Go hi, guys welcome to rhoda riot. This is the raggy frame drew built it wrong, we're going to fly it crash it destroy it. There you go it's making some noises. There was another piece and i deleted it like i think there was see how thick this is there's another one and i was like that's silly. You don't need to make it that way. That would also explain why the flight controller is 161 degrees fahrenheit on average yeah yeah it's a little packed in there, but it looks better it's gon na do what we call self clearancing. This is the rotor riot edition raggy quad it's, very different from most drones. That you see as fly, because most drones are made out of cut pieces of carbon fiber and instead these are milled pieces of plastic. The real differentiator is, this is supposed to be a very, very durable quad. We actually featured a raggy drone on this channel before one of our earliest episodes, and it proved to be really tough. I remember being super impressed by it. When i found a box of 40 more frames sitting in our warehouse, i was really excited to build another one up and see how it's still standing up, because since then i think the gear has improved a lot motors are more powerful. Efcs are more responsive. It makes the drones a lot more capable and it makes it easier to fly them a lot faster.

So i think the way that both the the internal equipment and piloting skills have evolved is going to be interesting to see if this drone can still take the beating that it's known for now. You just push this down arms there. You go yup just don't mind the prop noise Music Music. Oh, that was sick, nice, okay, okay, okay, Music, okay, you know the door that that's laid down right there. Can you power loop that without hitting the roof? Uh? No, but i'll? Try? Oh, why isn't that disarming? Why is your switch towards you? Why is that your because that's, our helicopter piles, do this whole thing is put together in a really weird way. The four in one is inside this bottom section here and then i cut open a section. So the motor wires could run in so the motors all connect to the foreign one. Then i passed through the connection from the foreign one to the flight controller up top in this upper section and then actually mounted the video transmitter under the flight controller. With this plastic frame, it's not as easy to get this stuff like you, have to take it apart or cut holes so like to be able to get to this usb. I cut this on the side here. Otherwise, every time i wanted to plug in the usb i'd have to take it apart like this. But how did it fly, though loud the noise that's a little rougher on the edges, but i feel, like you, slammed it into metal concrete.

How big are these everything and the build could be a little bit cleaner, but aside from that, i mean did it still, it worked like a drone. It flew like a drone. Is that the rules just whoever crashes it? You only get one set of problems. One set of props that's, fair yeah, this pinata yeah, so it's, whoever breaks it loses and you have to fly one pack. You have to finish up a pack i'm with my friends, geno and heidi a.k.a, ripcord and zazow. This is your spot right. This is kind of yours, i own it. I own it yeah it's, just like the perfect place to see if the raggy drone can take a good beating we're. Also here with mr burnout himself, i'm nighttime burnout, you can find all his music on soundcloud you've, probably heard it before, maybe even right now, and he even composed all the music in the lift off drone sim. I also did the dlc music and i also did some stuff for rotorite. Do you owned one of these right? I never broke it it's impossible to break all the raggy frames are built out of the same materials. What is it i couldn't remember what it is. It'S, like a special nylon based plastic right, a magical plastic that just doesn't break looking pretty beat up by the way, because this is still fresh. I like just built this. It gets pretty chewed up, especially under the arms when you start to skid for landings it's.

Just eventually going to get gray and nasty, but it functions, i mean it adds to the character. It functions. Fine, Music, previous pilot, you hold this. Look that way everyone who hasn't flown yet gather round wedding. You pick one two, three, nice. Are you more like racing or freestyle? Definitely more freestyle? Okay, all right! I want to see the fastest freestyle you can get in one of the tightest spots that we could find. So you want me to hit back at that gap at full, full sun. Oh, you hit the goal, you got well, you got to just loop around and do it faster now i think that's fair. Oh i mean you made it through hey. Let me flip you. Let me flip it. Oh, you have definitely turned up your camera angle. Holy crap holy crap, it means i just have to go faster. I can barely fly that angle, that is, um it's, like 60 degrees i'll, send send it okay, i tried to throttle up. It was just like now, i think, it's fine brain is still, i think, it's fine dude, i don't even see where it hit. You went sideways and oh, is that it yeah that's it right there. Oh that's that's, honestly, not that bad. So so far we have run through a bunch of props, which is normal. We'Ve killed a couple of battery straps, which isn't too bad. You would break battery straps on most any drone frame, uh and one piece of electrical tape that i've got ta put back here.

To hold these motor wires safely, but other than that, it seems pretty much perfect that didn't last long, i think it's fine no way is it just the camera that exploded it's just inside i didn't even break a strap. I didn't break a prop. I want that power loop, Music. There we go. Thank you. Can'T be stopped Laughter, it's up top yeah. This is just an advanced perch. We done did a thing. We got the battery, we got the quad, you guys got the camera. I can't believe this thing is still fine and i am stuck in the ceiling in the ceiling somewhere. That was pretty impressive. We got a turtle mode, get it to come out and then quickly get it out of tunnel mode re arm it and fly it away. You can i got it good luck with that. I can't do it at least it came down yeah. My main concern is that we're not actually gon na be able to break this thing? Music. Okay, oh boy, okay, you had some speed going in that one. Oh, my gosh wait a minute. Wait, heidi actually broke it. Oh my gosh, i was, we were really getting concerned. We weren't gon na be able to break it, but it actually did break in a very unexpected way. So we finally found the limits of this thing. So, congratulations for being the winner of the pinata drone challenge. Thank you. You don't win anything.

I i get bragging rights. I'Ve broken you keep the quad. If you guys want to get one of these, we have just a limited stock. Like i said, we just found a box of them at the warehouse, so they'll be on like super sale link in the description and if there's enough interest, we can look into getting more from here. I think i'm gon na stick with carbon fiber. As my main choice, but maybe having one of these bachelor plastic ones just to diversify the fleet, thank you guys for joining. If you enjoyed this video hit, the like button to, let us know subscribe, so you don't miss any future videos. Don'T forget the bell.