Another and fight basically do an air fight, and so these drones have infrared sensors on the front theres an infrared receiver down here on the bottom there, and so these drones fire beams at one another. Once a hit is registered. The drone starts to wobble its in the programming. Once you get hit three times, you have one more time to get hit. So after four hits this thing will land and the other person wins, and so then you have to recalibrate in order to take off again up and down on the left. Stick will get you back in action, but these things are pretty fun, so awesome little drones where you can fight each other in mid air. It comes a set of two, the red and the blue. Here, as you can see, the transmitters are identical, and so you can use either transmitter it doesnt matter which one you grab when youre ready to start. You just have to turn them on one at a time and bind them one at a time. So you would turn the red one on or the blue one first and then you would turn on the transmitter and bind it up and down on the left. Stick and then you would do the second one, and so the flight characteristics on these are pretty decent. Too they do have altitude hold both drones flying altitude hold mode. So its not a lot of maneuvering that you can do as far as uh free flying but its.

I guess fun enough and fast enough for you to get a nice battle going. It does have three rates and the yar rate is pretty nice on the third rate and so uh. The pitch is pretty decent too, but its not a very deep pitch. So you cant do very deep funnels or anything like that, but it does pitch enough for you to fly fast, so these little quads are pretty fun now, when youre firing, these infrared shots at each other, the spectrum is quite wide or the area the hitting range In other words, its, what im trying to say is when you fire a shot from one of these, its a wide spread uh for you to get hit, and so you can basically just aim in that persons direction and, if youre not too far off uh by Much then, you can register a hit quite easily you fire by hitting this top right button here. This top right shoulder button and you can fire quite rapidly and you can fire back when youre getting hit so uh quite interesting. You can just just mash on the buttons and keep firing, but you cant hit them one. Two, three four and theyre out real quick. It takes a little time for the person to recover when its wobbling, you cant hit them while theyre wobbling a hit is already registered, and so you have to wait and hit them at the right exact time.

But of course, if youre mashing the buttons really quick, theyre – probably not going to get a chance to recover, but they can fire back at you, and so it does give a person a chance to get out of the line of sight. The line of fire or sort of say um when youre getting hit so the other part, in other words the other person cant just keep mashing the buttons and just blast you out without you firing back, because when you fire back theyre gon na start wobbling, and You will probably recover and get to fly away and so uh pretty decent. Though i learned that when youre flying up higher, you have a lot of chance of hitting the other person for some reason, um when youre higher than them. Uh me and my son did a little battle im going to show you guys that, after the table top here, but these things do come with two batteries each, and so i kept one of the batteries out of the craft to show you guys what size it Is so lets see if we can get it up to the camera, so you guys can see it ah focus focus focus. Well, it doesnt look like its going to focus, but it is a 180 milliamp hour 1s pack here it. This one has one inside already and then theres two in the packaging. Here with the accessories. Each one comes with extra props.

You have a full set of props. In there an extra battery you have a screwdriver. We have the charging cable. I didnt remove any of this stuff out of the packaging, because i have a hobby grade charger that charges these little uh connections. Here this the ph. This is the ph 2.0 connection for those of you who are familiar with the tiny whoops. These things were pretty popular with tiny whoops, this style connector for a while, and so it has an instructions manual. The instructions manual is pretty thick because it has different languages in here, and so it explains everything that you need to know about these things. So this is the on and off switch on the transmitter here. This button is the take off button and the landing button, and so we have headless mode on this side. If you press this, stick in the sticks, do press in itll go into headless mode, and if you press this side in over here, itll arm a flip and you could press either direction to do a flip and it oh, it doesnt recover very well on the Flips, it seems like it loses a lot of altitude every time i did the flip, but it does do flips and uh. This is the speed button here. The left shoulder button again, you have three speeds and you have trims for forward and back over here and trims for left and right over here, and so the batteries are aaa batteries and it takes two of them.

They are not included. You have to supply your own lets. Go check these guys out in flight all right yall. So we about to get it in challenging my son, its me, i d, r e e s. I picked my favorite color red yall. My favorite color is red too. So lets have it Music. Okay, where are you oh? He hit me. Oh, you hit me again come on come over here in front of the camera Music Music. You start shooting me first and then how i get to shooting you. Oh hes, cheating. He come up.