This is an a20w otherwise known as the firefly, though you probably cant, see, but right. You might be able to see this angle. It also refers to it as a navigator too, so you can see it says firefly here this little small size, wi, fi, camera drone and is available in black, blue and orange, as i have right here. So this is a little wi fi flyer, with a little its going to be hard to see because of the glare here, but has a little fixed camera, a little pinhole its it does face down, and this records in 720p over wi fi. Only you have a rear red light, a little red led and on and off switch thats. The only led on the drone is in the rear. These are direct driven on these little brush motors, with the three blade props and the you know the woop design with the ducted fan so how to get pretty good lift. I think the advertisers have a five to six minute flight time now. This comes with three lipos and it goes in this little compartment on the rear. Let me get into the light better again and you just pop this open and it slides in its a bit of a tight fit and its not super easy to get the batteries in there. Let me show you guys: i got all the stuff inside the box ill show you. This got three lipos that comes with it theres two of them here, one is in the drone and its nice that they actually just using these little lipos.

They dont have any kind of proprietary plastic housing or anything that would raise the cost. This would be really inexpensive to get these little lipos. With that little i dont know if thats like a ph2, i forget what that connector is called. You guys know. Let me know down in the comments. I always forget the name of that little connector, but these are 180 milliamp hour and again they advertise a five to six minute flight time, which sounds pretty reasonable. I think around 40 minutes to charge it up. The charging cable is right here, unfortunately, only get one of these and you know itd be nice if they included two or three. So you could charge all the batteries, but it wont take that long to charge up all these, and i have several chargers that will charge this laying on. But if this is the only one you have, unfortunately, this is all youre going to have to charge. It lets see what else is in here and then they give you your typical extra set of three blade props for all four props and your phillips screwdriver. It looks like a little uh. I think that little screw might be for the back of the controller or the battery compartment, or something like that now lets take a look at the controller. I really like this controller, its very nice fitting in the hands. It just feels nicely built the phone clip holder snaps into the front, so you did, you do have to attach that, and it is big enough that it will hold my you know.

My pixel 4a is not a big phone, even with the case on it fits in there um with the you know, with the uh i have a little bracket on the back of my phone lets sit upright on my table, and most phone clip holders wont hold It with the case on because of that this will so i, like i, really like this phone cup holder your power button. As you can see the altitude hold. If you press in on this left, stick you go into trimming mode and then you can trim it in whichever direction and then exit back out of it. If the drone is drifting on you, the right stick is your three speed rates, low, medium and high, so you press in on the stick to do that, and it says that a gyro calibration is just a single right, stick down to the right and it does Seem to work for me if you do it right after you power up, but once i did it, i couldnt get to do it again until i powered off and on its almost like it just let me do it one time, oddly enough on the top left Here bumper youve got your video in your photo, and i usually you know on the drone, like this youre, mostly going to be interested in just recording video again at 720p. This one here is your headless mode, and this is your auto takeoff and auto landing and a long press will do an emergency stop believe both sticks down an inboard will do your fire up your props on this guy now the app you use with is this And ill put a screenshot of that up here is the patenzik app just called potendix thats it im not going to screen record the app because its very little in it, since this is a little wi, fi flyer theres, not many features, so the app ill.

Just do a recording of the wi fi feed in the app you know to the phone and well include that footage here, but im not going to screen record the app and this controller will beep, as they say, a ddd itll beep at you. If it gets a low signal, so if youre flying the drone out a ways it will beep at you, you know hey its almost out of range and it says at that point: you need to bring it back now. I dont know how practical that is because, as we know, this drone is extremely small youre not going to be able to see this drone very far away. I cant imagine someones going to fly this out of the range of this and be able to maintain their controls, but well see, and it takes four double as so. This controller ought to have pretty decent range on four double a batteries all right guys. I think that covers everything in terms of how to control this guy im gon na do is im going to pause the video and well get them all fired up and bound and then well take it up for the test flight so ill, be right back all Right guys, so i have the little a20w firefly connected with the controller and the app – and i start out here in my garage just so that we know wind wont affect even though its very little wind today a loop.

This small is going to certainly be affected by wind, so i want to make sure that i can get some. You know decent footage here in the garage and then well try to take it out and see how it does outside of the garage. So first thing i want to do is see: will it do that gyro calibration down to the right and im, not im, not seeing it doing it? Its like its a little finicky, well see how it does that shouldnt be a problem, because when you fire up the drone, i see it flashing. I think its doing a gyro calibration every time you power it up so lets start recording video with the upper left. Bumper here and we got recording going on the app and lets go ahead and see if we can fire the profits lets see, will it do an auto takeoff or i know, do i need to unlock the props? No, it does oh thats nice and quiet very little drift, so it might need a little trimming, but not much. It looks like its going backwards. Lets see if we can go into that trimming mode and just give it some forward trim and then go back out of that and see thats not too bad. You always have a little bit of drift on a drone like this, so thats your lowest rate, and it flies great. I figured this would, but i love the direct driven motors on there without any gearing is really efficient and its very quiet when theyre able to do that on a drone and lets go up in the rates here.

So we got theres our lowest rate theres our middle rate, thats much sportier thatll be good for someone. Whos got a little experience. The lowest rates gon na be best if youve just started out with the drone. Okay, this can be really sluggish. Lets go into the highest rate. Oh there we go. Maybe i was already in the middle rate. Lets see thats the highest rate, thats much sportier. Look at that and the yalls quick. You see you go the lowest rate middle rate, highest rate, so the yaw increases with each rate and, of course, the pitch and how fast that the drone flies really awesome. Flyer thats, why its super i didnt notice any 360 flips on this drum, which is a bit odd. These little loops almost always do, but you just have your rates and your trimming lets see. I dont think lets try that yeah. That was just your trim mode. So yeah it doesnt thats interesting. They almost always have 360 flips im, not a huge fan of 360 flips, but you know it is what it is its one of the things we usually want to test and lets see here. Um lets do like a funnel the highest rate, pretty tight, funnel, not bad, really quiet. This is just a super flyer and the camera looks good and when i was testing it, just in my hand you can see the wi fi lag is not bad. This is really good ive seen some terrible laggy drones.

This is not. This is what you want to see. This is going to make it where, if you actually were trying to fly this by wi fi youre not going to crash constantly, because the delay is so bad lets. Take it out here now and see how it does outside. Actually, we have a little breeze going from left to right see. We definitely want to be in the highest rate and see its its fighting it. We can do it thats why i wanted to start out outside inside. I should say so: gus comes along, we dont end up. You know just with the useless video thats constantly trying to to fight to win. When that happens, you end up with the drone that uh youre just almost hovering in places youre trying to keep it from getting pushed away by the wind it crashed into the van thats, not interesting. It doesnt have 360 flips. I just looking over the controls. I didnt notice it at all lets go ahead and do an auto landing just to see how well that works, just press the auto landing and it comes down nice little land im going to grab the i dont think i showed you guys it has this little Cheat sheet that comes in a controller that shows all of the different controls you can see. There is no headless mode, one key take off on landing emergency, stop and record theres, no mention here of 360 flips on this.

So, as far as i know, there arent any 360 flips, which again is rather odd. You can do a manual takeoff by both sticks down and in and start it up and just give it throttle you dont have to do that. Auto. Take off just fly it back into the garage here, obviously a little harder to see here, because the light changes but its gon na its easier to fly. This is mainly meant to be an indoor flyer. You could have a really calm day to fly this outside, but hey its almost mid december now, and i have no coat on and its a calm day. So this is about as good of weather, as you could expect in the midwest in december. This whole week looks almost short weather its crazy yeah, a really nice flyer. Again, i dont want to dwell on the 360 flips its just thats such a common thing, its unusual not to just not see that, but with the camera i mean basically, slips can look kind of goofy youre trying to take video, but ive never been a big Fan because, once you do that a while its just gimmicky – and it is harder on those brushed motors when youre doing flips youre just adjusting the speed and dropping off and on you know to do the flip, make the drone flip and uh it just causes it. Uh harder uh time on the motors, okay, thats, our low battery beep so were at low voltage and the controller is beeping and the phone and app is sometimes giving some uh haptic feedback and vibration there to.

Let me know that the drone is battery is low. So not a super long fly, i dont know what that was in terms of minutes, but if you charge up all three batteries, you can get some pretty good fun out of this, so i would recommend giving it a you know, a minute break or two between Flights to let those motors cool down because the motors are gon na get pretty hot and the hotter those motors get the uh harder. It is on those brushed motors if they get really warm lets, stop recording video. So that is the end of the flight. So not a super long flyer, but whoops, usually dont fly a really long time lets go ahead and turn this off before we wrap the video up guys, you see a little red light here in the back its probably hard to see there. It is its flashing. Now thats the led lets go ahead. We got uh the everything uh saved on the video, so yeah guys thats thats, annoying that beeping, but hey you got to deal with it whenever youre doing a video but yeah that wraps it up for this little batinsic. Firefly. Really fun little drone. This would be great for somebody to get someone, maybe a 10 12 year old kid for christmas. Shouldnt be too super expensive. If youre interested in this ill include a purchase link to this down in the video description, this will be available from amazon.

So you can get in two days and if you have any problems, you can return it with no issues. So keep that in mind really fantastic little flyer comes with everything you need absolutely think its great and the video looked pretty solid to me. It wasnt full of jello wobble. So if a kid wants to actually say wow, i can get some video of stuff leave them flying around the house wherever this drone is going to be just fine for that only this 720p, so that wraps up the review guys of the 820 w uh, firefly Or navigator 2, whichever name you want to call it be sure, if youre new to the channel that you click the subscribe button and while youre at it at that also click the bell where youre notified every time.