It arrived with the change of loft, which made a few wallets, go soft, but now its back again, two degrees stronger for your game, same tall shape, but only faster. Now its time for another bowl of pasta right, then, were 190 away. Im, not really sure how far this is gon na go. It is only two degrees stronger. They look very easy. I like this. I like it a lot there you go guys. I thought it had been far too long since my last piece of poetry. What a wasted talent! Jokes aside, i reckon my poetry is stronger than my golf game at the moment. Sad, but true speaking of stronger look. What we have here, weve been blessed guys with another t100s release its coming hand in hand with its brother, the t100 for 2021. and im extremely keen to give this a hit. So, first of all i thought i would address because i know there are a few of you out there that just dont quite understand the t100s and where it fits in the 2021 t series. So i thought id explain that first, because i feel like it. It hits me right in the fields, so it all starts with the t100 stunning eye beautiful, but with that weve got traditional specifications, so obviously we can have distant sacrifices compared to some of the modern lofts available out at the moment, and not everyone wants to sacrifice Distance, they think youre, a better player.

You hit it far enough. I dont want to sacrifice distance. If i can help it, i always want to hit it as far as possible. Control comes into it, but still dont want to lose a lot of distance. So normally, then, your eyes focus at the t200, which you could argue is still too big for the adequate ball striker. Even though youve got those distance capabilities within the club, t100 too traditional lose distance. T200 too big lose workability potentially feel. What do we do? Im going to add a sound effect into that, because that was doesnt really do it does it that was just a bad swing bit on the heavy side. No out that was delicious Music a bit more open faced. So then i thought to help everyone out id. Try and categorize each iron in the t series range to a particular golfer, and this is what i came up with its not a poem. Dont worry the t. 100 targets the golfer that doesnt need any assistance with distance doesnt want any more distance happy with what they get from traditional specifications and wants the ultimate workability and control package and the t100s is were going to be hitting today. The golfer that wants to tour aesthetics at address very thin and compact limited offset, but with it being two degrees stronger than that of the t, 100 weve got a bit more oomph at impact. Important to note, though, it is two degrees stronger and its been engineered that way not bent its not just a t 100 and someones gone.

Do you know what i mean good t200 for the golf ball of whacker guy? That requires a bit more assistance with distance. A bit more assistance with forgiveness but still wants those tall visuals at address, and then, of course, the t300 is for the golfer that just wants an rpg. Another sound effect for you, its extremely powerful, its extremely fast, larger, head size, extremely forgiving way in the bottom. For high launch, titleists are saying that the t300 is their best game improvement iron to date. Big call, oh come on al, so shot like that, for example, is where probably i needed to t200 in hand, but i dont plan on hitting many like that. To be fair, ive made contact, so this is where it should be going in the hole dont do that again, so you could be forgiven for thinking that the s in t100s stands for stronger t100, but stronger. It actually means speed. It stands for speed and thats, because not only is this two degrees stronger, but the difference between the t100 is a muscle channel which sits behind just behind the face. It improves launch and overall ball speed, so this year, titleist wanted to make the s as similar to the t100 from a footprint point of view. So you can expect similar measurements side by side very, very similar looking and with that too. Similar feel and playability feels great at the towel. So if you were to look at the t 100 dispersion on the previous video and look at this one, you think that this is crap no im crap yeah.

Just this is a great sign for players wanting workability, because weve definitely got a few shapes going off here. Yeah, this dispersion looks like a map of the unsuccessful spacex landing attempts way so ill. Stick the specs down below for you for everyone, thats interested. So its two degrees, stronger t100, was 34 degrees, 7 iron. So this is city 2. need to be careful with that, because people stop believing it its definitely a look its one of those where, if you like the t100 youre going to probably like the look of this, it would look good in budgie smugglers, and i can Tell you its not easy to do right. Guys. Numbers hang on, though, at the end of the video were going to be having a par 3 challenge. I want a slam dunk one. We were so close to the t100, like so close spoiler, but uh 10 shots. I would love to see how close we can get but numbers for everyone. Thats interested, i mean theyre all right. Those two, on the other hand, are just not interested in socializing. Are they just want to be? In barbaras garden? Average was 130 ball. Speed, 6000 rpm. 182 carrier 189 total. We did get extreme side spins on either side, so we know weve got that workability factor when required or when not required. In this case, i think this is it over everything im extremely happy to see this iron release. At the same time as a t 100, i had a few minutes silence for people that purchased the t 100 and then i think the t 100s was a few months later and i was like ouch fell for your guys if youre in that situation, so its Great to see it in the range all together, theres, no hidden secrets happening this time, dont think so a common question is going to be what does 2 degrees in a muscle channel equate to an extra distance over the t 100 and its a cracking question.

A question that only a total toe could answer, and even though that gives me my answer, two degrees is relative to the golfer, so two degrees say two degrees anymore. Two degrees could be huge for some golfers and minor with others. It just depends on the swing club head speed, so many different changes and characteristics in the swing depending on what your results are going to be so obviously as always get fitted so guys, part 3 challenge to finish. We may throw a few shot shapes in there as well to see the workability factor but 10 shots to see. If we can slam dunk one really, that would be the holy grail guys. Thank you, as always for watching you are the best superstars in the world and if youre, not a part of tml, please hit the subscribe button and the bell notification. It means the world. It really does follow us on social media, facebook, instagram, twitter and im live streaming on twitch when youre watching this go over to twitch and if you see it live on my name, im live, come and say hello and follow. Thank you. Does my pocket been hanging out this entire time and youve not told me, i thought we were mates so the whole 189 yards to attack. It should be the perfect distance. I know this green, i remember, is a bit of a nightmare. It slopes from left to right a few undulations surrounded by sand.

Apart from that, i cant wait first, three straight at it in the hole i see. I brought my turf interaction with me. These are good doctors, ive got a severe case of chunkitis, hey hello, just right of it, but its Music, its a beauty, its a bit of a bad arm swing. At the moment, this lovely finishing position might fade one in. Did you hear that say what wasnt far away? Try it again start it a bit further left ill, be good its long enough, oh yeah, oh yeah, wow, enjoying this. I like wheres that going note to self dont play broken tree shot six. I, like this format, draw. I have to take some off of it, though, because i think feel like a draw is going to be too long. Did i take too much off it? I did dont be big that could be in the hole. What three remaining for some reason i feel like a low fade, is the shot land it here. It just rolls into the hole. Sounds easy easy doing it did i tell you that i cant play the load. Foot low fade. Youve got to hit it now. That was so close Music Music that strike made my eyes bleed. I cant finish on that thats. What a swing looks like when you had too much pasta: Music, oh so close, Music, ah hole in one its in a hole, a sand, hole Music. If that doesnt prove how good workability wise this iron is, its workable go and test it.