This is the potenzic, d68 and it’s a drone. You can get from amazon it’s about 250 dollars now haven’t flown a potential drone before so really wasn’t sure what to expect. I think you might be pleasantly surprised or is it another one of those got ta stay away. Drones let’s find out all right. So, as you can see, this is a foldable drone. We got to start with these back ones, fold them back first, then you can slide the front ones out and then we even have some little landing gear in the front actually build quality on. This is really pretty darn nice. I was actually very pleasantly surprised with the build quality. You can see the camera here now. They claim a 4k camera we’ll talk about that uh, but it’s sitting on some dampeners that’s gon na be good to kind of help with jello. Now i flew this thing in some really intense winds and it actually held up pretty darn. Well so they’re going to tell you that’s a 25 minute flight time and that’s, probably a little bit heavy right. Probably 20 minutes is about what you can expect, but this thing did fly really darn well in the wind. Now you can see it is an optical flow. Drone we’ve got a little camera here to help sense the ground. So if you don’t have a really strong gps signal and you’re flying low enough to the ground, this will pick that up and help stabilize the drone.

Actually found that it found the satellites pretty darn well and the app was pretty intuitive and easy to use. You can see this little slot down here on the bottom, where the sd card goes, so you can store your videos and pictures now you can take pictures and videos and they will store on your phone, but the quality is much better if you use an sd Card and actually it’s kind of strange, because if i take a picture – and i save it to my phone it’s going to give me 4k quality but it’s, not as nice right. The picture that i save on the device on the sd card comes in at 2048. By 1152, or some resolution like that, which is lower than the 3840, whatever that she’s saving the phone, but the picture quality is clearly better on the sd card. Now it’s, not all about pixels, guys, there’s a lot more. That goes into quality when it comes to recording pictures and video. Now the remote here actually is pretty darn nice. It comes with this little card here that tells you what the buttons do. This is my gps button turn it off and on uh. This is my follow me button orbit my button and high and low button right here off and on button return to home my antennas just fold up here and there’s. Then this piece that i clip into the back to hold my phone it’s kind of a standard hobby grade remote, but it works pretty well.

It does charge usb c with included, cables and that’s nice, because i don’t have to go, find double a’s or anything like that. Look at this a nice carrying case this drone comes in a nice hard case. Everything fits in here pretty nicely and you can see there’s even room for more stuff. So, if i was to add, say an extra battery or something later on, that would be a bonus now. The instruction manual here is actually pretty easy to understand. Um, which, surprisingly, is not always the case when it comes to drones. Now this guy is available from potenzic, like i said before, when you buy something from amazon, you know just kind of there is a higher level of reliability and customer service than you’re going to get from, say something that you order from overseas. From kind of these fly by night companies, amazon has a great return policy, so you don’t like this thing. There is that now the 250 dollar price tag is kind of steep. If you ask me now, i do like the drone. I do like the way that it flies. I tested the follow me in the orbit and they work. I like all those things but it’s the camera that i think lacks a little bit in the 250 dollar quality comparisons right. So it is not really 4k it’s. 2K and it’s upscaled, specifically when you’re you know, saving things on your phone and and that’s the lesser of the two qualities you’re, definitely going to want to save to the sd card.

Like i said before, i like that you can control the gimbal, so you can even pan it straight down and kind of that nice bird’s eye view, but there’s no electronic image stabilization and there is no gimbal on this drone. So at 250 dollars that’s kind of a deal breaker. If you ask me, because you can get a drone for about 200 bucks with a gimbal or electronic image, stabilization it’s going to take really nice video now again, we’re, not talking high quality or professional video. All right, so this is a look at some of the video that you can record with this drone. Now this is saved directly to the sd card, which i promise you is higher quality. You get five megabits per second saving to the sd card, which you only get two. If you save it to your phone, you also get 25 frames a second on the sd card versus 20. If you save it to the phone now, this is that top down. Look so i controlled the gimbal, moved it down and it’s. Actually following me, it’s actually doing a nice job. It follows the gps on the phone or the remote, which is helpful. Now this is kind of a peek into the app uh you can kind of see. I get lesser quality, you know if it’s recording to my phone. This is what you see. You lose a few frames here and there but we’re doing a little orbit here.

It works uh. You can rotate the the drone inside or out to do the orbit works. Well, if you’re after high quality, video you’re going to want a gimbal now potentially does make something with a gimbal uh. The dreamer it’s called and i’m anxious to get my hands on that, because that looks like a really nice high quality drone that is kind of affordable, so stay tuned, hopefully we’ll see one of those and how that performs. Now the pictures coming out of this thing are nice, but you do have a little bit of distortion, so you know it’s kind of hard to really say: hey, yes, go ahead and buy this thing, you know it’s a good beginner drone absolutely does it have some Really nice features, it sure. Does it flies? Well, i, like the case, i like the package, i like getting it from amazon, so there are some bonuses here, but it just comes down to it. I don’t like the shaky video that’s kind of a deal breaker. If you ask me okay, so what i recommend in this price point, if you don’t want this thing well, there’s the bugs 12 or the bugs 20. i like both of those drones. I also like some of the beast pro drones, specifically the beast pro max. The beast pro 3 – that has a nice full 3 axis gimbal now i still don’t, think you’re going to get semi professional quality out of any of those drones for something like that, the lowest entry level.

Drone i’d recommend is one of those minis right, whether it’s the dji mini the mini 2, the xiaomi mini or even the upcoming hubsan mini they’re kind of that 400 ish range, but you’re going to get a real three axis, gimbal you’re, going to get some better Stabilization some better features, but again you got to pay a little bit more to get stuff like that. So overall, this is a fun little drone, but probably not something that i would recommend at 250. 260. Now, if this thing comes down to about 200 150 yeah, i jump on it right, the potenzic d68. There were a lot of things i did like about this drone nice controller layout, easy to read manual uh fun to fly, but at the end of the day, not gon na cut it for me, but i’m gon na. Let you make your own decisions. Hopefully this was helpful if it was give us a thumbs up hit that subscribe button. If drones are your thing, we got you covered here at half chrome. We also have a website, as well as a handful of other social media outlets, so make sure you follow us there.