Do you know where you might get a shirt like this anywhere? Do you have any idea huh any idea, no This is where i got that shirt and this shirt is nice and comfortable, it’s, real it’s, just it’s that soft material it’s, not velour, but it’s soft. It just feels good on your body and that’s good for me, because that’s kind of how i shop, i go around the store, touching everything running my fingers on it. Even pants and it’s got to feel good before i’ll. Even take it off to see if it fits good, i don’t know about you but that’s how i shop, and my wife knows that, so she tends to do the same thing when she’s, you know looking for a new shirt or something for me to wear she’ll. Go around touching it see if it’s up to my my touch standards, let me know how you shop for those who shop for you shop i’ve got a little attempt to save you some money, if you’re in the market for two particular products and then something here At the end, that if you stick around pretty exciting for me, but uh, it’s, probably going to debut next week, first off is the uz80 it’s a 1s little quad and it it’s a nice little flyer. I can’t get my camera to focus there. We go camera. Finally, focused on it uh this you are uav. You know that company it’s, essentially a happy model product and it runs 1s let’s, take a little bit of look at the flight footage from the review video.

Of course, if you want all the gory details and all my thoughts about the uzi 80, that is uh in the full review video and i will link that down below the link to this product. But the coupon code is also down there and it’ll save you. 10, so in this particular case, because i think it goes for 95 us dollars, it saves you 10 off of that, so it should be 9.50. I hope you pick up an extra battery or two, if you, if that’s what you need – or maybe some extra props remember the one thing about this is that it has that super flexible frame, which you know could mean that it actually works to protect. The motor stems, and the motors i do suggest, drilling out the prophecy and get the props down to the hub, but that’s a pretty good sample of that flight footage also – and this one, i think, is probably a little bit more exciting for some more people. All three versions of the hglrc petrol 120 are on sale, the 2s, the 4s and the 6s are all on sale. 10 off. These are both very limited, so i think they’re doing coupon codes for like 20 or 30 of these. So if you try it, it doesn’t work it’s, probably just because we missed out, you know, it’s a number limited. Also it only runs through the end of may. So if you’re looking for one of these, oh and the 2s version is coming from hdlrc, i had emailed them and they emailed back that they would be sending that um and then there’s some other discussion in there as well.

They said it wasn’t as fun. Well, i was like well let’s, give it a try. Let’S see different fun, different places. This one was a little beast. Let’S, take a look at its flight footage from the review video as well. This runs 4s, the one i have they call it. The pro version – the 2s version, of course, has got lower kv motors on it, but essentially, i think everything else is the same. They may be even using the same all in one board. I need to check the specs on that, but, of course, there’s a link in the coupon code that you need to use to get the 10 off down in the video description um this one. This one was a lot of fun. The 4s was a lot of fun. You know i i like some raw power, some raw speed, sometimes when i’m out flying – and this certainly provides it now. I do think there are other faster three inch quads out there, but they’re heavier and generally bigger. So in this package in this size in this format, this this is a beast which it comes from that twig from racerx sort of template, but you can save 10 with that coupon code down in the video description, and the last thing i have for you is, I kind of contemplated this i’ve already recorded this video once i’ve stopped a couple times too, but i’ve got something coming out.

You might remember the tks. What did i just do with it? The tks 75, which was a print frame that we did one s? We basically used mobile six parts. Put it on here, got flight good fun, uh, it’s, a frame that kevin designed and he’s been flying. If you’re active on facebook and any of the groups you’ve seen kevin uh, my my print came from jack’s 3d printing jack is also doing the carbon cutting for some other tks frames, one that is called the star lord, which is this sort of shape right here. These these are all not like this being sold. These are all that’s. Why i’m separate um, so they’ve gotten a lot thicker and the dimensions have changed slightly over time, just to make sure the durability here. Is there and then we’ve got the 75 original um and no that’s? Those are the two we got. I’Ve got another one over here and i can’t remember the name of it at the moment. But you can look at all these on jax uh, jack’s, 3d, printing um on his site for all the carbon, and you can get prints. You can get kits that have mounting and stuff but i’m going on here, too long winded. So the tks 2s rocket. I think is what it’s called is coming out again, not my design, just i’ve just been flying it trying to figure out what combination of parts that i liked on it and i’ve actually got two of them here.

Um and the reason why i’m mentioning is this, because if you’re, a micro guy or if you’re, just someone who likes to fly over your lunch break or you like to fly something close to your house, it’s relatively quiet, it doesn’t really bother anyone matter of fact. In the review video, i think you’re gon na find you can hear my neighbor sitting on their back deck talking as well as you can hear the quad flying and they’re further away so that’s how quiet it is it’s, not silent, but it’s, very quiet um. You know this allows you to duck out within a really small package and have some really good fun flight, but the parts the parts are really going to be hard to get right now we know we’ve got this chip shortage going on and i i actually ordered A couple of the crazy b x boards, the boards that do one and two s from aliexpress and hopefully they’ll – be arriving in the next week or two. But you know really that doesn’t matter for me, i’m ordered those because i’d use my stock but everybody’s out of stock on the board, except for banggood and aliexpress. The motors as well 1102 10 000 kv can’t find them any of the stock in the warehouse. Maybe, where you’re at you can banggood all express are the only place that’s got them, and i think, if you’re looking at this project, which i think you should kind of the fastest way to get into it, and maybe the cheapest way, is to buy the uh Uz85, that was a whoop it’s got the props it’s got the motors.

It’S got the board that you’re going to need and it’s got a camera that you can use and you can use the canopy right on this. The only things you’ll need is like a rubber band, maybe some battery mat i’m. Sorry i’ve got that out of frame here and the rubber band to hold your battery on and some mounting screws um. But this this is a lot. A lot of fun. I’Ve really been enjoying this combination um, i should hold back. I shouldn’t be saying too much, but if you want to prepare for that buying, the uz85 is going to get you just about everything you need outside of the frame which you can buy. You can buy this frame right now from jax 3d printing, but the uzi 85 has all the components to make the 2s one that i’ve been kind of working on, and i am running emu flight. I do have bluej on there and i’ll provide you all the details in the full review, video, just just a lot of fun um i don’t want to. I don’t want to ruin the review video but um. That was one of my concerns. Actually, the boards and the motors are is so hard to find. I actually made contact with happy model and ask them if they don’t have any of the crazy b x boards, the ones that do one and two s in stock to send me there’s they’re, waiting on their manufacturer to make more of them.

You know we’ve got this worldwide chip shortage going on and all these companies are vying for a lot of similar parts. So it seems as though we have to buy that uzi 85 and then take all the parts off and put on there the uzi 85. Last. I looked was under 100., typically, the motors come in around 11 or 12 dollars, so that’s uh, you know let’s just say 45 dollars. The board itself is usually 48. So that puts you right up against that price of buying the uzi 85 right now and then you add a camera canopy to it. You might even be able to use some of the screws that come with that, so it seems as though the cost is there. It’S it’s effective to buy that and swap it over rather than trying to buy all the parts. But of course, if you have a crazy b x board or the crazy b, f 4 pro 3 version, 3 excuse me and version 2 and version 2.2 will work as well, and i think the version 3 board the f4 pro version 3 is in stock. In a few places, so yeah i’m going on way too much i’ve, just i’ve got to stop talking about that that’s enough that’s. All i have for you um. I i think you know, for those of you that saw the aliexpress video about express lrs and how it was so cheap over there i’m wondering if banggood hasn’t been reading those comments about how so many of you talked about how much you order from aliexpress and The stores you order from – and i really appreciate you enlightening me – i ordered from two different stores: uh.

They seems like they’re on a flight here already and uh. So i’ll have some of my own experience purchasing i’m wondering if banggood didn’t, you know catch wind of all those comments and they’ve been hitting me all week about you know: do you want to do a coupon for this and that a lot of the products i’m, Like now, no i don’t, you know these products, the 120. I really like the uzi 85 or excuse me, the uzi 80 is pretty good. I asked for a coupon code for the who’s uz85, but they haven’t gotten back to me yet and i’ve asked for a few other coupons of products that i think will help save you some money, because if they want to compete, fine i’ll, let them compete, but It’S going to save you money it’s, going to cost them money because that’s what competition’s about, if somebody else is selling it cheaper. If you want to compete, you got to get down to those prices right right. All right. If you do have any comments, questions suggestions or otherwise not about the 2s tks rocket that’ll be coming up, but otherwise leave those in the comments section below.