What the hell is going on over here. If youre excited for part, two make sure you smack that like button and remember to subscribe, if youre new, its free and im yellow, so let us begin our day of spongebob with a cheeky little gary isnt, he lovely. He was always my favorite character in spongebob id much rather have a snail than a cat. To be honest, 4200 health lets turn him on and see if hes aggressive hes not listen to that sludge. Gary do this. Should we pick him up and have a look at it? Oh look at the underside gross. Oh hang on a second you just land on me. So if you pick him up and drop him, he kind of oh hes a little bubble attack and now lets test. The strength of our gary wither jerry and oh, my goodness, oh, are those shoes wait. A second gary gary is that a pam yeah garys gon na fry him hes furious gary. Are you winning jerry? You cannot lose to gary the snail and ish i dont. I think theyre bowling shoes. Well, i wasnt expecting this well um. I think, hang on jerrys got 3 000 health left garys got 2 000. Oh its going to be close jerry! You only get half of your kibble. If you lose this, just a warning! Oh here it comes sort of like a big farty stump. I like it, make spongebob proud lad, and i think this could be the end for jerry.

Is it? Oh hes got oh, how much health he got. 120 health left and gary gary got him and he had 490 health to spit and look hes regening, even jerry cant. Do that so nexus have a cheeky little look at squidward, who has a very elegant prance. He sounds like hes made of rubber and i think we have the perfect foe for this squidward. Ah, yes, another squidward red, miss squidward whos just really had enough, whereas this one he seems quite happy, although maybe not that happy. Eight thousand one hundred health versus seven thousand six hundred, oh hes up let the battle commence. Who do you think, is gon na win? Oh, my goodness, im getting heated by by squidwards music, its beautiful i like it hes, also got some nice bubbles. Hes blowing the clarinet, and why is it lifting me into the air through those musical notes, red mist is very confused. Would squidward? Would you please put me down its hard to say whos, winning, i think its, the new squidward. He hits him with the music. Then he hits him with the and then he squishes him with a 360 tentacle. Oh look at that hes so elegant with his legs. Although im gon na be honest, hes not great at the clarinet uh dont, let it dont. Let him know that. I said that, but its not the nicest music and oh im dead, full damage finally got me, and so is red mist and there he goes new squidward with pretty much full health.

He kept him at bay with the music. Do you like him? What do you think up next, the one with all the cheeks, its sandy eleven thousand eight hundred health? Look at that tail. Look at the wiggling lets turn her on and see if shes aggressive towards me would appear not what if i smack her in the tail. Oh, no, she doesnt mind shoot her in the boots. Uh, no, i think, were fine and what does squirrels hate the most its rabbits um? I think lets find out if shes stronger than the humanoid rabbit lets turn her on. Oh, my goodness thats a lasso shes. Is she crying kicking him? She missed the lasso. The bunny is hard to lusu a rabbit thats. What we learned today, but i think she hasnt taken any damage sandy. You, you heated it off. Wheres the rabbit holy moly. These new spongebob creatures, i think, theyre stronger than trevor henderson creatures. Oh, my goodness, the rabbit was getting a few hits in there. Sandy was having none of it. Oh my god, with the rabbit, the rabbits literally trying to hide. I dont blame you. She just helicopter sandy. How did do do that again, look. Do you see what she can fly? What do you mean? How does she fly there? It was again, did you see it the the the helicoptering? I dont really remember that from spongebob, but it seems like something sandy would do and i think this is game over for the rabbit.

Yes, oh one, final karate chop sandy cheeks, ladies and gentlemen, which leads us to the flying dutchman isnt. He graceful is he closing his eyes? Hes sleeping excuse me, sir. Would you wake up look at his little coattails and his actual tail as you can see, hes got 55 800 health hes hes a little strong and lets see if hes aggressive towards me. Oh my whats happening: did he just bri? Was that his breath thats some onions baby? Oh, look how he flies. Oh, he sort of acids you to death. Uh were gon na need something really strong for this guy. What the dickens is that you are all powerful who on earth is strong enough to fight this guy. I have an idea: another creature from the sea, thats, no moon, he may be sleeping but dont be fooled. Lets see who wins uh the fish has seen him. Oh, my goodness, mr dutchman, is everything: okay, oh okay! Well um! This is not going as well for him as i thought it might hes dead. Okay! Well, that thats! No moon has full health, maybe maybe its a little too strong. Perhaps the booty horn, 108. 000. Health, its double the health, but will it have double the killing well? This is this: is fog hes traveling through the uh spirit realm? Is he oh hes done about ten thousand damage already hes gone invisible, hes getting yeared there. He goes with the laser beams again.

Hes getting smacked a bit, but i think i think the dutchmans winning there. He goes with his ghouls, his gooey hands, hes getting hes getting smacked a bit um. He cant really seem to get close, although the lasers are doing quite a lot. Its about 5 000 damage per go. Are you aiming at me, sir, with those beady little eyes, hes vanished. Again, i see it seems like hes uh unkillable once hes vanished and unlike all of the spongebob creatures, he does regen health. So he still stands a chance. Hes done about 20 000 damage so far, but also taken about 20 000. Mr dutchman, to be fair to him, most creatures are usually eaten by now, so hes doing really. Well, oh did he just eat the booty horn? Oh, my goodness, hey he kind of tanked that hes almost got the booty horn to half health and hes just permanently lasering. Let him go! Look at this. Look at his pigtails hes been away from him for so long that hes back up to 50 000 health, is he, i think hes gon na beat the booty horn is this? How am i witnessing history, although he is hes sort of put himself in a corner and hes, taking a bit of a pounding, uh, more lasers, please, sir thats it thats it. Oh my gosh. Is he dead, oh hes, so close, mr dutchman, no few more hits and hes dead. Do the laces do the thing? What do you mean so, just as he killed the booty horn, the game crashed for some reason, but he definitely won hes kind of insane, but were still just at the beginning.

Hes off 24 200 hell yeehaw hes got a little bone gun hes got a a cage. Is he sticking gary in there? Not if robo bob has anything to say about it? This weve added quite a lot of robo creatures, but before robo bob gets his hands on him. Lets see how he feels against me: hes released his little critter his own little pet, the chomper and hes. Now hes got two of them all right. Well, that seems like quite a lot. How did they both fit in there thats three? Okay? Well um! Oh, i think, im dead. I really think i just tried to hit me with it. Oh theres, four of them, okay, go on then! Oh, my god thats. Why thats it? You know the only one with a pet meet gerald gerald: teach him boy, dont dont! Let me down now jerry jay dont embarrass me dont embarrass me jerry! Not again. No! You oh hes, hes dancing on you, jerry youve lost to a snail and now a load of robot dogs. This is a nightmare. Well now hes. How many has he got now? Is that six of them well, seven thats. It ive had enough 50 jerrys. Some are on the floor. Just get them boys lets, stick them all on the floor. You get down there with all the main jerrys, the theyre doing it good work, lads, oh hes, keeping these at bay, though some are dead already.

He does a lot of damage, but they are, they are in there doing things. What did his hat just? Do? He got really long hello, jerrys. Look at that mustache! You cant beat that mustache the bodies are really piling up. Ah, oh, was he stuck on her body hes jerrys, getting down here? Oh, were gon na were gon na need, backup lads jerrys get off, get off get down there. Oh hes rejetting too much help 50 jerrys is not enough. Fine were calling for extra backup. 50, berries get him lance all right, surely theres no way, he survives this right get down. How is he rejecting so much help? Okay? Well, i think we may have a another case of the flying dutchman on our hands. This guy is slightly op. Oh and hes dead, they killed him one of them executed him was it one of you dancing lads. I take it all back. The berries have done it good job, berries, now pack up and go home, which leads us to our final robot creature, its roboplankton with his chum bucket and his laser thing uh. Is he violent id? Imagine he probably is lets see hello plankton. Do you hate me? He doesnt seem to hate me what, if i shoot him, he twitched a little bit plankton. Is it? Is it like harry potter? Is it because were both in slytherin? Hey, i think were friends. Maybe i should be evil. Lemons are evil.

What about bananas? I wonder what he makes of spongebob. He dont seem to mind him. Are they friends too? No. Is he what oh? No, he definitely hates the sponge. What hes shooting fire spongebob behind stop playing with your nose, spongebob behind you, lads, hes, just tanking it its not doing any damage. Look at that thing! Look how furious he is what if they hit me. Oh, they were hitting me. Spongebobs, just too busy having fun, maybe gary can save him. Gary seems indifferent. Lets make gary hate him thats it gary get him. Oh hes, hitting him with the stomp. Oh now, the pan plankton is just getting higher and higher uh garys permanently got his shoes out. Whats happening, i think, am i dying. I want to see the shoes i died too toxic gary gary that thats thats not right are we gon na need to call for extra reinforcements sandy cheeks sicum? Oh there we go. What just happened sandy killed me im, not sure how, but now theyre all got sandy what why? What did i do, planktons kind of strong guys we need, we need more reinforcements sandy. Tell you do it to me sandy focus, patrick you! I i summon you patrick guys, come on youtube, stop it. Oh! This is just chaos wow well, as usual.