So im gon na see how this thing does pushing snow. We have a good thank goodness. A few years ago, my grandpa bought a bigger snow shovel. This is a i think, 2019 polaris ranger 1000 pro star its the fully loaded one. Now, when he got this, i thought why are you getting that its just, not my style, i like my x3 or more of a razor that faster style, but then i took this deer hunting last year and i fell in love with this machine. If i had the money id have one of these and a sport machine, but this came equipped with the snowplow setup. So lets go up and look at the snowplow well, but i guess before we get snowplow full cap kit, so nice insulated Music, roll up and down windows heating system, so youre just toasty warm its the best way to push snow that ive ever had so much Better than the shovel up front here we have the blade this things: a 60 inch wide blade at least im pretty sure its 60 inch wide blade and its all from polaris everythings made to mount super simple, its a matter of a few little plugs right down. Here so you do these few little plugs. You can release this little lever right here pulls off really easy, its not a matter of bolting it on every year, and so you arent stuck all winter with this hooked up.

If you want to go ride this for something else, it should really test how this thing does pushing for such a long distance, its probably a good quarter mile the blade we have on it all controlled right off of here super nice, because everything is electric plus. This cab has a heating system in it, so this by far will be the nicest time ive ever had pushing snow Music Applause, Music, Music. First, pass this things working awesome, but whats, even nicer, defroster going radio going and just way better than using a shovel trying to figure out how to get the best shot of this. So well mount this up top here and see if you can see whats going on Music Music Music. One thing i do have to say is: this: is not the most maneuverable machine on earth if you have a small, driveway or tight quarters, probably wont work, but if youre pushing something big like this, it is working awesome. The best part is sitting inside drinking coffee and just pressing buttons. Last year i dont even think we got to use this because there was no snow. What an amazing view this morning. There is just something about the sky after a good snowfall. Yes, so blue! Well, back to pushing Music, i dont know why none of the other brands figured it out as well as polaris, but their their whole gps. Infotainment screen system is by far the best out there.

None even come close to comparing so Music Music, Music, Music, grandma snows. All pushed yet again, i love pushing snow in this machine now its not great for like a small driveway, its not maneuverable enough, but for her long driveway. It works awesome and its amazing how much it really does push. So if youre looking at you know a machine that needs to push a bunch of snow or really work, you might want to look into one of these polaris rangers or a utility machine of this type because they all do serve their purpose whatever it is now. I dont know if rx3 would do very well at this, but you know for its purpose. This machines awesome comment down below. If you have anything like this, that you push snow with or you have to use as a real work machine, how do you like it? What are your thoughts, all those sort of things, as always, thanks for watching like subscribe all those sort of things it keeps the channel doing great. If you want to see more about side by side stuff, let us know we have access to some more stuff like that, but its all on what you guys want to see.