DJI Pocket 2 – How Good Is The Audio?

. Now we got a ton of questions from viewers asking things like: does the quad microphone set up inside the pocket 2 really improve the audio over the original osmo pocket? Other people wanted to know about external microphones, because the all in one handle has got an audio port in the side and […]

DJI Osmo Mobile 4 – A Few Cool Charging Tricks

Now the om4 has quickly become a wildly popular product for dji and we've. Gotten a ton of questions from viewers asking us the best way to charge it and what all the ports do. So i thought, i'd put a quick clip together to explain how you can safely charge the unit and how […]

Można użyć aparatu akcji z Osmo Mobile 3?

Osmo Cell 3 – We’ve had a number of viewers ask if there’s any means to make use of an Motion Digital camera with the Osmo Cell 3. On this clip I clarify the testing we’ve carried out and what we’ve discovered when attempting to strap a GoPro Hero 7 and our Osmo Motion to […]