Starting january 2022, i have six of them and so ill be giving away six over the course of six months. So if you want to win one of these just tune in to first friday, on the first friday of the month on ready, set drone on youtube and well be giving one of these away each first friday for the next six months. Applause, if you havent already hit subscribe, please do because we do a lot of videos about toy drones, camera drones, fpv drones and other rc stuff and uh youll really enjoy it. So you should definitely subscribe and hit the notification bell. So you know when we have a new video out, so potenzic sent me this full disclosure. They have sent me things in the past. This is the latest one theyve sent me. It is a little line of sight. Flyer would make a great stocking, stuffer or gift for a kid. You know a lot of people start off flying drones with one of these things they get it. They love how it can fly around the room and how they can actually control it pretty precisely, and they get very excited about it, thats what happened to me and so, if youre looking for something thatll get you started or you want to give it to a Kid as a gift, or just something to goof around with indoors these little guys are a good choice. Now this is the a22, it has a ducted props and it has sort of cages around them.

It comes with some potenzic stickers. Well, do a little unboxing here and then well fly it theres the directions uh its a pretty thick user manual, because i think its in multiple languages, but you dont really need it theres, not that much to it. One of the things i also like about potenzic, is they arent afraid to release little quads, that dont have cameras and dont have apps. This does not have a camera and it does not have an app, and actually i really like that, because its super simple its its tiny and it flies right out of your hand, if youre not careful, heres, the remote control, which comes in a box, its a Thank you, its got a little led on the front of it and that led lights things up as its flying along. That is the front. The back is where the power button is, and then its got four ducted propellers that have pretty thin propeller guards, and i actually like that, because its going to be less weight and give you more flight time and youre going to need less weight because the batteries For this thing, the little 1s batteries that come with it are pretty tiny. You can see right here, theyre in the in the bag, theres two of them. I always like it when they include two batteries and potenzic usually does which is nice. They charge via usb, and so you just take them out.

Youve got your usb charger right here. These are pretty common. You plug the battery into the usb charger. There is a little slot, so you want to make sure to plug it in the right direction. Dont force it if its not going, then you might have it the wrong way: yeah thats it right there. I just got it plugged in and then, when i plug this in, it will probably turn red theres a little red led and when the battery is fully charged, the led will turn green. Now the remote control comes out of the box and has two sticks. Its generally set up, if youre in north america, its set up in mode two, which means that this stick, which is the left, stick as youre facing it, is your throttle up and down, and your yaw, which is rotation like this, and this stick is your pitch, Which is where it pitches forward and flies forward and your roll, which is where it rolls to the side. Now you can do different rates on this, where itll fly at a very easy pitch, so it doesnt go very fast and you can control it a little better if youre, just learning or a medium pitch, where it pitches more and goes a little faster, both in The pitch and roll direction and then, finally, in a third thing, where it pitches the most and goes the fastest when you get better at it, youll find that that third rate is actually your friend because its the easiest to fly in its most responsive and then Finally, it has a thing called headless mode and in headless mode you push down that button and basically doesnt matter which way the drone is oriented.

Whenever you push the pitch or roll away from you, itll go away from you and when you pull it towards you, itll go towards you when you go left itll go to your left and when you go right, itll go to your right when youre not in Headless mode things can be reversed and it can be a little more complicated im, actually not a big fan of headless mode, because i think it teaches you bad habits and doesnt really teach you how to fly. You really have to learn that if you look at where the light is the lights in the front. So, if its coming towards you and you push the stick right its going to go to your left because its backwards so lets get the batteries on the charger and take it up for a flight all right. So we got the little 1s battery charged right here. There are two of these, but the other one is now charging and im going to go ahead and put two aaa batteries into the remote control. All right, so weve got the remote on ill just turn it off for a second put the battery in here. Now this battery door latch is a little tricky. You have to kind of push on this little tab and open it, and then there the room. The amount of room in here is a little bit tight, so but thats how they always are all right.

And then you got to kind of figure out how to put the cable in and close it up and there you go so thats good, and then you really want to set it down on a flat surface when you turn it on because thats, when the accelerometers And gyroscopes calibrate turn it on give it a second push. The left stick up down up so down and in well spin the props and also stop them. As you can see, theres a cool little led light show thats going on on the top, which is kind of neat, and then, if you want to set your rate to a higher rate, you push the button that has the little speedometer looking thing. So thats rate two, the two beeps rate: three, which is your fastest rate. One is your tamist id prefer rate three just because it gives you the most control and well go ahead, and you can see also that led in the front gives you directional orientation. So not using headless mode, you can tell, which way is front by just looking where that light is, which is pretty bright, especially here in a dark room like this lets go ahead and get it up as i set them in rate three just try to hover It here for a second – and i think, if you wanted to trim it, you use a little trim button so right now its drifting back and right, so im gon na try and trim it left a little bit yeah its doing better doing.

Okay with the altitude hold still drifting right, im pushing the left trim button to see if i can trim it left and then, of course, to do a flip. You push down the right. Stick you kind of push the right stick in and then you tell it which direction you want to flip so, like ill, flip forward ill flip left ill, flip right and ill flip backwards. I wonder if itll do a diagonal flip lets see if itll do a diagonal flip not really looks like that kind of went forward, but fun doesnt lose a lot of altitude on the flips either a lot of these quads when they flip theyll drop way down. But this one seems to do okay and then, if you put it in headless mode, you hold down the little steering wheel, looking thing and then no matter which way you turn it always and it all see how the lights blinking that tells you its in headless Mode, so if i push it towards the camera its going to go towards the camera, if i pull it back towards me, its going to come back towards me, doesnt matter which way its facing in headless mode. But if i put it in normal mode, where the light stops blinking, then you have to pretty much know that its going to pushing forward its going to follow that light. And then, if you want to try – and do this be careful but Music – actually its pretty good for that, because those things are very flexible if youre looking for a cool little indoor, probably indoor, mostly because i dont think its strong enough to go outdoors lightweight very Safe guarded because it has the ducted propellers beginner quad for a kid or an adult, to learn how to fly on.

This is a great choice. Its really well made the lights are cool on it.