He was first to say first in one of my recent videos and this ones a shout out. So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of a neat new drone setup. This is the potensic 821 battle drones and uh. These are beginner learn to fly drones. As with most of the videos on my channel. I try to dedicate a lot of time to helping beginner. Pilots enter the world of rc the rc hobby, and this is appropriate for beginner pilots to learn, especially even kids, although they say its rated for 14 plus okay, i can see younger kids flying this because it is somewhat easier. You know realistic lets say about 10 plus, in my opinion, with this, but uh lets talk about the drones um. They are beginner learn to fly, drones very nicely done on the each one of these motors is protected. The propellers are protected by a little cage around the propeller to help prevent damage to the propellers um. These cages do not prevent the dog hair getting in there. Okay, so be careful where you crash. Okay, uh, you dont, want to get hair and stuck in between these propellers, because theyre kind of hard to remove that hair youre going to have to remove these um tops these propeller guards to get get in there, and i havent really figured out how to do That just yet, i think these pop off tell you the truth, but lets talk more about the drone, though looking at this drone again its a beginner learn to fly drone.

It includes altitude hold capability so that it will maintain altitude on its own um. However, you are going to need to manually fly this. You know forward backward right and left, although it does come also with headless mode capability, and that will enable you to fly forward back right and left, and i dont really care which direction its pointed here. Ive done some practice flights down in the basement myself and an assistant there, and the assistant was in headless mode, since that person is a beginner flyer and i was able to fly around that person fly rings around that person, yet that person still shot me down With us and im going to talk about that here that shortly that these lets talk about it now these kind of little emitters on their nose. Okay, see that little thing there that emits a light beam, invisible ir light beam when you press the fire trigger button on the controller, and it also has a little collector okay, uh detector here – that detects that from the other drum and enables you, you know, if Youre in battle mode fighting against each other, and you press that uh button to shoot the other one down. The light goes out and goes hits the emitter of the opponent and it causes the opponent to first it quivers, and then it it lands itself once it gets shot down. So you know it is kind of fun, so this would be actually a lot of fun for kids, okay, uh other things about it.

It is powered by a 180 mm or 180 milliamp hour battery um. That gives it about id say about seven minutes of flight time. Well, detect well actually measure the flight time when we go down in the basement to fly this, but the battery goes in to the battery compartment here by the way you do get spare batteries for both of these. So you get a total of four batteries for the drone, but it plugs in with a little uh. I think these are called uh, ph, connectors, ph 2.0, actually um. I need to get my fingernails. I just cut my fingernails now i cant pull it out. So im gon na have to use a tweezer to get that out of there uh, but you know thats one of the things here. Folks, if you keep your fingernails trimmed, sometimes its kind of hard to get the batteries in and out of these drones, but thats. Where it goes, uh really simple to fly. Lets talk about the controller with it. It does come with a multi language uh instruction manual, but the controller for this is pretty simple. It has on our switch here. This is the automatic takeoff button, an automatic lan button. So this does have, like i said altitude hold capability press this button here and after binding it to the drone, and the drone will automatically take off and achieve a predetermined altitude and you can adjust it accordingly with the throttle which would be on the left.

Stick up or down make the drone go up or down. You can yaw the drone right or left with the left stick. So this is mo 2 controller and pushing forward will make the drone fly forward. Pushing back well make the drone fly back and right and left makes it slide right and left in there other buttons on this. This is trim for forward back, and this is trim for left and right, its kind of weird where they put them, but you cant trim up the drone the buttons on the top. This is for rates. You increase the speed of the drone, you press there. You have beginner intermediate and expert rate expert rated does funnels pretty nicely so ill also demonstrate that downstairs when we go flying and this button here is your trigger button. You press it quickly and it starts shooting at the other drone, so uh again once that other drone or once the emitter from your drone hits the other drones collector. Here it detects it and again it quivers itll itll quiver around a bit and then itll crash itll, actually just do a slow landing. If you shoot it down um the bind is drones now notice were flying two different drones uh the way to bind this folks is to first turn on one drone and then turn on a controller. You can use either controller ill use. This controller just to show you and then turn on the controller, and it automatically binds to the drone notice the flashing stopped on the lights of the drone.

Okay, once i bound it and then then do the other drone one at a time you got to do this, otherwise youll get confused which drone youre youre connecting to, and then you turn the controller on to the for the other. Drone and itll bind automatically. Also again, to take off, all we need to do is press this take off button and there we can turn it off by flipping it upside down too so and then to reconnect. All we need to do is turn this controller back on again, no im wrong about that. Once it lets see. If i can reconnect it okay, so again, yeah it looks like i need once if you crash it looks like youll need to turn it off and on again to reconnect the drone. In that case, okay, i turned it off and on turning it back on again and there we do have connections. So again, if you crash and flip over, you will likely have to re rebind the drone by turning it on and off again lets see if this one takes off see if i can rebind that one while its on the floor, no it flashes rapidly. That tells you you crashed lets see if i can shoot one of these don by holding it in midair hold on so lets turn this one on then turn its controller off. While it was on its connected turn this one off and on and connect, it lets turn this one on and just hold.

It then turn this one on and touch it down. Okay, i got two two girls here flying simultaneously hold on folks. I got ta grab them theyre flying around the house by themselves, turn that one upside down that ones crashing into things and its still flying Music. Okay got him. They are pretty simple to fly folks and they did they were crashing around the room. While i was just chasing them both at the same time so so yeah, i think anybody just about anybody can fly these, particularly if you put it into headless mode, and i havent discussed it yet real quickly to put this drone into headless either. One of these drones in the headless mode to fly you press and hold the trigger button down for about three seconds and that will activate the drone and put it into headless mode. The way to set the headless mode direction before takeoff bring down both sticks and point them to the right like so, and that will set the headless mode direction. Now lets talk about headless mode, real, quick before we go flying headless mode, it dont care which direction. The drone is pointed once you point it in headless mode. Whatever you set that headless mode direction say thats the forward headless mode direction. When you push forward, the drum will always fly in that direction, pull back, it will always fly in that direction and then it doesnt matter which way the drone is pointed.

Even if its pointed sideways. If you push forward and youre in headless mode, it will go that direction and come back in that direction. Left and right and again, then, that makes it very easy for beginner pilots to fly this without having to worry about uh the on the drone which direction it is pointed. Okay, what you get in the package before we go fly you get the box for the both of these drones. You get the two drones you get. Four total of four batteries two are already in the drone and two. I need to charge. You get two controllers again, these controller. Each controller can be used with either drone again to bind these. You bind one drone with one of the controllers and then you turn on the other drone and bind it to the other controller. You get the multi language instruction manual, it goes all over all the features of the drone. Again you get two spare batteries, two controllers and you get in each one of these. You get a spare set of propellers a charger for each battery. These are usb charged through a usb port. You can either use your computer or a wall charge to charge these batteries um, since these are only 180 milliamp hour, they should charge through a usb port of your computer or again a wall. Charger would be much faster, though id recommend that so again, you get two of these and one for each drone with blue props and red props, so thats.

It folks lets take the a21 battle drone down into the quadcopter 101 flight test facility and see how they fly. Hope you enjoy these flights good morning, quadcopter 101 here and welcome to the quadcopter 101 indoor flight test facility for flying in the winter months. Okay were going to do the flight of the potential a21 first off. I want to demonstrate how well it flies. Is it good enough for beginner pilots to fly, it does have altitude hold and it does have headless mode were going to demonstrate those features on the drone here to show you how particularly how to set headless mode for a beginner pilot, because this one here you Have to actually tell it which direction the headless mode direction is to turn it on. We have the drone plugged in already, but you have to hit the on off switch. Now. The red lights are the back: the red flashing leds and the blue lights. Blue flashing leds are in the front now to connect the drone to the controller we have to turn on the controller, and those led lights should stop flashing automatically telling us. We are bound to the controller now im going to adjust the front position that way, because im going to bring both sticks down and to the right, and that tells us that the heaviest mode you know, is the direction that the drone is pointed in and based On that reference direction that will always be forward when were in headless mode.

This will always be back when were headless mode left and right, while were in headless mode. So to do that were going to bring both sticks down to the right and we notice that the drones lights flash rapidly and then stop flashing. That tells us that knows thats the headless road direction. Okay to take to the air. We need to press this button here and we are in the air first lets see how well it flies by just flying around the area were, in low rate, very docile, very slow again for beginner pilots. Im full left right now, thats how fast it turns full left. Okay, with that in mind, now lets go to headless mode by pressing and holding this button here, the trigger button. Okay, so this should be right. This should be back lets see if we can spin it. Actually, we cant spin it while were flying forward right, left it doesnt care which direction that drone is pointed thats, always forward back right and left, and that makes it again very easy for beginner pilots to fly it because all theyre doing is back okay, we got Ta adjust that altitude. I noticed that the altitude doesnt hold very well on this. Let me get down on my knees to show you that bring it back. Closer here see lets im letting go of the stick and it is drifting down to the ground, so were going to raise it up a bit until we get an altitude we like and lets, hopefully lets hope itll hold that altitude doesnt seem to want to do That so one of the things about this drone is the altitude hold doesnt seem to hold, but lets come out of the headless mode right now, its just flying around manually, going to second rate and lets see how it flies, in second rate, high a little a Little more nimble, now quite a bit more nimble and second rate, but again im still having to adjust that altitude.

The altitude does not hold okay, its nice to descend. So i dont know why that happened. It just dropped out of the sky, but lets do that again. Yeah the altitude hole doesnt seem to hold very well, but lets see this going that way. Okay now lets go to high rate highest rate. Wow lets just bring it toward me and show you the yaw rate on this and high rate is pretty pretty fast. So, but you know, even at this high rate, i tried to fly this outdoors. Uh wind, it doesnt like wind. This is an indoor flyer. Only folks and actually im going back to second rate, because second rate seems to be a little more pliable for me indoors third rate, the odds quite extreme um, if you had a big area to fly in like a gym, maybe but again outdoors. This just doesnt have the oomph to fight the wind and, i think its because of those propeller guards on there. You know acting like a little bit of a sail in the wind lets see. If i can go around the pillar yeah, i can um were going to try battling a partner here, a friend here, whos going to help and the way theyre going to do that. Theyre, not a drone pilot, okay, theyre beginner, totally new drone pilot. Well, just see how that, well, that person flies, that person is going to fly in um headless mode and try to shoot me down im going to zip around it while theyre in the headless mode and see if they can hit me with it, but were going To demonstrate the battle drone characteristics but again yeah, i i keep having to adjust the altitude and when it hits the ceiling it likes to crash, but the motor will shut off when it hits the ceiling.

I guess thats a safety feature, maybe, but so all in all, it is a good flyer. Its just the altitude hole needs a little bit of adjustment because it wants to descend constantly im, not sure why you have to keep bumping up the altitude coming around coming around, but yeah appropriate for beginner pilots. Okay, hear that beeping thats telling us that the throttle is starting or the batterys starting to get a little bit weak were going to fly it until it stops flying were going to see what it does when it stops filing, and that will tell us what its Flight time is coming around well id love to go against somebody who knows how to fly. I would love to shoot the battle drone again fire. You press this button here, real quick and it takes a shot and when it gets hit, it shakes it rumbles and i guess you get three three hits and then itll stop itll land and then you have to restart it again, its been shot down. So you get three shots or three hits and then it crashes, you know it would be cool. I just flew a spitfire, a uh airplane spitfire, but that would be cool if they could put something on that. So you could shoot down planes and actually do dog fighting and air with planes. Well, you get a lot of warning here, but while that batterys getting low quite a lot of warning, but how much warning is that im going to see what the total flight time in this is going around to the piling the other way? It flies its quite nimble, little thing, just its top speed, isnt enough to fight the window, so ill show it to you up close those are pepper plants by the way.

Folks, for those of you are questioning whats growing in my basement, those are pepper plants. I brought them in from outdoors here. Actually, those pepper plants are doing real well indoors here, with my lights over there. Oh, is it going to crash nope? No, it didnt crash that time when i hit the ceiling, but yeah its a reasonable fire. Okay, now the batterys starting to get get weaker and harder to get there im, giving a full throttle and thats it folks, thats the flight time so were going to turn that off now so thats its flight capability um. It is a nimble, little flyer appropriate for beginners. However, you know i keep having to bump up the altitude. It keeps wanting to descend thats one thing: i find that with the other drone too ive been ive flown both of them. They both seem to have that feature of wanting to descend, so you just have to keep giving a little bit of altitude while flying so okay lets. Try it out in battle mode. Folks lets see if i can shoot down the other opponent or if the other opponent can shoot me down so hold on folks. While we do that good morning, quadcopter 101 here and we are ready to do the battlebot. I have a partner here, whos going to be flying the opposite drum. This person is going to stay off camera because they dont want to be on camera, and i will be flying the battle drone and try to shoot them down and if they get lucky, they might shoot me down too okay.

So to fire this up again, all we need to do is hit the on off switch like so put it on a flat level surface like so, and turn on the controller. Now my partner thats flying the other one, has already found their drone and is taking off and im going to do the same, and here we go and let them fly around a bit. While i get the feel also and im going to take a shot here soon me go to higher rate and lets see if i can shoot them down fire. Oh, i hit them hold on ill, bring that drone back over here and well continue. Okay. So i already that was one shot done, lets see if we we can continue here, im trying to remember wheres the front in the back. Okay. Here we go again: opponent is taking off, go up a bit higher, try forward back right, left, okay, its working out and here comes me. Battlebots attack. Oh got me! Oh it got me again. Wait a minute. Wait im supposed to be kidding you! Oh! No! No! No, no, how dare you shoot me there? Oh wow wow see how it wobbles. When you get shot, oh darn, it okay were gon na go again here. Uh challengers on the right and im on the left go ahead. Challenger take off, and here i go im in the red. Oh oh got me got me again, oh, why is this person getting up third time? They get you, you die got me.

So you get three shots and then the third time you fall out of the air okay were gon na go again. My challenge is in the air for it see if you can go over that way and ill. Take it to the air challenger is trying to shoot at me. Oh got me got me again. Third time and im gon na fall come on challenger. You can do it uh third time youre. I was supposed to fall that time. Oh im wobbling and that got me. Oh you got me so thats, the battlebots uh, the a21 from um potensic, pretty neat little drones that you can fight against each other um as your skills improve these battles will get more intense. So this is quadcopter 101 hope you enjoyed these flights. Quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel its real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.