You know it has altitude hold headless. Three rates does the flips and all that stuff, all that good fun stuff right, and we want to thank the people over at potensic for sending this out. So we could check it all right guys. Let me get it out of the box and well uh, indeed, check it out. All right were out of the box and its the usual suspects. Okay, you got your batteries, you got your charger and you got the quadcopter itself, which looks pretty cool and i will tell you its very light. So you might get some good flight time out of this thing, because this thing is theyve really made these little guard things very thin. So you know that takes uh. It takes a lot of the weight off of it, so yeah all right, heres, the transmitter and its got your normal stuff on there, your flips and rates and all that good stuff. I dont know what thats for oh, i know what those little they must have used, this controller for uh, a phone holder or somewhat some other model heres the on and off button here. So yeah lets get the battery in there or lets check the battery that they are kind of small, oh theyre, 240s, which i i thought they were actually smaller than that no theyre. 240. 3.7 heres, the battery hatch. Here in the back in the bottom, see you just, it has a little clip right here.

You just push in on the clip and it pops right open. So there is no screw. The dastardly screw is non existent, and just you hear that little snap, okay, so that just snaps right like that theres a little light on the front of it right there see that wow really looks neat neat. I i really love these little these little ones. I do a lot of these now anyway, so anyway, they give you these little thing of stickers in there for the kids, you can put it on the books or the book bag or whatever else i dont even know. If kids have book bags anymore and then they give you a manual, but you know i mean come on its – not that complicated trust me so lets flip this around and lets fly it in here see what happens, because this is an indoor type deal here. Okay, indeedy that looks close okay, so lets see how we turn it on here. Is there a button in the back yeah right there? Oh the power buttons on the other side of the light, theres the light and then theres the power button right there and the transmitter takes um uh, two uh aaa batteries. They go in the back there, but you got ta. Take that that screw, you put the screw back already so lets turn this on, see it flashing, okay, so its bound up Music, okay, i just wasnt sure how to take off.

You just hold this button in right here and then itll take off after a few seconds. It just does it just doesnt? Do it immediately thats? Why, when i hit it the first time you know, i didnt know what was happening. Wow, look: how tight those flips are holy cow, okay and now this button here ill bring it down a little bit Music right here that flashes, those lights that are on the top, so yeah itll make them flash and theyre theyre green other than that wow. This things really fast: Music. Okay, so then you press this stick in and its going to give you the spinorama hold on watch. So i press that in see that and then this the right one is the flips, okay, so yeah great stuff heres. The rates up here, the top left, okay, so the first rate is kind of slow lets check. The second rate out yeah id say the second rate is good for in the house, Music say the first rate is a little bit for beginners, maybe but uh yeah. The second rates perfect for inside yeah, great stuff man great stuff, now lets see if that same button will land it Music. Yes, it does. Okay, yeah! You just have to hold the button in a little bit. It just doesnt. Do it instantly you have to hold the button in for a little sec couple seconds and itll go up or go down whatever yeah great stuff man lets go see if itll fly outside see if it can handle any wind.

Hey guys were out here with the potensic a22 and we just want to try to fly it outside for a little bit. I mean we know this is a little indoor quad, but you know i cant resist. I cant resist bringing it out here to uh, give it a shot. I cant resist it: Music, okay, so theres a third rate going Music. Oh yeah yeah, look at it, wow real nice! So as long as its not windy and now today were having like little intermittent intermittent winds there and as long as you keep the raid up theres that light button for the light see them theyll start flashing. When you hit that one yeah its its pretty stable too, you know its not wandering around too much or anything wow Music lets try the second rate. The second rate is what you want for in the house. I wasnt uh that third rates a little twitchy. The second rates, even good out here, actually its just not as quick, not just its just not bouncing around as much so yeah look at it. Wow, Music theres, a flip, put the third grade back on Music, its another flip Music, Music, oh yeah, in the third rate, this thing is very snappy. You can see that man look at it. Music ill put the flight time in there, but yeah potency thanks for sending this out. This is a great little living room deal here. You can sit on the couch and watch a football game and go fly this next to your old lady when shes making a turkey, Music, wow, yeah nice, real nice, very agile, too man.

I mean this thing turns on a dime Music. Look at that. Its almost like an fpv flyer, wow Music, pretty quick im impressed with it still flipping means the batterys still good Music Music all right. So we see that it flies great Music. Oh, that them lights actually are that button here has where it makes the lights flash thats, actually the headless mode too. Okay, so it does both turns on the lights and then turns on the headless mode. So just so you know that its not just about the light show its about that also so Music then theres that button there you hold that one and it makes it do that little coarse thing Music. So i had to turn that off because i didnt know how close it was gon na it just goes in these little this little rotational thing there it but its not real fast. It goes. You know slowly works its way around thats. If you press that button there and so Music lets check the uh rates here again or the flips okay, its still working, so the batterys still cooking. I forgot what the size of the battery was in there, but i think it was what a 350 or something maybe less Music. I mean the thing. Doesnt weigh anything right: they really uh made the cage. You know the little cages they build on there. Its really super thin material, so its it to keep the weight down, so they did a real good job with that Music.

Alright. So the flight time is looking pretty good here, its starting to flash now, but you see the light flashing, so hey im thinking. That was at least five minutes. I mean thats what it seemed like so yeah great, no flips arent working. So that means its dying out: Music. Okay, just grabbed it out of the air.