It kind of reminds me of the drone that i reviewed a year ago, this 40 rc v8, and then they came out with a camera and i reviewed it with the camera. But the camera was almost worthless and this things really loud so so hows the camera in the potenzic i dont know i bought it and i havent flown it. Yet so were gon na go outside and fly it in a minute um, but its this price on amazon right now with the camera, and then this is the price on amazon without a camera. So if you watch my channel before you see, ive always said that the holy stone h210 is the best burgundy mini drone. And when i saw this one, i had to buy it because theyre the same size and this one has a camera. So, if youre new to the channel, welcome, if youve been here before youve heard me explain this so many times of why its important to start with the beginner mini drone. Why? Because so many times people get on the internet and they do the research and they come. They spend a thousand dollars and they come home with something like this, because they – and why does this happen? Because they dont know the orientation of the controls? Because both these drones sit on four axis: they they pitch forward and back they yaw left and right. They roll left and right and they go up and down.

So when youre flying this drone – and you have the controller in your hand, then and youre using the joysticks – you get muscle memory and your skill sets gets better and your subconscious takes over and you can just fly this all over the place. So that way, when you go get your big drone and you fly it in the air, you dont run into stop signs and people and dogs and its safer for you and your drone, and it makes it a lot more fun and a lot less stressful, because Youve learned the orientation of the controls. So how does this one fly? I dont know i havent flown it. Yet its really windy outside so well. Try flying it outside, but then well come indoors and fly it around and well look at the camera and then ill show you how to get the drone connected to the controller, how to get everything calibrated, how to get the app working for the camera and how To get the wi fi set up, and even what all that means uh, but well go over all the aspects of it and then ill. Give you my final review so lets go put her up in the air all right, so i came around to the back side of my house because theres not as much wind lets, see how she flies outside lets, see the winds already kind of getting it. So go speed, one be two or speed.

3.. Let me start a video recording. Okay lets see how she does all right. Theres a low battery alarm, theres a taker in shes, doing really good see if itll land on its own all right. So we got new batteries. Lets lets, take her up back in the air again, so go straight to speed three one: oh theres, the wind doing good! You know what flying in the wind can really help. Your skill set see im not doing anything. The winds got it, but itll help you learn how to control the drone better video, so its really windy, but the wind, its so small im not going to really catch it. A lot now were out of the wind, its still kind of windy around its doing good. The controls are awesome. It reminds me a lot of the holy spirit. Whoops missed it, missed it by that Music, its hard to hold the camera and fly. Unfortunately, this is what the camera looks like, because the camera is pointed too far down. It should be pointed straight ahead with it pointed down and youre and youre flying it around. It even points further down, and this is what you get uh, maybe itll be better inside kind of seeing how long this batterys gon na last – oh the wind caught it am. I gon na – have to hit emergency, stop nope its coming back. All right all right lets take her inside Music.

She did good Music all right. The motors are way too loud inside to here its actually about average, for a mini drone as far as uh how loud it is so start out in speed. One uh fly it around: dont use a camera in the beginning, just concentrate on flying the drone and try to have some kind of agenda. Dont just fly around aimlessly, try to practice different maneuvers, its my dogs, favorite thing to chase all around the house. You dont even realize what youre doing and before long youre flying the drone great they are brushed motors, but theyre protected, which is really good, but still if something ever gets stuck in the props itll probably burn one of the motors up, so be careful with that. It does bump into things really well i mean you can probably crash these 100 times and not hurt them as long as nothing stops in the props. So here you can see im using the remote with the and filming at the same time, see how it bumps into the walls really good its a lot of fun to fly its a good little drone. So next were going to go over everything about the drone. The controller the app how to get it working and everything, but i do want to mention when i was editing this video that i found out. The sandrock u61 is half price on amazon and thats, a really good drone, its normally 60 on sale for 30, and that has modular batteries, which are a lot easier to put in the drone.

But dont get me wrong. If you bought this drone, you got a really good drone, its a lot of fun to fly its really small for the sandrock u61 is a lot bigger and kind of harder to fly indoors, where this is a really good indoor drone really fun to practice. With probably just about the best mini drone out there, with the camera to fly around indoors, all right guys lets see what she weighs in at she weighs in at 26 grams, which is about the same as the holy stone 210, which is at 24 grams. You know, but this one has a camera, which is, you know way less than than 61 grams for the sandrock u61, so how much is 26 grams? Well, 26 grams is about the same weight as a boiled egg. Oh wait! No, its not its about its about to assume weigh a half a boiled egg. So inside the box, youre gon na get the drone uh charger and mine came with two batteries because it was from ebay. The ones from amazon come with three youre gon na get a nice bag of props and a handy, dandy, screwdriver, and it takes four double a batteries and this pops on and off for your phone, and i wish it came with the prop removal tool, like the Holy stones do because you cant just pull these props off, if you do ive done it before, and it pulls the little wire out from the motor and the drones kind of worthless.

Also, these are labeled make sure you put them on right, because the angle of attack is different on the props. So, as i mentioned, the final review, the camera is pointing down, which is not good. I wish it was pointing up – or at least even a little compartment for the batteries and like 180 milliwatt batteries, and you got to put it in this little compartment. And then you got ta like really work to get that in there and get the door shut and but youll get used to it, which is a lot different than like on the u61. Has modular batteries which pop in and out and the holy stone 450 is a good mini drone that has modular batteries? If you think thats going to bother you, because i have had this break when youre trying to put the batteries in and out um. Also, this battery on the hs210 is a 250, and this one is a 180. So this one only flies four to five minutes and this ones gon na fly, maybe six minutes uh each ones gon na be different and each battery is different and the way you fly it is gon na make. That range. Also youre also gon na get a really nice handbook kind of goes over all the aspects of the drone, but were gon na go over that and on the controller, comes with this nice since everything isnt labeled really good. I like that they include this, so you can memorize it if you dont memorize everything you may want to put tape on here, because on the top you push this button and take the video this one take a photo.

This one is to take on and off, and this ones for headless mode, dont ever use that that changes, the orientation of the drone and the whole reason youre using this drone is to learn how to fly and on this side, this is your trim button. So if the drone seems to be sliding to the left or to the right, you hold down on this one and turn this the opposite direction until it seems to get level. I just had to trim it. Just a little bit takes a little practice, but youll get the hang of it. Uh on this side, is your speed switch, so you push it down one once you hear the one little deep and then two beeps and then three beats. So if you go outside and its windy go straight to speed three uh speed, one works good inside speed. Two is good speed. Three is almost too fast for inside and then um. You can start and stop the motors by pulling in on here. Also, if you hold down on the on the takeoff button for more than a second itll kill them, itll kill the motors. If it seems to be flying away from you do that it does have two warnings. It has one warning itll beep at you when the battery is getting low and itll beep at you when its starting to get too far out of range, because if it loses connection to this itll just keep flying in its last direction.

And you may never see it again, so in the back theres an on off switch and then a little red light. So when youre flying it, you know which way is the front? Which way is the back? It also matters which way you put the battery in, so you want to put the battery in with this little slot, pointing up that way it slides in a lot easier. So what you want to do is turn the remote on its bleeping really fast. Then turn the drone on and its bleeping really fast and then go up and down on the left. Stick and itll bind it and itll beep and then its solid and then itll take off you push up. You can do it that way or you can just push the take off button right here and it will take off so to get the camera to work. You have to use the app and im going to use my phone to fly it, but let me use my ipad to show you how to connect to the app. So you can use the camera. So you want to go to page 20 and if its ios or android you open up the camera on your device, you open up the app store and it says potenzic you download the app because your next step is youre going to have to hook it up To the wi fi, so you got to wait for it to download once its downloaded.

You can open it up its. You can hit start okay, but its not going to work because its a wi fi drone. So what you got to do is a drone. Make sure your drones on go out and go to your wi fi and its probably good to make a pre start checklist. So you got to go up and down on the controller to get it to bind to the drone. But now we need the drone connected to the app so to do that. Youve got to connect to your wi fi, so open up your wi fi and right here you see this one is: u d, i r c itll be probably different. Every time Music then, once its connected, you can go back to the app open it up, hit, start okay and now the cameras working so the camera, if youre holding it steady, actually looks pretty good and it itll take good pictures. But the the video is not going to be very good so now either on that you can here, you can take a picture. Yeah see i i wouldnt. Oh there it is theres the picture. Itll. Take you to your gallery. My gallery theres a picture. I just took okay uh press this. To take a video see this video button. Doesnt want to work so what i suggest just use the app to look at it use the remote to fly. The drone i do like down here.

It shows you the percentage of the battery thats left. This is the only mini drone. Ive ever seen that usually itll it doesnt have that so its showing you that its also showing you the height of the drone, look at that ive. Never seen that before. In a mini drone, this is all new to me too. So also you may want to make a pre star checklist, make sure the drones on a flat surface when you turn it on and you and you push this up and down because thats when it binds it. But it also sets the gyros. So if its crooked, its going to think thats flat so make sure the drone is on a flat surface when you push it up and down all right, so lets go back for our final review. Hey guys thanks so much for wat. What i think about the drone, i think it flies really well, i mean itd, be a great beginner drone and its got a lot going for it. But how does it compare to the hs210? It flies really good, but almost not quite as good, because this one has a 250 milliwatt battery and this one has a 180. So they weigh the same, but this one has a camera in it. So with that extra weight uh it has a smaller battery. So the flat time on this one is probably you know, four to five minutes and this ones six to seven minutes so thats something to consider.

But you can get three more batteries for this one on amazon for nine dollars, so this ones fifty dollars on amazon, with three batteries: forty dollars on ebay, with two. What i think about the camera, i think its way better than like the 40 rc v8, but its not nearly as good as it is with like with the sanrok u61, and these are the same price, and this one also has modular batteries. What that means is modular batteries just pop in and out, and you dont have to open the door and connect the little wires and stick it back in also this one kind of got hot when i picked it up after flying, it gets really warm because everything – The ecu and everythings all in there, whereas, like on the holy stone on the bottom, its all exposed, which i mean its, not protected. So i think, if you really want the mini camera, holy stone does make the 420, but man that things 55 dollars. You can get this for way less. I really like the sand rock u61 and whats fun. So when i was editing this video, i found that the sandrock u61 is on sale for half price. I mean its normally 60 for 30 dollars, man. That makes it a great deal. I wouldnt pass up on that deal matter of fact, im gon na order a few more whats funny. Is they both use the same controller? So i have a review on this one so be sure and check that one out and if youre just wanting a beginner mini drone.

I think if you give this one without the camera, its really good, but its got a lot smaller battery. So you have shorter flight time and so theyre, pretty close to the same price. This ones a little bit more expensive on amazon right now, its a little bit cheaper on ebay but theyre. Both fly about the same, except this one flies just a little bit faster.