na do now is im going to retake control, while it is coming back from a return of home, so lets hit that return home button once more. Okay, uh! Oh, it is not thinking about coming home. Hmm. Why is that? Okay, once more there, you go return to home, so make sure when you hit that return home, you take a look at the video and see if it is actually returning or hit it again.

Okay, im going to hit it again right now, while its coming back turning around there, you go and i have exited the return home process and i have retaken control of the quadcopter. So when its heading back, you can take re control of it anytime. By hitting the return home button once more, all right, a little wobbly, though okay, so this time lets go ahead and push it out and check out the fail safe return to home, and to do that, im going to turn off the remote control. Okay, remote control has been turned off. Okay lets check it out, the remote control has been disconnected, it says, and it is not thinking about coming home. Lets wait for a few more seconds and yep. It is not thinking about coming home at all with just the hard remote turned off, and i do believe this is one of those quadcopters that need both of the devices to be disconnected meaning the wi fi fpv connection, wi fi app connection. So i believe i still have control over the aircraft with the app so lets go to the remote control, icon and theres. All the special features, functions and heres. The virtual controller is off, it says, im going to hit it, so it is on and then theres, no virtual controllers. I believe you just hit it yeah there. You go. Control, sticks up here and you can fly this thing with the phone app solo, all right.

Okay thats one of the things that is bad about this quadcopter, and that is the fact that youre gon na have to have both of the devices disconnected for it to perform the fail safe return home, so that is bad. Okay. What im gon na do is im going to go ahead and stop my video recording, okay and im also going to stop my screen recording okay to save those clips and lets see im going to restart the on screen. Recording im doing this just to be on the safe side, so i get the video clips saved im going to hit the record button again. Once my video comes back there, we go yeah, look at that kind of sketchy video with the green showing up and all that signal poor. It says: okay, im going to hit the video record now. What im going to do is im going to kill the phone app and see if it returns home a fail, safe, return home. Okay, so here we go okay, im gon na kill it, so the phone app is discontinued or disconnected, and now it is rising up. In altitude turning around and it is heading its way back its going to land so im going to reconnect with the hard remote by turning on the hard remote hitting the return home there you go so once you reconnect, you got ta still hit the return home Button to retake control, so i got control back with the hard remote, so that is nice lets, go ahead and restart the app enter the device and looks like im still recording a video, so the video does not stop either.

Okay, remote control is connected and i still have on screen recording too so there you go guys. That is the fail, safe test, so you need both devices to be turned off and while its flying back, you can reconnect with your hard remote. Oh bird just flew right by the quadcopter you dont want to get prop strikes there little bird again, you want to play around with it. Yeah youre going to get seriously hurt with those props all right, so that is the fail. Safe return home and the smart return home by pressing the button, all right so lets see. If this thing has circle me, i saw all those special features there and there you go and this one is headless mode, unlock, gps mode and circle flight. It says lets hit that circle flight. Oh it enters it right away. Look at that! Oh it went away from where it was and then its starting to do its circle flight. So the circle me is doing the counter clockwise rotation just like how we left it. So thats what its doing and the point of interest will be right there where it was hovering before i hit the circle me, and it is circling around that point of interest right there, so lets get out by hitting the x and i will confirm so lets. Go right above myself and position the clock up the right above my cell and then hit the circle mean circle flight.

So its going away sideways check it out, stops at the pre designated distance or the radius, and it is starting to commence the circle me, and this will be. My spot would be the point of interest. So you guys cant really see that i got ta lower down the camera there. I am there you go so lets see. Lets see if i thought a lot nope throttling up does not have any effect. Yaw. Nothing. Okay, now lets see. If i can control the distance by pitching forward and pitching backwards once it gets onto this side here, the sun is right. There, man getting these allergies, okay, so pitching forward comes closer, and if i let go, does it continue? No itll exit the circle me once i pitched forward with the right stick, so you are not able to control the distance the radius or you are not able to control the speed. I dont think all right so lets go ahead and check it out. One more time to see whether or not it will be able to control the speed. Okay, i just pressed it. This point of interest is over there and it is going to start circling so lets see if i can increase the speed and let go nope that gets you out of the circle me as well. So any movement of the stick will exit you from the circle. Me so you are stuck with the pre designated radius and the speed all right lets see if we can do anything else here and how about follow me nah its pointing that way, and it has exited to follow me.

So i believe, in order to execute the follow me, you will need cellular data which i dont have on my ipad. Okay, so lets go ahead and check out the distance camera angle. All the way up and lets see whats the battery life. I got 26 percent, so let me go and check it out here, push it out. When it hits 20, it will hit the low voltage uh alarm mode where it tells you. The battery level is at 20 and you should start landing so lets push it out. I got video still yet still going out there, video kind of froze in time, but the quadcopter is still going and im at 24 percent. Well, i got video back look at that. I got video back 23 percent and it is still going. I see it way out there. Okay, the drone is about to maximum limit distance. Please fly carefully, it says so. Im gon na go and start pulling the clock out the back towards me and we hit 20 percent and flying in low battery. Please fly carefully so let me go ahead and pull it back and two beeps consecutively and im pulling it back towards me here: okay, so theres no geo fencing it doesnt come home once it hit the 20 mark. It just warns you, so you can control the quadcopter still yet, which i like so theres, no geo fencing. So if i push it this way right this way and continue to push it and lets see 45 50 meters and still pushing it.

70. 80 meters. 90. 100 meters and its still going so theres no geo fencing. Oh, it is starting to rise up in altitude and i think it has reached a certain point where it is returning to home. Now. This will be the second phase where it executes the low voltage return home, so not a very long period between the first and the second phase, just enough to bring it in and turns around, and it is going to come down yep. So this will be the critical low voltage return home, so to speak for the second phase yep its coming down. Ah, i feel the breeze looks like its gon na miss the landing pad by quite a lot, but still very good, maybe about three or four oclock up the distances away, all right guys so thatll be the flight test and review of the potenzic dreamer 4k. Gps. Quadcopter ready to fly so thank you so much for tuning in and watching have a great day and well see you again.